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Nintendo: Sony Reiterate That PlayStation Vita And PlayStation 3 Could Mimic Wii U

R&D manager at Sony Europe Phil Rogers told audience members at this years Develop Conference in Brighton, England that the PlayStation Vita could be used to become a Wii U like controller with the PlayStation 3. Rodgers told attendees that you could technically “drive a display from a PS3 game.” No doubt this feature will now become a priority at Sony in an attempt to discourage Wii U sales.

You could “drive a display from a PS3 game, for example.”

He continued: “PS3 can send data down to Vita and Vita can display it. You could use the unique features – gyroscope, touch front and back – as a control device for a PS3 game.

“You can run software on both devices and use the network to sync the game states. And that’s pretty good, because you then have the processing power of PS3 doing that work, Vita [doing] fancy graphics – however you want to do it. You’re not sacrificing the PS3′s CPU to be able to have a rich experience on Vita.”


127 thoughts on “Nintendo: Sony Reiterate That PlayStation Vita And PlayStation 3 Could Mimic Wii U”

  1. I’m sure this could work very well but what would you rather do? Pay £200 for a Wii U with loads of games for the console or £450 for a PS3 and Vita with fewer games compatible with the feature and worse graphics, you decide.

    1. We don’t know the Wii U price yet, though. And the Vita would also work as a stand-alone handheld console unlike the Wii U controller. But I’d rather the Wii U controller over the Vita any day.

      1. If you’re looking at getting Nintendo consoles, you’re kind of looking for a different kind of game play than that you would see with an Xbox 360 & PS3. Console exclusivity isn’t as a big deal between Xbox and PlayStation consoles these days, either. If you already have an Xbox 360, it wouldn’t make financial sense to go and buy a PS3 just for connecting your Vita to it or just for maybe the handful of games you wouldn’t be able to get for Xbox 360. I guess unless you’re one of those lucky people with lots of loose cash. Just because it’s been out for six years doesn’t mean that some people have the want or need to buy one.

        1. Yeah you are looking for different kinds of gameplay. When I think of Nintendo, I always think Gameplay over graphics. Nintendo always focuses on gameplay allowing for a rich gaming experience. The other two companies use Graphics over gameplay. Sony and MS choose to make the most powerful system available and then worry about gameplay. Thier controllers and everything stays basically the same so its up to the developers to figure out what they can do to keep the experience fresh and new. It just creates a different type of gaming experience. Nintendo likes to push the gameplay envelope (especially now a days) and see what new experiences they can bring.

    2. Yah, I’m pretty sure this is meant to be in favor of people who already own a PS3 and plan on buying a Vita. I don’t believe they are counting on anyone buying both systems just for this feature (although I’m sure some might). However since the first is exactly the predicament I’m in, I’m happy. :D Plus I’m still not sold on the Wii U as it looks like a Wii with slightly better than PS3 ranked graphics and a new controller. :/ (It even still uses the old Wii Controllers. DDDD:)

      1. I’m in the same situation as you. I’m a huge fan of gaming, regardless of the companies behind the games. I have a Wii and a PS3. I have a DS, 3DS, and PSP. I’m most definitely getting the Vita, because it just looks fan-freaking-tastic, and the release titles are rockin’! (Gravity Daze looks especially unique.)

        In any case, I’m looking forward to Q4 of this year, as well as all of next year. Tons of great games coming out for ALL systems makes me a very happy gamer. ^_^

        1. Goodness! You have a lot of money to spend! I’m a lot like you, a fan of gaming in general. However, I haven’t owned a potable since GBA. I’m just not very into portable gaming and this still won’t make me buy a Vita. The Wii U looks exciting with a lot of potential but I sure won’t get it on release day. I always wait a couple years on anything to wait for awesome games to come out and for the price to drop.

          1. I also have a ps3 a wii and a 3ds I’m not really sold on the vita yet but I might get it but there is plenty of games coming out this fall/winter on the 3 systems to keep me satisfied at least into 2012…as for the vita being used as a controller for the ps3 that just doesn’t excite me as much as the wiiu

      2. Im pretty much on the same page as you. I have a PS3. Now knowing that the Vita can do this and more actually makes me want to get a vita. But Im also planning to buy the Wii U.
        from the looks of these comments, you can obviously see who has a PS3 and who doesn’t. Those who have a PS3 now get the opportunity to experience both stream gaming on Sonys platform and the upcoming Nintendo Platform!

