Nintendo 3DS: EA Believes PlayStation Vita ‘Has A Better Chance Than The Nintendo 3DS’

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has told online gaming publication CVG that the company believes that the PlayStation Vita has a better chance than the Nintendo 3DS. Gibeau cited Sony’s combination of innovation, technology and a strong software line-up as the reason behind this.

“I don’t think they’re quite in the same boat as the 3DS… the 3DS was a really interesting piece of technology but I think there was some confusion over it and the title slate was a little different,” he said.

“I think Vita has a better chance because it has a stronger title slate at launch. PSP’s had a great run in Europe as a device, it seems to have reached a much larger audience here than it did in North America. So I think they’ve got a good shot. We’re going to publish a few games on it and see how it develops.”


  1. It doesn’t make sense. 3DS was just released early. They could have release it this December and have the games they needed.

  2. EA are so wrong.Playstation Vita is just TWO TOUCHSCREENS.Wow.People are so going to be bothered about a handheld console with two touchscreens.Nintendo did the touchscreen idea before Sony anyway.Yes,the Nintendo DS/3DS has 1 touchscreen but it’s still the same thing.

    3DS,however,is different to other handhelds because there isn’t another handheld that’s done glasses free 3D.

    1. It doesn’t have two touchscreens at all. Where are you getting that? You mean the back touchpad, right? That’s not a screen, silly. :P

    2. Bullshit.
      All Nintendo is doing now is recreating the DS….and Nintendo arent the first people to come UP with a touchscreen idea.Same for the Wii idea.Just saying.

        1. Sony first demonstrated motion wand technology in 2000:
          Work on the Wiimote didn’t begin until 2001, but I’m sure it was an original idea on their parts. Thinking alike and all.

          Though the NES had years on that with the Power Glove, but that was a Mattel product licensed by Nintendo. But that wasn’t the first, as Le Stick by Datasoft Inc. for the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 was.

          However, Nintendo were the first to successfully market the technology to a wide audience which makes them the first relevant sellers of the technology. And you’re also not entirely wrong, as the Wii was the first console to have motion as the primary pack-in method of control.

          1. I’m not sure but wouldn’t the Power Glove count as attempted motion control? And also that weird laptop thingy they made for the NES? Also the microphone control peripheral of the NES? Don’t they kind of count towards the ideas of motion and voice control. Wasn’t the VB kind of in 3D?

    3. I agree.
      Nintendo started the motion control trend with Wii.
      Nintendo started the touchscreen trend with the DS.

      And Sony now has copied both, but many years later.

    4. The touchscreens are some of lousy things on the Vita, IMO. The dual analog, graphical power, and multimedia capabilities are what makes it appealing.

    5. Handheld:
      small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands

      Another handheld with glasses free 3d:
      htc evo 3d
      LG optimus 3d

  3. Better launch games? Like what?! Don’t get me wrong Nintendo dropped the ball big time with launch titles on the 3DS but what exactly does the Vita have going for it. Uncharted? Big deal, I doubt that’ll even be a launch title. By the time the Vita does launch, the 3DS will have Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. In addition to a cost that is either 2/3 or nearly Half the price of the Vita depending on the model (and if you’re going to fork out money for it you’re likely to chuck in the extra $50 for 3G), and it already has Street Fighter IV, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Ocarina of Time.

    Tell me E.A. what of your magnificent crystal balls has told you that the Vita is going to do better than the 3DS?

    1. Couldn’t of said it better myself.
      I do belive the 3DS will be strong this christmas, with the realeases of Super Mario 3D land and Mario Kart 7 I belive these will triumph over the Vita

    2. Totaly and even if Nintendo did drop the ball at launch they are totaly making up for it with the 20 free games and the new games coming out soon!

      1. This comment isn’t about nintendo but you all should look at the e3 issue of egm. The people in the magazine said that when they played it they had to find a different way to hold it. They said they kept hitting the back touchpad while playing and also as they played uncharted they had to rake a hand of

    3. I agree. There’s only one game(not even first party. Indie) that’s coming out for the Vita. Nothing else interests me at all(maybe little big planet but that seems boring too when there is no local coop).

