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Nintendo: Big Nintendo Announcements Coming In September

Nintendo will apparently be holding a Nintendo 3DS related conference on September 13th. Numerous sources have confirmed to Inside Games that there is indeed a conference taking place at that time. According to the source Nintendo is ready to show off an extremely big title at the event. Any ideas of what it may be?

143 thoughts on “Nintendo: Big Nintendo Announcements Coming In September”

        1. Its About Super Smash Bros For The Nintendo 3DS :D iM Just Hoping LOL But Metroid my all time fav would be nice but since theres no fan support for the series it may no happen we need to support it so team ninja can make another awesome metroid game even though a lot of people hated other m i saw it as another adventure for our femme fatale Samus Aran which is Awesome <3

    1. Don’t make me cry man… I’d kill for that game to come onto the 3DS… Favorite game of my childhood. While I am typing this, I can hear the deku palace theme.

        1. Majora’s Mask was a mediocre Zelda game, if you played it during your childhood then you need to go back before you’re childhood. The time mechanic of Majora’s mask was horrible, the zora/goron/deku masks were neat but that was about it.

          I myself am going to root for a Smash Bros. related title, but it will probably be something more related to the 3ds system’s hardware or its operating system.

          Nintendo doesnt usually schedule conferences like that just to announce a game.

          1. Mediocre? Are you kidding me? The time mechanic wasn’t bad and it didn’t really take away anything from the game, while the masks made it stand out as unique and new. Ntm, it was rather challenging (More-so than Ocarina of Time), and had LOADS of Side Quests.

            1. Comparing it to Ocarina is stupid. Ocarina was a legitimate game held together by solid gameplay. MM on the other hand relied on cheap little gimmiks to hold your attention, i.e. mask, 3 day clock, and resuplying every time you went back in time. Oh not to mention it didn’t have the classic Zelda villain in it, it had skull kid…

              1. So just because it didn’t spam Ganondorf for the umpteenth time that’s bad? I’m all for games not having Ganondorf. His fights are repetitive. Its basically lock swords with him or play tennis. It gets old and predictable. At least the fight with Majora’s Mask was interesting and unique.

                Its one reason I’m looking forward to Skyward Sword. It logically can’t have Ganondorf as the main villain.

              2. Troll logic is trollin’
                MM doesn’t have solid gameplay? When it was built off the same engine as OoT? It was gimmicky? When it gave you more challenge and sense of influence than any other Zelda game to date? Oh it’s missing Zelda and good old Ganon which makes it instantly bad right? Yea that was a dumbass thing to say, especially when it actually mixed up the flow without disturbing the core mechanics. MM was way more unique than OoT tbh.

              3. Majora’s Mask didn’t have solid gameplay? You’re words astound me. It’s gameplay is every bit as solid as Ocarina of Time, perhaps more. Oh and adding something which enhanced gameplay or added something worthwhile to the game is a gimmick? I think everyone hates it because it was difficult, and confusing as a little kid. It was to me as well and I hated it as a little kid, but I grew to enjoy it because as I aged so did my appreciation for different games and my increase in perception and skill.

          2. Can I ask you something? If you’re going to argue opinions, don’t say them as if it’s fact. Some people liked Majora’s Mask. No reason to stop, drop and roll because someone liked Majora’s Mask as a kid and probably still enjoys it now.

            Just go on about your business.

          3. Majora’s Mask was actually a challenge. I could beat OoT faster than most N64 titles. My only conclusion is people who hate it were either very troubled with beating it due to the time system, or couldn’t beat it at all.

            Keep your petty illogical mini reviews to yourselves. They’re all your opinion, and trashing a Zelda title that wasn’t on that knock off CD console, on a Nintendo site, is just a dumbass move in and of itself. If you don’t like the game, whatever. We don’t give a fuck if you hated a challenge and more sidequests. Keep your words as an opinion, not as if they’re fact.

            1. Just because MM didn’t have Ganondorf doesn’t mean it’s lame. Skyward Sword was confimed not to have him. Are you gonna assume it’s automatically bad? MM had a lot of original ideas that Miyamoto himself came up with, so yeah. shut up.

    2. While I love Majoras Mask, I’m starting to be fed up with all the re-releases. I’ve bought OoT 4 or 5 times now. Even though I think it’s cool with 3DS version of old games, I hate that they sell them as “main titles” for a system. It’s crazy that the consumers buy the games over and over again at full price without saying a word. They are making a shitload of money by doing almost nothing and taking no chances. Nintendo should really try to make some new games, instead of just re-releasing old ones. How about some completely new series and characters? Party games and re-releases over and over again. Nintendo only makes a couple g”real games” each year.

        1. I’m pretty sure the Metroid Prime series is over, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be more first person Metroids.

