Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo To Announce ‘New Products’ At 3DS Press Conference Also Providing A Live Stream

The Nintendo 3DS press conference which will take place in Japan on September 13th will play host to some new products. Whilst it’s unlikely there will be a hardware revision you should expect to hear details about some new and upcoming games for the system. Nintendo also announced it will be live streaming the conference.


      1. The 3DS doesn’t? I watch videos on mine from Nintendo Video, eShop, and Netflix all the time. Video support is actually one of it’s coolest new features. (Although I wish they would allow you to play video files you played on your SD card from a computer)

        1. They don’t let you watch videos from the internet…OBVIOUSLY they would let you watch videos that are on the 3DS programs…

    1. it’ll probably be subbed afterwards and put on the european and american sites like they’ve done before…if we’re lucky…

      1. E3 they translated to English. I can’t see why they won’t have the translator doing the web version.

  1. Hopefully its ruby saphire and emerald females they announced black and white about 5 months streets soul silver came out and black and white have been out for 5 months I’m feeling lucky

    1. Seeing how they like to make the remakes 10years after the original, I dont think we will be having anynews on them till next year and wont have the games themselves till 2013 if they do it at all.

  2. Hoping for a completely new (non remake) zelda or metroid title. And hopefully something for the metroid 25th anniversary because they haven’t done anything I don’t think.
    This is probably just for publicity and hype though, to help sales, so there may not be too much new info

    1. Whose to say they didn’t reveal all their hot games at E3? I’m sure the headlining news will be the official release date of Mario 3D land, Mariokart 7. But don’t forget they still have those new IPs up their sleeves.

    1. I capitalize every first word in a the headline for effect. It’s a headline. If you keep going on about it in every comment thread I’ll be more than happy to slap you with a ban hammer. Thanks.

    2. It’s a title / headline. Have you ever written a college, or even high school, essay / report paper? It’s supposed to be like that.

      Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the 13th! I can’t wait for it!

  3. My guess: F;ipnote Memo
    or… that thing that would make use of your Prisoners miis in your plaza
    or…. MAJORAS MASK 3D

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