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Nintendo: Runescape Is Coming To Nintendo Platforms

The immensely popular free to play online game Runescape should be coming to Nintendo consoles in the not too distant future. Jagex, the development team behind the game has stated that they’re planning to bring the game to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo platforms. Fingers crossed that the game will be cross console compatible.

199 thoughts on “Nintendo: Runescape Is Coming To Nintendo Platforms”

    1. it sounds like a good idea but you won’t be happy with the stuff jagex has done to the game they’ve sold out big time and the only thing better about this being on console will be that there won’t be a bot problem if the servers are different from the pc ones. the only thing jagex deserves any semblance of credit for is the increasingly good graphics.

      1. You’re totally right.. Runescape used to be fun. Now the only thing Jagex should be focused on is changing the title of their “immensely popular game” and that title should be BotScape. This game is no where near the experience it used to be. Everywhere you go, and i mean everywhere, there is someone botting.
        The sad thing is, these bots have defeated Jagex. Jagex is selling out, like you said. All they want now is money from the members that they have literally stopped banning members because they lose money, and won’t get rid of the bots because they see each and everyone of the bots not as players breaking the rules but rather “10$” per month breaking the rules.

        1. They just released an update, which i doubt will keep bots away for too long, that took an extremely large amount of bots away. I am loving the update so far, i havent seen any working bots at all since ive been on, which is almost as soon as they released the update.

          1. that update didn’t do you shit you fucking faggot dickfaced motherfucker… I still see bots all the fucken time. Fucking black nigger slave boy.

        2. jagex have now realised cluster flutterer which took away all the bots so yes “botscape”was bad but now they could call it runescape again

          1. that’s fucking bullshit stupid faggot dickface. there’s still bots everywhere you fucking black nigger slave boy

        3. just to let you know, botting is GONE, but the game is going to shit, i have a brand new top of the line laptop, and yet i lagg like fuck, if it isnt from updating or fixing the new graphics, its the new graphics themselves. wish it could go back to rcs style

          1. your laptops crap. i got a brand new top of the line, probably cheaper and worse then yours if its what you claim and i can play fullscreen hd fine. either your laptop sucks or your connection is crap, if you cant even run runescape then i laugh at you/

          2. Botting is not gone, I see Woodcutting Bots in Draynor Village chopping down the Willow Trees all the time.

      2. “credit for is the increasingly good graphics.”
        Ya them oversized weapons, armor and stupid looking run is really great.

        1. Yeah, I heard your small penis was great to. (Sorry, was talking to your girlfriend last night, me and her had a little fun time)

      3. the only bad thing about this is it would seem ocward to play on a console and instead of bots people will just be hacking and glitching to get 99 in skills just like in call of duty

          1. ur wrong there millions of ppl play all the call of duties because if u go online in modern warfare 2 or black ops i think it tells u how much people are playing at that moment and it would be in the millions, most of them playing from america

        1. It’ll connect normally to jagex’s servers. they couldn’t hack since it would be a direct ban. jagex’s checking everything which is possible so basically only you could hack would be from the server.

        1. Really bro? Go to Sorc Garden or the Sawmill and tell me there aren’t any bots left. Hell, even green dragons are still over run. The bot nuke did put a dent in the numbers, but those who couldn’t use reflection bots anymore just switched over to the other programs.

    2. Wow well this is probably going to be hard for all for all of the consels to run on one server so people with the wii can play with people with the xbox or ps3 i got my fingers crossed that they have a success

    1. You should try more MMORPGs then. WoW’s just the most popular by being one of the first easily-accessible and understandable MMORPGs out there.

      …MMORPGs have evolved since then. I’m not a fan of WoW, but I am thankful of what it did in influencing so many more MMORPGs.

      Nothing wrong with the older style MMORPGs though.

      1. I’ve tried a couple others, but none grabbed my fancy. WoW managed to keep me interested a whole 3 months but I’m just not an MMO kind of guy. I get bored waiting for friends to come online.

        1. I don’t really like WoW that much. I enjoy RuneScape a lot though. They are very different games. WoW is questing and running around when Runescape is more skilling, bosshunting etc. You should try Runescape even you didn’t like WoW. Runescape and WoW don’t have a lot in common.

