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Nintendo 3DS: Walmart To Drop Price Of The Nintendo 3DS Three Days Early

It’s been a fairly slow news day today but I figure I should post this for those who haven’t already seen it. Apparently Walmart will be dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS to $169.99 three days before the Nintendo 3DS has its price cut on August 11th. Clearly it would be a remarkably strategic move on their part as who would want to wait three days to pick up a ridiculously cheap Nintendo 3DS elsewhere?


63 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Walmart To Drop Price Of The Nintendo 3DS Three Days Early”

  1. Are you fucking kidding me walmart?!?!?!?!? I hope Nintendo is aware of this and prevents it from happening, those people shouldn’t be embassadors!!! -.- I’m not usually greedy with this kind of stuff but the embassador program is supposed to be for the loyal fans who spent more money, not for anyone…

    1. I doubt nintendo will prevent this…why would they tell the biggest retailer in the world not to sell there product at the price cut before the 11th over 20 games nintendo has already made a profit on..nintendo isn’t going to tell them not to it’s just an opportunity to sell more 3ds’s sure it’s not fair to the ambassidors but really how many do you think they will sell in 2 days?

      1. I think its only for and not the store… so you could order it but they won’t send it until the 12th

  2. That’s not fair for all the people who bought the 3DS at full price… it defeats the purpose of the ambassador program. Darn it, Walmart! >_>

  3. Do I not sarcasm lol. But for real as if the price cut isn’t sad enough, Walmart wants to do it early. Dont get me wrong, i’m all for the price cut and more people to spotpass with. But I dislike the fact that Nintendo had to go out there way to get these cheap scrubs to finally buy their system. I’m glad I’m getting my 20 free games but these people that wanted to wait til there was a cut. I pity you.

    1. Well have fun with your 20 games that you most likely own and beaten already. Personally, 20 free games that I already have doesn’t make me want to buy it for full price. I’ve been saving up for months now and with this price cut, I can get it earlier. So you really have nothing to pity.

      1. …I don’t think I follow your logic here. You downplay the games we are getting for free (for spending the extra money and being loyal Nintendo fans), but you are going to buy it early and download the games anyway, no?

    1. This is not a rumor, I went to Walmart today and asked one of the ladies at the electronic department, and she showed me the paper work stating that the 3DS will change prices from $249.99 to $169.99 on Tuesday, August the 9th. So this is legit.

        1. You are also choosing to be a fuck-tard. It’s not a rumor. Walmart has announced this as a promotion type deal…thing.

          1. You can pre-order it for 169.99, but you won’t get it until the 12th. And what’s your problem? Anybody can lie on here. I don’t have to trust what some random dude said if I don’t want to. And could you please provide evidence for your find?

      1. No offense dude, but I work there and we have NOTHING stating this price change. In fact, the MOD (layout for area, price changes, etc) Don’t start rolling in until Tuesday (which is the release date for products in the electronics section…new games, DVD’s etc). So please stop lying.

  4. This is not fair at all to anyone who bought a 3ds early. Nintendo should block anyone from the ambassador program who registers those last 3 days before the price cut .. I cant help but still feel like ive been completely cheated. I can pretty much say right now that im waiting at-least a year to grab a Wii U to avoid this happening again. otherwise i would buy it day of. Ive always been very loyal to Nintendo.. but their recent actions have really tested my faith. And its becoming extremely hard to defend Nintendo when people talk crap about their products . With moves like this . I cant see Nintendo lasting another 10 years -Pissed nintendo fan

    1. I don’t think Nintendo authorized Walmart to do this. It’s Walmart that’s trying to get the extra money.

      1. I agree with both above comments. I’ve been pissed at nintendo since the First major 3DS update, where it felt like entering a wasteland. No video recording (now sprint has a cell phone like the 3DS- that records 3D), Netflix just came out, very very few 3D games in the eShop.

        Granted, Sprint’s cell phone won’t be able to game like the 3DS, and with any luck, will increase real3D tech acceptance, but the 3DS is going to see competition soon. Nintendo better get off their ass and secure their place in the 3D channel.

        Walmart’s price Cut is a blessing and a curse. The potential ability to cheat the system could give Nintendo a more significant sales bump.

        I paid $250, and I’ve been so pissed at Nintendo for the lack of games and software, but being the f**king sheep I am, I’m happy to be getting the original LOZ free.

    2. Stop whining. Retailers can sell their products at any price they want. It’s only a suggested retail price, hence MSRP. I’m happy because I get 22 games free and a 3DS for cheap. .

