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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Sales Drop By 50% After News Of Price Cut

It was inevitable that Nintendo 3DS sales were going to drop after the sudden announcement of a price cut but a 50% drop in sales is rather harsh. Sales for the PlayStation Portable inexplicably surged after the news from 26,868 units from July 11-17 to 36,666 units in the July 18-24 time period. However, you can rest assured that once the price cut takes effect sales for the Nintendo 3DS will go through the roof.


  • PSP: 36,659 (LW: 26,854)
  • PS3: 20,704 (LW: 23,343)
  • Wii: 18,232 (LW: 17,114)
  • 3DS: 16,415 (LW: 31,826)
  • DSi LL: 5,267 (LW: 5,258)
  • DSi:  4,625 (LW: 4,921)
  • 360 1,616 (LW: 1,546)
  • PS2 1,594 (LW: 1,475)
  • DS Lite 138 (LW: 155)
  • PSP Go 7 (LW: 14)

116 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Sales Drop By 50% After News Of Price Cut”

  1. Well that kinda goes without saying. Not a lot of people are going to buy it now knowing the price is going down..

    1. the price drop dosent take effect till augest 11th no one will buy knowing the price is droping 80 bucks..thats why

      1. As I said, I expected the ambassador program to gain people’s interest. I know if I didn’t own a 3DS I’d sure be getting one before the price drop now.

        1. If you didn’t own a 3DS by now, (with the exception of those who just couldn’t afford it for whatever reason), odds are you’re probably not as avid of a Nintendo fan to care or know much about the 20 free 1st and 2nd party games.

          If you’re like me and got your 3DS near launch, you couldn’t be happier 8) But I can’t say I’m surprised. The new price point targets the… “financially savvy” market, for lack of a better phrase lol. Figures they’d wait for the lower price.

          1. well you’re kind of wrong, on 2 points, I have a friend who is a big Nintendo fan, but wasn’t desperate to get a 3DS. Secondaly, after hearing about the price cut, this same friend has now gone out and bought the 3DS, basicly of the ambassador program, because he wants the 10 free EXCLUSIVE to no one else GBA games, just saying.

            1. Then he’s still desperate, because those are old games which he either hasn’t beaten before or hasn’t played before ((thus making him not the big N fan he thinks he is))

              If this ambassador program offered some type of digital Mii content, something only ambassadors could get, then I think they’d have more fans jumping on board. But 20 free games that most fans have already played/beaten? $80 is just the better deal. We’ve already played those games before, and if you’re like me, you have either your original GBA ((or old-style DS that had the GBA cartridge)) and can still play those games, or an emulator.

              1. fine whatever, i guess every1’s entitled to their own opinions, personaly im glad i bought 3DS on release, and I have a lot of the games that we are being given already and completed them, but I want as many games on my 3DS as possible, so I’m pleased about this

                1. Which is far better, and more understandable, then some immature-fanboy bashing those who did not buy one, just to make him feel more secure about his own purchase. If you like it, great. If you missed out on some of those games before, even better. But some of us have already beaten those games, it’s nothing “exclusive”, and we’d rather wait for Nintendo to release the newer version of the handheld. Nothing wrong with either choice.

  2. Well, not many people would prefer 20 games over a huge price cut; as the games are purely classic, meant to more retro gamers….

    1. This. If they offered something better then games I already played, then maybe I would be more eager to get one before the price cut. At this point, $80 is better then 20 already beaten games.

        1. Which makes sense to get, in YOUR scenario. But half the people on here are not in your scenario. They’re just desperate Nintendo fanboys who don’t like admitting they were shafted.

      1. yeah! thats when the 3DS will own all the other handhelds :D can’t wait till December for that, then later next year for Luigi’s mansion and Paper Mario :D

    1. No, sure, they are doing badly but they still have loads of cash left over from previous gens and they are still making a profit from the Wii, DS and 3DS, even if it is a little one. *stupid Sony fanboys*

        1. Thats what I wonder too…There are lots of morons on this place. Ones who are incapable of appreciating other Companies other than Nintendo.

