Nintendo: ‘Nintendo Will Never Be Great Again’

Rick Aristotle Munarriz has written a rather short-sighted article for the Daily Finance titled ‘how Nintendo will never be great again’. Here’s a few choice extracts from the article, feel free to leave your two cents.

Shares of Nintendo hit a five-year low this summer, wiping away any gains made during the Wii era and through the last couple of handheld DS introductions. Net revenue fell by more than half in Nintendo’s latest quarter, with a steep operating loss to boot.

How optimistic can anyone be for next year’s Wii U rollout when Nintendo can’t move its gadgetry even at fire-sale prices?
The funk is real, and it’s not getting better.

Consumers have moved on, even if Nintendo has yet to realize why it wasn’t given a forwarding address. Nintendo can be clueless.


  1. this guy is clueless, stock shares are only a reliable source of information in the long term, it’s not Nintendos’ fault that all the bull**** speculation led to share drops, the same thing happened to Apple when Jobs resigned and I don’t see anyone moaning about it.

    1. I agree. Just because their shares dropped doesn’t mean that all of their money is gone. The holiday season is when most people buy consoles and besides the 3rd is still selling in Japan very well. Yea consoles are important but they do sell a lot of games as well. I’m not saying they’re perfect but this seems like a useless comment.

      1. lol, changing your name and commenting on your own post. Your image remains the same and we can see it’s you.

          1. Wow Jio, how ignorant can you be…? Seriously, there’s not going to be a totally unique design for every 1000+ different people that comment on this site. But on the topic of this post, while the financial aspect of it is true, I find the predictions somewhat farfetched, and I can’t help but feel that theres a hint of hate of Nintendo here. The “Nintendo can be clueless” remark isn’t necessary, and shows opinion, as I don’t think calling a company “clueless” can be proven as a fact.

            1. Wrong use of the word ignorant, a more correct word would be clueless, ignorant would be you for not being open to different ideas.

              1. Ignorant and clueless mean pretty much the same thing. Also, spriggax was in no way ignorant with his comment. There was no “not being open to different ideas”, he was just pointing out a bias by the author of the article.

      2. I agree with both.

        First, find me some stocks that are doing well at this time. Not many (if any) are doing well. People are selling their stocks for cash now and not risking holding on. While there are shareholders upset and sold off stock, I’m sure a larger percent was just selling stocks due to the economy. Also there were those earthquakes in Japan as well.

        Wasn’t there a report that Sony’s stock has been tumbling to? I thought I saw something on that more recently.

        1. Not only that, Sony lost $3 billion in 2011, whereas Nintendo made a cool billion, despite the “doom and gloom.”

          This idiot seems to think stock price dictates all, when in fact the health of a business resides in their current assets, profits, and debts. Nintendo has made billions of dollars in that last 5 years, they have ZERO debt, and has never had a loss for a year, only a scant quater here or there. This is a dynamite and long-lasting business, but this moron would have you invest is something just because its stock price is high.

          and now you wonder why the world is in a global economic crisis. Morons like this are allowed to give this retarded advice.

          1. Um, no, I’m pretty sure retarded individuals are more cognizant than this man. I think the term you want is catatonic. :) As well, I concur 100%.

          2. Sony didn’t lose 3 billion in 2011. Maybe Playstation did, but Sony makes TVs, PCs, Blu-Ray players, phones, cameras, and many accessories (DVDs, memory cards). So again, Sony didn’t lose 3 billion in 2011.

            1. Though SONY has all its divisions spread into different buisiness-parts, thus Sony Playstation may have lost 3B whilst TV department gained 4B… All big companies work like that, or else all will perish! (Philips, Apple even Microsoft)

              Like there would be one account of Sony with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ((12/9? Billion, damn Im european, 1000000000 or 100000000000)) on it and thats it? Haha that would be funny when your going to do a cash withdrawal =P

    2. I agree 1000% People are just so pessemistic about Nintendo. and yeah, shares do not matter unless in the long term. Nintendo is good! People just need to put their faith in them and they will produce the highest-quality games!

    1. Sadly, a lot of people aren’t gamers. Maybe that’s why this guy seems so grumpy. What he needs is a good’ol healthy dose of Mario Kart. That should cheer him right up. ;)

    1. No, he’s a finance writer, so he kjnow what he’s talking about you idiot.

      I love nintendo, I hope they get out of this slump with profits.

      And regarding ‘topping the charts’, they are only beating the ps3 by 30,000 units. the ps3 is old and it’s still selling.

      Stop being narrow minded and start looking through a businessman eye and you may be able to understand something rather than leaving a pointless and immature comment.

      1. You hit the nail directly on the head, Tommy222! I agree!
        To many of these uneducated Nintendo Fanboys, anything or anyone who talks down about Nintendo for a moment, Even if its an opinion, Are Sony/Microsoft fanboys! People Must love Sony if they keep mentioning them on a topic that doesn’t relate to Sony AT ALL.

      2. I dont know, finance writers and analysts have been known to make outlandish remarks, particularly with Apple products and saying “Nintendo is doomed”

        1. That’s because of the increase of money in the ios market compared to the gaming market. which is sad as indie games companies will struggle to produce games. AS you and i said, he is a finance writer, he looks at stocks and shares, not at games quality.

