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Nintendo 3DS: Sony Doesn’t Believe Glasses Free 3D Works Well, May Include It On PlayStation Vita 2

Sony senior group studio director Mick Hocking has told GameSpot that he doesn’t think 3D works well enough on a 3D handheld. The reason Sony left out 3D on the PlayStation Vita was due to the fact that you have to keep your head very still to get the optimum effect. Cryptically Hocking stated that they may include 3D in the next iteration of Vita.

“At the time we were looking at Vita, there were several issues. One was the quality of the glasses-free 3D screens. It can work very well on small screens, but to get the best effect, you need to keep your head very, very still,” Hocking began.

“Now with a handheld gaming device and Vita having Sixaxis motion control in it, there may be gameplay where you’re moving the Vita around. And if you’re doing that and having glasses-free 3D, the two things don’t sit very well together. We wanted to offer a really, really high-resolution OLED screen, and the best way to do that was in 2D.”

“At least for the first one.”

119 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Sony Doesn’t Believe Glasses Free 3D Works Well, May Include It On PlayStation Vita 2”

    1. Sony doesn’t rip off Nintendo! TV’s have glasses free screens, computers too, did they rip off Nintendo. Get your act together and stop accusing Sony of ripping off Nintendo

          1. Things Nintendo did 1st- Capitalized on motion controls, glasses free 3d gaming, made an analogue stick, d-pad, shoulder buttons, rumble feature, handheld game console, touchscreen handheld, etc…

            1. actually, the first ever handheld to have a touchscreen was the Tiger GAME.COM :D does anyone remember that? anyone? I’ll leave now…

          2. Good point. but they were not the first to make analogue for console! Vectrex” was the first!! but it’s rare to find someone that even knows what that is, Nintendo did popularize the idea. It’s release followed Sega’s analog Mission Stick for Sega Saturn.

            1. I really don’t care what they invented hardware wise all I care is that they invented Mario, Zelda, metroid, donkey kong etc.

  1. He makes a fair point about the motion control. It was a bit jarring in Ocarina when I had the 3D on full-blast and had to move the 3DS to aim my slingshot or bow.

    1. Press start and go to options. You can turn off motion controls there! Makes it easier to play in the car, too.

  2. Again with complaining about glasses free 3D, Sony? Seriously, it’s like as if they’re going out of thier way to bitch and moan about Nintendo every chance they get. Even if it repeating themselves all the time

    1. I know. I think it’s a corporate coup with Sony, Microsoft, and their loyal publishers and developers, with the blade in there hand.

    1. No you’ve got it wrong, they didn’t say that glasses free 3D sucks they said that it just wouldn’t work well with the sixaxis motion control since you have to keep your head still to get the best 3D effect. Get it right Dude

      1. Except that in an earlier article they really did say that Glasses free 3D sucks and will cause the 3DS to flop.

        1. We’re not talking about the earlier article though :P i’m just saying that from this article nothing was said about the 3D being rubbish. but personally i think the 3D on the 3DS was a fail so it’s a good thing it wasn’t implemented on the Vita

        2. No he didn’t. He said he wouldn’t comment about the 3DS. Only thing he really said was that people won’t buy a shitty game just because it has 3D.

  3. Better to play Star Fox with the gyroscope controls with the 3D off then wear bulky and stupid looking glasses for a handheld system. I try to travel light if I’m bringing my 3DS on a trip and the idea of carrying around and wearing 3D glasses in public just because I want to play a game sounds stupid. If you really want to include 3D in a future PS Vita revision, Sony, then take a page out of Nintendo’s book and offer a traditional control scheme in addition to the gyroscope and a way to turn off the 3D.

  4. God fanboys is just oozing out of your guys comments.
    You guys don’t even give Sony a chance, you just assume everything they do is to make fun of the flopping 3DS. Be respectable. I am not saying Vita is better but respect them how they are actually listening to the fans on what they want unlike Nintendo.

