Nintendo DS: Nintendo Reveal How Much Each Pokemon Game Sold On The Nintendo DS

Nintendo released their annual report today, and within the report the Kyoto based company revealed exactly how many copies were sold of each of the main Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS, as of March 2011. Just out of curiosity, what’s your favourite Pokemon game?

Title Year (U.S.) Sales to date (global)
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl 2007 17.57 million
Pokémon Platinum 2009 7.43 million
Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver 2010 11.90 million
Pokémon Black/White 2011 11.51 million



    1. and for me its white and soulsilver. weird. though i think emerald is my all time favorite.

        1. You guys are lame, original Red is the best, and Crystal a close second. Black is cool, but it’s no Red.

              1. I dont know about you guys but original Silver, and emerald are the best. Fire red is up there too with ruby!

  1. I brought Platinum, Black and SoulSilver on launch date. Brought Pearl used though so I didn’t contribute to that

  2. Wow, despite Black and White only being out since Semptember in Japan and in March for North America, and basically everywhere else, they sold A LOT. And this has been since March 2011, imagine the sales now. Pokemon Black and White were masterpieces, at least in my opinion, and they are my favorite DS pokemon title.

  3. Pokemon Crystal is my favorite, but I was impressed by their remakes HG/SS. I can’t bear to loil at the names of the Pokemon in Black or White.

  4. i bought ALL OF THEM at launch. though i don’t think B/W’s numbers are valid till 2012.

  5. Lefr Green (or even fire red) still has to be my favourite.

    Original story with an awesome Island area thrown in there.

  6. If they make Emrald Ruby and Saphire remakes for the 3DS that would sell both the games and consoles like crazy.

    1. If the 3DS launched with Black and White, sales would have skyrocketed from the very beginning, but I agree: I so want remakes of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

    2. This will most likely not happend in quite a while, if at all, since the third gen. didn’t have many flaws or lacked very much. Plus if Nintendo intend on releasing a deluxe version for the fifth gen. it will be even longer until a possible remake of the third gen.

  7. Hmm my favorite Pokemon games would have to be Gold/Silver/Red/Blue. Don’t really care for the new ones..

    1. That is, if it’s a mainstream Pokemon game. If it’s just Mystery Dungeon or a spinoff or something, I can’t see the sales boosting a lot. Some, but not a lot.

  8. Emerald is all time favorite, but when I got Black it came really close. Gen 4 is easily my least favorite though (not the remakes, the main 3 games).

    1. I agree, 4th gen was my least favorite. Black was probably around the 3rd favorite in my mind, and G/S/C are 1st.

  9. Damn, do people hate the third game of the generation? My first Game Boy was a Game Boy Color and Pokemon Yellow, and I bought my first DS when Pokemon Platinum came out. If Black and White get a Gray edition, I’m buying it at launch, same as I did with Emerald and Crystal.

    1. Because idiots like you like retard art
      Seriouslt 3rd gen sucked it needs a remake like NOW!

  10. Wow didn’t think dp sold that well

    Though black and white were disapointing for me there were no pokemon evolved from previous gens
    I’m just waiting for a bw third version then ill buy it

  11. Wow didn’t think dp sold that well

    Though black and white were disapointing for me there were no pokemon evolved from previous gens
    I’m just waiting for a bw third version then ill buy it I think bw need a lot more content like really I bought it at launch and beat the storyline 2 days later. Its not gamefreaks best game

  12. Gold and Yellow are def my favorites…and HeartGold is a pretty fantastic remake. I agree with people above, they should do Ruby/Sapphire remakes.

  13. Platinum and Heart Gold/Soul Silver were very good.Black/White were disappointing in that the story was just way too deep for me to care personally (I just wanna be the champ over and over again!) but more than that, the interface was pretty ugly. The battles looked nicer in terms of attacks and animation but man, the arenas look so bland. Also why did they combine pokeballs with regular items? I fail to see the advantage to this. Still an alright game though, I suppose.