      3. Wow, I really wasn’t even tryin to be immature, and nice.. I wasn’t asked to be called an idiot. This is my sense of humor OBVIOUSLY I was making a joke about the fanboy thing. Chill the hell out. And once again Nintendo beats other systems with 8 top games being on nintendo systems, according to Nintendo’s newest tweet. So stfu and stop pickin on me. I’m only leaving my simple opinion since I don’t feel like getting all technical about it. My opinion, nintendo will always be great, end of story. Next time don’t be rude in your comments and try real hard not to insult people, thought that might be difficult.

        1. Ok, then i apologise if i caused you offence. I’m just getting wound up from the constant bashing of facts.

          1. Ok, then i apologise if i caused you offence. I’m just getting wound up from the constant bashing of facts. (Fact are the shares, not nintendo are doomed)

      4. You think businessmen aren’t narrow-minded? Stock prices alone don’t determine the value and success of a company. I highly doubt that the author of this article is a finance writer. Also, you mention that Nintendo is only beating Nintendo by 30,000 units, but what about games? I’m not saying that Nintendo is selling more games; I have no clue. But my guess is that if you were to look at ALL the details on sales and do a little predicting of future sales (3DS is coming out with some great games soon), you’d see a little more clearly (and not narrow-mindedly :) just how well Nintendo is doing.

      1. the only problem with nintendo is that they should think before putting a new console on the market. for example, nintendo wanted to add that second analogue stick (making it look awfully bulky). They should think more about their gaming lineup. Also, the developers cannot work with the Wii U kits. Nintendo should have put the second analogue stick in the first place, have more gaming support (the price drop might have never happend), and check to see if their kits are working.

        1. but don’t get me wrong, i LOVE mario, zelda, and all of their first party games. i just feel that this launch could of went more smoothly.

          1. That’s not agreeing. You’re simply stating Nintendo should have waited to release the 3DS; this guy is saying Nintendo is doomed, no argument. Unless you think Nintendo is doomed as well, in which case you should have made that clear in your comment.

          1. Nintendo probably won’t come up with a totally brand-new handheld family for another 10+ years given how well the current DS family is doing. (this includes the 3DS)

    1. i am sure that thats what people said about sega when the dreamcast came out
      i ve actually been thinking as a nintendo fanboy to their games and how great the quality of playstation is i almost hope that nintendo goes out of business just so that i can have their games for playstation instead of having to sacrifice things like graphics loading times etc. for zelda, pokemon and all that good stuff

      1. To tell you the truth, I am opposite of what you think. I want Nintendo to stay because in my eyes they make their games for their console specifically for their console. Their 1st party games define them in my opinion.

        Plus, if they went OoB, they wouldn’t be able to make games period (unless if someone else buys their IP’s). But that’s my 2 cents. You have your idea and I have mine.

        1. yeah i get what your saying but i meant OoB just in consoles but stay in game developers.
          and i did used to really like nintendos systems and wii u has some cool stuff but its just like what now? what in the world can you do to make video games better? their isnt too much playstation has motion controls and are thinking about 3d on the next vita
          and graphics will peak with the wii U and the ps4 (xbox is all around crap so they will probally just make inferior graphics to make it affordable) after all that what is their to do make video games reach out and touch you maybe idk but its not something that is going to change how people really play video games

          1. Don’t worry about that at all (about the OoB vs. other thing). ^_^

            Well, let’s hope for the best for all. I don’t want to see anyone fall out (well, maybe Microsoft a little bit). We do need checks and balances for competition, so I don’t want Nintendo to fall because of the uniqueness that they have in the current market, thus forcing the others to try to create a unique (or new to them) thing for their own console, thus giving benefits to other consoles. I don’t want another Sega to happen PERMANENTLY (who knows, if Ninty does fall, they could come back EVENTUALLY if they make a surplus). I’m just a little nervous because this company was the one that started it for me on videogames and I stuck to them because of their 1st parties. Personally, if it was between the 1st party series and the company itself, I would want the 1st parties to be alive. So in a sense, I am like you about the other consoles thing. BUT, I don’t want them to fall in the hardware area anyways. There needs to be a trinity of consoles in this current and future market.

        1. No one can take Nintendo classics away from Nintendo!!! They will ruin them. Nintendo is unique and there characters are. Sorry but Sony and Microsoft doesn’t have any great unique characters. Nintendo will always have it’s classics such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid. And big series like Pokemon

  2. Unfortunately, I’m starting to believe this is true. Nintendo really needs to pull themselves together in the next few months if they want any of their target audience to buy their hardware ever again, and with the constant influx of news on how the Wii U is not sitting well with devs, I’m seriously worried about that. I can only hope that the 3DS will pick up in the coming months, because if Nintendo’s hardware stops failing, I have a feeling they’re going to bring the whole ship down with them, and I don’t want Skyward Sword to be the last Zelda game I play.

      1. I have full faith in Nintendo, considering the coming lineup and the fact that the 3Ds is in fact selling greatly following the price-drop.

        1. Still there are no good games but Ocarina of Time and Star Fox, both remakes and most of eShop games are a waste of time and money. Sorry but let face the truth

          1. Yeah, not many good retail 3DS games have released, but have you looked at the eShop lately? It’s packed with great games.

          2. Have you SEEN how many good games are coming out for Christmas? It’s still a new system, just give it a little time.

      2. of course u must consider the demographics involved. nintendo INTENDED to target the softcore, so that the wiiu has a larger base of wii newcomers that are now seasoned gamers. this attemp failed from mediocre titles. so nintendo is now doing the “fuck this, time for big guns” thing now. but its now only a matter of time.