  4. I think the price is still a problem, but i’m sure they’ll cut it eventually…
    And they’ve done the iteration thing a lot more than Nintendo has with the DS, but tbh it’s not as noticeable and I think people are less likely to thing “oh it’s just another PSP” like some people may think the 3DS is “just another DS”

    1. Sonys argument to people thinking its just a PSP;

      No its not its not Its Not ITS NOT!!!!
      I want me mummy!

    1. That’s just plain rude.Why can’t Sony and Nintendo fans just get on with each other?Why does there have to be this stupid rivalry.I’m a fan of Nintendo but I also like Sony(apart from their stupid copycat ideas).

      Well no f*cking sh*t you dumb*ss troll!!! Welcome to mynintendonews now gtfo.

    3. I resent that statement, I show particular interest in this gaming company over others, but that doesn’t make me a fanboy. Are variety gamers who just enjoy a certain company a bit more allowed to express their views without being labeled fanboys for once?

  5. i’ll admit the vita is impressive. but beating the 3DS will be very difficult if they plan on doing it. mainly due to the 3DS’s amazing line-up of games this holiday and the recent price drop. plus the 3DS had about a year head start.

  6. Who bothers with PSP anyway? No one. In the next year 5 games are being released to PSP. I can buy a PSP go with 20 downloaded games for £40 off eBay whilst my DS Lite will go for £50-£80. Face it Sony you have no Market for handhelds.

      1. Ya. I saw two people playing one in my lifetime. One was this kid who liked to creep on women and the other was this extraordinarily obese guy I saw at my dining hall in college. Not saying that those type of people are related to PSP but those are the only two I’ve seen.

    1. I can get a DS lite for 40$ with games. What dumbass would buy from you? I mean did you even see how much a DS lite goes for before you posted this? Or you just wanted to make yourself believe that the DS was better priced? I traded in a DSi and got 40$ for it at Gamestop. I trade in a psp 3000? Got 100$ for it with a 20$ promotion.

  7. EA thinking the Vita will do well at all, is incredibly stupid, let alone beat the 3DS. They’re attempting to sell it for £279 on Launch day, WITHOUT any games. Seeing as the cost for the launch titles will probably be about £40, you’re looking at say £419 for the console and just 3 games. Take into consideration the fact that its only differences from the original PSP are better graphics, and a touchscreen, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone even slightly interested in buying it, who isn’t obscenely rich.

    1. Wow I didn’t realize how insane that UK price was going to be. In the US it is launching at $250 USD, which at today’s exchange rate is only about £153.

    2. 1. The vita isn’t region locked so if the UK pricing is so high, buy it off amazon. Common sense?

      2. Where the hell did you get the info thy they’re launching the vita without any games? Taking the trailers into account, it looks like there’s gonna be uncharted, little big planet, modnation, resistance, little deviants etc etc.

      Stop spouting crap

      1. 1.It’ll still probably be too expensive elsewhere.
        2.It’s not the games that matters,it’s the actual console itself and the PSP Vita looks crap.
        I agree with the one who posted this before he/she got replies.

  8. EA is right when they imply that 3D tech, whilst cool, is not really as compelling to the mass market as people hoped it would be. Although on the flip-side, the PS Vita’s ‘compelling list of features’ is a touchscreen (how does this not compete with Nintendo or smartphones?), rear touchpad (useless imo), second analog stick (about damn time), and near PS3 graphics (only compelling reason for me). Their announced titles aren’t all that great either, if they put out a lot of really fun stuff, then it’ll be worth it down the line (and at a lower price).

  9. I was goin to buy the Vita, but then the PS3 had a price drop, and it’s now at the same price as the Vita. Since i dont own a PS3 yet, i’ll much rather go for the PS3 now instead.