          1. Im pretty sure World of Warcraft has the best bosshunting out of any other RPG in the entire world. Dungeons are ridiculous, 10-40 people in a group fighting a monster that requires teamwork and tactics is alot better than runescape were you right click attack and eat some food by clicking with no room movement at all.

            1. yea you are totally right as fun as runescape might have been in the past. WoW actually takes some skill in doing runescape anyone can do. And besides with all the Updates, bots, etc. on runescape it just isn’t the game I once logged on and actually enjoyed playing.

              1. can i just say that rs takes like 2 years to max out where as wow takes 1 week…, i have several friends who have 6+ maxed out wow accs so far.. obv not that hard of a game then is it?

              1. lol @ u guys.
                Dofus is a isometric 2d tactical mmorpg
                and the amount of dungeons with boss monsters is just hell of a omfg.
                played it few years and im now sad that i cant play it again coz my pc kinda lags when i make dungeon speed runs :C

                ALSO probably the only mmorpg that allows you to pay for your premium with ingame cash so think about it :) first u invest a bit cash for premium to lvl up and then u earn cash ingame and exchange for premium :P

      1. Now you can play wow up to level 20 for free forever :) with i believe 52 characters per account you can spend a good month in there

    1. it may not seem like much, but i’ve been with it for a lot of updates, and the graphics and gameplay have dramatically increased scince then, the faces used to be two dots on a flat orb, although i will always miss the old tutorial island… it is worth the nintendo consoles

      1. they may be stunning, but he means he hopes they’ll be improved even more, i’d personally like to see a background when you move the camera to the ground instead of fog, but i don’t know how they’d pull that off exactly.

        1. All they have to do is have a chat with Bungie, the creators of the Halo franchise. Winning awards for the most distant drawline in an online game. I mean, you can see for miles. Literally.

  1. I like Runescape, but it seems quite hard to imagine playing this game on the Wii U or handheld game…. I guess with the Wii U tablet controller but still.. I dunno… let’s just keep it on the computer

    1. It could work. I thought it would be odd playing EverQuest Online Adventures on PS2, but it was actually very easy. Of course, it was handled to be playable on the console which could be the case for RuneScape.

  2. I can’t imagine what this game is going to be like…….. Haven’t played this game in seven years or something.

  3. I haven’t played Runescape is SOO long but if it happened to come to a Nintendo consol I might start playing again :)

      1. Why does that matter? Runescape is honestly a pretty boring game. Just tons of tedious tasks. I didn’t even have much fun with when my friends played with me. Plus on a console, it sounds awful. Even if its free to play on a console I still wouldn’t care.

          1. now it does they updated it so much like once a week now they do but i don’t think i a good idea for it off of the computer

      2. So I take it they will make a downloadable game? If that is true than I guess it couldn’t come out on 3DS because I remember hearing that 3DS won’t allow free to play games. Is this true?

  4. could be really fun,it can show off alot of cool things on the wii u,for example inventory would be on the touch screen and online capabiliities would be cool,as long as there is no memeber feature im happy

  5. I think as long as it made a splash on 3DS and had most (or all) of the features of the computer version, then I would be all for it! There is so much to do in the game from what I remember!

  6. I’d buy it simply for the nostalgia, haven’t played in a year or two now!
    Really hope it makes it to nintendo consoles, lots of games I want are always always for Xbox and PS3 only, which I understand but still, sucks!

  7. Its changed so much since I played 4 years ago. I think it could be cool to play it on a console, though not without its share of weird. If it does do good on consoles, I wonder what would stop the makers of Habbo from jumping on the “pc game to console game” flying turkey cannon. Yeah I went there.

  8. wow Runescape coming to consoles??? ive only played a few times… but i think if it were to actually be a console game i would get more into it

    1. It’s actually got a HUGE player base. It is essentially a very “dumbed-down” mmo that was created YEARS ago. I used to play it in 2002, then off and on for a few years, but I stopped a few years ago. It wasn’t bad, but it was very basic, and to really get anywhere in the PVP portion of the game, you had to pay for micro-transactions, or be a “subscriber” type account where you pay a small fee and get extra things.

      1. There’s no micro-transactions. Only a 5 dollar subscription fee once a month to get access to new land and equipment. It’s not really dumbed down anymore (it really never was).

