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Nintendo 3DS: RollerCoaster Tycoon Is Officially Coming To Nintendo 3DS

N-Space, the developer behind the Call of Duty series on the Nintendo DS has announced it’s bringing RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be published by Atari and will be released sometime in March next year. Here’s a few details from the latest edition of Nintendo Power magazine:

– published by Atari
– developed by n-Space
– view coasters in 3D
– touchscreen controls
– built from the ground up with all-new assets exclusive to 3DS
– several coaster design options including suspended, hydraulic, wooden, steel and inverted
– other rides such as monorails, prebuilt kiddie rides, carousels and county fair-style attractions
– give parks themes such as haunted house and others
– handle ride construction and park maintenance
– hire and manage staff
– this includes janitors, mechanics and more
– multiple modes such as Coaster Creator and Sandbox
– built-in tutorials
– Coaster Story mode teaches you how to do everything through a series of scenarios and tutorials
– in-game adviser will hep identify in-part objectives and show players their progress
– due out in March



  1. I remain convinced that Nintendo should look into acquiring n-Space. They do so much work for their handhelds, they could potentially be a boon for Nintendo’s Western market of EVERYTHING they did was exclusive.


  2. YES! YES! YES! Rollercoaster Tycoon is one of my favourite games ever. Here’s hoping it works well. (What was that Atari was saying the other day?)


    1. It’s not dying.

      Sure not that many games out there for RCT but many people still play it. Even the first one!
      Just because there hasn’t been a new game recently doesn’t mean it’s dying. When a franchise is dying, it just means no one cares anymore. As you can see from these comments, people still do.


  3. 3D is perfect for this franchise. I’ve never owned one of these games, but I might try this one. And if they want the game to be successful they need to add an online community where you can view/go to other people’s theme parks and ride their rides for a small fee. So if you build good coasters, you get more money and become successful. Then there should be lots of park upgrades, such as size increases, and a leaderboard for the richest people.


  4. Guys, Atari is still alive. Just the other day, they were saying how much better they were compared to Nintendo. They’re still alive.

    Anyways, this game should look pretty good in 3D. I’ll get it for sure.


  5. I wish someone would develop new THEME HOSPITAL for 3DS or for Wii U. It would be perfect with touchscreen. That game really rocked and I never understood why there were no further development with th franchise. I played it again few years back and it was awesome.


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