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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Is Developing A Brand New 2D Yoshi Platformer For Nintendo 3DS?

Wow, today we heard that 01Net’s rumour of a second Circle Pad add-on for the Nintendo 3DS is actually true and has been confirmed by Nintendo. Well some other rumours have now surfaced, the most interesting being that Feel Good, the developers behind the fantastic Kirby’s Epic Yarn, are developing a side scrolling Yoshi game for the Nintendo 3DS. Expect to hear more about this at the Nintendo 3DS press conference next Tuesday.

 Kirby’s Epic Yarn developer Good-Feel, a fifth Ace Attorney featuring Miles Edgeworth is on the way, as is a multiplatform God Eater title for 3DS and Vita, plus a new Etrian Odyssey for 3DS.

Nintendo’s also expected to announce plans to release a Super Mario Land 3D demo, and to date The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for eShop.

60 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Is Developing A Brand New 2D Yoshi Platformer For Nintendo 3DS?”

      1. lol what?

        the prices of games for gameboy & DS haven’t changed since the beginning (or at least not where I live) they’ve always been roughly $60 at EB and K-mart

      1. the second analog stick isnt a bad idea, you can probably take off teh accessory when you need to so its not that big of a deal if thats true, but anyway id love to see a new yoshi game:D

      1. While it’s a nice game it’s not nearly as good as Yoshi’s Island in my opinion. I’d rather have a sequel to that game.

    1. Yoshi’s Story was severely underrated. It was one of the most original games on N64 and I loved its LBP-like aesthetics and fun gameplay. Don’t take IGN’s ratings and let it ruin a game. I’m excited for a Yoshi game, whether it’s Yoshi’s story 2 or not, it’s by GoodFeel which excites me more.

    2. That game is just awesome and one of the best games on N64, in my opinion. Even just because of the soundtrack in the sequel, it deserves to be called a good game, that’s what I think at least (:
      Maybe you don’t like it, that’s you opninion, but it’s not up to you to state it as a fact if it is/was a good game or just “shit”.

  1. Sounds great. BTW, did anyone consider that the second circle pad attachment will make the 3DS fully capable as a Wii U remote?

    1. Very good observation. But the Wii U already has a screen in it, so why would you need to use the 3dS? I know they’re already planning to do this, I can’t see the need for it yet.

      1. Think about people playing with friends and familiy on the screen and in the palm of their hands. Buying the new home console and already having an additional controller to support this.

  2. Wow a demo of Mario Land would be SICK! And also I really like yoshis story it was very original! I’d love to see a remake.

  3. If a side scroller game has the usual 2D mechanics (left or right on screen) but has 3D graphics (like Sonic 4, Shadow complex etc.) and a 3D background/environment, that is called 2 and a half D.

    So can somebody tell me what it would be if it was on the 3DS, because technically it’s still a side scroller and not 3D?

  4. Here’s an idea. If Four Swords is going to be dated, does that mean that soon after that, GBA games will be released?

  5. I really think Nintendo released the bad games first,and i working to get the awesome games starting now…A Yoshi Side-Scroller by the guys who make Epic Yarn would be really good and i really hope this rumor is true :)

  6. I’m pretty sure the french site said it would be a new 3DS model didn’t they? Not an add-on…

    Yoshi’s Island is one of the best games ever, and Yoshi’s Island 2 was amazing and very under-rated. A third one in the series would be immense.

  7. Sorry, but this all turned out to be a lie. Someone full of shit decided to spread a rumor saying Yoshi was getting his own 3DS Adventure, and we haven’t heard about it in almost a year. Don’t believe everything you read.

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