Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Talk Monster Hunter Tri G And Second 3DS Circle Pad On Nintendo 3DS

I’m sure you are all aware that Famitsu announced Monster Hunter Tri G for the Nintendo 3DS along with the second Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad last night, now we finally have some more details about both Monster Hunter Tri G and the additional Circle Pad add-on.

“The entire game has 3D support, but basically it’s not a game designed to rely on 3D,” Fujioka responded when asked how the new 3D visuals impact gameplay. “You can hunt all you want without having to concern yourself about 3D, so you’ve got the option to play the way you like there. However, the new portside area we’ve made for the game was created with an eye for 3D visuals — giving it more depth, placing objects on top of each other, and other concepts to make the 3D more prevalent. It’s been a fun development cycle, but working with 3D has also given us a surprising amount of stress, so hopefully people turn on the 3D the first time they play!”

“The bottom screen will have a panel with assorted useful functions for hunting; you’ll be able to tap on things to use it,” Fujioka said. “There are several types of panel, too, so you can choose which one you’d like to display and play like that.” How so? Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto gave one example: “There’s a target camera panel that, if you turn it on when you’re in the same area as the target monster for the current quest, the camera will turn you toward the monster whenever you reset it.”

There is also, of course, the slide-pad attachment, which Tsujimoto called a “secret weapon” crafted so players could play 3G with the same control feel as the original Tri. “It feels really good holding it in your hand,” he said, “and its center of gravity is toward the front, so controlling it is a breeze.”

“Brute Wyverns up to now were largely seen as charging monsters,” Fujioka commented. “A lot of them didn’t use their front arms very much. As a result, we put a lot of that sort of thing into this monster, making its arms a lot larger and capable of punching things. It also headbutts its enemies, so it’s got a pretty straightforward fighting style, but when it punches, it also releases this sticky material on the ground that gradually builds up and explodes over time. Blakydios’s moves are pretty simple, but it’s spewing this goo all over the place, so players have to a close eye on their positioning at all times.”

“There will be 12 types,” Fujioka said, “filling out the set of genres we’ve introduced up to this point. All of the weapons will be operable in the underwater areas, too. The bowgun in Tri had a lot of customization skills, but that weapon’s going to be streamlined a bit and divided into ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ categories. The bowgun has a lot of new features nonetheless, though, so I’m hoping bowgun users run it up to the G level and get to check all of it out.”


  1. Twelve types of weapons, meaning all of the weapons in MHP3rd. No new weapons I guess, but idgaf as long as I get to use gunlance again.

    1. I know, Nintendo should have had a lot of things available at launch, including a second slide pad built into the device. This new attachment looks really nerdy, but it should do for now. My concern is if Nintendo launches a new 3DS model that looks and operates better, then I may just get the new model altogether.

    2. I love it this way. We now get an dual analoge control scheme for the FPS guys, but for other games we have our lovely 3DS. It just wouldnt fit on one console without problematic controls. The Sliders have to be beside the touchsreen, to reach them confortably. But when there are sliders its harder to use the touchscreen. With this optional Add-On we can have both. Perfect!

    3. The true reason was because the 3DS is undereveloped. The 3DS was not suppose to come out this year. It was suppose to be released in the beginning of next year like the Vita but the stupid Nintendo investers had force Iwata into releasing the 3DS early. Oh and if you didn’t know because the 3DS didnt do well in sales because of the stupid investors choice. Their holding Iwata responable for it and trying to remove him from hes sit as presdent of Nintendo as i type this.

    1. Well this isn’t Nintendo’s game. It’s a good way to allow other developers to use a control scheme that fit’s certain games more efficiently. Monster Hunter Tri G for instance. Don’t like it? It will most likely be optional. Catering to others isn’t negative especially when it isn’t sacrificing anything.

  2. Tri G is sounding like a must buy, along with the add-on. I smell a bundle. I’m also glad to hear it handles well and should feel comfortable. Whine all you want if you so choose, but I don’t see much of a negative.

  3. Sounds fun, and glad to here the peripheral inst cumbersome, ill have to see it for myself of course, but nevertheless, sounds like a lot of fun, just need online confirmation and im SOLD.

  4. Yay, i knew monster hunter was really a game all that time! Monster hunter may work fine with the Second circle pad. But i still don’t like the circle pad idea. N gamer hated it, Many fans hated it, I hated it, I think Nintendo needs to think better with the circle pad, its all bulky and not easily portable. I’m not holding a 3DS thats so heavy as i will stress my self. Companies make mistakes. Nintendo made many mistakes already with the 3DS, hope the Wii u does not get this problem.

    Monster hunter tri G is just going to be good, I’m excited already for 2012 for Nintendo’s gaming revolution

    I hate the circle pad idea. and iwata getting a pay cut, 3DS was bad selling. If nintendo makes worse mistakes with the Wii u, It’s going to be Game Over Wii U.

    1. Seriously this is so funny to me. When has nintendo put out product that didn’t feel good in the hands. Same was said about the WiiU controller initally. After E3 all reviewers said it felt great in the hands and wasn’t as bulky as it looked. Nintendo knows what they are doing. Don’t worry about the feel.

  5. I’m pretty sure that what we have heard so far (even the famitsu picture) leads me to beleive that the second pad is mostly a Capcom peripheral for MH3G. Think of it more as the classic controller than the motion . because I dout it will ever be required.

  6. very promising info on the game this too might be a great addtion to my 3ds collection. based on the description of the monster mentioned above capcom is thinking out of the box when it comes to their monster design this time around can’t w8 to see what else they have in store

  7. Well, I do play games with the 3D, so that’s how I’ll play this. The Mercenaries 3D is a different story though.

  8. I love Monster Hunter but I stil hate that they havent released MH P3rd out of Japan yet. I’m looking forward to this though :P

  9. Now would be a excellent time for nintendo to add in their extended battery into their add-on if they can work it in somehow.

      1. No plans mean there is a high chance it maybe no release. You know capcom and nintendo these days. America did not get Xenoblades! Monster hunter maybe next thats my concern.

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