Nintendo 3DS: Brand New Harvest Moon Game Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Marvelous, the developer behind the Harvest Moon franchise, has announced that it has a brand new Harvest Moon game in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is titled Harvest Moon: The Land’s Origin. The game will be out sometime early next year. So now we’ve got two Harvest Moon games for the Nintendo 3DS!


  1. I’m sure I’ve seen screens on IGN for another Harvest moon game for 3DS. One just came to the DS, but the screens I saw had a larger resolution for the top screen. Maybe they changed their minds about that one.

    Unfortunately I’ve found Harvest Moon games released in recent years to be pretty below par. They always have this rushed feel to them, lacking necessary polish. I wish they’d really go all out and put some effort into it one day.

    1. Yes, there’s two Harvest Moon games for Nintendo 3DS. Firstly there’s Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns, which is will be available for 3DS and DS and secondly Harvest Moon: The Land’s Origin exclusive to Nintendo 3DS.

  2. Brand New and Harvest Moon are two phrases that you rarely see together. Most games from the series are ports or one-generation late when it’s out stateside, I’m pumped for this one and the ps3 Rune Factory so long they don’t come out later than 2013.

  3. Glad to see they’re working on a title exclusively for the 3DS. It definitely looks better graphically. I’m glad they took advantage of the 3DS’s capabilities and made the graphics really nice. Can’t wait to see some better screen captures!

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