        1. Nintendo have had problems i will agree. But they are being fixed. The 3DS launch was good but the lineup in games was quite shameful, Only now in the upcoming months are good games such as Mario Kart, Luigi’s mansion and others are coming this christmas. It would have been better maybe if Zelda Ocarina of Time was released at the same time as the 3DS or the console being released later. I shall hope that the “Wii U” has a better line up. Nintendo need to work hard at there up coming games. Good luck nintendo :)

  3. BULL…. Nintendo will always be great! The problem lies within the majority of gamer’s eyes…. Many people today are iggnorant and assume a game is bad because it has “bad graphics” and or doesnt involve killing a bunch of people! Without Nintendo games would not even exist today! And without Nintendo… the industry would never move forward! Nintendo wheather anyone can see it or not, is the greatest now, and always will be.

          1. I hate people who go Nintendo is shit because they have shit graphics. It makes me so mad. GRAPHICS AIN’T EVERYTHING I agree with you. Then they play nintendo games and say its okay i would have enjoyed it more if it had better graphics. People like them won’t be happy till games look so realistic it’s freighting and they turn murderous wanting to feel the experience for them selfs.I nearly went and did ‘Creative Games Design’ in university. I’m going there now at the end of September to do ‘3D Computer Animation’. I am scared for the people who want games with great realistic graphics. It’s good I admit but it’s not gaming. Those people have a lack of creativity. With nintendo it’s breath taking because it’s amazing, seeing a world that doesn’t exist, seeing Hyrule field with all it’s glory. Flying a plane around a island in pilot wings resort. Sorry but when Nintendo create games they put care in them and make them bright and colourful and just breathless. Graphics ain’t everything but it helps.

            1. I hate people who say that Nintendo will never be hardcore. The definition of a [hard]core game: a game that has such a deep level of depth and gameplay that it would appeal to those beyond casual gaming(this isn’t a real definition, but I’d like to think it’d be close enough). However, no matter what Nintendo does, no matter how deep and expansive their games like Metroid, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Pikmin, etc. are, haters will say “Those aren’t hardcore! They aren’t even rated M! Wheres the blood and gore and cussing and drugs and violence!? God, those games are for kids! Nintendo is for casual idiots!!!!” And that’s honestly bullcrap.

      1. I hate comments like this.

        Quentin Tarintinos quote was ‘i steal from every film ever made’. This means he takes the idea, then improves it.

        Nintendo create great things. they give birth to game-changing phericals. sony and microsoft do as well.

        nintendo started with the l/r buttons (starting from snes which was the greatest console ever created). sony doubled that, had l2 and r2. the analogue stick, sony once again took influence from it and created two, one for camera and the other for movement.

        Apple created the ipad, nintendo created the wii U which has been influenced from the ipads design.

        You are oblivious and you are ignorant.

        (I’m not a sony fanboy or microsoft fanboy, before you idiots start saying that, i’m a videogames lover)

        1. Yeah, umm no…
          Nintendo already had the home console touchscreen idea, and they have the DS line to show that. And just because it looks similar to the ipad doesn’t mean they took the idea. How else would a giant touchscreen be incorporated into a controller without it looking similar? Oh and calling someone and idiot before talking to them is ignorant.

          1. On the advert, facetime is present. that is direct copying of apple.

            I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Without companys copying eachother, then they’d all be left behind in the dark. you need to take the ideas from other companys, or you will fail in business. they advertise it as the wii U ‘Does everything the ipad can, and more!’ if they do not. they will fail.

            1. Actually, video calling wasn’t invented by apple, but I can basically see what you’re getting at. But it is a game system, not a multimedia device, and I think the gamers mostly want games, not ipad-like functionality. I guess we’re going to have to see how the Wii U turns out, though, in order to have a solid base on these sort of “nintendo is doomed” ideas.

                  1. Whoa. Back up.Tommy, did you say that Nintendo had been influenced by the iPad? How long do you think the Wii U has been in development for? 2 years? It’s concept was determined just a year after the Wii came out in 2006, and since the iPad wasn’t even announced until 2009, it would have been impossible for Nintendo to have copied the iPad at all. If anything, I bet Nintendo was angry that the iPad was released before the Wii U, since that’ll make people like you accuse them of copying.

    1. This has to be one of the most accurate and downright truthful statements I have read he in support of Nintendo. Actually, if you think about it, to some extent both Apple and Nintendo share a lot in common.

    2. Graphics arent everything but they’re still important
      And honestly wii doesn’t have good graphics its relatively soft core games
      I mean Mario is great but it’s not a hard core game the graphics haven’t changed all that much sense 64 no real plot at all charecters that don’t speak for the most part
      They keep reusing the same stuff like always
      I mean I’m still gonna get the next game I love nintendo but my wii is never gonna replace my ps3

  4. Sites that don’t deal strictly with gaming generally have close-minded opinions. Don’t let it get to you.

  5. I think Nintendo is moving FORWARD on this case. The Wii was a sucksess and had very good casual games (Wii sports resort – Animal Crossing) and some very good hardcore games (Zelda – Smash Bros. DK return OMG!!!). With Wii u’s updated graphiks and the new controller, i think Nintendo is getting better and better.

