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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveals Details About Faron Woods In Zelda: Skyward Sword For Wii

Nintendo of America has issued a press release detailing two of the environments Link will encounter on his epic journey in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The locations are Faron Woods and the Skyview Temple. Here’s a few more details about both and some gameplay elements:

  • Faron Woods and Skyview Temple: The forest is the first location Link visits after leaving Skyloft, an island world suspended high in the sky. The people of Skyloft have never been to the surface, so this stage marks a strange new experience for Link. Traversing the forest leads him to Skyview Temple, where Zelda may be held.
  • Dashing: By holding down the A Button, players can make Link run faster and grant him acrobatic abilities, such as the ability to briefly run up a sheer wall to grab onto a cliff. Dashing uses up some of Link’s endurance, which replenishes itself over time once Link stops running. Certain powerful attacks, like the spin attack, also use up endurance. When all of Link’s endurance is used up, his movement is slowed dramatically for a few moments.
  • Dowsing: Fi, the spirit of the powerful Goddess Sword and Link’s guide, informs Link that he can use the sword to search for things through dowsing. In dowsing mode, when Link holds out his sword, the sword will beep and provide visual feedback when pointed in the direction of the intended target. This technique can be used to search for many objects and characters in the game. In Faron Woods, Link uses it to search for Zelda, guiding him to Skyview Temple, where Zelda’s aura can be detected.
  • Kikwi Tribe: The Kikwis are cute, fuzzy creatures that Link encounters while exploring the forest, resembling a kiwi fruit in animal form. Link can search for the Kikwis in the forest using dowsing. In return, they will help him on his search for Zelda.
  • Slingshot: This is one of the first items that Link receives in the game. While it’s not very powerful, it can be used to stun enemies and activate objects in the environment. As with many items in the game, players aim the slingshot by moving the Wii RemotePlus.

30 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveals Details About Faron Woods In Zelda: Skyward Sword For Wii”

    1. Assassins Creed. Which is a misinformed statement, at best, seeing how Assassins Creed takes elements from Legend of Zelda and implements them, not the other way around. Which isn’t a bad thing; it’s one of the reasons Assassins Creed is so popular.

      1. Gonna beat the game in one day XD

        I agree, but only to a very small extent. It adds a slight parkour element to the game, which i think will fit in just fine. But honestly, it’s not taking all that much. It still is remaining as a true zelda game, just upping the ante in what is sure to be fantastic and awesome in so many ways.

  1. They need to mix it up a bit. And Pokemon. I hope this isn’t the typical, get three items, something happens then get 5 more. Why not go to the desert first? Or the mountains?

  2. People complaining about a Zelda game? This is the way Zelda has usually been, besides, the desert and the mountains are more exotic environments, which is why they start with the most plain.

  3. This game’s looking better and better with each piece of information that comes in. I’ve loved the art style since it was revealed (looks like a moving painting, absolutely breathtaking), the motion-plus is a huge addition (I expected Twilight Princess to have it but was disappointed; now my dream will finally come true), and it’s Zelda. For some reason I can’t get excited about a Zelda game until I have it in my hands; I wouldn’t have gotten TP or OoT 3D without a demo.

    1. I agree, but… If they keep revealing things, there’s not going to be anything left to figure out :/

      Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement. But still, they need to cool it.

      On a side note, I hope the islands in the sky feature is a little more directed than Wind Waker was with sailing, so you’re not randomly discovering islands you can’t do anything on until way late in the game.

    2. You were disappointed because a peripheral which didn’t exist yet wasn’t used in Twilight Princess?

      I love how you criticise other people’s comments but can’t get your own right. :)

  4. hm, maybe the kikwis go through natural evolution over time and evolve into kokiris? would make sense since their names are similar and faron woods is thought to be kokiri forest.

    1. Yeah, but that would mean that Twilight Princess comes first before OoT (I mean, you don’t change a name of a forest to something and then change it back, unless all the Kokiri’s died ;-;)….

      1. I like how people always try to figure out the timeline lol. No one’s ever going to get it right, be all the speculation is rather entertaining 8)

        1. Well actually Aonuma did say that TP comes after OoT and he also did say that SS will take place before OoT, so Lickitung’s post is right. And I have the same feeling about the forest’s name.

          I think this is what will happen in the end: Faron Woods (original name before OoT) is renamed Kokiri Forest when the Kokiri came along, then when all the Kokiri die (or either leave the forest or evolve), the forest regains its original name and by TP is called Faron Woods again as it was in the begining. memmme, just like

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  7. I am so glad that Nintendo decided to change this one up a bit. I’ve a huge fan of zelda and played/beaten every one. BUT i was getting a little tired of the. Hey go here, get this item, beat this boss. Over and over again throughout the games. Don’t get me wrong all of them were fantastic. But I’m glad this one has way more elements to it. So hyped :D

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  9. wouldn’t a link to the past be first? let’s say that the link in that was an ancestor of modern link because the one in lttp made the four sword which in four sword was used by now-time link to seal vaati away. it’s just a guess but the timeline could start as lttp, ss, oot, mm, and continue on. i can’t wait for an official timeline to be released.

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