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Nintendo 3DS: Mario Kart 7 Gets Tanooki Power-Up!

Nintendo has revealed today that the fantastic Mario Kart 7 will have the Tanooki power-up. The Tanooki power-up can be used either offensively or defensively as you can use it to protect you from incoming shells or to whip other opponents off the track.

“Fans of the Tanooki power-up will be glad to hear that the Super Leaf makes an appearance in this latest instalment giving you both offensive and defensive abilities. Use your Tanooki tail to both protect you from incoming shells and to whip opponents off the track.”

44 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Mario Kart 7 Gets Tanooki Power-Up!”

  1. Ooohhh, sounds awesome! Could it be, finally a way to deal with the blue shells?
    (oh wait, I think they hover above the player in 1st place before exploding…)

    1. It is possobile to avoid blue shells, but it is damn difficult, and u need a little bit of luck… U can use a red shell and shoot backwards about half a second before u can see the blue shell above ur head… Almost impossible but is working

    2. You know u can avoid the blue shell if u have a mushroom. Just use it a split second before the blue shell crashes down and u should out run it. I’ve only done it once but that’s because I usually don’t keep a mushroom when I’m in 1st place

      1. its also possible to dodge it if you land from a ramp right before it crashes on you (yes the boost from doing a trick is enough to fend off a blue shell in the right timing I’ve done it twice)

        1. And if you are feeling desperate you could toss a banana in front of you (more likely to get one if you’re first) and hit it right before the shell damages you. You’ll still spin out but you’ll recover faster than you would from a blue shell.

    1. You mean another way? Bananas and corners, you own shells, bombs, bullet bills and star man all stopped shells already.

      Blue shells are the most annoying of the items, it is a way for the guy in 8th to make sure whoever is in 2nd will beat whoever is in first. I doesn’t help the guy who used it at all!

  2. Man, Nintendo is really trying to make the Tanooki suit even more popular now.

    It seems to have a central role in 3D Land and now it’s a new Kart item?

    I’ve never played Super Mario Bros. 3 so I hope it’s as good as everyone says it is.

    1. Its kind of borderline spamming it is what it is. 3D land even the boos and bullet bills have tails. it seem that the story of 3D land is basically the Tanooki tail

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    1. I could iamgine that it lasts longer ( maybe helds for a few second even with it being used as shield) and for the head-on-head fight it still sounds pretty awesome.

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