Nintendo Wii: The New Revamped Wii Console Will Have A Price Cut At Retail

UK trade publication MCV has been told by retailers that the newly revamped Wii Unit will go on sale for roughly £79.99. The new console will go on sale later this year in time for the holiday season but has been confirmed that it lacks Gamecube compatibility. The bundle includes Wii Sports, Wii Party as well as a Wii Remote Plus controller and Nunchuck.



    1. Not for the Wii. If that’s what you’re asking. No way the Wii’s internal capacity could store games several gigabytes in size. Also, no way Nintendo are gonna do it now when the console is about to die.


  1. Well this was always going to be obvious really. Getting rid of something like Gamecube compatibility was always going to make it a hell of a lot cheaper, and that’s the main part of the stradegy plan for it.

    I can’t believe there were people who actually thought it would be the same price as a normal Wii and were getting angry about it >__> It’s meant to appeal to families who don’t have one yet.


  2. NoA claims they have no plans to release this shell of a system in the US. Which doesn’t mean anything other than “we’ll watch sales numbers in Europe and make a decision then”, since it seems Reggie’s lost the ability to make his own mind on anything lately. If it does get a US release, I’d expect a $99 price point.

    As for GameCube games being available as digital downloads. I hope that will be a service of Wii U VC. Some of those games, I would rebuy, since most of my GameCube collection are so scratched up they are rendered unplayable.


  3. I think apart from removing a feature from the console, the other stitch up we’re seeing is nintendo calling it a ‘family bundle’ and yet it only comes with 1 wiimote and 1 nunchuk. £79.99 seems a lot for a console that’s on it’s last legs when families are still gonna have to fork out a lot more on controllers just to actually get the family experience


    1. Yeah but that’s a used Wii off of Amazon? I think people would be willing to pay £30 extra for a brand new wii, and if they’re buying the current wii, why would they suddenly start buying used Wii’s instead of a cheaper model?


  4. this is great for those not currently in posesion of a wii alrdy. but a question i ask is with the end of the year waring thin where is the metroid 25th aniversary tribute at? i know nitendo is trying to push all the new 3ds ideas and big wii titles coming soon into the stores as fast as possible but i thought this year wasthe metroid aniversary year as well tloz


    1. That’s what I was thinking, i’m wondering if that’s one of the things they’ll announce at the conference in september. either that or a new zelda title for the 3DS that isn’t a remake. It’s what i’m hoping for anyway…


  5. I want to get the wii u. I never had a wii but do have a gamecube should i bother to pick this up or no also i got a 3ds at launch and i want 2 get the first party games.


  6. perfect for me to get a second one i have mine in my room no space to move around. so that price put one in the basement would be great….


    1. If you still play gamecube games you probably already have a gamecube or the current wii anyway, you have no reason to buy it so it doesn’t matter.


    1. True but that’s probably the cheapest deal you’ll find, that’s just retailers reducing the price themselves, they could do that with the new Wii as well and make it even cheaper. And if they didn’t they’d be getting a wider profit margin anyway, which isn’t an advantage for us but still…
      Oh and you’re forgetting the fact it’s bundled with Wii Party as well I guess…


  7. Good deal when you consider it costs £85 if you buy the controllers and games on their own from Amazon, without a console.

    Wiimote plus £30
    Nunchuk £10
    Wii Sports £20
    Wii party £25


  8. i really wish this not to be released because 20 to more years to come many stores that sell used consoles will probably have this system on they’re shelves and you wont be able to tell if its backward compatible w/gamecube or not i really wish nintendo didnt come up with this sorry excuse to make more money (but no lie i still love nintendo and always will)


  9. But why? Are they levelling with PS3 who has had a recent price cut as well? I don’t have anything against Wii lowering their prices because it’ll have them more buyers and customers. But doing this right after PS3 had a price cut is such a rip-off.


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