  6. i really don’t see where this guys logic comes from. the only thing i have to say is that a nintendo fan should always be a nintendo fan because we know that they will always have great and fun games for us to buy. as a fan i don’t care what the price for the wii U is, all i care about is that it is something new and innovative that they make. it does not have to have the highest power graphics capabilities. as long as the games are good and the systems are innovative i am happy with them. :)

    1. A Nintendo fan should always be a Nintendo fan? What if tomorrow Nintendo announces that their next console is literally a steaming pile of shit? Would you buy the Nintendo Shit? I play video games to have fun, and that’s something Nintendo happens to very good at, making amazingly fun games. I’ve never been fond of their hardware, their competitors have always been better in that matter, but Nintendo makes it a point to make the best games on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about graphics, I care about having fun, and if, god forbid, Nintendo stops producing the fun, I will stop being a Nintendo fan.

  7. Things actually have begun to look better for Nintendo recently. Ofcourse it’s not where it was about a Year and a Half ago, but I’m optimistic.

  8. its cuz the world is fucked up, and buys shooter games. games are for enjoyment, not screaming into mics and yelling NOOB!!!!. Its adventure, story, fun./ Nintendo has it right, ppl need to realize

    1. ^ Complete agreement, but I love strategy. Anything that makes me think, most people just go for COD now, noobs…. But graphics are not important to me as long as the game goes smoothly, does not have code errors, or over powers the system and causes lag. If I have to think, and runs smooth and easy on the eyes, BOOM! I love it and will buy it no doubt. My only exception is my FAVORITE GAME SERIES EVER. METROID!!!!! Samus Aran all the way! =] GOO!!! NINTENDO!!!!!

    2. AMEN! But if you think about it, part of the reason the market is like this is because that is what retailers like Game Stop encourage people to buy.

  9. The only thorn I think nintendo has in its side is NoA, there needs to be another executive shake up there. Oh and one more thing, a CEO at NCL with balls the size of Hiroshi Yamauchi’s, that guy didn’t take any shit from anybody. But beyond that, nothing is wrong with Nintendo and they are doing quite well.

  10. The thing is, no one can say *insert what ever you want here* will never be great again. How do they know? Have they gone into the future and saw the downfall? This is the same with Sony, Microsoft, etc.

      1. Yes, there are plenty of “game series” out there, however there are very good games that they are not zelda, mario, metroid, star fox and kirby, believe me

        1. Look at the difference between Legend of Zelda on NES and the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Wii… Yeah, not so much the same game, is it? If you mean same series, then it’s actually quite impressive old franchises are going strong nowadays. Have you seen the review for the latest Zelda game, OoT 3D? How about Mario Galaxy 2? Maybe Star Fox 64 3D? You might also want to check out Pokémon. Those are evidence of my argument, which is they are awesome and should not stop being made the way they are.

    1. Oh you mean I should stop playing games and switch to the same generic shooters with a zombie pack slapped on it, idiot -_-.

      I’m not anti-Sony (love mgs and ratchet and clank), but how is a DVD player not a gimmick?

      1. To be fair, Sony invented the Blue Ray player, so it would only be logical for them to put it i a high power console. Also, generic shooters are generic shooters, but the PlayStation has more games than those 2. (LittleBigPlanet 1 &2, Uncharted series, Infamous, God of War, GTA 4, Red Dead, the list of great games goes on and on).

    1. xD, really random comment, but really funny, since I get where its from.
      Hopefully we’ll get some Portal on the Wii U also, since Portal 2 was one of the greatest games I have ever played.

  11. The article may be harsh in tone but it is absolutely spot on the money. Nintendo have completely misunderstood the current Market.

    Nintendo’s first mistake: Why would I pay £150 for a 3D version of the Nintendo DS, when bar the 3D ability, my mobile phone can play games almost as powerful?

    Downloadable, cheap and addictive games are the way to go for portable consoles, but I suspect portable consoles will due out as smart phones get more powerful.

    Nintendo’s second mistake – WiiU – is a retro grade step. Too complicated, too similar to the Wii, and no stand out titles or 3D ability as such. Sony and Microsoft seem to be looking ahead to the way home consoles are developing – Nintendo should do.

    But the biggest mistake was releasing the 3DS in the clamshell form – they should have reverted to a single screen, touchscreen with the genius analogue pad, and turned towards downloadable titles as a legitimate
    Market itself; that, and no stand out home developed title in 3D that wasn’t a rehash of an older game.

      1. Also, mobile games are NOT comparable to The 3DS or the Vita. Mobile games offer you 3 minutes of time-wasting gameplay. A 3DS or a Vita can offer a long time.

        1. Yup. Don’t think I’ve seen Mario or Legend of Zelda on the Apple App Store yet. I love my iPhone and all, but it’s just not the same as my 3DS.

          1. Did you HONESTLY just say that the 3DS should’ve had just ONE screen? what would be the point of the 3D then!? you’re finger would get in the way of it!

    1. let me know when your precious mobile phone and addictive angry birds become as awesome as mario and zelda.

      rofl you are criticizing nintendo consoles for being too similar when all sony and microsoft do is up the specs. and no shit there’s no titles announced for wii u yet. do you know how early it is?

      1. Haha just because you’re smart phones can waste 5 minutes of your time, don’t think the 3DS is the same. Isn’t Angry Birds just the same f’ing thing for each level? The only thing that changes is the type of birds you can throw. Talk about boring!

      2. Actually… New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Pikmin 3, and Super Smash Bros. 4 are all announced for Wii U! Thats just Nintendo titles too! :D There is also a Wii U exclusive Assasain’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, and Killer Freaks announced for Wii U :)

          1. no it really is a game being made, not just a demo. why would they make a mario game to show off good graphics? mario game graphics are always cartoony.

