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Nintendo 3DS: Amazon Now Selling Nintendo 3DS For A Mere £115

As I’m sure most of you are aware today is the first day of the official Nintendo 3DS price cut. Thankfully the majority of retailers have acknowledged this and are selling the Nintendo 3DS at a dramatically reduced price. Tesco are selling the Nintendo 3DS for £115 and now Amazon are selling it for exactly the same price. Who is thinking about picking up a super cheap Nintendo 3DS today?

5 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Amazon Now Selling Nintendo 3DS For A Mere £115”

    1. Nothing yet, since those 3DS already purchased by Amazon were bought at full price. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop, and all of the other retailers selling it cheaper earlier than the official price drop are the ones losing money.

      1. They aren’t losing much though if anything. They likely didn’t lose anything at all. They bought the systems at a fixed price, they wouldn’t be willing to take a loss just to clear a bit off space on the shelves. They probably made more money than if they let them sit there at normal price.

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