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Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles Review

If the thought of embarking on a huge life changing adventure that will keep you glued to your television for hours on end appeals to you then please read on.


Xenoblade Chronicles brings to life a universe where two titans – Bionis and Mechonis collide in a war that knows no end. As time passes, the lifeless bodies of the titans remain and life soon evolves on each world. The two main races, the Mechon and the Homs are locked in battle for control of the world. You join the battle for Bionis to repel the invasion of the terrifying mechanical army and uncover the secrets of a mystical sword called the Monado.

What’s the game world like?

Xenoblade Chronicles features huge environments that are just begging to be explored full of lush vegetation, vistas and a whole host of wildlife. You can go anywhere you want and it’s breathtaking just to take in the scale of the game world. If you fancy diving off a cliff into the calm blue waters below you can do just that. The game also features a number of towns and settlements where you can engage in quests or shop for items. This all equates to a seemingly life-like world which you will not want to leave.

What if you’re a novice at JRPG’s?

If you’re a novice when it comes to JRPG’s like me then you may become a little bewildered by all the different things to learn in the game. Thankfully the user interface is quite intuitive, so if you don’t understand things the first time round all you need to do is delve into the user-friendly menus. Thankfully the game also has a tutorial and hints section which can come in handy if you haven’t fully grasped something.

How does the combat work?

The combat is wonderfully addictive and takes away the usual monotonous chore from grinding. It takes a leaf out of Final Fantasy XII book which is a great thing in my opinion. You select different Arts and use them to your discretion. You only control one party member with the other two being controlled by the computer. You can change the party leader and tinker with your party till your heart’s content. Expect to spend countless hours doing this.

Closing comments

Rarely have I been so intent on exploring a game as I have on Xenoblade Chronicles. The world is so vast and so vivid that I felt afraid I’d miss something unique. So I wandered and I wandered and the more exploring I did the more I felt connected to the game world. There are some glorious locations and unique touches that the developers have put into the game that you just can’t miss out on. 80+ hours has never been more well spent.


Disclaimer: I’m currently 81 hours into the game and have yet to fully finish it. The review has been published as it needed to be done and I think I’ve explored enough of the game to give a fair and balanced review. I can’t wait to continue this adventure.

42 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles Review”

    1. I’ve heard different reports on how long it takes to complete. You can either rush through it or take your time. I feel it’s a game that deserves to be enjoyed as there’s so much to do and take in.

        1. Im sure this game has 80 hours + of game time… if we do get lucky enough to get the game here in the states im sure id take the time to explore every last part.

        1. Exactly, most games take about 10 hours these days. Zelda: Twilight Princess took about 50 hours my first way through and that is long compared to others.

          1. I’m a guy who is used to 100-hour epics and I would NEVER waste my money on a game that lasted only a mere 1/10th of the time. Why would I pay $60 for a 10-hour game? That’s $6 per hour! Not worth the price IMHO.

            So, needless to say, 60 hours isn’t much at all to me to put into a game. I’d expect at least that much if I was gonna pay full price for it.

  1. I hope this game comes to North America…. I would be sooo stoked if it did. PLEASE NINTENDO! let this game come over to the states….. PLEASE!

  2. Spot on review. I’m 36 hours into it and enjoying every minute (apart from the awful cockney accents and 1998 quality lip syncing)

      1. It isn’t much better even when using the Japanese dub (as I always do in JRPGs if available). And since English is the only ‘all the languages’ that are on the disc, it would have been possible, but I’m happy the way it is =)

      2. Hm… I wonder. If this gets released in the USA, they’ll likely redo the voice acting. Do you think they’ll change the lip syncing to match it, considering they’ll likely put the game in only english?

  3. This review sums up my feelings for this game perfectly. If you live in the UK and don’t have this game yet, you owe it to yourself to play it. It is probably the most fun I have ever had playing a game since I got into video games its that good. 61 hours into it and I know I have many more to go. As questing and exploring takes up so much time, but in the end it’s worth it as it just means more time spent in game.

  4. Another amazing review. I live in the states and I really want to play this game, but the way I look at it if I don’t try out the game or watch any gameplay videos I won’t know what I’m missing. It’s better that way. As long as people don’t reference it in reviews/”Top Ten’s” in the next couple years I’ll be fine.

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  5. Come on. Nintendo! I’m sitting here playing Final Fantasy X. I LOVE RPGS! Give us one for your console. You really need to get some quality rpgs on your home comsole and not just the handhelds. And from what I just heard this one fits the bill perfectly.

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  7. The game is awesome, if you are an RPG fan then definitely check it out. I’m currently writing my own personal review on it which should be finished in a a day or two. I completed the game when it first came out but I remember a lot of it (how can I forget).

    It’s been my best game this generation and I think with it being on the wii, that had a massive effect on this as they had to focus on story, gameplay over graphics (which I think every company is getting wrong this gen, they focus too much on this).

    I personally give the game a 9.8 out of 10 :)

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