    2. 1. Your mobile phone can’t play DS games, which there are plenty of good titles.
      2. Not neccessarily, some of us like games that take more than 5 minutes to play, games that require exploration, games that would be incredibly hard to do on a phone.
      3. Wii U is not any more complicated than the DS. There was a moment in Phantom Hourglass where you had to close the DS to imprint the map on your screen, much like interaction between 2 screens. The Wii U will have similar interactions
      4. Sony and Microsoft tend to copy Nintendo. See Playstation Move; original Sixaxis controller and Kinect – ideas implemented to battle the Wii. Now that Nintendo revealed their huge secret, look for similar functionality from Sony and Microsoft. Especially when the Wii U takes off.
      5. Nintendo enjoys it’s backward compatibility, losing a screen means loss of critical functionality. Why release a new console and say hey, all that stuff you bought, you should just throw into storage or sell it off. Wii U should be compatible with the Wii, it has Wii in the name.
      6. The reason that no stand out home developed title was not provided was because Nintendo relied on these 3rd parties to develop them for launch. As we can see they failed. That’s why OOT 3D and Starfox 64 3D will sell, because people want titles to play while they wait for real titles: see Super Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, etc

    3. “No stand out titles for Wii U” – have you followed any news yet? Your Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Darksiders will all be there. Then throw in DQ10 (now confirmed on Wii U), plus Nintendo’s IPs sounds like a recipe for success to me.

    4. I agree with the premises of your arguments, but your backing is all flawed. Yes the 3DS is expensive, no you cannot have even close to the same experience on your phone. Yes donwloadable games are fun, but you missed the fact that the 3DS already has a good library of them and that DLC is coming our way. Yes the Wii U is similar to the Wii, but it’s 2 steps ahead of what Sony and Microsoft are doing. Do some research before ranting on here.

  12. Is skyward sword still coming out? Yes.
    Is there going to be a Zelda for wii U? Probably.
    Am I going to buy it and is it going to blow my fucking mind? Yes.

    Nintendo’s greatness isn’t a business plan, it’s about great games. Nintendo continues to make great games, like, really fucking great games. I don’t care about anything else.

  13. I think this guy is taking it to the extreme but he might be on the right track down the road. Stock prices and all that garbage are only half the picture. You must look at what consumers want and are demanding. The fact is 3DS sales aren’t doing well and the Wii U is getting mixed reviews by devs. Kinect (and the PS3 version of kinect) have passed the Wii as far as motion games go. And the first person shooters like COD, Battlefield, etc aren’t as exciting to play on the Wii, especially with the lack of HD. The Wii has fun games and such but it doesn’t appeal to the mass market because games like COD are better on other consoles. The Wii only has so many decent games to buy. Now I don’t know much about the Wii U but they are going to have to make serious changes from the Wii to stay alive in the gaming world. The Wii wasn’t meant for hardcore gamers and the causal gamers is a small market and they dont buy games and accessories as often as other gamers.

    1. why don’t you look up some wii sales figures first? the “mass market” is much larger than the fps gamers you are considering.

  14. “Shares of Nintendo hit a five-year low this summer, wiping away any gains made during the Wii era and through the last couple of handheld DS introductions”

    Wiping away any gains. Ha. They’ve got billions of dollars in cash reserves built up from the last five years, those are the only meaningful gains as share price is just one factor, and it’s going to be a long time before those mountains of cash are wiped away.

  15. Believe it or not but nintendo also made crap: VirtualBoy anyone… but they always managed to crawl back up and publish something good. I for one don’t think it’s game over nintendo. But in these troubled times they should be carefull and make something the public will buy massivelly…

  16. I am still waiting for the day for somebody to post a mature calculated comment on this blog, not some fan boy frustration

    1. So if we act like Nintendo isn’t failing were fanboys. If we act like they are failing were fanboys? Would you rather I said, “Hi everyone” in a comment. Then you’ll be happy ;)

      1. No, what i mean is opening up these blogs for structured debate. Where people accept others opinions and talk rather than bashing somebody for pointing out the truth.
        For eg. ‘Shares are a full time low’ -fact. and saying that is not an insult, and regrettably it is true.
        Fanboys however will take this and suddenly pull out of nowhere that the person saying this statement is a sony or microsoft fanboy, which is ludicrous.

        I never said nintendo are failing. I love them more than any other company. I adore the meaning of the word nintendo (leave luck to heaven). i play on my wii constantly and on my 3ds, but i also accept characters from sony and microsoft (Ratchet and clank, Jak and daxter are great games). The thing that ruins it for me is that other people who love nintendo are ignorant to facts that may take a shine away from nintendo. They are living in Franz Kafkas fictional world where they accept anything pro nintendo however are oblivious to anything that brings the buisness down to reality.

        It’s a pity.

  17. You should never make a statement so bold.
    Skyward Sword is racking up the preorders.
    A new Kirby game is coming out for the Wii
    The 3DS price has been lowered and Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Super Mario 3D Land, and Luigi’s Mansion are being released consecutively.
    PLUS Nintendo could give us more announcements when it gives it’s TGS press conference next week.

  18. People have moved on from Nintendo? OHHHHH….that’s why the Wii is the top selling console this gen. Guess I interpreted that wrong?