  10. You guys are so damn arrogant to realize that it is entirely possible that your overprived 3S you bought at launch will not be the best machine in the world. You are mostly upset because the 3DS did not turn out how you wanted and all you have is Mario, not trying to troll but Nintendo is loosing their edge marketing a casual machine with hardcore games. The cannot re-create the DS because the focus of casual has moved to games like Halo or CoD hence why the Vita will sell bettter.

    1. I’d hate to tell you but the 3DS is outselling all consoles now thanks to Nintendo’s smart marketing. Get your facts str8, 3DS can be casual and hardcore.

    2. I don’t think that the 3DS is the best. I honestly think that the vita is better in terms of hardware but in sales, if no one bought the 3DS for 250 bucks then who buy a vita? Especially since it’s the same price as a PS3.

      1. Because the article’s title is
        “Nintendo 3DS: EA Believes PlayStation Vita ‘Has A Better Chance Than The Nintendo 3DS’”

        Any person who likes the psvita and is planning to buy it would want to know how the psvita has a better chance than the 3ds.

        I did.

  11. Lol. What the heck is wrong with EA? Comparing 3DS to vita isn’t right. It must be WiiU vs PS Vita because they’ve similarities.

    1. “Comparing 3DS to vita isn’t right.”

      …wut? Hahaha! They’re both the next-gen handheld game consoles that are gonna be duking it out for the next six years. It only makes sense to compare them! Why would you compare a handheld console to a home console? ;)

  12. You guys are idiots if you think the 3DS owns the Vita. Not that i hate Nintendo but the 3DS is just a DS with better graphics and an analog stick… oh and 3D, the Vita is a gigantic successor to the PSP. To me the 3DS isn’t even in the same league as the Vita.

    1. The vita is a upgraded psp. Updated graphics, another analog, and a back touch pad. Oh and useless 3G. Shut up and get out of here. We already proved the Wii didn’t have to be in the same league and it still owned. Got anything else to say

      1. Have you ever stopped to see how the chepear consoles ALWAYS sells more?
        PSONE, PS2, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS…

        Is all about the poor level of this shit. Stop whinning, Nintendo fag. Be neutral, not a maniac.

        1. You ever stop to think most consumers got what they wanted thanks to Nintendo. It isn’t all about price dumbass. You mad??? It’ll be alright.

          1. @Feast

            So what if the Wii sold much more than the PS3 and 360 it’s not like your getting any of the money, it’s Nintendo gain not the consumers. If Nintendo goes the Wii way again then no one would buy it. The 3G may be useless, but the 3DS even have 3G?… I like Nintendo the best but the 3DS and Wii is a disappointment, people only brought the Wii because it the cheapest. Your just a Nintendo fanboy who gets pissed off at people who right comments you don’t like, grow up!

            1. Come up with a new troll cuz fanboy is so old. Do you have anything else to say. Did I ever say anything about me making money? Why should 3DS have 3G if you acknowledge its useless. And like I told the previous moron, yes the price is very reasonable but its not the only reason consumers bought the Wii. Therefore plz get a brain and think b4 speaking. The first fag, initiated the

              1. Trolling so I merely comment back and now your mad. I’m automatically labeled as a fanboy. I think your the one that needs to hit puberty.

                1. How am i trolling? just because i said something you don’t like? looks like your the one who needs to hit puberrty since you get upset for silly reasons. You said the Wii “owned,” yes but thats only a positive for Nintendo, the fact is that Wii was a disappointment to “hardcore” gamers. The Wii may have won on sale, but it didn’t win in software or hardware, that what i meant when i said “it’s not like your getting any of the money.” because it’s not like you gained anything from the Wii.

                  1. The main the reason people brought the Wii it because of the price not the motion controls, if the 360 or PS3 was the same price as a Wii at launch the sales figures WOULD be different. How is 3G useless, do you even know what is does? you know if the 3DS had 3G and the Vita didn’t you would be running your mouth at Sony fanboys. The Vita has MORE feature than the PS3, it can even CROSS-GAME CHAT, how much more feature those the 3DS have over the DSi/DSi XL? and even the new features and improvement they made for the 3DS still sucks. So instead of calling dumb think of different outcomes, have you even stuided the Vita? you don’t even know nothing about it do you? I have nothing needed left to say.

