Nintendo 3DS: Zelda Williams Endorses The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask For Nintendo 3DS

As I’m sure most of you are aware Operation Moonfall are busy campaigning for Nintendo to release The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on the Nintendo 3DS. Thankfully Zelda Williams has pledged her personal support for both Operation Moonfall and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on Twitter. Williams stated that it’s her favourite Zelda game to date and that she hopes Nintendo will see fit to release it.


  1. A gorgeous woman campaigning the rerelease of an improved version of the greatest game ever on a fantastic platform?

    SIGN. ME. UP.

  2. Imagine that creepy salesmen…in your face….in 3D…

    The laughter….it doesn’t EVER stop!! ;~;

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  4. Notice how Majora’s Mask is only popular over the internet, while OoT is just popular in general.

    1. It’s more that everyone will say OoT is popular to everyone else, but deep in their hearts lies Majora’s Mask.

  5. Majora’s Mask is my favourite Zelda (and game in general) ever. However I wouldn’t actually mind if it doesn’t get a remake, since the original is still SO perfect. ….Obviously I’d still buy it though :P

    Would be good if they gave it some extras like they did with OoT3D. A Majora’s Mask Master Quest would get me BEYOND excited.

  6. Today I completed Ocarina Of Time for the first time ever (never got to experience it on Nintendo 64, beat it on the 3DS). It was magic

    1. Congrats…nothing like beating ganon for the first time in oot…majoras mask is as good if not better

  7. I hope they dont remake majoras mask. it is my least favorite zelda game, and I would rather they focus on brand new games, AND if they had to remake one game, I would RATHER they remake wind waker

    1. Wind waker’s style is timeless. They really don’t need to remake it. They should make another (new) handheld game like phantom hourglass or spirit tracks for the 3ds

      1. yeah, i think nintendo should just stop remaking games and just focus on making new ones… unless that’s Donkey Kong 64… but everyone know’s that’s impossible… so….. just focus on new ones…

        1. Other studios are the ones remaking these games it doesn’t hinder any projects nintendo is working on or is going to work so if they have the resourses for both I say bring on the awesome remakes….except that one that just cane to the eshop last week that’s an awful game it’s like they redid it in 3d just to be funny

          1. I think the only game Nintendo should be remaking is Majora’s Mask. Besides that, they should be working on new games.

    2. Why would the remake Wind Waker? It’s not that old and has no reason to be remade; the graphics are stylized so they don’t need to be updated. If you want to replay WW, just head over to your nearest Gamecube, or if you don’t have one, play it on your Wii. Remember, the Wii is backwards compatible with GC, so you have no excuse to say, “I don’t have a sysetm to play it on”.

      Majora’s Mask was great, and I would love to play through it again with the great new graphics from OoT.

  8. How about Nintendo makes some NEW games instead of recycling the entire N64 library?

    Seriously…the best they have to offer are games made in 1999? Jesus….

    1. oh look the same generic complaint that annoying trolls have been making since OoT 3D was announced.

      1. they’re marketing to the 19-30 age group to sell more 3DS’s. “experience the nostalgia of awesome games!” and stuff like that. the only reason i bought the 3DS was because of Ocarina of Time, and because i got a deal that was too good to pass up for it.

        i would absolutely LOVE Majora’s Mask in 3D. that would be insanely fantastic. it was my favorite Zelda game ever pretty much.

        1. Then they should start releasing Spyro And Crash Bandicoot! Yeah, Playstation. Although I still play the GBA Spyro And Crash on my DS lite.

    2. Wat are you talkin about. If you notice, Nintendo only did two remakes so far. AND they’re games that were the greatest and most popular. Get your facts str8

    1. Majora’s Mask was amazing; if you don’t like it then it’s because you must have been too stupid to understand it (and I mean more than it’s puzzles)

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  10. So many people say Majora’s Mask sucked. Yet it was one of the most challenging Zelda games. I loved OoT, but it was far too easy.

    Makes me wonder if some people who hate it just couldn’t beat it. If you did and still hate it, then at least it was probably for a decent reason.

    1. As much as I agree Majora’s Mask was challenging, Ocarina of Time was NOT easy, I believe the Temples, especially the Water Temple, want to have a word with you.