  19. Nintendo has been on a down fall since the 2nd year of the Wii. It has lost it’s luster. I have not played a Wii game since Mario Galaxy . Right now consumers are looking for the best deal they can get with their buck. Wii lacks the features Xbox360 and PS3 have. The 3DS sales have been down due to the other medians games come on (iphone, android, tablets). If the Wii U fails and if they don’t change their game plan. Nintendo might turn into a software company.

    1. I have played a Wii game as recently as this year, just because you couldn’t find more than 3 or 4 good games, doesn’t mean others couldn’t. The 3DS are actually up so I have no clue what you’re talking about. The Wii-U…I don’t know how it will do but it’s definitely moving gaming forward.

      1. I have talked to many Wii owners who have not played a game on it for at least a year. The 3DS did go up in sales mostly in Japan. BUT Nintendo is loosing money on each one sold. The Wii U for surehas huge potential to be a great step forward for Nintendo. The Wii is one of the top selling consoles to date due to the broadness of casual and core games. However, the motion controls has turned off many gamers as of late.

  20. This article (on the Daily Finance website) even had comments that said that the author was giving bologna (I used the word bologna in this, though). The stocks actually are increasing right now.

    According to Yahoo! Finance, 21.63 was the last trade for Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) Stock, while 20.10 was the last trade for Sony (SNE). Note: this could change by the time you read this.

    Stocks aside, didn’t the same thing happen to Apple with the doomsday theory thing until the iPod was released? Also, Nintendo had flubs before (Virtual Boy, 64: DD, etc.) So, Nintendo will get back in the limelight and eventually succeed.

  21. I have full faith in Nintendo, but you can’t say that they haven’t fucked up the 3DS so far because of its poor launch. Luckily, with the price drop and about six amazing games coming out, sales will raise. The 3DS should be a lesson to them, they HAVE to bring it with the Wii U or it’ll be bad. They’ve got to bring first party games at launch with good third party support to back it up. Bundles and a <$300 price would be helpful too. I trust that they've learned and will be prepared come a year from now.

    1. And possibly more amazing games after the upcoming conference. ;) With the large Pokémon fanbase, I think it would be extremely helpful for the 3DS if a main Pokémon game was to be made on it. And I’m pretty sure Pokémon Grey (most likely name) would be on 3DS, not DS.

  22. This guy is obviously out of orbit. The Wii sold far better than the XBox 360 and PSP. Its sales are going down now because of the product’s natural process of maturity. It happens all the time after 5 or 6 years of the console’s release. Sony PS had to copy its controllers because they realized it was not selling as well as the Wii (adding another chapter to their copycats story). Xbox didn’t even make enough hype with its lame kinnect motion sensors. Plus Nintendo’s franchise games, more often than not, beat the hell out of third party games developed for Microsoft and Sony consoles. There’s always a Zelda, Mario or Metroid at the top of a “top 100 games of all times”. And now the Nintendo 3DS is cannibalizing every other consoles in Japan. This is because they are pioneers in technology for games. And iPad, iPods are they really good for casual games? Seriously, the only good game to play in those things is Angry Birds which Wii Sports and Wii Fit is much more fun than launching little birds. Even hot girls prefer to play that rather than angry birds. Nintendo’s got the majority of casual gamers which is a bigger set of people than hardcore gamers, they got whole families involved in one single room and they got the hotties. This guy’s mouth was bought either by Sony, Microsoft or Apple. My guess is Apple…

    See full article from DailyFinance:

    1. It would probably be from an actual competitor… If Apple is a competitor, it’d be minor compared to Microsoft and Sony. I’m pretty sure they would spend their money on bringing down Microsoft or Google rather than Nintendo.

  23. this guy doesn’t know’s shit of what he is talking about because as soon as the Wii U comes out sony and microsoft are doomed and since sony stated that the PS4 wont have any graphical change and that is going to be focused on a casual audience (mainly of kids and women) sony will go down first because their fanbase only buys shooters and since its becoming casual the fanbase will flame them for doing so, as for microsoft well they just suck, also since Wii U has HD graphics (and looks better than that of current consoles) also has a lot of hardcore games coming out at launch so well nintendo wins, as for the 3DS everyone is going to get one for holidays because a lot of awesome games are coming out for the 3DS in holidays.

  24. Nintendo you’re in my prayers. i have faith that they will succeed! they always do. and i’m sure that i’m not the only one who will support Nintendo through thick and thin! <3

    1. Nintendo made gaming what it is today. Can you imagine what the gaming industry would be like if the NES wasn’t invented? It probably wouldn’t even exist. I have a lot of respect for innovative company and Nintendo is at the top of my list.

  25. Oh god not more of this BS again. MyNintendo, I hate to tell you guys how to do your job but maybe you should ignore these kinds of stories from now on.

  26. tell me….. what is so fun about shooting the same people over and over again? doing the same missions over and over again? its not! its really repetitive and boring imo! how would nintendo benefit from producing gay a@@ games like those? halo cod im looking at you!

  27. Oh my god 90% of these comments have to be the most retarded un-educated people I have ever laid my eyes on. Because you don’t like what someone says, he is wrong, gay, stupid, blind, and a MS/Sony fanboy? Ever come to mind that Nintendo will not be here forever? They are beginning to fade away. How many people with a 3DS do you see on a bus, ect? How many houses have Wii’s out nowadays? For the purpose of it, Gamestop offers $30! for a Wii. THAT is how much people are trading them in. Now take a look around, the same style games that nintendo has on its platforms, are in a larger quantity on iTouch. So get your heads out of your asses and think with your mind for once.