                    1. One last thing…

                      “Therefore plz get a brain and think b4 speaking”

                      Lol i’m not speaking i’m typing idiot, how needs to get a brain now? U Mad?

                    2. Basically wat your saying is even if the console sucks monkey balls with no games or anything to offer, ppl will still buy it like hot cakes becuz its cheap. Plz elaborate and yes I kno wat 3G is, I’m on my phone 3G phone right now. I study all consoles and like i said b4 minor upgrades on the ps vita just like the 3ds has minor upgrades. It don’t matter which system has more than the other. It’s amazing how a Sony fan can say that a 3ds is a upgraded ds but try to justify that the vita isn’t also upgrade. And with those upgrades the psv is still the same Damn thing. Sorry to break it to ya.

                  2. You still don’t make any as consumers don’t make money from a company regardless. What I and others gained from Wii is appreciation of games and innovation. If calling ppl fanboys and telling ppl to grow up isn’t a troll then you must be from another dimension. There is no upset mind here.

                    1. Who cares if your speaking or typing, is that suppose to make you clever. Does it make you feel good inside. If so then shut up, that should be the last thing you need to TYPE. ” who has a brain now”…..pathetic.

    2. Finally someone who actually THINK about something and not only “NINTENDO FOREVER KING OF HANDHELDS”

  13. The title slate was “different” so companies like EA could have made an awesome game but decided not to. It’s like the 3rd parties were “scared” and/or “rushed” their titles, so 99% of them turned out to be garbage. EA could have made an awesome launch title and could have made a difference in the sales.

  14. Vita isn’t innovative, I don’t understand why all these developers keep saying that. Not to mention same ported titles as the ps3. A 250 – 300 price point isn’t gonna fly either no matter the line up cuz I’m betting the games are gonna be about 50 – 60.

    1. Vita IS innovative. A handheld being able to cross-play with its console counterpart is innovative. Wipeout 2048, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance: Burning Skies and tons of other games announced for the Vita will be able to play with the same games on the PS3 either local or online. Activision also announced a new Call of Duty game which will be able to cross-play with the PS3.

      The other reason why the Vita has the same games with the PS3 is so you can play the game at home on PS3, save your data on our PSN server on the cloud, and you can continue playing the game on PS Vita by downloading the save from the PSN. And you can do vice versa. It’s a continuous experience, playing the same game on PS Vita and PS3.

      Also, have you seen the two types of augmented reality of the Vita? It makes the 3ds’ AR look stupid. If you haven’t seen it, here are the links:
      Wide Area Augmented Reality
      Markerless Augmented Reality
      Imagine an zombie/alien game where it takes place in your own living room and you use the Vita as a gun to shoot them. Now, isn’t that innovative?

      You should be thankful that the 3DS had a price cut because the handheld wasn’t even worth the $250 price tag. If you think the Vita isn’t worth $250, then the 3DS should worth even less for the same price.

  15. I believe a 3ds would last a lot more THAN 6 YEARS look at the gameboy it sucked with graphics but it still pwned every handheld console up the ass! Same for 3ds..same!

    1. Sadly at my school in my class everyone who likes Nintendo (me and two others) are immediatly called babies for caring about Nintendo but I don’t care Nintendo will own sony this gen just you wait!

    2. That’s what it was like at my school. And all the popular kids loved Pokemon and DS’s and such.

      But I don’t like making connections like that….

