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Nintendo Wii: More Exciting Dragon Quest X Information For Wii And Wii U

Online gaming publication Siliconera has posted some fresh information from last nights Dragon Quest X conference. Below is pretty much all you need to know so far regarding the highly anticipated title that’s due out on Wii next year and Wii U sometime shortly after. Let’s just hope there’s no subscription model for the game here in the West.

– Five continents of Astordia: the mesa-like Ogrelead, Eldona, a mountainous region called Dwachakka, Pukuland, and an island area Wena
– Ogres are known for their strength and courage
– Wedi (the blue water-like creatures) express themselves with songs of love
– Elves honor nature
– Dwarves value craftsmanship and wealth
– Pukuripos live to dream and laugh
– Travel with up to three characters
– Game doesn’t have a transition to a battle screen
– A monster’s name changes color as its takes damage
– Can leave your character at a bar when you log out
– Alchemy: enhance weapons/armor with special effects
– Sewing: make a template for equipment

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: More Exciting Dragon Quest X Information For Wii And Wii U”

  1. i guess the only question that, will there be a sub? and can we solo? i mean monster hunter tri had pretty good online (even though it was mostly instanced) and no sub, another thing is i hope square did the game right cuz there final fantasy mmos did not fair so well here in the west.

    1. Yes, you can play solo. There’s a subscription for Japan but I’m hoping/guessing that it will be free online over here in the West much like Monster Hunter.

          1. Oh it doesnt matter the style i like both old-school rpgs and the whole persistent rpg thing too, i just hope its as entertaining, is what i mean.

  2. loving the details about the game for starters no transitons into battle screens i personally loved that about final fantasy 12. weapon customation is always a plus to mmo’s. the characters listed above may be character classes id hope? thats always fun and makes the demagraphic of characters in the game diverse. will definantly be keeping tabs on this game for next year.

  3. About monster encounters and such… is it random like in DQ4, 5, 8, or is it more like 9? I’d hate it if the players had to compete for monsters or worry about kill-steal. On a side-note, I think it’d be fun to engage in battles with other players, after seeing the battle style.

  4. I’m gonna have to wait for this one on the Wii U since the internet where I am pretty mediocre and the Wii’s internet connection is weak.

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  6. Here is what I hope for this game:
    1. They make it like MH3 Tri and do not charge a fee in Europe and in the U.S.
    2. The Wii version and Wii U version have their own individual special content
    3. The story is as deep as DQ5
    4. It will include P v. P online and include four on four fights online/ guild fights
    5. The ability to make your own guild
    6. You will be able to capture monsters and use them like in DQ5
    7. It has as much bonus content as DQIX
    8. It will include DLC and have downloadable extra quests with bosses and story lines
    9. It will have more than one save slot unlike DQIX
    10. It will include cameos from popular DQ characters to interact with.

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