      1. OoT was very easy, even the water temple. As a 7 year-old kid I beat the game without any trouble (remember this was before internet was widespread, I couldn’t just look up the solution), and when I revisited it on the 3DS I found it easy still.

        Majora’s Mask wasn’t particularly difficult either, but it was more challenging that OoT.

      2. Some parts of the Temples were hard, yes, but not really. Water Temple isn’t that hard, but annoying, didn’t get the key that you need, but raised the water level. You need to raise or lower, or both, before you can get the key, and then raise the water level again.

  11. I love you, Zelda. Never played Majora’s Mask, but I will always support my peeps on the net who want one of their favourite games to be re-introduced to a new generation.

  12. There should be a remake on Wii U not in the 3Ds i want MM in next gen graphics no medium graphics!!!!

      1. It’d be cool if they ported the 3DS remakes of the two games to the WiiU, so instead of having the old versions from the N64 which are blocky, they have the better looking new versions but on the bigger screen in HD. I’m sure they could do it. That is, if they remake Majora’s Mask for the 3DS too.

  13. Instead of saying “poster X is a troll because he isn’t a sheep” try to read between the lines: OoT wasn’t a full remake like Metroid Zero Mission, it’s a porting with new textures, some new music and bug fixes, 3D and better controls.

    Unlike Super Mario 64 DS it doesn’t add new content.

    Majora’s? you can play it on N64, Gamecube special disc and Virtual Console. do you really need to ask a 3D portmake instead of asking, I dunno, about new games?

    Nintendo fans were always about new things, nobody was asking about a Mario 64 remake on the Gamecube: they wanted the next big hit, Mario Sunshine.
    Nobody asked about Zelda portings on the DS; instead we got two underrated fantastic Zelda games.

    But give these fans Internet and a little spotlight and sure enough, everyone wants remakes instead of new games.

    1. All the 3ds games are new and only 2 remakes not to mention more new games by next year. Good lord does anyone think b4 speaking nonesense.

      1. And exactly who started an argument about the 3DS library? you.
        I approve of remakes when they are useful for the future of the series, like Star Fox 64 3D. too bad nobody gives a **** about that one because they are too busy saying “PLZ MAJORA! PLZ MARIO SUNSHINE! … new games? what are those?!”

        I bought the 3DS for new games like Pilotwings, Kid Icarus and Mario Land.
        Again: at least in the case of Fox, even if they game is not new, if the remake is successful, it could be useful for a brand new Star Fox game. but Zelda? successful or not, the series will not die. the only thing these portmakes do is “steal” the space for a NEW Zelda game.

        Nintendo releases two Zelda games on every platform (OoT and Majora, PH and ST, TP and SS, etc.)
        The two Zelda for the 3DS will be… OoT 3D and Majora 3D! wow!

    2. Super Mario 64 DS had new content 0_o

      You could play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi; it also added a multiplayer mode

      1. That’s what I said. “unlike Super Mario 64 DS”.
        If they made an OoT remake with new dungeons and stuff, it would have been a project with a certain dignity.

        A straight port with new textures, controls, 3D, the Master Quest from 64DD / Gamecube bonus DVD and a Boss Rush mode is not that new.

        And the official excuse was “we don’t want to ruin nostalgia for you guys”. sure.

        1. Dude, Seriously i played Super Mario 64 DS and OOT 3DS.

          and honestly i loved super mario 64 on the N64 but i didnt like it on the DS because of the new content. I think its great that they didnt change so much in OOT since i want to play the same game as i did when i was child since that was the game i love.

    3. Back in my day, one didn’t have to ask for new games, they made them if we asked or not. Oh wait, they still do that.

      Eiji Aonuma, one of the biggest names in Zelda, said that if fans asked for Majora’s Mask 3D, they’d probably make it. We’re not whining and begging for remakes, we’re following through on an offer we were given.

      1. Eiji Aonuma, one of the biggest names in Zelda, said this in 2009:

        “Whenever we have to think about the remake,” Aonuma told IGN, “we have to also think about the background, especially what kind of situation, what kind of period and time that previous game was played in, because, be it Ocarina of Time or any other games, whenever they say they want to have a remake on whichever platform, they have some emotional attachment from playing that game at that particular time or environment.” According to Aonuma, that sort of background is always there. “We cannot afford to destroy that kind of emotional attachment.”

