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Nintendo: Nintendo President Says Nintendo Will Never Develop For Smartphones

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated categorically to Japanese paper the Nikkei that there’s absolutely no chance that Nintendo will develop games for smartphones despite increasing pressure from investors.

“Absolutely not”

This is absolutely not under consideration,” replied Iwata. “If we did this, Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo. Having a hardware development team in-house is a major strength. It’s the duty of management to make use of those strengths. It’s probably the correct decision in the sense that the moment we started to release games on smartphones we’d make profits. However, I believe my responsibility is not to short term profits, but to Nintendo’s mid and long term competitive strength.”

72 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo President Says Nintendo Will Never Develop For Smartphones”

    1. You also forget development is open to the public. Maximum third party support. So yeah, a lot suck, but there are a bazillion games.

      1. The I phone games just suck. Some are good but mainly their bad, Theres not much on them and their on a phone. The new PSN compatible Phone is the only good games on phone, but its PSN so…

        Good job Nintendo is never going to develop for Phones because i prefer a 3DS over a Smart Phone :D

        1. I’m not saying Nintendo needs to make mobile games.
          But there are literally tens of thousands of iPhone games. Anyone with a computer can submit them. So there are a lot of crappy games, but it also gives opportunity to a lot of creative people who would otherwise never get a chance. I’m just sayin it’s not fair to generalize.

  1. Very glad to hear this. So sick of all the articles from different sites pushing for Nintendo to get on the smart phone bandwagon. Like the poster above said, about 99% of the smart phone games are complete crap. I have an android an almost never use it for games.

    1. My friend also has an android, But not many games as most suck. All my friend plays on is Angry Birds and this Amusement park game.

      1. Agreed,
        And no I don’t want to have to spam everyone on my friends list with “come join my village” spam like all the other Facebook games make you do.

        1. You know you can block posts from those applications? At least I have blocked everything Farmville and one other that was showing a lot.

  2. I am very satisfied with Iwata continuing to refuse smartphone development of games as it would be trying to become like Nokia with how they failed with the N-Gage when they were a phone developer. The opposite progress would happen with Nintendo, and they would cease to be called ‘Nintendo’, anymore. Besides, if they went to smartphone gaming, then they would be taking a step back from going forward with gaming’s evolution as smartphone gaming is the equivalent of the days of the Atari 2600, in my personal opinion. But I will agree that if Nintendo wants to try social network gaming for once, then they should trying something on Facebook like an Animal Crossing game or that Pokemon MMORPG that most of us want.

    1. I don’t want social gaming really, but mini versions maybe fine.

      Nintendo games must stick to their consoles as it makes sense. I never use facebook however due to risks of my friends computers breaking because of facebook hackers. The virus on facebook once Killed some of my friends computers :(

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  4. “If we did this, Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo. ” SOOO AGREE TO THIS!!! STOP BEING FOOLISH, INVESTORS!! \[˚O˚]

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  6. YES! OK, Cool, Thanks, Iwata! This answer breathes with emotions. Love it. So can the stupid sites I won’t name (3 letters) talk about something else now and stop predicting “in all their impartiality and rationality” the end of Nintendo? I’m tired of all these websites sending armageddon messages like “Buy Vita, because Nintendo is in some serious bullshit now and you’ll regret it. You’ll get the only worthful games on your phone soon enough anyway! 3DS is doomed!!!!!” -_-‘
    Nintendo will stay Nintendo, great games are arriving, 3DS will pwn Vita, let’s spread the word :D
    (and let the fanboy fight begin >_<)

  7. I think Iwata hit it spot on, the quality of games on mobile phones are pretty poor, and thus would only be a small increase.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a small amount of games I do like on my Galaxy Tablet & iPod Touch, those games were not the reason behind the purchase. I purchased the N64, GameCube, Gameboy Advance, DS, DSi, Wii and 3DS to play quality Nintendo games. Sure I enjoy the casual Wii Sports once in a long while, but I primarily play games like the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid, which simply do not work on a mobile phone. The tablet possibly, but I’d much rather have a controller than some lousy touch-only controls. The best Wii games used the nunchuck or classic controller as the main controls, and the best DS/3DS games use the control pad/circle pad with button combinations with minimal use of the stylus (IMO).

    1. Don’t take that as there were not quality games that didn’t use those control methods, it was simply a statement that the ‘Majority’ of titles I enjoyed used those methods. I did like the Zelda games on the DS along with MP Hunters, but there were more games that didn’t force the stylus controls. I also liked some of the motion games like Mario Party 8 and Warioware.

  8. Good for him. He’s right that Nintendo has in-house strength: they make and develop video games/systems for a living. No Mario, no purpose to playing video games.

  9. Very well said. If they have their own hardware, then they should make use of it. Investors just want to do like the others and make small profits on mini games. It’s not the kind of market that can sustain such a big company, you know. If investors want to invest in phone games, why don’t they switch to phone investment or something? They know they would not get as much profit as when Nintendo sell their games.

  10. unless nintendo make thier own phone,i dont ever think they would put games on other phones,and if nintendo had their own phone it would have game cube graphics with a real controller,not a touch screen

      1. Has anyone ever see Reggie without a suit on? Seriously, I don’t think I ever have. What if’s really ripped or something? Just imagine huge pecs and a six pack on that guy. You just never know…

  11. This is why Nintendo is great!
    I don’t think Smartphones will be around forever. The type of people that are buying them will eventually move on to something new.

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  13. Good for you nintendo! I do however dont see the crime in releasing virtual console games on other mobile devices. I mean slap the original mario brothers and stuff on iphone etc. I didn’t buy 3ds for all the old stuff its just an added bonus. I also don’t see how it would hurt 3ds sales…. Shoot they could shove a commercial at the begining of all the games for the 3Ds. It might shut up the investers as well.

  14. Fuck the investors; they have no idea how the Nintendo fan base will deteriorate if mario goes on iphones. Props for Iwata.

  15. Iphone games are a joke. I am a well rounded gamer, typing this from an iphone, and I still believe they can’t take the place of consoles or handhelds. Touch controls are passable, but only in the best developed games. On top of that, becoming emersed in a game is impossible when anyone can call or text you at anytime. Sure, there is airplane mode… But then you lose your phone. I tried mobile gaming(ports like gta and secret of mana, driver and also exclusives like infinity blade, angry birds, and all the stuff in between), and it is a new road for creative ideas…. But not the next and only thing.
    I bought a dsi, and then a 3ds because it’s far superior, in if nothing else, controls and submersive experiences.
    Imagine playing ocarina of time with all touch controls. Would the game be hidden under all the virtual buttoms? How can you match something that requires precision on that type of platform?
    You cannot, that’s why Iwata is a boss.
    For real, he knows.

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  17. Good move and good philosophy, Satoru :) I’ve always thought cell phone games and apps were made for a quick buck, not quality but quantity driven and generally only entertaining for a short time. And Nintendo should be all about quality now; they got their quick buck from many Wii titles (not all, but most) and should focus on giving us the high standard gaming like they used to.

  18. Exactly. I have only ever payed 71p for games on my phone. Nintendo needs to stay a console manuafcter. All of the idiotic stock-keepers know nothing about video games.

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  20. hi there what if nintendo made there own nintendo phone plays only nintendo games say like adding a cell service too the nintendo 3ds for a true 3ds phone or a dsi phone

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