      3. Everything you said makes sense except for the last part; a “Wii with better graphics and a new controller”? What more do you freaking want? A new console generation means better hardware and that’s it; just look at the PS1-2-3, the XBOX 1-360, the NES-GameCube, and the Genesis-Saturn. All of them just “better graphics”, with the occasional “new controller”. I really can’t understand what the hell you want from Nintendo.

        And why wouldn’t the WiiU use the Wii Motion Plus controller? Seeing as the M is 1:1, and as precise as the PSMove (if not more) I can see absolutely no reason Nintendo should forgo support for the remote. Plus it means all of us with Wii’s don’t have to buy a single controller; we already have 4!

        1. True, I’m not sure what more they really want from the Wii U. I’m excited to see the gameplay opportunities associated with it.

    3. I’ll believe it when I see it. There are so many problems with this setup and one of them is cross console sales. You can’t even be sure ps3 owners and vita owners will be the same gamers. Then does game sales even warrant trying to develop for this.

    1. I really think its geared towards those with a PS3 more so than those who don’t. No person will pay $500 for Vita+PS3 over a Wii U. Although I proably still won’t get a VITA. I haven’t bought any handheld console since GBA. I’m just not very into it.

    1. Microsoft has just started working on a handheld! It’s gonna have two screens, be in 3D, Have almost the power of a PS3 or 360,and can be used as a controller with the 360!

        1. Anyone remember Pokemon Battle Revolution and the fact that the DS could of been used to play the game as long as you had Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

    1. Oh man the wiiu is just the Sony alarm going on alert! Wiiu wiiu new idea to copy. I would say that Sony is copying and they are but they must be totally affraid of what 3rd parties will do with this.

      Also their way is flawed. You will be lagged to hell on most wifi setups then there is the actual network lag you’ll get while the ps3 is trying to use it’s network to do two things at once which means even higher pings. On top of it all the wiiu screen is bigger and you might have to buy two copies vita and ps3!

      Then who is going to support that?!

      1. The WiiU can’t play inFAMOUS, littlebigplanet, resistance, killzone, Uncharted 3, the last guardian, twisted metal, ect.

            1. well ps3 wont have smash bro my favourate game wiiu and ps3 will problaby get the new guilty gear my second favourate blazblue is only on vita and i dont want to buy the character so vita wins for blazblue :( but guilty gear is way better the blazblue. MY 4th favorate game any sonic game xD

        1. I know you said etc but how on earth could you not mention god of war sonys best exclusive? I know this is just an opinion but the only exclusives that really keep me a fan of Sony is gow and gt…infamous was ok I didn’t like littlebigplanet or killzone…uncharted is good though

    1. That’s a terrible argument we’re looking at the capabilities of the hardware, not the fact that the PS3 can’t play Zelda, Mario etc. That’s not a fault of the PS3, that’s just to do with them being nintendo’s franchises

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  3. Even so, if a game doesn’t need the PS3/Vita connection to play, it’ll have to be something that could work without it, and games like the Find Mii demo nintendo showed at E3 wouldn’t be possible. Developers will have to create games keeping in mind the fact that not all users will have a PS Vita, limiting what they can do with their games.
    And if the game does need a PS3/Vita connection to play, it cuts the potential market for the game to PS3 users who have a PS Vita. With the Wii U the developer can be certain that any Wii U owner can play the game straight out of the box, 100% of the market from day one will be able to play their games, whilst for the PS Vita/PS3 combination, only a (probably small) percentage of PS3 users will be able to fully experience the game

  4. Wooow, Wii u hasn’t come out yet and they’re already talkin about copying. Anyone who saw this coming, say Sony Fags.

      1. Same. If I can play Call of Duty/Battlefield 3 and Assassin’s Creed on the Wii U, which is the only reason I own a PS3 anyway, then that pretty much eliminates my need for a non-Nintendo system entirely. Not to mention, you just can’t beat first-party Nintendo games!

      1. Agreed, people on this site just look for stupid reasons to bash playstation, while hailing Nintendo and Microsoft as gods

        1. Sony Fags.

          Playstation is good, in its own way, same with Xbox 360, But it seams like you to are trolling. So please GO AWAY

            1. Well, This IS an Nintendo News Site, And sorry, that came out wrong. Feast said for everyone who saw that comming to say “Sony Fags”. It was NOT directed to you.

  5. Haha like the hardware en programming is built to have the same streaming capabilities…Sony, you’d better watch your security…omg

  6. If sony think that they can knock spots off of the upcoming Wii U, they’ve got another thing coming.
    Nintendo have been in the video game console business since the 70’s…PlayStation came 20 years later, so Nintendo know more about video games than Sony ever will.
    Plus do Sony have their own mascot? I don’t think so!