        Another reason is that whenever Nintendo comes up with new technology, the developers are inspired to put that new tech and new ideas into new Zelda games. For example, in the upcoming Legend of Zelda on the Wii, the game features 1-to-1 controls. Players can swing the Wii Remote, and directly control Link’s sword play in-game. “It has become very natural,” the producer added. “I mean, the movement of your arms are precisely reflected in the gameplay whereby Link is wielding his sword just as you shake the Wii Motion Plus remote.”

        Fast Forward 2 years and easy money is all the craze in Nintendo, so yeah, REMAKESSSSSSS!!

      1. I will buy them if they are complete remakes like Metroid Zero Mission. I will buy them if they are useful to the series’ future like Star Fox 64. I will not buy them if they are considered the system’s “Killer Application” or if they are a watered down version of the REAL game (Super Street Fighter IV)

        A new system needs new games.

  14. People who hated Majora’s Mask are morons and are hating on it for ridiculous reasons or are just trolling because they’re Ocarina of Time fanboys/girls, no offense… Ocarina of Time is fine, but the storyline was waaaaaaaay too predictable. I’m sorry, But Majoras Mask is harder, has an unpredictable storyline, is dark and mysterious, as well as much more fun than OOT. I prefer Majora’s Mask than Ocarina of time any day. I love that game. It is my favorite Zelda game so far and I agree with Zelda Williams, totally. Majora’s Mask needs the remake. Why? Because if you actually PLAYED Majora’s Mask and whether you enjoyed it or NOT the lag in the game was terrible. There was always a delay occasionally when you’re transitioning from another place, and it just gets frustrating because it gives you the idea that the game might disconnect or something. I have played all versions of Majora’s Mask and that lag still remains. When it came for the N64 with that expansion pack, the game for the Wii Shop, I also have Collector’s Edition, and it still feels the same… even on an emulator! Majora’s Mask needs the remake. I’m sick of Ocarina Of Time fans hating on Majora’s Mask for no valid reason. Just because you think it sucked doesn’t mean everyone else thinks that way. If you actually played the damn game, then you would agree that it would need a few touch ups, too. People like Majora’s Mask, too, and it needs a remake. And for the trolls who think the 3DS has too many remakes, do your research. There’s only 2 remakes. OOT and Star Fox. Plus OOT Remake was made by Grezzo, a third-party company. Nintendo didn’t do it, nor will it affect them from making any new games. Majora’s Mask NEEDS to be remade! I would love Nintendo forever if it did!

    1. The problem is they hated it because they didn’t understand it and could never figure out how the hell to beat the game before the 3 days was up. Well, those of us who actually DID figure out how to beat it, loved the game. I myself prefer OOT or Majora’s Mask, but not because I dislike the game in any way. The reason Majora’s Mask was laggy was because of the graphics. You may have noticed how even though the game came after OOT, the graphics were worse. This was because in Majora’s Mask they tried something new with the colours to make the game look better, but the technology wasn’t ready so it left the game laggy and appearing to have worse graphics than OOT. Anyways, I fully support a Majora’s Mask remake, it’s gonna be freaking awesome!

      1. I disagree. I beat it, I collected EVERY mask and did the 100% completion, and it ranks as second worst Zelda game with Windwaker behind it. I disliked the constant resetting the most. Yes this made it somewhat challenging, but it also made it completely annoying. You had to be careful exploring the main area off Termina and not let the time expire. While OOT was easier, it was much more enjoyable for me. OOT is not my favorite title either.

        Level of difficulty doesn’t deter my rankings, nor the graphics. I put Windwaker below MM, and that one is one of the easiest titles.

      2. Uh, I don’t think OoT graphics are better than MM graphics. I’ve beaten both games many times and if I remember correctly, the graphics were mostly the same except Majora’s Mask were slightly better in some aspects.

    2. Those who hated OoT are morons for having an OPINION.

      Same with those who hate MM because they have an opinion too.

      This post fails for trolling on those who HAVE AN OPINION.