      1. The ambassador program was not Nintendo listening to us — that was Nintendo saving face after the most massive price drop in the shortest time in the history of gaming. They knew fans would be pissed if they didn’t do anything to make it up, so they really had no choice BUT to give SOMEthing away as a peace offering of sorts. Fans never asked for a dang thing concerning this, as they announced the ambassador program at the same time as their price drop. ;)

        1. It was better than shitty deal Sony gave us with when the PSN was hacked. Now we laugh at the fact that Nintendo is doing great when all of the hating fanboys from Sony said it would fail…I like both Nintendo and Sony but When Wii U comes out now that Nintendo’s finally is bringing 1080HD, have better online and since they’ll be catering to true gamers then we can’t lose on Nintendo’s side.

    1. Telling people who aren’t being respectable to be respectable only gets you disrespected. I learned that before though to be honest I was a little late in learning.

  5. I love Sony but why cant they just accept another company? You don’t see Nintendo bashing Sony them or their tech.

      1. I’m a fan of both Sony and nintendo but you sir are wrong…go on YouTube once the Sony trolls never shut up on videos about the wii and the wiiu…but on any video related to Sony there is very rarely any trolling from nintendo fans it’s mostly microsoft vs Sony

        1. I’ve seen the comments section on My Nintendo News often explode with fanboys stuffing their Nintendo worshiping dicks down the throats of people who don’t shit on Sony, people with common sense, people that DARE say anything not good about Nintendo.

          1. It’s not about saying negative things about nintendo it’s about what they saying nintendo sucks or the wiiu is gay or the 3ds is gay is trolling now saying it was to expensive at launch or there wasn’t enough games for it I can agree with….the vita looks cool but I think the back touchpad is retarded actually I think the main screen being a touchscreen is retarded…I think it should be 3d because I’m a fan of 3d it could of at least Been optional…I still will probably get one but not until a god of war game is announced or comes out

          2. and it’s a NINTENDO NEWS FANBOY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a website where Nintendo fans get to look at articles regarding Nintendo. Good for you if you enjoy both systems, but I bet you that going onto a Xbox, or PS3 fansite and talked about how they were underestimating or disrespecting Nintendo, people’s reactions would likely be even worse.

  6. I rarely use the 3D, but I think it looks awesome nonetheless.

    And the fact that Sony is going to rip them off again, RIGHT after saying it doesn’t work well…
    3 Years later: “Ohi there Sony U. Nice tablet controller. Where did you come up with such a genius idea?”


  7. honestly u guys are all nintendo fanboys. what the man is saying is true. what’s the point of having a gyroscope when u have to sit still in order for the 3D to work?

      1. TIL glasses aren’t portable.

        (Though I hate 3D with glasses just as much as 3D without it, don’t get me wrong.)

      1. I know I keep running multiple scenarios through my head but none of them could possibly lead to this result. So many Nintendo fanboys gathering on a Nintendo themed website…it’s…it’s unprecedented! I am utterly baffled by this.

    1. you obviously don’t know how a gyroscope works (you’re supposed to move your whole body, making your eyes face the screen from the right angle the whole time)

      *facepalm* …no wait that’s not enough…


      got it

  8. I can agree with Sony on that. I find the 3DS screen is very touchy and my eyes really start to hurt not even a minute in if the screen isnt in the sweet spot. Ill probally will just have the 3D off most of the time. Now when ever I get something from nintendo I always get ripped off by them anouncing a price drop/new colour that I like/new upgraded system etc. Every freaking time I got DS >=/

    1. Stop your bitching. You’re in the 3DS Ambassador program right? 20 free freakin’ games. Also some people’s eyes are like that. My Dad’s eyes are like that and my Mom can’t see the 3D effect at all. They do have demos in the stores. You should have made sure you could use the 3D before you got one.

      1. I dont have a 3DS yet, I have played them at best buy though. It was to much money at launch plus so games. Im glad Im waiting to get it in December now because of the price drop. Ill still get it because ill just turn off the 3D effects. I still agree with sony though.

    2. I wouldn’t believe you if you were only talking about future models since the DS Lite took 2 years and the DSi took 3 years. However, you also included colors and price drops. Sorry you had to deal with that.

      1. …what is wrong with you? Where is the troll? I see no troll here. I see a man who was sad that Nintendo made a mistake with their system. “Nintendo did wrong, sadly.” “Nintendo did wrong, SADLY.” That is not trolling, buddy. That is criticism. Learn the difference. He isn’t hating at all. YOU’RE the only one spreading hate here.

