Nintendo 3DS: Street Fighter X Tekken ‘Is Possible’ For Nintendo 3DS

Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono has revealed to Siliconera that there’s a distinct possibility that the eagerly awaited Street Fighter X Tekken could come to the Nintendo 3DS. I’d certainly take Street Fighter X Tekken over the proposed Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. How about you?

“It’s possible. For the 3DS, I wanted to do an [Super Street Fighter IV:] Arcade Edition version, but I haven’t had a chance to do that because of all the other things I’m up to. At the company, we’re debating should we go for an AE port on 3DS? Should we skip that and go straight to Street Fighter x Tekken? There are a lot of things up in the air, so I can’t say for sure what our next 3DS project will be.”



  1. It’s the same thing either way, the gameplay I mean. So that’s possible, but they canned MML 3? Yeah right, like a lot of people would prefer that.

  2. Yes, please. We would love to have Street Fighter x Tekken on the 3Ds. Maybe it will connect with the Wii U version in some way.

  3. Hmm..if it will be like ssfiv3d with the no moving backgrounds no. how about you get back to megaman legends 3

  4. Would prefer SFxTekken. Would prefer Ace Attorney 3DS, Wright vs Layton (whatever happend to this?) Okami 3DS or MegaMan Legends 3 too

  5. put it on 3DS, it needs it, besides, why should the Vita be the only one with it? Also make a Wii U version, with CAPTAIN FALCON as the exclusive!!!

  6. MML3 was by a completely different development team. Telling Ono to get back to work on it is like telling your star basketball player that you just traded him to a baseball team.

  7. From the article:
    “It has already been previously stated that Street Fighter x Tekken may appear on a handheld so maybe the 3DS is what Capcom have in mind. ”

    lol, it was announced months ago for Vita. Not that this excludes 3DS from getting it, but it’s bizarre that anyone would say this.

  8. I’d like to actually get both of those games. The 3DS is young. So I figure we could get one in the near future and perhaps another a few months or years down the road.

  9. I know it’s a different development team, but I would honestly prefer any of Capcom’s other series to yet another fighting game… Not trying to upset anyone, but where is the replay value in a fighting game like Street Fighter? I never understood that. Are there unlockable characters and stages like in Smash Bros.?

  10. i’m a fighting game fan, and so i’d welcome street fighter X tekken on the 3DS, wii U. although personally speaking, fighting games are much better suited for the home console, rather than handhelds. yet the 3DS is a powerful little machine.

    capcom ought to give the street fighter series a rest and release new rival schools, darkstalkers for e.g. it has been a long while since a new game from those series came out.

    one fighting game series i’d love to see on the 3DS, wii U is sega’s virtua fighter 5: final showdown or virtua fighter 6. virtua fighter series is my favourite beat em’ up.

  11. id rather see street fighter x tekken than street fighter AE on the 3ds because that ae edition has two akuma like characters in the game for what reason then have two fighting generation come together and duke it out in this game for the 3ds and have ssj4 goku for the 3ds exclusive charter or dante from devil may cry beacause he was killer on mvc 3

  12. yeah ono im talkin to you skip straight to street fighter x tekken me and the guys back home been waitin for a game like that in years and especially put it on nintendos new handheld and it will be their second best fighting game in the 3ds genre belive me it will blow those other handheld fighting games out of their game so i say you should make it happen im going to be the first with it on my 3ds

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