    2. Not even close, one slip and were at the end, strongly doubting that. Plus they have more franchise games to make that everyone (me included) will buy. Nintendo is fine

      1. All people who are touting Nintendo’s imminent demise, stop being annoying or get a grasp of reality. Every company has its down days, Nintendo is no different. This is actually a good thing for us Nintendo fans; they can’t just bask in their pool of money any longer. They have to step up their game now. Maybe some new IPs, maybe more and stronger 3rd party support. Plus, we benefit from the price reduction. Anyway, Nintendo is not going under anytime soon. They know what they’re doing.

  3. I thought that more people would be buying it. After all, there are some truly brilliant FREE games for ambassadors, that may not ever come out for people that aren’t. That more than makes up for the cut, in my opinion.

    1. That’s cuz, like me, you understand the value behind those games. Nostalgic value aside, they add up to at least $100 worth of free content, and that’s if they were all priced at $5 a pop, which they wouldn’t be lol. Honestly, half of the people who would be attracted to the lower price probably don’t even no what the Gameboy Advanced was O_o

      1. true true, personally i cant wait for the Zelda game(s) and Metroid for GBA. Has Minish Cap been announced? I really hope they make that available!

      2. Or they don’t care about Retro games they’ve already beaten, and/or still have access to. Maybe “cuz” we actually know Nintendo better then fanboys such as yourself, and we understand how Nintendo releases weak model handhelds at initial launch, only to be replaced with more efficient ones later. If 20 old games you’ve already played is enough to please your feeble mind, then good for you. The rest of us call that getting shafted, and its why the president of Nintendo wrote an apology letter. But please, continue thinking you’ve got something special with your 20 old Retro games.

        1. Woah, don’t sound like a jerk. Idk what the 20 free games are. Granted I don’t plan on buying a 3 DS, but if I did it would all be based on what the 20 giving out for free are, is there a list somewhere?

        2. And have you ever considered, ho lee chit (what a dumb name), maybe not everyone has played every single one of those games? I know I sure haven’t. And even games that I have played and beaten in the past, like Fusion, I’d love to play again.

          The thing is, no matter which anti-Nintendo and pro-hate way you want to look at it, Nintendo is doing a good thing for its loyal fans. It doesn’t have to do anything, but it chooses to compensate the early adopters with 22 free, classic games.

          If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. And do us all a favor, don’t open your mouth.

          1. And have you ever considered reading the entire post before commenting? Guess literacy was never a fine point for the dull fanboys as yourself. It’s no ones fault buy yourself if you missed out on those games in the past. As far as anti-Nintendo, only a limited view would take such a stance, but what’s to expect from typical fanboys as yourself, right? Pro-hate? Try simple facts. Just because you are ignorant to fall for the hype doesn’t mean everyone has to.

            And do us all a favor and stop breathing, troll.

            1. I’ve been reading this entire thread. Fortitude seems to be the only one who really knows what he’s talking about, whereas you have just been calling people children and generally being a complete tool. Don’t assume he’s some fanboy just because he disagrees with you. I agree that we have been shafted but it really isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be. Whining about it over the internet won’t change anything.

              1. Which, if you actually were reading the thread, and instead of whining constantly, you’d see that was the point I was making all along. The only “whiners” have been butt-hurt fanboys.

        3. Hurr durr, cuz! Better THAN fanboys such as yourself, hurr durr 20 gba games already played, hurr duur shafted, hurr durr emulator, hurr durr fanboys, hurr durr troll such as yourself. Hurr durr I’m going to talk out of my ass, trying to convince people how super smart I am while making grammatical errors and misspelling words, hurr durr! Wait, I have to say “such as yourself,” “fanboy,” and “20 old gba games” again.

          1. Hurr hurr, I have to play pokemon all day and tell myself Nintendo is perfect and never makes mistakes, hurr hurr. I dun read good or post well but I sure like to bash others, hurr hurr. Like I’ve been saying, only ones crying are the butt-hurt fanboys. Ofcourse, when you lose your argument, you can always resort to spelling and grammar errors. Obvious troll is obvious troll.

    1. Tbh I’m surprised that the psp sold at all. Most people are waiting for vita now. Would rather wait and spend 250$ than 170 something now and then 250 later.

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  5. They’re probably waiting after the price cut because, like any other dumbass who also misunderstood the Wii u’s point, they also mistakenly believe like a good little idiot that the 20 free games would be available after the price cut. Little do they do (and little will they ever know…)…they will feel sorrow…sO muCH SORrow…

    1. I’m not going to express my absolute Contempt for everyone who completely misunderstood(stands) the Wii U, but I completely agree with you that they are all, in fact, idiots.