  5. We have to have a petition to stop this. That or I hope Nintendo will do something to prevent the non-ambassadors from getting the 20 free games.

  6. I really don’t know what to think of this. I don’t own a 3DS but I was planning on buying one on Friday, the first day of the price cut. I know for a FACT that I’d be kinda pissed about this quicker price cut if I owned one, because this just straight up isn’t fair.
    …on the other hand, if this turns out to be true, I’m pretty sure I’d go out and buy it on Tuesday. Hypocrite, I know.

  7. Wow I wasn’t going to say anything until I forgot that theyll get into the Ambassador program. It’s not fair, BUT I’m pretty sure it won’t happen and if it does, Nintendo will change the date or something.

  8. While I understand that people are upset about this potential news, Walmart isn’t doing anything wrong. $249.99 is only the SUGGESTED retail price. Walmart and any other retailers are free to drop the price whenever they wish, they just won’t make much profit, if any. Is it fair that people can potentially get a 3DS at the lower price AND reap the benefits of the Ambassador program? No, but since when was life ever fair?

  9. If Wal mart does it earlly, then people will start buying from their stores and not others. They pretty much want a head start. But they probably don’t know about the ambassador program.

    1. Nintendo already knows about this, but what are they gonna do? Stop letting Walmart, the biggest retailer in America, sell their products? Think of this as an $80 dollar discount that last until Aug. 12.

  10. I hope it does happen! Theres a lesson here! Don’t buy something that you KNOW is over priced! then you guys bite us who didn’t buy the 3DS at launch saying we weren’t true Nintendo fan but rather Sony fans! Even though im both! >:P

  11. 3ds question:i need help with my 3ds i try to put in a ds game into the gamecart then it pops out or get stuck and i dont hear the clicking sound while inserting the game thx

  12. As much as this screws the already owners, this is really smart of Wal-Mart. It doesn’t really affect me since I’ll be waiting for a bundle. I hope this price cut puts Ninty back into the game.

  13. To all those saying the people who buy a 3ds this week before the price cut should be blocked from the Ambassador program because it ”isn’t fair”, should think about the people who are paying full price @ EB Games, such as myself.

  14. lets start by saying this what walmart is doing is the least of your worries.
    Honestly do you believe that that is the only way to cheat the system. Many major retailers offer price matching nowadays so what is stopping someone from going to best buy paying $250 and coming back up to 30 days normally or 45 days if your a premidr silver member and asking for your $80 back per their price match guarantee.

    Your already being cheated without even throwing in this walmart ordeal!

  15. STUPID now i feel like the amabssador program is worthless if those ppl who get it when the price cut comes out…

  16. My friend at walmart is going to download all those games for me in advance, tomorrow. All I have to do is walk in walmart anytime on the 9th and already have my ambassador package, when I pay for it. Yes!!! Score!!!

  17. Whoever paid the full price at any time cleary made a mistake. I preordered it with 30€ discount.. And later on there were much better offers.

  18. Wow, thanks a lot, Wal-Mart. -_-

    The only way out of this, is if Nintendo did the program TODAY by midnight.

  19. Everybody stop whining. First of all, Walmart has the freedom to sell the 3DS for whatever price they want, $250 is only a “suggested” price (MRSP = Manufacture’s Retail Suggested Price). They could sell it for free if they were so inclined. And I bet you wouldn’t be complaining if you didn’t already have a 3DS; most would likely take advantage of the reduced price AND free games. Who wouldn’t? I know I am.

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  21. ok im mad about this and what is really pissing me off is the people who are saying stop being mad that walmart has the right because you didnt buy it early and you dont know how it feels to lose your money for a price drop and then when you are promised free games for buying it early just to have people like walmart help abuse the system for those who dont need it and now what walmart doesnt know is they are now losing money from the early price drop and i hope nintendo somehow excludes the 9-11 at midnight of august for those who tried to worm their way into our free stuff for being loyal

    1. You didn’t lose your money for buying it early. You BOUGHT the 3DS at the price it was sold for when it was first released. You also don’t know if this is a marketing collaboration between Nintendo and Walmart to help boost sales even more than the price cut before the end of this fiscal year. If you didn’t know, Nintendo didn’t do so well in 3DS sales this year, hence the price cut was initiated. The ones who will actually “lose” money from this are the investors. Is this any different from people that bought a brand new iPhone 3GS when it was first released at $200 to the reduced price of $50?

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