Nintendo 3DS: Super Cool Ice White Nintendo 3DS Announced

Nintendo has announced that its bringing out an Ice White Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 3rd. The console will retail for the same price as existing models. The top of the Ice White 3DS model is black; the inner bottom is white. The outside is white all around. Let’s hope Nintendo announce a Western release for the console.


      1. if you buy another one.. can i have your old one? haha i still dont have enough money to buy one. im broke. :(

        1. to transfer data from 3ds to 3ds will be as follows probably after novembers system update. On the system u will be transferring to go to system settings > other settings > system transfer ( under circle pad) then select transfer from 3ds. I have the blue system and will be buying a red or white(hopefully) . take it everywhere!

  1. Why are they only just now releasing all these different colours? I’m sure most people who are going to have already bought a 3DS. They should have released these colours at launch! :(

    1. I know! I coldnt wait for new colors because I wanted to get one at launch so bad…but now Im stuck with a blue one :P

    2. But this things sale like every day, Even when we think that everyone is supposed to have one, is not that way. There’s people with two, people that use it as contest-prize, or so, and families that every single member wants one.. and christmas is coming. If they released this at launch, they will still making new colors or models for these dates..

  2. Want. So, Much. Want.

    I am glad I don’t have one yet, because this is the one I wanted from day one.


  3. Yes finally a white color!!! I really hopes it comes to the US because my brother has been waiting for this for a long time.

  4. Looks nice, but I’m afraid that dirt will be visible on that pretty fast.
    Still like the blue one the most (:

    1. But now I cant decide what colour I want from cosmo black or this now! (im sure it will come to NA along with the pink one, I hope).

  5. OOOOOHHH…if the Flame Red 3DS can increase the sales of the console, This has to do just the same.
    Nintendo have to release the white in Europe, but i have a blue one already and I’m quite happy being on the ambassador programme.
    What will Nintendo think of next?

    1. You’re going to be looking at the thing, it might as well be in a color you like.

  6. I love my red one too, but this really is sexy. My boyfriend doesn’t like the fact that the top screen on all the non-black ones is still in black, though.

    1. I love it, because I love black so to me it looks great with all colours of 3DS. especialy this one aqua blue.

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