Nintendo Wii: Dragon Quest X Trailer From Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection

Someone has rather kindly managed to upload the new trailer for Dragon Quest X which comes with Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection. The footage isn’t on Youtube yet but you can watch it here. It appears to be similar to the trailer Square Enix showed off at their press event but it still looks great!


  1. mmmm… it looks nice, nice art style graphics are pleasant, but the turn based combat wouldn’t be fun for pvp I think. Never tried turn based pvp before, but i think that they should maybe switch to real time combat. I don’t know that my not work for them, last time I played dragon quest was on handheld we’ll see soon enough in any case .


  2. This might seem dumb but the cutscenes are just Wii graphics and not Wii U graphics right? If so wouldn’t mind these Wii U graphics for cutscenes. Anyways this game looks great. I’m glad that even though it’s an MMO it’s not radically different from previous DQ’s.


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