    1. lol your saying people are un-educated then you go on about pointless information just read the guy below you (ben schlein), your just narrow minded kinda sad

    2. If people are settling for $30 for a Wii trade in, then they are getting cheated By Game Stop. Wii’s are worth more than that. Didn’t any of you read the news about what Game Stop did to those who bough the new Deus Ex game?

    3. Your arguments are the ones that don’t make any sense.

      How is Nintendo beginning to fade? The Wii outsold the PS3 and 360 and is still on top. The 360 had a year head start. The Wii was incredibly hard to purchase until 2008 (roughly 2 years after release). Why can’t Nintendo be here forever? They’ve already been around for over 100 years (yes it is true), what’s another 100? Seems like they know what they are doing. Yes they took a risk with the 3DS launch, but have you heard of “Virtual Boy”? That didn’t make them fade away.

      How many houses have Wiis out nowadays? I’d say plenty, since it’s till the #1 gaming platform to use Netflix. While it is lowest in terms of Internet usage, it was not designed to have many Internet games. I still play mine, got it within a week of it’s release. Granted I don’t play it everyday, but my life has changed as I’m not in college anymore, and I’m working full time and have a family. I still find time to play each week though.

      Gamestop also offers $30 for it since the price of the thing is $130-$150. They aren’t going to give you $200 for it, gamestop needs to make a profit on it. You can buy a game brand new the day it comes out and take it gamestop, they aren’t going to give you $50-$60 for it, you’ll be lucky to get $40. Items depreciate over time, and demand for them reduces the longer it is been available. It’s not $30 because of how many they have. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get much more (if not less) than $50 for your PS3 or 360. And you could have paid 400-600 for those.

      I’ve seen a number of 3DS’s around, after all I get streetpass tags. Have you seen Sickr’s report that over 400,000 sold within August? you’ll be seeing them around a lot more. Nintendo messed up the launch and the price, now they are in route of fixing it.

      Same style games? Um games are always similar but not the same. Of course the maker of Bejeweled will put it on iPod and 3DS, same with Angry Birds. But you don’t find Mario on there (legally at least), you’ll find games like it, but not the same. I believe guitar hero is on phones to, so that’s the publisher adding it to other platforms. I’m also pretty sure that COD is on phones now too.

  28. Okay, yes, I do disagree with this article, and while I rather not flame left and right with my opinions of other game systems I will say this.

    Anyone who think Nintendo is a sinking ship has a very narrow view of the market. By narrow, I mean they are focused on stereotypical gamer that frequents stores like Game Stop, buying what Game Stop tells them too.

    There are conventions… huge ones and small all over the world where fans of all things geek, japanese, etc… meet together. You might have heard of some of them, such as Comic Con. Each and every one of them that carries around a handheld system is, 9 times out of 10, carrying a Nintendo handheld system, even if they have a PSP. Moreover, consistently some of the most popular games for tournaments are games either specifically for Nintendo systems (Smash Brothers and Mario Kart for example) or available for Nintendo systems (Rock Band). So again, idiot or not, this person has a very narrow mindset of the gaming community.

    Oh and just as an FYI, games like Halo, COD and Battlefield, would not exist in their current form if not for Perfect Dark and Golden Eye; both of those are games for N64. Nuf said.

    1. I should mention that while I am anti-Microsoft and a self-declared Mac-Head, the main reason I have not bought an xbox360 is that there are not enough unique titles, not available for PS3 or PSP (which I already own), and want to play. In fact, up until E3 the same held true for the Wii and 3DS, but I have just finished paying off my layaway in time for my birthday (yesterday) on my new Flame Red 3DS including 9 games to get me started. While most of them are DS games including all 3 DS Pokemon (Platinum, Soul Silver and Black) so I can play with my girlfriend who has a DSi XL, among my starting collection are The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 64 3D. You can also bet that I will be ordering all the other 3DS games that were announced by Nintendo at E3 from my local video game store (The Score) here in Middle Tennessee.

      For those who have not heard of it, a friend of mine describes The Score best, saying, “The Score is the Chuck Norris of retailers. Things that seem impossible to expect from other retailers (including game stop), all of the sudden become possible.” Want proof? Besides carrying retro gear (including Virtual Boys), they offered to pay this friend of mine $30+ store credit, on two games that Game Stop would only give him $8 on in store credit.

      As to why I don’t have an xbox 360, well my rule is, I don’t buy any system unless there are at least 3 unique titles for that system that I want to play, no exceptions. And with not a single unique title for the 360 available that I want, I am not going to buy it. As for the 3DS, those 3 titles are Mario Kart 7, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 64 3D. And that was just post E3, now if you combine the games I have + plan to get from the e-shop and order hard copy of, you are looking at 30 games (including what is considered the best DS title of all time, Radiant Historia) just for my 3DS alone! I also plan to get a Wii soon for my girlfriend and me with 11+ titles to start with! Oh, and two interesting facts:

      1) Previous to my 3DS, my last Nintendo system was a brick Gameboy.
      2) For both my PSP and my PS3, upon obtaining them I started out with far fewer titles than I am with either of those Nintendo system; however, I still had the requisite 3 to start with and allow me to feel comfortable making the purchase.

      Oh and another interesting tidbit; how often does Game Stop truly make recommendations to you in your best interest? If you are a die hard RPG player, and have a (3)DS, but was not recommended Radient Historia for your (3)DS, then you might want to look into taking your business elsewhere (points to my post about what Game Stop did to those who purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution).

