Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario Bros 3 Another Free Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Game?

Earlier today Nintendo posted a screenshot of the ‘times up’ screen on Super Mario Bros 3 to inform gamers that the deadline had approached for the Ambassador Program. Whilst this simply could have been Nintendo using an appropriate image, it could also be a hint that Nintendo are planning to announced Super Mario Bros 3 as one of the classic NES games to be included in the program. What do you think?

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    1. Not really, Super Mario 3D Land is like if you took the best aspects from super mario bros 1 & 3, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy, and blended them to a nice puree! :D

  1. Super Mario Advance 4 wasn’t confirmed. The statement was pulled back.

    I would rather have the GBA version and have other NES titles, but if anything, have SMB3 somewhere.

    1. YES to Metroid Zero Mission. That should be given to EVERYBODY (not just ambassadors) for free. Why? Because it would be the PERFECT thing to do for Metroid’s 25th anniversary this year. :)

  2. i missed the boat on august 11 but the thing also says that if you updated before then you’re an ambassador. i tried an update and it said i was up to date. was that update for a limited time or am i ok?

    1. If you have the latest update version and updated the eShop at all during the time period, you should be registered.

  3. I’d rather they include other NES games, rather than like 6 Mario games. I’ve played SMB3 a ton on the NES and I have the Mario Anniversary collection, so I really don’t need another copy of it. Other games like Metroid, Contra, etc would be preferred

    1. They can’t upload Contra, Konami owns it. They can only give you first party Nintendo games .

  4. Wow, why is everyone saying both things? I can’t tell for sure if its confirmed or not. O_O

    If it is confirmed for GBA, it would suck to not let the non-ambassadors have this epic game!

  5. I don’t think SMB 3 will be an ambassador game, whether its the original NES version or Super Mario Advance 4. But I do think they’ll put the game in the eShop, because it’s bound to be a real money maker.

  6. Can somebody tell me how I am registered as a 3ds ambassador? I had mine since launch but on august 11th is was still on vacation in Italy. (mmmmm…. pizza)

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