  1. Maybe a Metroid game? I don’t think anything has been announced and it’s Metroids 25th anniversary…
    That or a new Zelda 3DS title, i’d like to try Majora’s Mask but personally I’d prefer if they made something completely new…

    I doubt it’s a new 3DS design or anything, personally I think it’s just a rumour, and the price drop did enough damage on it’s own, with Iwata and others cutting their own salaries as a result…

      1. We don’t know if they haven’t started it yet because we don’t know if kid Icarus is complete yet. But he’s right, all we can do is dream. ROB FOR SSB4

  2. They did say they were developing a new character or something, right? Although I’m hoping it’s something Zelda-related…

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    1. Super Mario Bros 3D would be fantastic.I mean,I know there’s going to be Super Mario 3D land,but I’d like to see a Mario game on 3DS similar to new super Mario bros on Wii.

    1. But then if they made a 3DS with less 3D,then that’d get rid of the whole point of the 3DS which is that it’s glasses less 3D.There needs to be as much 3D as possible,not less.The 3D doesn’t cause any health problems anyway.I have a 3DS and it’s not given me a headache,hurt my eyes,made me sick etc.It’s done no damage to me.

      1. Then your lucky, anyone with slight vision problems won’t use the 3d to its fullest extent. I know a lot of people that can’t use the 3d aspect. I myself can but it wasnt even the selling point on the 3ds for me. Its all the other stuff that it can do and the 3d does cause developmental problems in kids. You should really learn what your talking about first.

        And no, they wont be revealing a 3ds with a second circle pad, at least not yet. That would be awesome but then there’d have to be a new version of the system and people would be pissed.

        1. I’m short sighted and it’s not caused me any harm.And anyway,if the 3DS causes any problems for kids they can simply not play on it or not get one in the first place.

    1. I had Pokemon Ruby during that period of my life were I was still young, but I was just learning how the world worked, so you could say I grew up with Ruby. If they come out with a Hoenn 3D title…….ILL FREAKING DIE!!!

  4. It’s too early for it to be Majora’s Mask, unless they actually just state they’re making it and that’s it.

    I’m mostly hoping for a Metroid side-scroller. That would be EPIC. Nothing against Prime Hunters, a new side-scroller Metroid would just be epic. I miss the beautiful sprites <3

    I also really hope they use this opportunity to confirm the rest of the Ambassador Program games :D

  5. Too early for a Mario title.. Metroid is possible, but I’m definitely thinking Pokemon! We shall just have to wait and see.

  6. I say it might be do with the relase dates of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 (we are waiting on offical news and this could be the date for that bit of news)

      1. No, they announced the month of release, the news reported by Sickr was either leak failure on that reseller company (still unconfirmed) or still could be considered a rumor.

        I’m guessing we’ll get the dates and news of all upcoming games for the next 2 quarters. Probably specfics on the ones from E3, and maybe some other wrenches they didn’t care to share yet.

        I don’t see any major news like a 3DS redesign or new portable, I see all games upcoming.

        1. there is actually commercials with the dates on the games when they suspose to eb coming out. So does a commercial ount as official?

    1. Nintendo has already stated they have absolutely no intention of making a 3DS Lite. Besides, if they were to announce one, it would be way too soon and piss of pretty much any 3DS owner.

      1. I’d find it pretty annoying myself.I have a 3DS and it’s amazing.It does NOT need a updated,lighter version.The 3DS isn’t heavy and it isn’t that big so a smaller version would be pointless.

  7. I’d be happy with Fire Emblem coming across the pond, a new F-Zero game with online racing, a Metroid that actually takes place AFTER Fusion in the chronology, or Pokemon MagmaRuby & AquaSapphire Versions. :-)

      1. Nintendo did state they are developing new characters. Of course it wouldn’t be well known, that is why it would be revealed. If it looks good, plays good, then it can become a successful IP just like Mario/Zelda/Samus.

      2. You have to take risks and buy games that look like they have potential. Either that or let someone else be the guinea pig and listen to their thoughts I suppose.

  8. Well with all this majoras mask crap and operation moonfall supporting it I think Mm make fly onto the 3ds as operation moonfall was an extremely widespread thing I truely think there refering to majoras mask 3d due to the speculation quite recently so people should look forward to majoras mask on the 3ds and get ready to preorder!

    1. That would be great! :) would love a majoras mask remake to the 3ds since i never got the chance to play it while i was kid.

  9. Also its likely they will release info on the ambassador program lineup I recall hearing that kid icarus will make it in the lineup and I’m kinda happy about it due to the fact I’m getting uprising and maybe they could make metroid

  10. Sorry man there is a pokemon game coming in late october 2011 its pokemon rumble blast so expect the rest of the ambassador to be revealed or majoras mask or hopefully some extra info on the wii u game lineup and abilities

  11. I definitely bet it has something to do with the 3DS, that’s where they are suffering right now so a lot of their focus will be there.

    However, I would be excited if it was Super Mario Galaxy 3 though!

  12. I know it most likely won’t be but maybe it’s a Doctor Who 3DS game that’s going to come out to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in 2013.That’d be fantastic news,especially if it was a game being made by Nintendo.

  13. My predictions:
    1. Dates/timelines on all/most 3DS titles from E3
    2. New IP (stole that from above, I had forgetten about it)
    3. New titles not revealed at E3: i.e Metroid, Animal Crossing, Mario (non-adventure game), Link (Nintendo did not do OOT).