      1. The majority of OOT fans hated Majora’s Mask for absurd reasons, so YOU fail. Didn’t say anything bad about Ocarina of Time at all. It was aimed towards the hard-headed fans who hate Majora’s Mask for stupid reasons. Don’t get upset at me for speaking something that most people may also agree on, and as for the person who posted below the obvious troll, I understand. At least you gave a good reason for not liking Majora’s Mask.

    3. “Nintendo remakes”: OoT and Star Fox.
      “Remakes”: MGS 3, SF 4 (more like a straight porting), OoT, Star Fox, that Shin Megami Tensei game from the original DS and tons of others.

    1. TP is only five years old, it may come out for Wii U, but I doubt it, because Wind Waker never saw a Wii creation, and i know the Wii is Gamecube backwards capable, but OoT and MM have seen every console after they’re making, N64, Gamecube, Wii, and now possibly 3ds, don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see TP in 3d, with a TP master quest, but I don’t see it coming anytime soon

  15. i would like to see MM remade. i could never get into it on the N64. the 3d thing on the front made me sick. (note before you go awol that there is an on or off switch for the 3ds) i love OoT very much, and have always wanted to play MM so I’m glad that they are considering remaking it.

    story lines dont just magically appear. it takes time to come up with one. and what better way to keep us entertained than with our old favorites? plus, kids these days get nothing but war or theift games that get them in trouble. when was the last time you saw a 15yr old play their N64 in this day and age. kids need to know just WHAT good games are.

    anyways, we are asking for new games, and they are giving them to us. just not as fast as ppl want. if you dont like a remake dont buy it.

    just grow up and deal with life. its not like your they ONLY person who’s gonna buy/not buy a game. jeeze. yall can mock me or make fun or even twist my words i dont care. nintendo will do what THEY want because they are the ones in control, not us. we are the fans. and just because 1 person doesnt buy something, it doesnt mean that its going to collapse. jeeze. ur opinion isnt the only 1 that counts. lmao.

    but back on topic. i would LOVE to see the remake. because i want to play it. and because they would be able to make it how ever they wanted it to start with but couldnt due to memory or graphics limitations.

  16. The promotion with Zelda and Robin went down incredibly well, they’ll be just right for promoting the sequel if it comes out.
    It only makes sense that Zelda was named after the princess.

  17. Wow wait a minute isa I’m 14 and I don’t have a ps3 or 360 I have a wii and of course I played Oot when I was younger on the n64 though I was 8 and it was amazing of course I think back and Realize that year I started to like the zelda series and now I am a fan I know what good games are and the fact you assume every teenager plays gta and cod is pathetic I love zelda games I never got to expierence MM on vc or n64 or Gcn so I’m happy for another remake. And another thing you must be stupid thinking kids don’t play good games your a moron I play pokemon, metroid, zelda, and the mario series! That sure as hell is an example of good games! Next time think about what you say you retard!

  18. I wouldn’t mind this later in the 3DS’s lifespan, but I’d see a little more fresh content for the platform before we get into more remakes.

  19. Okay, fingers crossed for this. If this comes out, then that just shines further hope for Wind Waker. I love MM but usually get stuck around the Water Temple(grrr water levels)-.- I love Wind Waker so much and have been told that one’s coming, I hope it’s true. Wind Waker didn’t have a water level by the way. So all hopes up. Plus, I hope that story about LttP is also true.Since some Zelda’s are coming to VC and 3D classics. The 3DS might be the ultimate reunion for the Zelda games. And as a Zelda fan I’d have the biggest grin ever.

    1. on the contrary, the great bay temple is actually not that hard, though it is home to one of the most annyoing and challenging bosses in the game, if not the entire franchise. In all Zelda games, there has never been one that killed me more than once.

  20. Majora’s Mask was my first Legend of Zelda game. It’s my favorite, and I really hope they remake it for the 3DS. To be honest, I’m not big on remakes, but if there’s ONE game that needs to be remade for the 3DS, it’s Majora’s Mask. Besides that, there’s no other game that needs to be remade in my opinion.

  21. Make a multiplayer based one!!! (Just imagine the goron-race etc.)

    That would also make it differ more from OoT and being “just another remake”!

  22. i will cry on live telivision if they do not remake mm but if they make ww aswell i will jizz

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