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Nintendo 3DS: Fifteen Minutes Of Glorious Luigi’s Mansion 2 Gameplay From Gamescom

Nintendo Domination have posted fifteen minutes of glorious gameplay from the amazing-looking Luigi’s Mansion 2 on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently scheduled to be released sometime next year. You can check out Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart 7 footage here.

36 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Fifteen Minutes Of Glorious Luigi’s Mansion 2 Gameplay From Gamescom”

    1. This guy always gets really good videos, I was watching them on Youtube yesterday, but his Youtube user name is Nintendomination (one word). I’m not sure you can find the videos by searching Nintendo Domination, or if it’s even correct.

      1. I apologize for bombarding your post, but I thought people would want to know that he should be uploading Super Mario 3D Land and the rest of the videos from Gamescom today, but he already had gameplay footage of these from E3, if you want to watch them now. Yesterday, he also put up a cool video of Charles Martinet doing all the Mario sayings at the convention.

    2. Took the guy a while to figure out how to work the strobe. Apparently you have to use that first instead of shining your flashlight at them to stun the ghosts. Don’t know how I feel about that right now.

      1. yeah i know what you mean but ITS LUIGIS MANSION. its gonna rule also i nearly died from frustration watching how bad that guy was!

        1. One thing that worries me is when Luigi’s health get to 0 he reappears in same place. I Hope it is just because it is a Demo and will not be in the full game because it would be too easy. Besides this the Game look Awesome

        2. This looks like a decent game, but it doesn’t really take on the feel of a sequel to the original, which is one of my favorite Gamecube games. Even just listening to the music it doesn’t sound very haunted or fitting. I don’t know how I feel about this game yet, though I’m excited that Luigi is sucking up ghosts again.

            1. I loved some of the tunes in the first one like when your talking to dr gadd but they seemed missing from this one. Worrying

            2. Man this looks so good! The first one was such an underrated game and brought such great unique gameplay. People always talk about the lack of new IP’s for Nintendo and yet this was an absolute gem yet it didn’t garner the praise it deserved. One of my all time favorites!

              No one has really said it but thx so much for all this footage dude! I could care less how well the gameplay was. To have this footage is a life saver. Should keep me alive for the rest of the wait till this game comes out XD

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            4. hERE ARE MY COMPLAINTS; tHE dOOR SEQUINES OF THE FROT DOOR AND OPENING LOCKED DOORS (at this point I realized that Caps Locks were on.) The X that appers when Luigi is by a interactible object (Mabie this is to get you used to the game, cuz this might be one of the first Mansions) Hole thing needs to be darker, no ghosts out of thin air screaming while its light, no neh neh neh neh neh neh. The lights still on at like 8:30 Should not be………………………………………………….. HOPE THIS IS BETA

              1. The unlimited life thing is probely for the demo.. And mabie this all is? and its not a mansion in the final game?

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