        1. Imagine the situation was reverse, Nintendo wouldn’t comment on another product, that was not their own, you all Playstation guys that just said 3DS was a FAIL! would be on the Playstations news page kissing ass about the 3D.

          As a Nintendo fan myself, I am all about the games! and that’s all Nintendo is, aswell as their own Ideas. Go back and look when Sony came out with their version of the wii mote thingy ma jig or what ever you wanna call it, it was highly defended by Playstation fans

          Don’t get me wrong I love Sony’s games, and I am going to buy the Vita! and I got a criticizing statement to make about the Vita, “the screen is touch screen! yeah Nintendo has that too, but “you don’t use your finger, I mean you can! but it’s duel screen, it’s not the main screen, my point is “I don’t want GAMEPLAY looking through my nasty finger prints!!!!

          1. “you all Playstation guys that just said 3DS was a FAIL! ” Whoa, whoa, whoa… what?

            First of all, I’m not a “PlayStation guy.”

            I own all systems from all companies. I pre-ordered the 3DS months in advance. I’m an ambassador. So I’m not biased here in any way.

            Secondly, no one in this thread ever said the 3DS was a failure. YOU’RE the only one who said anything about failing. Saying Nintendo made a mistake isn’t hating on the 3DS, it’s criticizing it, and for good reason. The whole freaking games industry is criticizing it. One look at the comments on various articles on (a website where you must be associated with the games industry in come way in order to read the full articles and comment) is proof of that.

            Thirdly, I don’t give a flying crap about 3D, not at all. So no, I’m not “kissing ass” on Sony news sites about 3D. I don’t even VISIT Sony news sites. You know why? Because I care more about what Nintendo is up to than Sony. Sony is predictable as hell, but you never know what Nintendo is going to do, so I like to stay in check with them.

            Oh, by the way, while we’re on the topic, I like how you freakin’ generalize me as a Sony fanboy right off the bat. That’s just like an ignorant jerkwad to do. >_>

            “Go back and look when Sony came out with their version of the wii mote thingy ma jig or what ever you wanna call it, it was highly defended by Playstation fans”

            Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Every god damned Sony fan on the planet was berating Sony for the damn thing! NOBODY liked the Move controller. EVERYONE KNEW it was just a Wii rip-off, and all the Sony fanboys on SCEA’s website was complaining about it! I don’t know where you’re getting THAT idea from. Maybe you should stop visiting shit sites like IGN and go straight to the source, eh? Everyone knows IGN commenters are stupid as hell anyway. You should know better than to take any of THEM seriously.

            No, Sony fanboys hated the Move. Why do you think it sold so damn poorly, huh? NOBODY WANTED IT.

            “I don’t want GAMEPLAY looking through my nasty finger prints!!!!”

            And guess what? YOU WON’T HAVE TO!!! Yeah, that’s right. The touch screen is OPTIONAL. Every single game they’ve shown off, they’ve explicitly stated that you DIDN’T have to use the damn touch screen if you didn’t WANT to. Wasn’t that nice of them? Just like Nintendo was nice enough to give a slider that allows you to turn off the 3D if you don’t want it. Choice is a good thing, my friend. Choice is good. :)

            Now, you done crying over nothing? No one was hating on the 3DS. Or at least, I certainly wasn’t. I own it. And am I looking forward to many, many games coming out for it? Hell, yes I am! But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are a lot of things I don’t like about it too. I’m keeping tabs on Nintendo, as rumor has it, they’re going to be re-launching the system in the future that hopefully fixes a lot of the problems people like me are having with the current model.

            Just to make things clear, I’ve said this on numerous articles here at I am not a [company] fanboy. I’m a fanboy of all things gaming. I own/have owned every system and handheld ever launched in America, and even some that weren’t. I have EVERY DAMN RIGHT to criticize any of them too. I BOUGHT them. That gives me the RIGHT to “bitch” about their downsides, and “rave” about their upsides. Thank you very much…

            Have a nice day. :)

            1. the fact that you wrote that huge of a response makes you look like your trying to prove something….dont waste your time on the internet.
              your post = tldnr

              1. True but mine was 3 times shorter then his, i read it but i wasn’t pointing my finger at him or did I mean too, i didn’t realize that i was making a response. in fact it wasn’t really his honestly. I probably would have got the same response anyway.