    1. The only thing somewhat similar in those games are the looks. Excluding the blocky feel of Minecraft ofc. Runescape is an MMO, Minecraft is a sandbox game. Runescape is third person, Minecraft is first. They are really incomparable. Your comment is extremely pointless.

  9. Eeehh I like the mmorpg maplestory it should make on 3ds in fact in the past it was on ds and there was a special dsi with it

      1. “I agree. There’s nothing that’s actually fun about it. If the combat was better and getting items required some actual skill, I’d probably still be playing it.”-Superfakerbros

  10. Sounds weird. Im not really a fan of Runescape but this sounds good for the developers.

    On another story, I used to play Runescape, I quit like 3 years ago and just recently (3 weeks ago) I found out my account got hacked and perma banned. o.o

  11. Runescape may not be the best MMO, or even a fair one. However, a console based MMO would be popular. I’m looking forward to future announcements.

  12. I’ve tried to get into Runescape a few times, but I’m just not interested in level grinding (especially the amount required for Runescape)

    I’d rather play a game that requires real skill, not a game where my character is better depending on how many trees I’ve chopped down.

    1. yeah basically RS is one of the biggest grind-fest ever made by man. there’s so much ppl botting i dont think ill be playing it. its nice to have some 3rd party support tho.

  13. I joined coz my friend joined, but I didn’t even finish the newb quest and I got sick of it…Ahaha…Not really my type…

  14. I must say, I used to play the game quite a bit until I started playing much better games… This will be… Interesting, to say the least

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  16. I have never tried one of these types of games to any extent. This would be worth a try, I think. Looking forward to it.

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  19. i swear most people r missing the point, yea the graphics and stuff with be gd coz it is console, but the easy part of runescape is u use a mouse it is going to be so hard to play with a controller so why bother!!!

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  23. Well, if this will have a multiplayer version wich imo will be considerable seeing as the game would be very boring otherwise, this will gave a massive lay down on the bots unless you’ll start using aim bots wich is not even usefull for RS :P

    1. That’s a stupid idea. THE GAME ISN’T LEAVING PC, JUST BEING PORTED TO PC. Bots will still bot. Probably even moreso, as many sell their accounts, and this opens a wider fanbase of which to sell their accounts too. Oh, and did I mention that I used to bot, so I know what I’m talking about?

  24. As much as i like rs and i play as a memeber, i don’t think this a good idea its going to be harder and more anoying to play on a console, but this is just another way of them making money tbh its getting out of hand, there milking rs for all they can get, since there new mmo is comming out next year.

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  26. Pfffft. Jagex, Ruined the game when free trade came back. It was truly the most fun game in 2005 – 2007 for me. I miss it SO much. Now it’s just bots everywhere and a boring game to play now.

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  29. ok so i dont even have any nintendo system because they all suck. but regardless. runescape is an amazing game. and all of you people say shit like it was awful and boring are 100% wrong. and the people syaing that probably haven’t even gotten past level 20. i can honestly say that it takes less then 20 minutes to get to lvl 20. so you have no room to talk about the game because it has hundreds and hundreds of day of gameplay. not hours, DAYS and years of gameplay. and i also think that jagex is ruining the game by publishing to to console. essentially any nintendo system.

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  33. i think its gona cost a shit load of money to make it then waste more money to bot and fuck your xbox up i think its death .. but it mite be good for others..

  34. actually all the bots are gone and leading bot developer rs buddy has joined jagex and are helping to code the anti bot software soo yea gf u noobs

  35. enough of RS! enough of wOw!..*keep in mind,that i am not considering my self a troll, *I LoL at the part coming up*-it sound’s so nerdy-*it kind of gives me the chills but………..Who cares!!!!!!!!!!! so lets go to the Point———–>( a little Bigger)———————————> (much better)……what if.,yes,yes what if, they created Runescape for a Console!.
    that would be amazing…no really it would.. -.- why couldn’t the creaters of Pokemon make a damn MMO,RPG..for the damn computer or for a damn console..instead of that they keep making stupid playing cards,and cartoons >.< ok i end my Topic =)
    (Di Di Di
    Digimon Digimon
    Di Di Di
    Digimon Digimon
    Digimon Digital Monsters
    Digimon are the Champions
    Digimon Digital Monsters)
    ohh wait thats Digimon theme song ^_^
    (I want to be the very best,
    Like no one ever was.
    To catch them is my real test,
    To train them is my cause.