  16. I don’t even know how to say this … you guys are all stupid. I am 99% sure that the Vita will succeed over 3DS, why? It has the games the casual market wants, Mario is loosing interest as a casual game and the focus is now on FPS games. Call Of Duty? Yes it will sell the Vita like fucking Touchpads after the $100 price point. Is Mario enough for me to buy a single handheld? No. Vita is also an entry level into PS3 games, which has a large library of exclusives. Nintendo is not god and no longer is, they got lucky with the DS and Wii. The 3DS has no games casual Xbox/Ps3 gamers want to play, RE? Eh. Mario? Eh. 3DS is now a lost cause with all developers jumping on Vita.

    1. Mostly diehard Sony fans will buy the Vita.

      Anyone outside that demographic would make 0 sense choosing a Vita over a PS3…if they don’t already have one. They would also make 0 sense buying a Vita if they already had the PS3 then.

    2. Why would I want a Vita if I can get a nice console for my big screen at the same price? That’s what casuals/anyone with any common sense wants.

      Only Sony fans who both like portables and already have a PS3(<25%) will get one. My best friend who loves Sony stuff hasn't even heard of the Vita…

  17. I’d say i’m not a fanboy I have both a DS and a PSP as well as Wii and PS3, but I’ll tell you what the PSP is pretty much used for only music because there was such a huge lack of games. Where as I’ve continually gamed on my DS. I think the 3DS will win in the long run if they manage to have the games they had on the DS, and there is already a good backing of 3rd party people for the 3DS. I also very much dislike the fact that PSP Vita is only being done in association with AT&T which most people that have used them would have a problem with. I think just associating with AT&T is going to be a big detriment.

  18. What are the launch titles? The only one that was impressive enough was Uncharted, and I doubt that’s going to be a launch title seeing how people complained about glitches and stuff. So it has power and two sticks, so that makes it better? As for the touch pad, the Motorola Backflip had something similar; most people turned it off because it got in the way and they would touch it unintentionally, and it was a lot smaller than the Vita’s.

  19. I love the 3DS, I have one, and I’ll probably love it more when more games come later in the year, but the PSVita does look promising. If games like Resident Evil and Bioshock are announced for it, I can see getting one. I love Nintendo’s first party franchises so as long as they keep releasing them, I’ll keep buying their systems, handheld and consoles. But there are also franchises released on the 360 and PS3 that I love and would love to be able to play them on the go on a handheld. So what it really boils down to, for me at least, is games. Hardware alone can’t get me to buy a system.

  20. The PSV is a PSP with better graphics and a touchscreen. The pad on the back is going to cause problems, I don’t know many people that don’t touch the back of a device when playing. I understand, the 3DS isn’t that much of an upgrade, but there are some killer games coming out made for it. The PSV will once again be filled with ports like its predecessor.

    1. Yeah,the 3DS is fantastic.I have one and I love playing on it.I only have 1 game so far though and that’s Rayman 3D.Hoping to get more games for Christmas.
      I don’t understand why anyone would want to buy a Vita,though.All it is is a PSP with two touchscreens,one which some people call a “touchpad”.

  21. …what’s innovative about the PSP?
    And I still don’t quite get the touch screen on the back…seriously…the fuck?

      1. The other one is not a screen, its a pad… There’s a difference. And you forgot the dual analog sticks. Yeah. That’s right. Sticks similar to the xbox 360 and ps3 controllers.

        Oh and FYI, the PS Vita’s touchscreen and touchpad are capacitive, not resistive unlike the 3DS. Resistive touch screens are sooo 2004 technology. Just look at Apple and most of the smartphones in the market… They’re all using capacitive touch screens.

        Well, the 3DS is just a ds with 3d… Not really innovative either.

  22. lol i doubt anyone will really buy the vita. 1 no one gave a shit about the psp. and 2 there are barely any games that are going to be on it at launch.

  23. The vita is not innovative. However, it has amazing graphical capabilities, dual analog sticks, a touch screen and it’s a portable, do I really need anything else? No, I don’t.

    For me, it comes down to “do I want amazing graphics on the go or do I want a 3d effect combined with mediocre graphics?” Because I like the games on both systems.

    Hmm, which one sounds more appealing?

