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Nintendo 3DS: Pac-Man Heading To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console On Thursday

Nintendo UK has announced that Pac-Man will be gracing the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on Thursday. According to the press release the game will retail for four euros. Anyone thinking of picking this classic up, or has everyone had enough of Pac-Man?

Available for the first time to Nintendo 3DS owners via the Nintendo eShop, Pac-Man’s got the munchies and it is just up to you to avoid being picked off by one of the ghosts before you can clear the level as this Game Boy classic arrives this Thursday on Virtual console for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Nintendo UK press release

23 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Pac-Man Heading To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console On Thursday”

  1. Seriously? 4€ for Pac-Man? Come on. COME ON!
    Nobody wants to pay 4€ to play pac-man, they should just give it for free, or like 99-79 cents

  2. Well I am sure this will sell. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miyamoto bough it, seeing Pacman is his favorite character! I still have the original Gameboy Version, or was it GBC? Either way this is awesome.

  3. I am refusing to buy any VC games on the 3DS until they sort the pricing out. How is this and £6 for a GBC game justifiable? The Wii VC was spot on with prices, £7 for N64 was very reasonable and £5.60 for a SNES game was still good value but the same for a Game Boy Colour game? No way Nintendo, No way. I think I’ll stick to Pac Man on my iPod.

    1. Considering that, at the time of release, most of these games were well over $20, I think some of the VC games are good deals.

  4. I will not pay £3.60 for a game which I can pay for free on a computer, thank you very much. Come back when you release some Pokemon or Mario Land 2, then we talk.

  5. Meh, it’s a start for something good on the VC, but just as everyone else said, they need to rework the pricing.

    1. Shut up, your an idiot if you think it’s worth it to pay $5.99 for Pac-Man when you can play it free on a PC. If Sony or Microsoft priced Pac-Man at $5.99, you would be calling them “rip offs.” Nintendo are money greedy If Angry Birds comes to the eShop it would cost $4.99.

  6. Wow, what a joke. Sure Pac-man is great, but there are far better versions of the game than the GameBoy version. And the price is way too steep. Disappointed. I hope Urban Champion will launch the same day to make up for it!

  7. Sorry I honestly don’t know, how much is a euro compared to American $? Even? I’ll probably pay for Pacman because I love it, and I need something to play on 3DS as Nintendo hasn’t delivered much to play yet,

  8. I NEVER compare Nintendo hardware to iPhone and Android, but when people have the chance to pay .99 cents for an updated version of Pacman, versus a 6 dollar classic edition, which do you think they are going to choose? Come on Nintendo, you have to start thinking these things out a bit more.

  9. I’ll pass. I’m gonna stick to Pac Man & Galaga Dimensions. Six games in one, including the original Arcade Pac Man AANDD the Championship Edition, plus Tilt, and the Galaga games. Thank you, but no. See you next Thursday (:

  10. Nintendo won’t give you smart phone prices on anything. Pac-man and its variations sell from $3-$5 on iOS and do very well.

    ..But I wouldn’t buy the gameboy version at a low resolution, sorry eshop

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