  14. I’ve never played a single pokemon game… althought I do love Pika in Smash brothers (all 3).

  15. I loved Platinum, Heartgold i bought Black but it broke on my first week i only had 2 badgea
    I want a new Wii game(Wii U) a new version of pokemon stadium

  16. Emerald has always been my very favorite, but I like all Pokemon games! I’m a huge fan of Pokemon!!!

  17. Too hard to pick a favorite. Currently playing Pokemon Heartgold and training to beat Red.
    Also, the next Pokemon game on the 3DS needs AR to battle with other people! And also the Pokedex should use AR.

  18. “…revealed exactly how many copies were sold of each of the main Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS, *as of March 2011*.”

    Black and White came out in March. So does that mean these are the sales SINCE March, or that within the first month, B/W sold 11.5 MILLION copies? Holy shit, I knew B/W sold well, but WOW.

    As for favourites- Black, Emerald, and Crystal are my tops (in that order) <3

  19. My favourite game was Crystal. Mainly because when it came out, collecting sixteen badges felt like a massive adventure in comparison to the eight of blue/red/yellow. I attach a lot of happy memories to that game but I’d never be able to play it today without putting it down again after ten minutes. That said, I poured nearly 700 hours of my life into Diamond, more of my life than I’ve ever devoted to any other game.

    I can’t stand Black/White. I bought them both at launch and couldn’t be bothered to play either after the league. Very few of the Pokemon even look like Pokemon (a bin with eyes fgs.)

  20. From a gameplay perspective, and gaming experience I think I’d say black and white are the “best” Pokemon games. From a nostalgic perspective, the old ones will always win…
    But I think I will never play the older Pokemon’s again, and that’s where the remakes comes into the picture. But buttom line, if I had to pick something… I think I would say Diamond/Pearl, and that generation was the most satisfying time for me, for so long. Black and white is a little too linear, going straight in one dirrection for most of the main game.

  21. My ultimate favorite is Fire Red. Pokemon kinda died for me come 4th generation. I’ve still pre-ordered every game that I could pre-order that had Pokemon on the box, though. I loved the original Gold/Silver too. I just haven’t enjoyed playing them after Diamond/Pearl came out. I still haven’t finished my Black or White games so I can’t really say much for them. I have like two badges on Black and White. (Go ahead and laugh, I know, it’s terrible!) I enjoy the Pokemon Ranger and Rescue Teams games, though.

  22. It’s hard for me to pick between the original Gold and HeartGold. I love them both equally.

    Also Black and Yellow.

  23. By far my favorite pokemon games are, yellow and ruby! And who doesn’t love the secret bases in ruby?!?

    1. I LOVE the secret base feature in Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald! I forgot where I put mine though…

      1. I’m relatively certain there is a kid in Mossdeep City who will remind you where it is (a word of warning, he’s kind of a stalker).

  24. I wanna be the very best, the best there ever was to play them is my real test to own them is my cause, Pokemon gotta buy em’ all!..freaking love Heartgold.

  25. Silver/SoulSilver, actually all pokemon games are great, the only exception was Gen III, I loathed being unable to transfer pokémon from GEN II

  26. My ultimate favourite is Pokemon Yellow, my first ever pokemon game. Got it with my purple clear gameboy colour. Common you got all 3 starters and jesse and james were in it :D

    My favourite gen is 3rd gen. Loved everything about it, specialy the Legendaries.

  27. Wow that’s mean about 39 millions copy sold! Black was fantastic :), we need new main pokemon game for 3DS <3

  28. i really liked Pearl and Silver/Soulsilver because of how they kind of mixed generations. Black was definitely a big step forward, but it lacked the motivation for aftergame stuff that DP had.

  29. Wait… People actually liked Black and White? I mean the concept and story line were good but most of the game was just annoying and the new Pokemon were pretty lame. Generations 3 and 4 are my all time favorites. I hope they continue with the pattern and remake Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald next. I also hope they bring back the idea of having your Pokemon follow you around like in SS and HG.

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