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Nintendo Wii U: Dirt 3 Developer Codemasters Says Wii U Needs To Be Attractively Priced

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has told trade publication MCV that the company believes the Wii U needs to be priced attractively to consumers. We already know that Nintendo are looking to market the console at a similar price point to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Will this be enough?

“Everybody knows [pricing and launch info] is coming. I anticipate further price cuts on existing consoles prior to Christmas this year, and there’s room for further price cuts next year.”

“So Wii U needs to be very keenly priced – and in the same way that Sony is having to price Vita when the competition is smartphones and tablets. Pricing is critical in a very fragmented hardware space. So I am not sure they are going to be able to come out and hit a premium price point from the outset.

“But Nintendo is smart. It is always innovative. It has demonstrated its breakthrough ability in the past, so let’s see if it can do it again. And the industry should cheer it on.”


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Dirt 3 Developer Codemasters Says Wii U Needs To Be Attractively Priced”

      1. 1. Gunpei Yokoi, the inventor of that, the Game Boy and Game & Watch, died in 1997. It’s safe to say he had nothing to do with the 3DS.
        2. A lot of why it turned out so terribly was because Nintendo wanted to direct all of its resources toward the N64. However, they inexplicably felt the need to release the product as-was instead of discarding it.

        I choose to follow Miyamoto’s train of thought in that it might have done better had it been advertised as a toy instead of a full handheld. In that light, I might see myself digging it out of a box to play with it again.

  1. when are they going to understand, the price isnt a huge factor, thats not the reason why the 3ds failed to sell as much as they wanted too, the SOFTWARE is the issue here, why do they think that the iPad is selling so well, even though its priced at the price of a low powered Pc with out all the perks and ability to actually install programs, and its as big as a fucken binder. Its the damn software, give us what we want and price shouldnt be an issue, hell take another 2 years developing it, but give us the software we want and you will sell.

        1. yeah and in 6 to 8 years high rigs are going to considered mid to low power pc’s, its old, thats probably why it was 200, and like you said, you BUILD His pc and it still ran you 500, now takes all the specs on his pc and try to find one for 500 or even close to that

  2. I’m still not committing to buy a Wii U until I see at least 5 must-own games for it. Wouldn’t make sense to pay $300 or more for a system if there is only a game or two that I even want for it. So, let’s see a powerful launch lineup, Nintendo! :-)

  3. Ill be pissed if its that bad but either way I’m getting it and if it ends up like virtual boy fine!
    Virtual boy devices are rare so if the. Wii u fails and I got a copy give it about ten fifteen years and ill get triple price but seriously I’ve already got like 600 dollars so I’m good to go

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  5. I’m sure we’d all like this, but the fact of the matter is the PS3 and 360 have been heavily discounted over the 6/5 years since it was introduced to the market. When Sony and Microsoft release their new systems, they’re not going to sell it at the price of their current ones.

    $300 has been the launch price for Microsoft’s basic model for 2 generations, and the PS2 also launched at $300. It would make sense for them to do this again. If Sony launches PS4 at a price that is significantly lower than $599.99, they will have succeeded in that right.

    Of course plenty of news sources will not take this approach but rather report how terribly they must be doing if their old system is selling more than the new one. It’s a transition period where people who held out the entire generation get the best model at the lowest price with the full library of games, and there’s more of those people than one might assume. Though this is something to be expected every generation, the Wii U will just get a harsher treatment simply because it followed the Wii (which already gets a lot of flak).

  6. I agree with others, that the price of the console does not really matter so much as the games released for it at launch, that is also why the PS3 had such a slow start, if it had a God of War game at launch it would have sold like hotcakes regardless of it’s $600 pricetag.

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