    I will travel across the land,
    Searching far and wide.
    Each Pokemon to understand
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    (Gotta catch 'em all)

    It's you and me
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    You're my best friend
    In a world we must defend

  36. i have read some of these comments, and the part what is true about if runescape was to go to a console then the thing is people would just hack there way to 99skills , wii has a system called homebrew, very easy to use, and soon there will be alot of people useing that programme who like runescape! xbox and ps3 have a different type of hacking software witch i dont know, but all i know is that you need a laptop and a special software and wire, so by making runescape into a console game , just means runescape just wants more money from you! and runescape will go dead if it was to go to a console. that is my view on this topic!

    1. You do know hacking is illegal right? It’s easy to hack on any system, really you just find hacks online.. Really just copy them to over to something you can plug in your system.. And use them.. Lol. But saying that, Runescape wouldn’t allow it, there has been people that hacked their server before, you would just get auto-ban..

  37. K woah your all jumping down eachothers throats but for what reason everybody has their own opinion there is no reason to get pissed at eachother over a i think this is a good thing and i am happy i might get the chance to play this on something other then a computer i mean like im on my now doing this that is all i have to say.

  38. I don’t see why people hate the game itself. The game is actually decent. I’d give the game itself a 7.25. The game is ruined because of the goddamn 10 year old players who can’t come up with a better insult than newb, n00b, nOob, nub, or any incarnation of that word. I’m sorry, but Nintendo isn’t ready for an MMORPG. If Runescape does become a download onto Wii or whatever, it may ruin Nintendo’s online play. If RS doesn’t ruin Nintendo, then Dragon Quest 10 will.

  39. If this comes out on the Wii U, Jagex should take advantage of the controller’s screen and use it as the map you see in the top-right corner on the pc version.

  40. Tired of people bashing Runescape saying its boring because it’s “a bunch of tasks” or “just skilling”. The main reason many people play Runescape is for it’s unique PvP system which NO other MMO has; when you kill somebody EVERYTHING they have goes to you, and thats the kind of game PvP I love, no faggot ass honor points or shit, just plain out gear they worked for and now its yours to sell and rub it in their face. And what’s with all this talk about “graphics”. Are you guys high? Good graphics is not what makes a game good, its the gameplay itself. Look at counterstrike or something, the graphics are horrid, yet people still choose to play it over CoD, Battlefield, you name it. Its not the graphics, its the gameplay. I’d be excited as hell to see it come to consoles, not because I’m a console player, but to see more faces in the community, and to PK more noobs >:)

  41. its going to be really awkward playing on the wii controller or any kind of controller the wii controller i imagine will be a lot easier than others because you can move the wii around like a cursor the problem is talking to other players lol

  42. I’d rather have it on console because i love the game even tho it has started to suck, i still love it and im happy that its comin to the xbox……XBOX RULES AND PS3 SUCKS

  43. XBOX IS THE BEST and guys if your computer cant run runescape somethings wrong i have a 5 year old computer wich rune it of high hd all that crap fine and the console version will be harder because we will probaly have to acualy keep clicking the trigger and how will we mine and all that will we have to run up to a rock and click button im not sure theres somemany things that can go wrong and i know jagex they will totally FUCK UP!

  44. They’re doing a massive overhaul of the combat system and movement system, i believe to reduce the number of clicks on the interface, giving movement WASD controls more than likely, which now makes more sence if this is to be their goal.

  45. RuneScape botting is BEAST, if you don’t bot. You have no life. The other day i stopped my bot, which had been online for 17 days. Now i have 200m xp in my skill, and am still not banned :D Thank you

  46. I read around 90% of the comments in here and I’M NEVER DOING IT AGAIN !! Fuck most of you are just talking some shit what they don’t know about and random crap.
    Now runescape on console might be good for the people who play on consoles i personaly think that consoles are S H I T !

  47. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work due to no back up.
    Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

  48. You fucking kids are so stupid. If you had at least close to the avg I.Q amount then you would know you can fucking do anything on anything. I play runescape on my fucking phone. I even have edited my own disc copy of runescape as a single offline game. But can be switched to online whenever requested. You all are just some fucking punk ass kids who dont know shit. I been playing RS since 1999. Bitches.

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