    2. Or they just don’t care for 20 old Retro games they’ve already beaten/have access to, and are just laughing at…..le gasp……idiot fanboys such as yourself.

      1. @ho lee chit
        I`ve come to 2 conclusions.
        1: You`re trying (and failing) to convince others that you`re right.
        2. You have way too much time on your hands.

        1. Wow, both points you’re actually more guilty of. But you want to post about it, so I’m going to comment on it. Again, it’s not my fault you were dull enough to fall for another gimmick. Truth hurts.

  6. Lol 10 years later and the ps2 still selling 1000 a week.

    But yes I too am waiting for the price cut in order to get my 3DS. No way was I paying 250$ for a dsi that had 3D.

    1. I agree! I wasn’t into the DSi, I still have my DS lite, And the DSi wasn’t impressive at all, and the 3DS was way too expensive. I will deff get it after the price cut. And also the Vita when it comes out! ^_^

      1. Oh, goodness. You guys and your misconceptions about the 3DS… I won’t bother telling you that the graphics are loads better than the DSi because as long as you really do buy one, you will see for yourself. Cheers!

  7. 50%? Ouch, that definitely sounds bad for right now. I also thought sales of the $250 3DS would pick up because of the ambassador program, guess not. Remember this those of you who are in the percentile of not buying one. You’re missing out on 20 FREE downloadable games 10 NES and 10 GBA. GBA wasn’t even planned for VC release yet either.

    Hopefully the sales will pick up after price drop and whenever Star Fox 64 3D, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Super Mario 3D Land arrive this year.

    1. WWHHHAAaaaaaaa??? O_o

      Where have you been since launch?? There’s plenty of “interactive and interesting” games even just in the eShop. The whole System itself is “interactive and interesting” lol

      1. Actually, where have you been? The 3DS has had some of the weakest titles since launch, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the major factors for its weak selling point. Try again, fanboy.

    1. It got delayed in NA and EU until “early” 2012. Tbh that and the price cut makes the 3DS look good.

  8. Game Station in Wakefield have been selling the black 3DS for £150 new for weeks now, and preowned I noticed they’re £130 today.

    1. Yeah, only because that’s the only way to play any PS2 games that haven’t been re-released in some form. You never would have guessed that Sony intentionally stripped the backwards compatibility of the PS3 just so they can make it look like the PS2 is still relevant. If that’s true, then that’s just really sad.

    2. Its just awesome! It still holds the title as BEST and MOST successful home console in gaming History! and its still going lol

  9. Man… where is Metafaniel Mexique now? If you’re out there…
    “Calm down, be objective, just read the numbers, OK?”

  10. I don’t think the 3DS will have to worry about the Vita much anymore only because the Vita appears to be going after the Wii u’s audience instead. It makes sense considering that the Vita is technically Sony’s newest product of the playstation brand, and if the PS3 alone cannot beat the Wii u, then a combination of the Vita and the PS3 would have to do it. It’s the least they can do since they can’t bring out the next playstation console yet. Either way, they need something to compete with the Wii u and the PS3 isn’t going to do it much. Not to mention the Vita is now coming to us in 2012, which is the same year the Wii u is reportedly coming out. You’ll note that they didn’t specify an exact date, so it lets them post the release date very close to the Wii u’s release date, assuming they decide to do that. The Vita will likely snag some people away from the 3DS, but I don’t think the 3DS is the Vita’s main concern now.

    1. This might be true but Sony fans have to see even the the move didn’t get any real support. Sony has yet to show any two way interactive software for that combination. I’m sure Sony is hoping this but it’s just more hype till they get it working.

    2. I disagree, I’m not buying the vita for ps3 connectivity because I don’t have a ps3, I’m buying it for a handheld console with great graphics and a game line up that I like the look of. For me, the vita/3ds decision came down to whether I wanted insane graphics on a portable, or mediocre graphics and a 3d effect that apparently hardly anyone even uses, so I prefer the prior.

    1. Not a lot of people are mature, and still don’t like admitting that they were shafted, not gifted, to receive 20 old retro games. That’s why the president of Nintendo wrote an apology letter. Sure, if you want to think you’re getting some magically special deal, go for it. But mathematically inclined? Seems only you and your small number of fanboys are the ones that are mentally challenged.

