Nintendo 3DS: Best Buy Selling Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D And Other Top Games For $20 Next Week!

US retail chain Best Buy are apparently offering a number of Nintendo 3DS games for $20 next week according to a user on Neogaf. The games will be available for a mere $20 from August 21st through to August 27th. My personal pick on the bunch would be Dead or Alive Dimensions which I awarded 9/10.

  • Sims 3
  • Madden Football
  • Punch Time Explosion
  • Dead or Alive Dimensions
  • Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
  • Rabbids Travel Time 3D
  • Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D
  • They are also offering gift cards for trade-ins on the DS. $50 for the Lite, $75 for the DSi, and $100 for the XL.



  1. sweet! maybe its time to say goodbye to my DS lite. shoulder buttons are broken, and i need money for my RED 3DS!!!

  2. Sucks for anyone who paid full price for any of these….like me grrrr. This whole 3ds mess is really starting to get to me seeing as I paid top dollar for my system and every game and what do I get? 20 free 10 year+ old games that I’ve either already played or don’t care about.

    1. I’m with ya. Join the “screwed” band wagon. …


      For fuck’s sake, while dragging ass to put out some Fresh software, how about a better eShop experience? I’m downloading effin DSi games to my 3DS.

      In hindsight, I should have Got a DSiXL, waited till Christmas, then bought the 3DS and games. I would have spent the same amount of money, and saved myself 6 months of 3DShit

      1. This has nothing to do with Nintendo though, it’s Best Buy selling these for money. Nintendo doesn’t make or lose any money on these sales since they’ve already been paid by the producers, developers, and retail chains themselves.

        Best Buy is the one losing money on these deals, but they realize that the cost is off-set by the increase in customers.

        1. My last comment seems kinda unrelated so I’m going to continue:

          If you feel screwed by paying full price for the system and games shortly before they go on sale, there’s really no one to blame but yourself. Buying things full price is always a gamble, and it doesn’t always work out in your favor. If you make a decision, you live with the results; good or bad. Don’t blame Nintendo or Best Buy or anybody else; they don’t force you to buy the games and they don’t owe you anything.

          1. I don’t get the complainers. Eventually, everything gets marked down, whether it’s a black friday, weekly special or overall price drop. This is pretty common knowledge. If you bought the 3DS at full, you deserved it. Nintendo did NOT have to give us ANYTHING for being early adopters. Sure, this price drop was unexpected (in terms of timing), but research prior to your purchase could have indicated low sales, poor software titles, and not much to offer on the eShop. It’s not rocket science. If you got it day 1 thinking it wouldn’t be like this, then it’s your fault for going out day 1. No one forced you to get it day 1, it simply doesn’t sound like it met your expectations.

            I bought it a week before the eShop release, and I’m content with what I paid. Sure I have 1 title (OOT), and 1 3D eShop title (Excitebike) and 2 VC games (Mario land & Link’s Awakening) with the rest being DSiware games. I’m content getting 20 games for free. I’m content waiting until November with the awesome titles coming, gives me a chance to play the DSi games I passed on since I didn’t know how good they were (eShop shows ratings so it helps with the purchasing decision).

            1. I agree with this as eventually, everything gets marked down. It’s just your own timing of when you buy so you have no one to blame but yourself

          2. Oh… I agree, And I do blame myself.

            I bought Nintendo’s new shit at launch. I am (truely) the one who messed up.

            Not a mistake I will repeat. Thank you.

      2. I just 2 boxes of Cookie Crisps at walmart and today they lowered the price 20 cents. Seriously?!? What the fuck walmart, fuck you!

          1. I missed the part of this article where it says Nintendo cut the prices to $20. I could have sworn it said Best Buy did that as a special deal at their store. My mistake.

            Also, Walmart logic totally applies here. You might be too busy throwing a fit to notice that. Not that Nintendo went about it in the best way by any means, but you’re bitching for silly reasons.

          1. Explain how I saved money buy buying the console on day 1 at midnight, and the games at $40 a pop?

            Oh, I get it, if I want to buy the games a second time, I can do so at half off! :/

    2. EVERY PS3 game released in it’s lifetime has been reduced to half price or less within 6 months of release. (For example. Alice: Madness Returns was reduced by £20 in 2 weeks) Most Nintendo own brand games don’t do that.

      1. I was surprised about a year or two ago to find out that Super Mario 64 DS was STILL $29.99. Several years ago I was waiting for a price drop, but I gave in and paid full price

      2. There are good games that don’t get the big sales for whatever reason and end up being reduced. Usually you pay full price for the “get if first” mentality. 6 months and it’s old news and should be reduced. Ghost Recon is well worth it, as is Dead or Alive, and I think for half price it might be worth it for Resident Evil. BTW Alice Madness Returns is an incredible game that more people should give a chance to.

    3. I’m sorry, but how the fuck do you complain about free stuff? It doesn’t really take a fanboy to defend Nintendo’s actions at this point. Prices shift to create a demand, which is why price drops are bound to happen. Sony does this, Microsoft does this, every industry does this at their own discretion to boost sales. It’s a common business move, and companies usually don’t reimburse people for buying it at original price. That’s literally like getting mad when you buy a TV now at a higher price than it is during holiday season =w=

  3. Please buy shadow wars people, it is and extremely underrated game. Best launch title if your ask me :)

    1. Preach, James. I bought it first day and have sunk tons of hours into it and I still haven’t played all of it. The game is easily the best of the launch titles.

      1. ((Agreed, this game is way under-rated. If you like turn-based strategy, it’s outstanding. I’m a 4-star General. :) ))

      1. It looks impressive, but apparently it has no story mode :/ still, I’m sure it’s a great time killer, and it’s good to take a break from Ocarina of time and play something more hardcore :D

        1. True. No story mode (which sucks) but very fun multi-player. If you pick this game up – 0430-8270-4899

  4. I don’t mind paying full price. It makes me feel proud to contribute to Nintendo. On a side note, I will be picking up ghost recon

  5. I love all of these people that hate Nintendo because the developers of the “good” games didn’t want to rush the creation process to get their games out for the system launch. No system to date has had “good” launch games. If you were a first day adopter like myself you were obviously a huge Nintendo fan or just had money to blow, myself being the earlier. Just be happy that Nintendo is going to give back to those of us that bought the system early on and, if you can’t find one game on the list of free games then you obviously are not a Nintendo fan.

  6. Oh, and RE Revalations will suck, that series died in 5 when they got rid of zombies, brought Chris back, and made it be in the light the whole time.

    1. Actually, I think Revelations will be amazing. You obviously haven’t played the demo that comes with Mercenaries 3D. Even “half-baked”, it’s still awesome.

      1. I could care less about the gameplay the story to it will be just like 5 was, a derp Rob Schneider movie.

  7. go to shitin hell for those who say nintendo fucked up!!!do you even apriciate that nintendo went through hell making this system!?i have one and its a pure masterpiece!so those who said nintendo fucked up,go to hell!you don’t even know how to set up the wires and everything!so when you say nintendo fucked up,shut up u faggot!

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