    1. The 3DS does NOT have bad graphics and I know that because I have one.The 3DS’s graphics are fantastic and improved by the 3D.

      Playstation Vista needs more 3Dness for it to have better graphics than the 3DS.Compared to 3DS,PSP Vita’s graphics are obviously medicore because they’re not 3D.You need more 3Dness in your life.

      Plus,who really cares about dual analogue sticks?Who cares about two touchscreens?
      The 3DS is both portable and miles better than PSP Vista.

      1. I never said it had bad graphics, I said it had mediocre graphics, get a dictionary.

        The vita graphics are bad because it doesn’t have 3d? By that logic, you could say that ocarina of time has better graphics than battlefield 3 on the pc = bullshit.

        Who cares about dual analogues? Only every fps fan who wants to play bioshock, resistance, cod etc on the go, and there are a lot of people like that.

        I don’t care for 3d, and I never will, I just don’t like the effect of it but I understand that some peole do and to each his own.

        The vita is a more superior console than the 3ds in every way except for 3d. Better graphics, better control and better features. I don’t want 3d, so I’ll choose the vita.

        Your arguments are immature and have no point, and are just biased.

        You lose.

        1. Well,OOT will obviously have better graphics than Battlefield 3 because Battlefield 3 and all them kind of games are crap and unreleastic nonsense
          Dual Analogues=unneccessary pointless nonsense from Sony.
          How can you cope without 3D?I love 3D.If a film I want to see comes out,I always have to go for the 3D option.3D rules supreme.
          3DS-1 PSP Vista-minus 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

          PSP Vita is a EPIC FAIL.

          1. There’s no point even trying to make you see sense. From your syntax, ridiculous exaggerations, disregarding the points I make and most importantly, not backing up your arguments with any solid facts I’m guessing your about 12.

            Pointless dual analogs? Hey guess what, your beloved nintendo has them on their wii u controller.

            Battlefield 3 is has unrealistic graphics? Then tell me why dice actually researched military equipment and tactics and implemented the findings into their game?

            I don’t 3d, is that really of your concern? Anyway, I’m done arguing with you, you’re a fanboy ignorant of the great products that other companies come out with because of some nintendo fetish.

            I love nintendo games, but the vita is a good looking console.

            1. “ridiculous exaggerations”-You obviously don’t like Top Gear then.The TG presenters do it all the time.
              “Battlefield 3”-Because they obviously had nothing better to do than research military equipment for a crap genre(shooting is a crap game genre).It’s probably crap.All them kind of games are crap unreleastic nonsense.

              “I don’t 3D”,that doesn’t even make sense.

              And by the way,I’m not 12,I’m a 15 year old Doctor Who fan who loves the 3DS and Top Gear.

              1. What does top gear and doctor who have to do with anything?

                Sure, nitpick at my typing fail when yours has far many mire grammatical errors.

                Some people like fps games, who are you to say that the genre is crap?

                Dice researched to make their game as realistic as possible which makes me respect them. But ok, because you say it’s crap it must be crap, nevermind winning 47 awards at e3… I guess thy means nothing.

                I know I said I wasn’t going to argue with you anymore, but it’s extremely fun.

                1. “Who are you to say that genre is crap?”-it’s only something called OPINION.
                  Whoever voted it for awards were obviously mindless numbskulls who think Big Brother is cool.

      2. The 3DS graphics is bad COMPARED to the graphics of the Vita.

        Mediocore graphics? Oh Please. You really are blind, aren’t you? The Vita’s graphics is miles better than the 3DS even without 3d. If you really have a 3DS you would know that its graphics is nowhere as good as the Vita. Search Google for some graphics comparison. Oh and did you know that there are phones such as HTC Evo 3d and LG Optimus 3d(glass free) that has BETTER quality 3d than the 3DS, the 3d in the 3DS is not really unique.

        Who cares about dual analog sticks, you say? Sony does. Microsoft does. Even Nintendo does. You’re trying to defend the 3DS’ single analog stick when the company who made it is regretting not putting a second one and now they’re releasing a second analog stick attachment! That’s just… weird.