      If you haven’t played those games before, then fine. Just admit that. But don’t bash others because they’ve already played games you either missed out on or were too slow/cheap to get when it first came out.

      $80 is a better deal when you’ve already played those old games, already have access to them, or understand what an emulator is. Again, being mentally challenged, we don’t expect you to understand. But don’t blame us because you’re the one that got shafted. Call it whatever makes you feel better though.

      1. I would call it shafted if the 3ds was dropping to 49.99 but it’s not it’s only 80 dollars that’s not enough money to make me feel shafted

        1. Perhaps, but it was less then 6 months in before doing a price drop. Even for Nintendo, that’s rough. It’s not the AMOUNT that’s the point, it’s the fact they’re even doing it, which just gives more evidence to the 3ds’ poor initial launch. But, fanboys will continue to label it otherwise, just to feel better about their poor decesion. To each their own.

  11. Trust me with the price cut and all the awsome games coming the 3ds sales will go through the roof. Sales are 50% becaue people are waiting for the price to drop and as for the games many have alreday beaten them so why would they want to again? As for the vita busniss it’s missing this holiday so the 3ds has an advantge but like said before ps3 and vita are going after wii u.

    1. Because 100% sales drop is wholly realistic. Obviously people aren’t impressed with the 20 old, already played GBA games. If you missed out on those old titles, then I guess that’s a reward for shelling out $80 initially? I guess…I mean really, if you don’t know what an emulator is by now, then you deserve to be shafted by Nintendo like that.

      1. Stop repeating yourself. I agree with youre point but I can tell you’re just trying to provoke people on anonline forum, which is utterly pathetic.

        Back to your bridge, troll.

            1. Maturity, one of the many things trolls like yourself lack. Your prior posts only support that fact further. You’re still trolling on here, whining about the poor decesions you made, yet feel the need to bash others for it. Yes, you’ve been very immature. Well stated.

              1. I didn’t buy a 3ds, so I don’t know where you’re getting that from. All I said was that you’re repeating yourself by saying “people don’t want 20 free gba games” like 5 times. Furthermore, you sound so pretentious in that last comment it’s hilarious. But by all means, continue to make assumptions of me, a casual faker who is neutral towards all companies, it just makes you look ridiculous.

                1. Yes, take your trolling elsewhere. Why am I not surprised you’re an apple user? Pretentious should be something you’re use to, especially given the nature of all your other comments, bashing people for NOT buying the crap you did. And you call others troll? Laughable. Quote me where I made assumptions about YOU? That’s right, you can’t. Because I didn’t. You however have flown off the handle with assumptions of others being ignorant for not making the same mistake you did. Please, continue though. I find your ignorance amusing, limitless though it seems troll.

                  1. Hurr durr such as yourself, hurr durr 20 gba games already played, hurr duur shafted, hurr durr emulator, hurr durr fanboys, hurr durr troll such as yourself. Hurr durr I’m going to talk out of my ass, trying to convince people how super smart I am while making grammatical errors and misspelling words, hurr durr! Wait, I have to say “such as yourself,” “fanboy,” and “20 old gba games” again.

                    1. Hurr hurr, I have to play pokemon all day and tell myself Nintendo is perfect and never makes mistakes, hurr hurr. I dun read good or post well but I sure like to bash others, hurr hurr. Like I’ve been saying, only ones crying are the butt-hurt fanboys. Ofcourse, when you lose your argument, you can always resort to spelling and grammar errors. Obvious troll is obvious troll.

                      …see, I can copy/paste odd comments too. Next time, try making a point instead of just pasting your failed trolling attempts from previous comments. You’re just proving further how much of a butt-hurt fanboy you are.

  12. Whoa, not to sound stupid, but if you look at the picture, the wireless on/off switch seems to be stuck in the upright position. Your supposed to push it up and then it slides back down. I guess I’m just one to point stupid things out :/

  13. every sayign they can just buy one at any time but dont want to i wish i was in that situation i wud just buy it now get 20 games cuz there aint many 3ds game out and i hate how its region locked

  14. You would feel pretty miffed if you had just bought a 3DS for full price! A bit unusual that they drop the price so quickly after launch and rumoured to be only 3 days – a bit of a strange time to do it?

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