Nintendo Wii U: Harvest Moon Creator Talks Wii U

Yasuhiro Wada, the creator behind the immensely popular Harvest Moon franchise, has shared a few ideas with UK games publication NGamer for a potential Harvest Moon game on Wii U. Wada himself has yet to commit to the console but nevertheless his ideas do seem quite interesting.

“I’ve already thought of a few ways that we could make use of the new controller – that is, if I ever do make a Harvest Moon for Wii U.

“For example, turning on the TV in-game would cause the program to display on the controller. Or maybe it could be an animal’s teeth close-up when you want to give them a good brushing.”

“That said, I still haven’t decided whether I will make Harvest Moon on Wii U.”


  1. isn’t a harvest moon game coming to the 3DS? if so, i see no reason for it not to be on Wii U.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s coming soon. I know there WILL be a Harvest Moon game on 3DS…it’s one of those things you just expect.

      …like a FF Tactics game, a Crystal Chronicles, and a Lost In The Blue/Survival Kids.

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