              2. @Bergoo: That wasn’t a huge response at all, so I don’t see what you’re trying to prove here…except that maybe you have the attention span of a gnat. :)

                1. Harima-san is a legend. If he and his manga truly existed, I would own a copy of every volume. He’s a real bro. He does so much good, out of the kindness of his own heart, even if in the end, no one even knows it was him, or even that something was done in the first place. Harima Kenji is a legend. He is a hero to us all.

              1. First of all, I’d like to begin this statement with something a wise person once stated: Fighting on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded. That being said, to all of you hating on HealyHQ, I applaud your effort, but I’m pretty sure Healy knows what he’s saying and isn’t meaning as much harm as you’re interpreting. To Healy: I realize you own Nintendo products and you call yourself a fanboy, but I question just how big of a fanboy that is. For example, and I may be wrong about this, but most of the comments I’ve seen from you have been smart-alecky and sometimes insulting replies to overraged people trying to defend Nintendo. Yet when there’s a Sony fan making a crack about the 3DS or the U, you usually agree with them.
                And to Symbol: 90% of all statistics are made up on the spot. (;

                1. I can see how some would come to that conclusion. I do tend to spend more time defending one side than the other here, but mainly as a means to be a neutrality officer of sorts.

                  There are more than enough people here to defend Nintendo. This is a Nintendo news blog, after all. Thus, I don’t feel the need to defend Nintendo as much. And I only agree when I feel they are right, not really “making a crack,” as you say. I typically ignore the trolls who are obviously trolling for the sake of trolling. The ones who argue and look as though they obviously believe what they’re saying to be truth, even when they’re obviously saying untrue things as a means to back up their beliefs, I try to set the record straight with. Some people may misinterpret this as “trolling” as, God forbid someone defend a Nintendo competitor on a Nintendo news blog, but I assure you that is not the case. I’m merely trying to bring a sense of balance. I typically don’t deal with the people who are obvious trolls, but merely the ones spreading misinformation.

                  Or maybe it’s just that I love playing Devil’s Advocate [ ]. Hahaha! :-P I just love to debate, really. That’s why I spend more time debating than anything else on this website. It’s what I do on ALL websites. I may be defending Nintendo competitors here, but I assure you I am also defending Nintendo very, very often in many other places.

                  People here only see one side of me here. Regardless of where I am on the Internet, I typically fight for the “visiting” team, rather than the “home” team. It just instills more of a sense of balance in that place when I do — or at least, it feels that way to me. Maybe it’s just another one of those OCD quirks I have. I like balance…symmetry. It makes me feel good. :-)

                  I am a pretty sarcastic guy though; I guess that shows. Haha! I do tend to be a bit of a “smart alec,” though that’s really only evolved because that’s typically how others reply to me as well. I guess other people on the web have been rubbing off on me. Also, I tend to go overboard when I have to explain the same thing over and over again to many people, whether here, or anywhere else. So sometimes I come here in a bad mood because I just had a heated debate with someone else on some other site that rubbed me the wrong way, and that sort of shows in my replies here sometimes.

                  The biggest problem I have here though…the one that REALLY ticks me off more than anything, is when someone comes along and says something like “TL;DR” (too long; didn’t read) or something. I mean, that hurts, ya know? In those rare occasions where I REALLY try to be civil and explain things as clear as I can, and in the most easy to understand way as I can, and someone comes along and just blows off all my hard work. I mean, it takes TIME to describe in detail everything I believe about a specific thing, and the nuanced minutiae of how it is I came to that conclusion. I don’t like feeling like I wasted all that time to people who honestly don’t give a damn either way and just want to continue living with false ideas.