        1. For personal Reasons I am starting with a Wii, but I will get a WiiU as well, after it’s release, and I won’t sell the Wii. Even with the WiiU, I have some special uses in mind for it, and thanks.

  29. this guys a moron anyone with half a brain knows the Wii U is amazing and will sell a decent amount of systems and then everyone else that’s skeptical will try their friends Wii U then buy it nintendo has always had the best 1st party games and the people at nintendo are actual gamer where as the people at sony are pricks eg. they were insulting the the wii remote saying it looks like a loli pop…. then they release the ps move 5 years later, now THAT looks like a loli pop and recently the ceo said no self respecting gamer would own a 3ds hes such a douche the 3ds is gonna own the psv in sales if nothing just cuz of karma lol

    1. the PSVITA will fail miserably just as the PSP did wanna know why because the only thing it has is a touch screen and 2 circle pads (note how sony makes a touchscreen handheld trying to poorly copy nintendo which has had a touch screen since 2004)

      1. The PS Vita will sell just as much as the 3DS and both handhelds will do well. Also, does Nintendo own touchscreens? Is every company that uses touchscreen copying Nintendo? No, so stop ranting about how much you hate Sony Jake

  30. That’s a rather dumb analogy. Stocks all over the world have fallen due to people not risking their money when they could sell now for more than later for less. Nintendo shares have fallen because there is no demand for systems such as the Wii. Shareholders just take their money now for fear of a later loss. Remember when Nintendo hit gold with the NES and people said it would be the last time they would do that? They did it again with the SNES and have survived throughout the years. Then the wii kicked everyone in the nuts with its unexpected sales, and the DS gained momentum far beyond of what we had expected.

  31. Mabye true, we’ll find out if Nintendo dies, it probably wont but we’ll see. However, Nintendo has been the innovator for consoles (NOT GAMES) in the past 10 years, They were the only ones to have a portable system until the PSP, (wonder where sony got that idea…) and now the DS had gone 3D, and guess who dicied to get along with that? Sony of course! they always follow the trail of Nintendo. Motion gaming? it is argueable that Sony has it with the “eye toy” which i have never used, but i understand it to be the first of it’s kind, however, Nintendo and the Wii took the Motion gaming to what Microsoft and Sony have now, Sony is doing it right by taking directly from Nintendo the motion controler. Microsoft’s Kinect better incorperate ALL of their games with the Kinect, or it will be a flop as the games are boring for it. Yes, while in the 90’s the big N didn’t get on with Sony and the CD’s, they got all the way through to the Gamecube with the GameBoy and GBC and N64 of course. Nintendo is strong, and if they fall, Tech advances will halt as the people of Sony will have no footsteps to follow anylonger, they will only have their franchises to run off of. I like video games, so NINTENDO OR DIE.

    1. a proof that nintendo is better than sony is the fact that when the PSX came out it couldnt compete with nintendo but it did manage to take down sega

  32. I’m sure we’ll see soon that everything will jump back to normality at some level because for the most part the gaming industry gets quiet during the summer anyways, you have your major spring time releases and it picks back up in the fall, I’m sure if you look at all the companies they have probably some fall in stock and revenues Ninteneo has the unfortunate addition of taking a loss upfront with the 3DS

  33. “Nintendo will never be great again,” is a HUgE understatement! They may seem to be digging them selves into a hole, but if they get with today’s technology, and make the right moves, THEY WILL SUCCEED!

  34. With the 3DS having a failed start, that probably didn’t help their sales. And with recent reports that the Wii U is having difficulties, that also isn’t helping. But once the 3DS’s library gains some solid titles, which it will in the coming months, the sales will go up, their stock will go up, and everything will be fine. Nintendo is still a fantastic company, it just doesn’t compare to Sony and Microsoft, but I’ve always found them all to be rather different anyways.

  35. Things like this annoys me. It worries me too much when i have not need to be worried. This man said it wipes out all the gains made from the wii, so that means that any other console could bring it back up straight away. Nintendo just need to aim at people who play on x box’s and stuff. Also i think it’s a good idea for them to get some good graphics design apps for the wii. Maybe even photoshop. That way people who use tablets could buy one with a screen without wasting money because it has other uses. Also nintendo haven’t launched the best 3ds games yet, at christmas the 3ds will probably do well, i’m getting one for christmas if they have new colours out.

  36. Okay yeah I admit that Nintendo isn’t doing the best it could be right now. But to say that it will NEVER be great again is a poor prediction. I mean Nintendo is an innovater. I was slightly disappointed with a lack of innovation with the Wii U but it had plenty of new features to keep me hooked. Nintendo will return to making quality products again. I’m sure of it. Right now they just can’t mess up the Wii U.

  37. True nintendo can sometimes be clueless, but they have always and will Probably always will be. I mean comon, they have been the best for almost forever up till recently… Anyway, that’s just what I think…

  38. Shitstorm incomi-

    How the fuck am I always the last to comment on this blog? I JUST got the RSS. Don’t try to tell me there’s dozens of peeps here mashing their F5s all day.

    1. Facebook and Twitter help. People are always on there, and there’s a link to this blog in each of his tweets & Facebook posts. There’s always comments within seconds of each post.

  39. Well maybe if nintendo hadn’t fucked the 3ds completely it’d be fine
    But it’s shit
    I’d know I have it
    The only good game is zelda

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