    1. Ummmmm ever heard of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Dexter, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Cole, Kratos, Sackboy, Sweet Tooth? The list goes on. It’s not that Sony can’t have a mascot. It’s just that there are SO MANY exclusive characters that it’s up to us to pick our mascot. But Crash Bandicoot is as origional to Playstation as Mario is to Nintendo. Someone obviously never played ANY console other than Nintendo consoles, lol.

      1. lol XD crash badicoot was for wii plus afte the 3rd one on ps1 and the kart serise it went crap i havent even herd of the others meaning there no famous
        you go and ask any in the world even a new born baby and ask. Do you know super mario is? and say yep.
        nathan drake cole hratos sack boy sweet tooth sound lame
        pluse sproy died

    2. Also Nintendo helped with the first Playstation, but diched them near launch. End result: Playstation and the Phillips CD-i

  7. LOL Sony should really come up with their own ideas for once instead of just copying Nintendo’s. First the Playstation Move, and then this… and of course they only announce this AFTER Nintendo announces their epicly awesome touch screen Wii U Controller. I mean, hell, at least with Microsoft’s Kinect they TRIED to be different with having no controller… I left Sony after the PS1 and went to Nintendo, and I will NEVER go back. I’d rather first-time innovation than flat out plagiarism under the guise of innovation.

  8. As a long time Nintendo fan having owned every one of their console since the NES, I’m going to try and act objectively here.

    Sony are copying the idea yes, but how is that any different from every other games console in history. Technology evolves because when someone invents something and it’s trending, they work to create their own version of it. Logically speaking the WiiU will be cheaper than a PS3 and Vita.

    I own a PS3 anyway but have no intention of purchasing a Vita yet, they haven’t announced any good games for it (I’ve not played Uncharted) wheras despite the lacklustre sales, I still have massive faith the 3DS will sell big at Christmas.

    Secondly, If I’m not mistaken, the Vita has no L2 and R2 buttons and the back touch pad doesn’t quite compare, making the argument that the Vita could double as a PS3 Controller a bit odd.

    Finally I’d just like to say I won’t criticise Sony for “copying” Nintendo as it were. It makes logical sense to do it, the Move was a failure really but that shouldn’t discourage them from trying something to benefit their company. When Jack Tretton makes derogatory comments about Nintendo then I get angry, but this is simply a case of a logical step. Nintendo don’t own the rights to video game streaming from console to controller, so why shouldn’t Sony take advantage of this idea. I doubt it’s going to be the pinnacle of their marketing schemes from now own though.

    1. In some places you should have had question marks, not periods.

      I agree with you, ALL THE WAY


  9. i had to give away my psp no one i knew would buy it off me lol.. my ps3 a a dust brick … i hope we do not see a ps4 after the vita flops. fuck sony.. and fuck capcom.

    1. :( >:( classic mega man rules mega zero ruled all and only 2d street fighters ruled mega man exe ruled mega man zero ruled marval vs capcom 2 was ten time better the 3 viewtiful joe was the best pluse capcom didnt do any thing wrong other than stop making mega man exe

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  11. Why buy a system (PS3) that costs $300 USD and then buy ANOTHER system (Vita) that costs $250/$300 USD? The graphics would look shi*** on the Vita compared to the Wii U’s graphics and I bet not every PS3 game would be compatible. The Wii U was made to play it’s games on the Wii U controller, the PS3 was made to…

    … I actually don’t know why the PS3 was made. Anyways, Sony needs to come up with their own ideas instead of copying Ninyendo all the time. If Nintendo out of nowhere decided to quit the gaming industry, I bet Sony would also quit within a year.

    1. Sony wouldn’t quit, they’re too money hungry to just quit. They’ll leech off MIcrosoft who has a little, TINY bit of innovation left in them, and both companies will just shut down. But Nintendo won’t do that to us. Then we’d have to go to mobile phone gaming.. THE HORROR

  12. Surprise, surprise Sony trying to copy Nintendo again. And the Ps3/Vita combo will not be as effective as the Wii U. Their security issues are also a concern. But once Nintendo dives into the online pool with Wii U, they may fall victim to the same cyber attacks. Let’s hope they take precautions against it..

      1. Here we go. Someone with a brain. Thank you!!! what people seem to forget is cross gameplay for the vita was announced a year before wii u. So wii u is in turn copying vita. And the psp could be used as a ps3 controller but without the ability to play certain games (the issues with buttons) and what some people forget is the wii u is restricted to where the console is, so it has a limited working range, where as the vita can go anywhere.