                  And then when I try to placate people and keep my comments brief, they’re like, “You got any proof to back up those claims of yours? You’re just spewing shit out of your asshole. GTFO if you hate Nintendo so much,” etc. I mean…God fucking dammit, it’s like I can’t possibly do right by you people! Are you serious?! I try being brief, and people blow me off like that, and I try being detailed, and people blow me off with a fucking “TL;DR!” I’m getting pissed just thinking about it! If this is people’s way of trolling me, well, they succeeded. I admit it. I am truly and utterly mad about this. They got what they fucking wanted. They pissed off some random guy who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from them who they will probably never meet in their lives and couldn’t care less about. Congratulations trolls! That’s really some accomplishment there, pissing off some random dude in the comments section of a backwater Nintendo fan blog that only 0.001% of people on the web even knows exists!!!

                  …Sorry about that. Got a little carried away…

                  It’s easy for people not to care on the Internet. To them, I’m just some random name on their computer screen. It doesn’t matter how the person behind that name feels right? No one on the Internet has feelings, right? Yeah…I’m not human at all…I don’t have emotions…I’m just some random name on a computer screen…who gives a shit if I get my feelings hurt…who gives a shit about me…

                  I realize now that I use the Internet as a means to feel important. I’m a nobody in real life. No one ever fuckin’ listens to me in real life. Nobody cares about me there. So I stay online…a place where I can feel important…I place where my opinions might actually matter to some random soul… I’ve made friends on the Internet…real friends too, people who care about me and people I care about. But in the end…I guess we’re all just random names on a computer screen, huh? We’re all the same…we’re all exactly the same, and none of our opinions fuckin’ matter. People troll…for the same reason I voice my opinions and debate: people we want to matter — if only for a brief moment — to somebody…anybody, it doesn’t even matter, as long as we get a response, we know we matter. Trolls troll because they want responses…people leave their opinions here on this site, and all over the web, because we want someone to see it, and read it, and maybe even reply to it. We voice our opinions here, because we want to let the world know that we exist, and we have opinions too.

                  …we have feelings too…

                  1. God Damn this is about video games? right? not a fucking life story. Too long to read, and if you think my comment is trolling then you got some insecurity issues, when clearly there is a guy on here that was not being a troll. and giving you proof and correct detail isn’t as easy as it seem, without writing a huge comment, if there is something someone can prove it would just deny it or maybe i am wrong, but clearly you would make up something denying it, but then you got to show that proof. Find a debate forum or something and write these personal heart Breaking feelings of yours. Call me a hypocrite for writing a long comment too. On a debate forum you can keep going back to each other with proof. I don’t care if another company has better hardware then Nintendo, I can care less about 3d,I love Nintendo games and most of these people feel the same way, I got a 360, I play my sports games on that, for me ps3 and 360 are good for sports. Quit playing call of duty on ps3 cause online sucks you might disagree, but after playing once that was it for me, it’s bullshit getting cussed at because i was a noob and killed a guy, that went on a rampage, a guy that is in his mid 20’s to late 20’s that still lives with his mommy and daddy, and never worked a day in his life cause he is a Loserforum

                    1. The fact that you took the time to reply to my previous comment shows that you wanted me to read your reply. And by reading your reply, you are making your opinions known to me. This means you want me to care about your opinions, and consequently, your feelings.

                      Well kind sir, I’d like you to know that I DO care about your opinions. I may not agree with them, but I do respect them, and I respect you as a human being for having them and wanting them to be known. It means you’re human, and that’s a good thing.

                      Thank you for taking the time to reply, even though there was no way to have known that I would’ve replied to it, or even took the time to read it. But fortunately for you, I did take the time to read it, and I am taking even more time to reply to it.

                      Like you, I too love Nintendo games. I believe Nintendo has the best first party games out of any other company on the planet. If there’s one thing that Nintendo understands best, it’s how to ‘engineer’ fun. Nintendo is fantastic at making genuinely FUN titles. :)

                      Yes, I do believe you are being a hypocrite. “Go to a debate forum if you want to share your feelings,” eh? Could you perchance point me in the direction of a video game only debate forum? …yeah, I didn’t think so. That’s because they don’t exist. That’s what the comments on video game articles and blogs are for. :) You are a hypocrite indeed, as you tell me to go somewhere else to share my feelings — and thus, my opinions — while you yourself have just shared your feelings and opinions to me.