    What I don’t see happening:
    1. Wii U news
    2. 3DS redesign revealed

    1. I am seriously doubting this.

      1. There are people upset about the price drop and saying the 20 free games was a horrible idea. A new iteration would be putting gasoline on the fire. The ONLY way to accomplish this would to give us early adopters (ambassadors) along with anyone purchasing it now a FREE upgrade to the new console. This would be insulting to us early adopters.

      The price drop was fine for me, that happens, but an entirely new/better model that quickly? That’s the slap in the face and a middle finger to me.

      1. A new system would be a bitch. especially if it had a finish that didn’t attain finger prints…

        Though the 20 free games makes me happy. I have no regrets buying it for $250.

        1. I don’t have any regrets, but I would providing it is a new model. I was excited for the 20 games for $80 off current price.

          As for a new console with (just about any of the 3 by themselves):
          a) better battery
          b) new circle pad
          c) new exclusives content/games (like won’t be available on original 3DS)

          I’d then have regrets. No amount of games could cure that woe. I’d then demand a free upgrade to it.

  14. It’s probably just going to confirm the release dates on Mario Kart and Super Mario Land, which Nintendo to my knowledge hasn’t announced. Then hopefully they’ll give more info on the games coming next year, like Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, and a little more Luigi’s Mansion 2. And a lot of 3rd party stuff. But that’s just the 3DS

  15. My dream:
    All news on E3 games coming out this holiday, a new IP or a totally new game we know nothing about, Ambassador program line-up, and a confirmed version of Pikmin 3 for both Wii U and 3DS, with a trailer!

  16. While I’d love to have MM, I don’t think that’s the one game they would consider really big. I’m guessing it’s a new Zelda exclusively for the 3DS (that’d be sick), a new IP, or a main Pokemon game. It’s there’s one game that sells units, it’s got to be freaking Pokemon. As for a wild wish, I hope they consider Eternal Darkness for the Wii U and not for the 3DS.

  17. Let’s see we are getting Mario kart, super Mario and kid Icarus this year and possibly animal crossing and paper Mario and luigies mansion 2 early next year so that leaves pokemon, a new Zelda title maybe a new donkey kong, metroid….there is others but the article said “big title” and I doubt it’s mm I’m not saying we will never get it I just don’t thinks it’s the big title…and it’s a little early for smash bros since they just mentioned it at e3 unless they lied and have been working on it secretly which wouldn’t suprise me.

  18. Maybe Team Ninja’s Metroid for nintendo 3DS? Or Zelda Majora’s Mask or Smash Bros WiiU/3DS? D: I’m counting days x) ’til september 13th!
    Maybe they’ll show us all the whole stuff that wii U is going to do.

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  20. When is nintendo gonna make a game system that u can enjoy @ home and on the go like the gameboy cartridge they had for the snes. Now that would be AWESOME. Instead of buying the same game for 2 differeant Nintendo consoles just take ur wii game, put it in ur “portable” wii console n play on the go. Just saying.

    1. There are people that sell console mods that do this. There is already a portable Wii. It looks like a portable DVD player. Along with Gamecube, N64, etc. They aren’t official or anything, but if that’s what you want, you can support those making them.

  21. All your comments seems like a big Santa Claus letter to me…
    I don’t want to be a killjoy or a spoiler… But I’m afraid I’m being pessimist! Maybe this event will have minor announcements like the update for Mii Plaza for example… I really wish you all have reason, but I just have a bad feeling, I really wish I’m wrong…

    I wish, in the otther hand, it’s not a big ‘videogame title’ but a great application! If only the 3DS had a Youtube 3D app, the sales will catapult to the sky, or even to the space =P
    That’s my opinion………..

  22. A lot of these above ideas are great, I’m going to throw out a 3rd party title some of us might be hoping for…

    Monster Hunter anyone? :)

  23. Hoping for mario and luigi rpg game, either that or mm zelda, but anything star fox or pokemon related would suffice.

    1. Yeah,me too.I so hope it’s a sequel to “Mario and Luigi:Bowser’s inside story which I think is a great game.Mario and Luigi RPG 4 would look great on the 3DS in 3D.It needs to happen at least sometime.

  24. I don’t see a classic style pikmin game working on 3ds but if it was a side scroller that would be PRETTY cool. Also I want to see Super Smash Bros. Big time at this conference. Like even a picture of Mario, link, pikachu, Kirby and like two new characters would be good. That is all.

  25. I’d rather they update the online friends process and offer and update to AR games or smthn along those lines.

    I agree, it is too ealry to announce a 3DS successor. This conference is related to the 3DS so I doubt they will be going over anything wii ir wii-u related

  26. Here is my wish list:
    1. Mario & Luigi RPG 4
    2. A sequel to Spirit Tracks ( or a prequel to tell what ever happened to the other link)
    3. A sequel to Metroid Fusion
    4. Pokemon 3D
    5. Fire Emblem
    6. Golden Sun 4

  27. The only “Big title” I can think of is a Pokemon 3DS game with full 3D, and five files (One for each REGION!)

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