        1. The Wii U has been in development since 2007 and the PS Vita has been around since 2008. Your argument about Wii U copying Vita is invalid.

  13. Wow thats amazing! In all Honesty you can’t say Sony copied Nintendo because Nintendo Never really gave details about Wii U until E3. And The timing of leaked info wouldn’t be enough time for Sony to actually copy. This is a perfect Example that 2 great companies thinking of the same great idea!

  14. I remember Sony talked of this feature since the original PSP and never came to realize it. Is not just the ability to do it from a technical standpoint, but their usual inability to innovate until they see Nintendo doing it

    1. Thank you. I am glad someone remembers that. I remember when the PS3 was first announced it was being hyped up as some super media-center / game console ecosystem. One of the features that was touted was the ability to use your PSP as an extension of PS3 including being able to connect it and use it as a wireless controller and the screen as a secondary display. The example I kept hearing about so much about was some racing game (I think it was Formula One 06) using it as a rear view mirror. Sadly that option kind of fizzled out, especially since Nintendo showed that it could work with the GCN with the GBA.

      The big problem, and why it will fail is that developers can’t guarantee that everyone will have a Vita. So while a few games might get made for this (just like the GCN with GBA attached) it will just fizzle out and be a forgotten feature. It will work on the WiiU because every Wii U will ship with the controller.

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  16. Wow Sony! You actually believe people will buy a PS3 and Vita just for that? Why not just spend money on the entire package than on 2 systems?

  17. I wouldn’t necessarily call this copying now that I think of it. Only if the PS4 is announced with a 6-inch screen would I have to say “Now wait a minute!!!”. I think console handheld connectivity would’ve already been a universal idea in the gaming community if all 3 companies had handhelds. I remember I had to connect my gameboy to the gamecube for multiplayer fun on TLoZ:FSA. I’d like to see what Sony’s gonna come up with linking the Vita to the PS3. Also, I look forward to the 3DS doing that also with the Wii U. (It was hinted at E3 about some kind of console to handheld connectivity with Super Smash Bros.)

    All in all this news is inspiring. The whole gaming community trying out ideas.

  18. No thanks Sony, I’ll stick to my Smash Bros, Zelda and Pikmin. The Nintendo first party is where it’s at.

  19. of course people would throw money on the table to get the whole package Ps3+ Vita for 500 bucks HOORAY!!!… gosh this is yet another example why Big N s strategy is way smarter then Sony’s…PS3 is half-dead and the PS Vita (at this pricing) is a stillbirth. Amen.

    1. If the PS vita at this price is a stillbirth, then when the 3DS released at the same price with less features it didn’t even stand a chance

  20. Vita is supposed to stall for time while Sony gets ready their next console. I’m sure people wouldn’t want to stick with just their ps3s for an extra 3 to 5 years.

    1. ye thats what i feared i want either sony or ms to make the first next gen
      something tells me that sony or ms will some how have a stronger system then nintendos but i still will be defending nintendo

      1. Playstation executive said himself that thew weren’t focusing on graphics this time, and probably gonna used the same cpu/gpu as the PS3, and make most stuff for girls. Sooooo. sucks for Sony Fanboys

  21. I know this is a dedicated Nintendo site, therefore you guys are going to hate every company but Nintendo, but I expect Nintendo players to be more mature rather than bashing another amazing company. You guys make me feel sad to own a Nintendo console because I feel like I’m part of the group of unreasonable nintendo fanboys.

    1. Then stop coming here, from what I can tell, you’re a Sony fanboy. Back to worshiping Trentton with you! Sony employees and fanboys alike bash Nintendo ALL THE TIME! Typical Sony fanboy.

      1. Really? I have this site bookmarked, I came here all the time, until I looked at the comments. I bought a Wii when it first came out, bought the 3DS launch day at midnight, I’ve been a dedicated Nintendo fan since the SNES and now you call me a fanboy just for defending Sony?

        1. We all have diffrinces, you know. But I feel like the big three are all equal, but I lean a bit more towards Nintendo. Now that I hear your story, I feel sorry for demanding that you leave, ETC. You sound a bit more didicated than me. Granted, you are older than me….

          AND WA|HAT DO YOU MEAN CAME? It should be come, unless you dont plan to come back here, in which case; farell, good sir! (or madame)

    2. I agree with the fact that people shouldn’t be so harsh towards Sony but have you ever read an article on ign about nintendo and than look at the comments?it’s nothing but nintendo bashing from Sony and Microsoft fans. All you read is nintendo is for babies all they make is rehashed games and the graphics suck.