                      But I think that’s okay. Being a hypocrite proves you’re human and you have feelings and thus flaws as well. Flaws make us human. It would be impossible for an artificial intelligence, for example, to be hypocritical, as it would go against their previous programming. Why am I telling you this? No reason. Maybe because it’s past 5:00am here and I have nothing better to do with my time than you write out a long, elaborate reply, ultimately saying a lot about nothing.

                      I apologize if you were expecting something else. I did not mean to waste your time. If you feel that you no longer wish to read, you may stop now. :)

                      …still here? Cool. I guess I’ll continue on then:

                      I too do not care about 3D. I don’t believe it truly adds anything to the gameplay experience except a slight depth perception. It’s neat eye candy at first, but the ‘shiny’ wears off pretty quickly. I did not buy the 3DS on Day Zero for $250 plus tax and an extra $40 plus tax for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition just to experience 3D. No, that was not it’s selling point to me. The 3DS’ main selling point to me was Nintendo’s future first party games, which have always been well worth the price of admission on pretty much every single Nintendo console ever. Even the Virtual Boy, of all things, had a few pretty awesome first party games. My favorite was Virtual Boy Wario Land, which you can read more about here:

                      I don’t believe in console wars. There is no such thing as the “best” system. Each system has its pros and its cons, regardless of what various fanboys all over the ‘net will have you believe. I own them all because there are games on all of them that appeal to me as a gamer. To limit yourself to just one and only company — deliberately — just seems like a really ignorant thing to do. By the way, I am not speaking to you directly with that statement, Sullivan, just gamers in general. It seems people like to take sides and stick with that no matter what. They miss out on soooo many great games when they do that — some real gems. I think all the systems ever made (sans the Phillip CDi) have something great to offer…if people are willing to take the time to look, of course.

                      Most folks don’t care though. I pity them. I feel sad for them. They’re only hurting themselves by forcefully prohibiting themselves to enjoy great exclusive titles. Now, I can understand if someone is not fortunate enough to have the means or resources to purchase every new system that comes out. That’s fine, as it’s not their fault. But for those that can — for those that have no excuse not to — it is sad. They align themselves to a company, as though that company cares for them…well, they don’t. No company truly “cares” about its customers — at least, not in the human sense of the word. They may care if people start to leave and buy more stuff from other companies, but they don’t care about the customers, just the customers’ money. Microsoft acts in this way, Sony act in this way, and yes, even Nintendo act in this way. Old men in suits drive the actions of every company, and everything any company does is for the sake of future profit margins.

                      And this is fine. Of course, it is to be expected. This is a capitalist society after all, and they have every right to try to do whatever it takes (as long as its within the law) to earn as much money as possible. But the reason I bring this up in the first place is because some people get really attached to a company — any company. I mean, REALLY attached. Like, they have some kind of emotional interest and feel it is their duty to protect and serve this company no matter what. This, my friend, is how “fanboys” are born. People who are unable to think or act through reason, and think and act on emotions instead.

                      Emotions do not a good debate make.

                      Debates are best waged using objective resources, not subjective ones. Fanboys however are genuinely unable to tell the difference between the two. It is sad…and it is why I pity them.

                      I like to think of myself as the bringer of neutrality on the ‘net. I play Devil’s Advocate, regardless of where I am. I do this in the off-chance that maybe — just maybe — someone will open their eyes to the error of their ways, and simply live and let live. I want people to realize that their opinions are just that — opinions. When it comes to subjective arguments, there is no ‘truth’, there is no ‘real answer’. All fanboys are right and all fanboys are wrong simultaneously. Only those who do not pick sides…only those who follow the ways of neutrality…only those who can put their emotions aside for a moment and look at things objective…only they are truly right. Why? Simple: they are the only ones truly enjoying themselves.

                      They don’t let petty emotions over a company get in the way of their gaming fun. Fanboys are unafraid to try anything new. Fanboys will fight tooth and nail to ‘prove’ that the company they bought a product from is the best in every way, ignoring the fact that there is no “best, one-size-fits-all” video game system. Every system has games that you can only play on that system. Every system has different input methods and technologies and ways to play. Every system has great games from talented artists and developers.