  24. who gives a shit about EA they lost my support long ago because of the games they make that sound cool always turn out to be shitty with the occasional ” wow this game is fun”

    1. They lost my support with all their origin crud on the PC which is basically a trojan virus.

      P.S. No one get EA’s Origin service if they play games on the PC. It’s basically Spyware and takes all your private information to give to EA’s third parties

  25. Haha I love how some people bitch and moan about all the Nintendo fans on here. Its like “holy shit detective. Who do tou think is on here?” As for the Playstation Shita, I mean Vita, it’s not gonna own the 3DS. All this negative bs about the 3ds came into being because the launch was flawed due to lack of big name games. Holiday season will wipe the smug smile off of sony fanboys faces

  26. Some people will label me a fanboy because I wrote something they disagree with and don’t like. Go ahead.

    Oh add me: FC- 3136-6739-2927

  27. If you own a PS3, there’s no point in buying a Vita.
    The Vita isn’t a portable handheld, it’s basically something people will only play at home, and who would play the Vita at home if you already have a PS3.

    now with the PS3 price cut, most people planning on buying the Vita will go for the PS3 now (Providing they don’t already have one)

  28. I believe it’s convenient to EA say that. With that statement more people would reconsider buying the Vita and that way EA would have more potential consumers. But going to the facts, I’d put my money on Nintendo this time. Seeing the Vita and the 3DS and definitely would buy a 3DS for the variety and quality of games it would offer. The problem here in Brazil is the price. Here the 3DS price is around $500 imagine how much the Vita would be $800?! Nobody will buy that. Of course the preference will be or the 3DS or a home console. Or like me nothing for now :(.

    1. It’s basic PR talk. They basically praise any hardware that’s coming out so people will think they are dedicated.

  29. Heh, because EA are so well-known for their fantastic judgement, and for making things better and more marketable, right? Isn’t that why so many people praised their interference with Dragon Age 2? Oh, wait.

    What will happen is likely what happened with the current round of handheld devices – real gamers will get both. Regular shoppers will probably only buy a 3DS, because it’s more user-friendly. Sony devices, from the moment you pick them up, are not user-friendly – they’re actively uncomfortable to hold; the PSP because it is too small and long, and the Vita because it demands you hold it in just the right way so you don’t accidentally touch the reverse-side touch screen.

    And what the hell is with the piano black finish? Wrong, wrong, wrong, Sony, we told you that we don’t like devices that look dirty from nothing more than fingerprints. We told you many times. This sort of typical arrogance turns customers off, and truthfully the only reason I ever purchase any Sony product is for the console-exclusive third-party developer games. By contrast I bought a 3DS before any decent games had been released at all, because the device itself and in-house Nintendo games are always top-notch quality.

  30. Hmmm… Buy a PSVita or buy a PS3 (which has much better graphics) for my big-screen TV at the same price so I can not only play more games but also play with friends…


  31. Hmph Ea? aren’t they the same guys who close down servers so people will buy their new games don’t fix their online servers and stuff redemption codes in order to play online or use a big feature to enhance online? and they choose a console that is basically an enhanced psp with the same exact games as its console counter-part where as the 3ds is entirely different from the wii u and have had a past of making portable games so much different than the console ones…and Ea chose a company who steals ideas in public and treat their customers like crap?…I totally did not see that coming at all :O

  32. Despite the fact im planning to buy a 3ds when some more games are released, Most of you on this site are indeed increasingly biased. Especially the Nintendo fan boys. the 3ds is a good hand held (minus a few things). But Its always been about the software for Nintendo. And for those saying the vita is bad, IT ISNT! most of the stuff you talk about is opinion based. Like the touch controls and dual sticks being useless is just wrong. The fact that it has them is a win on sony’s part. Also the fact that they are making an add-on for the 3ds for a second circle pad just goes to show that Nintendo didn’t think things through.

    Sorry, had to be said :P

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