    3. i dont have sony i just hate it when i have to get another system to play a game like psp i only got for dissidia and kingdom hearts now i have to get ps3 for kingdom hearts 3 unless its for xbox 360 or wiiu getting 3ds mainly for smash bros (i was gona get one any way)
      the new bleach game is only for ps3

      1. Me too, but They seam a tiny bit to similar to be in my comfort zone.

        They still are awsome, though.

  22. Anyone remembered when Sony said they could do motion using the sixaxis controller? Technically you still can since it’s available in every single controller, but nobody uses it anymore, and if they do, it’s a lame option that is turned off from the start. We’re still paying for it though. Remember Move? Yeah, that turned out to be a Wii killer (sarcasm).

    My point is that unlike PS3 + Vita, the Wii U will be just one system. For that to happen in the other two, you would need to develop for two different hardware, ps3 and then vita. And since they were not built to work the same way as Wii U, would it be 1:1? And it’s safe to say that Sony’s attemt to mimic what Nintendo does has been pretty bad. Remember those pet-like monsters that Sony created on PSP to compete with Pokemon? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. If you’re looking for Nintendo games, then you’re only going to find them on their systems.

    Plus, they haven’t shown much of the system. Maybe they were expecting something like this from Sony? Let’s just wait and see what happens.

    1. invisables or somwthing i dont play pokemon but sony version was crap but sonys good for ps3 and psp is the only way i can get ps1 game s

  23. can’t say i’m surprised, sony akways copies nintendo. and the fact that they’re ALREADY copying the Wii U before its even out is just pathetic. i think we all know who will lose the next console war. raise your hands if you say SONY.

  24. nothing more then an add on to the system,its not interegated fully into the system,you have to buy vita seperatly for 250$ plus buy a ps3 so it is quite expensive,this is the same thing with the ps3 move,you need to buy it unlike wii which had motion controlls based for its system,,thats why move did crappy and had little to no games,same thing will happen with vita,why bother makeing it an extra controller,devs dont really wanna do that,not to mention ps3 is old hardware compared to the wii u,wii u has the controller with the console,so devolpers will use that,so yeah thats copy cat sony for you.

    1. You don’t have to buy a PS3 to enjoy the Vita. I don’t understand why people think the Vita is boring without a PS3. The Vita is a handheld, not a controller. The Wii U is a console with a controller, not a handheld. Cross-play and remote-play is just a feature on the Vita so you can play with people who have PS3’s.

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  26. So cool. I can’t wait to get a Wii U and then detach the screen from the system and carry it around like an iPad and play games on it like a stand-alone gaming device and show it off to those carrying a Vita!!!

  27. Man, Sony really are shitting their pants, aren’t they? lol. Wii U hasn’t even really been fully revealed yet and already they’re panicking, trying to assure people that their hardly-impressive handheld will outshine Nintendo’s proprietary console. Forgetting, of course, that the Vita doesn’t COME with the PS3, so their ability to assume full control of producing games dependent on that combo is marginal at best.

    1. What are you talking about? The Vita isn’t supposed to compete with a console. The Vita is a handheld, not a controller. It’s supposed to compete with the 3DS, because the 3DS is a HANDHELD. The Wii U is a CONSOLE, and it’s supposed to compete with the other consoles (PS3, XBOX 360). The controller for the Wii U is specifically made for the console, it’s not meant to be a stand-alone device. It’s a CONTROLLER, not a handheld.

  28. Be Original Sony.
    Ps3 Does
    HD Graphics
    Copys Nintendo


  29. This could actually be a good thing, cuz it enables game portability and thus gives Nintendo and Sony an advantage to getting games that take advantage of the dual-screen setup. Obviously game ports are kind of uncool for gamers, but game developers would feel pretty good about that kind of thing. If Microsoft ends up “copying” as you guys want to put it, it won’t be because they can’t think of anything else, but because their hand will be forced. Who knows, Microsoft will probably do well without this sort of thing anyway.

  30. while it’s possible since not everyone who owns a ps3 will buy a vita and vice versa it limits how much they can actually use the dual screen set-up. while with the wii-U all games can the dual screen aspect as a primary part of the game. Plus other party’s will probably be less willing to spend a lot of time on adding dual screen aspects to their games when a large slice of their consumer base doesn’t own both.

  31. Another shameless ripoff of Nintendo from Sony. However, this setup will be far superior to the Wii U for this reason: Sony doesn’t know what to do with there supposed “innovative” control methods (that are copied off of Nintendo). What has Move done? Nothing. They can’t innovate like Nintendo, so this will just be another side thought that they’ll tack on just to say they can do what Nintendo can; and they’ll probably say they came up with the idea first.

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