                      I am the harbinger of neutrality. When someone has shown themselves as a fanboy, unable to listen to reason, following only nostalgic attachments and misinformation, I try to shed light on the error of their ways by showing them that, hey, these other companies — whom you foster so much hate for, merely because they exist and ‘compete’ with your favorite company — they have good games too. They have fun experiences too. They have neat tech too. YOU CAN ENJOY THEM TOO. :D

                      Please don’t shut yourself off from the rest of the gaming world simply because you hold one company so near and dear. You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to “prove your loyalty” with that company by buying only THEIR products. Choice exists because it’s a good thing. It fosters creativity. It fosters ingenuity. It fosters innovations and revolutions too.

                      Some fanboys wish all the other companies but their favorite would just “die” and go away. What they don’t realize is if that happened, it would ruin the games industry in a way they could never possibly imagine. Competition NEEDS to exist. If you let any single one company gain a monopoly over the others, it would surely cause a crash of epic proportions. The world of gaming would be cast into unfathomable darkness from which only indies could save us.

                      I may dislike a company for a lot of things, like their business practices of paten trolling (Microsoft and Apple), blatant copypasta (Sony and Gameloft), and rehashing the same IP’s into oblivion (Nintendo and Activision), but you know what? Despite all their flaws, I can still find reasons to enjoy the games from all of the above (sans Apple, as they don’t actually make their own games (yet) but rely solely on 3rd parties).

                      The point is, all this hatred for various companies is unfounded and merely gives the fanboys who spread all this hatred “tunnel vision” of the industry. Seeing what everything one company does as “The Hands of God Crafting Yet Another Masterpiece” and everything the rest do as “BULL SH*T, GTFO,” is most certainly NOT a good thing. It’s a terrible plague upon this industry and that mindset needs to go away if we are ever to hope gaming evolves as a medium and become more than just “toys” in the eyes of the general public.

                      I believe in never letting one company gain all the power. This is one of the lesser reasons why I buy from all of them. I don’t buy from just one, and as such, my money gets spread around to various companies, and no company becomes too powerful through my funds. Balance is key to maintaining a healthy industry with competition that breeds bigger and better ideas and technology.

                      Ahh, I believe I’ve been writing for an hour now. I suppose I can just leave it at that for today. If anyone actually read this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope by some chance that you gained an enlightenment in some way — any way, really. Or at the very least, it has given you food for thought. Thinking is good. Thinking fosters intelligence, and intelligence is what separates us from the many other animals that inhabit this big blue marble of ours we call Earth.

                      Remember kids: don’t be a gnat — be a human!

                      Make consoles fun, not console wars!

                      We may have are differences, but on the inside, we all have one thing in common: we are GAMERS.

                      United we Conquer. Divided we’re Fragged.

                      Robert B. Healy III

                    2. Wow good comment I read the whole thing however, I already agreed before I started reading. I hope someone else read it also(or at least the most important parts if not the whole thing). The only thing is most people will never listen to you no matter how well you explain or back something up. People are pretty stubborn that way. I’m glad however that there are people(though rare) that look at both sides of the argument like you do instead of sticking to one side and never changing their mind.

                      And indeed Harima Kenji is a legend, my favorite manga character of all time.

                  2. Sorry about the misspelling, I could not see what the hell I was writing cause there is so many replying comments.

  9. “At least for the first one.”
    This is all he said…wow…fanboys will get all in a tizzy over 6 little words…hehe.
    I personally own an Aqua and a Cosmos 3DS and I love both of them…but you have to admit that the resolution is pretty poor…320×240…while the Vita will have 960×544.
    I interpret his statement as a hint that Sony is working on a high-res, wider “sweet spot” screen.

    1. look how small the 3ds touch screen is, you couldnt fit 960 pixels in that little screen, stop comparing how they look, look at the differences in screen size before criticizing

    2. you cant fit 960 pixels on 1 axis of the small 3ds screen, look at the size comparison, psv is like 2 nintendo 3ds touch screens in size, so you obviously cant get high resolution like that witha small screen, the psvita screen is 5 in (130mm) while the 3ds touch screen is 3,2 inches(77mm), and the screen is much wider, so yeah

  10. Well, I have heard that the possible new 3DS model next year may have a larger area where the 3D effect will still work.
    If Sony does do this, this just proves that they mostly get ideas from Nintendo. Nintendo did make most of what controllers are today. I’m not really a fanboy, as I enjoy playing on the Xbox and PSP the same amount, but I do think they wouldn’t be as far as they are without Nintendo.

  11. I hate the fact that people even mention the 3D effectiveness of anything. Like they said “3d is different for people hence the slider”. It took me a few days to adjust to it but now I never turn it off. If you have to move it around a bit then move your head with it, hell, move your whole upper body if you really want to get into it. Point being: 3D works (on the 3DS at least (for me)) if it doesn’t work for you then boo hoo, your problem. NOT a “keep your head very,very still” problem.

  12. First off, Nintendo is like the marines. The first to go in and everyone else follows after they see good results. Of course its not gonna be perfect at first. You can’t bash Nintendo for bringing something new to the table, then next you know here comes Sony “oh we got that too and we made it better”…..get my drift.

  13. I think there’s nothing wrong with seeing what works on others, and then making it better and making money out of it. Apple’s been doing this for years. It’s smart business. I’ll give Nintendo the credit for making the first 3D portable game system, but if Sony comes out with their first 3D portable game system and make it smooth and works better, they’ll be seen as making things that work well.

    1. Obviously it’s good for business. But the reason I love Nintendo is because I see them as more of artists than just a gaming company. I guess I’m saying this as artist myself, but I just love hearing what Nintendo comes up with next. You can always expect something original. Of course it won’t be perfect; it’s much easier to take an idea and improve on it than come up with something great yourself.

  14. Sony doesn’t believe glasses-free 3D works? Well I DONT BELIEVE THAT SONY WORKS!!! MUAHAHAHA! 3DS is perfect in every way(except for lack of MH and MM3D) and Sony can’t say squat about it.

    1. Actually glasses free 3D would work far better on a console than portable. Not trying to say the 3DS isn’t good, just that for the 3D to work optimally, you/the 3DS can’t really move arounds without staying properly aligned. What better place to have it then on a TV that doesn’t move?

      As I said not trying to bash the 3DS, I think it’s really good.

  15. I’m a fan of all game systems and Nintendo is great at innovations. Being the first one in a specific direction is always very risky, but they do it, because they’re Nintendo. To be completely honest, it isn’t always perfect, but for a gamer like me, I want it and I make it work for me. To each their own. Side note, I’m totally looking forward to getting the WiiU, not selling/trading in my Wii of course.

    I have the 3DS and it’s not always perfect playing in 3D. That’s why there’s the slider, and I use it depending on my comfort level. If Sony makes 3D portable game system perfect with Vita2, without having to “keep your head very, very still,” then they’ve done it. I’ll give them the credit for making the perfect 3D portable game system if they pull it of. I’m sure by then, Nintendo’s already working on something new and something different. Each company brings something onto the table.

  16. I agree with him the 3D is hard to keep in place…only if you stand still -.-

    It’s called a gyroscope you’re suppose to move your whole body so keeping the sweet spot isn’t that hard if you move…

    seriously I’m not fanboy I like Sony and Nintendo but sometimes the things Sony says….Sometimes in Ocarina it’s hard to position yourself but for the mostpart it isn’t but w.e let’s just wait for the Sony rip-off of glasses free on psv-2

  17. He forgot one thing. Not ALL games use motion controls. Why can’t Sony be nice and add the feature just incase developers want to make games in 3D. The motion controls and 3D don’t mix well, but it would be nice if developers could choose between the two.

  18. I may be a Nintendo fanboy, but this round goes to Sony. I hate 3D, and I actually turned on the parental controls on my 3DS just so I don’t accidentally hit the switch and turn it on. It looks bad and hurts my eyes.

  19. “but to get the best effect, you need to keep your head very, very still,”
    This is FRESH BS. You have to be holding the ds lick a prat to get out the vision zone.

    Also with todays tech. a glasses free 3d screen and touch don’t work together. It would have to have two screens…. OH wait.

  20. 3ds isn’t perfect the screen is odd with those lines and marks from the analog pad that’s a design flaw that should be redesigned or I’m gonna snap like f#@$in hell also would you guys reccomend a ps3 I may get one I’m gonna try to like playstation even though I like nintendo and I play wii almost every day ill try it :D

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