Nintendo: IGN Creates An Infographic Detailing Users Most Wanted Games

Online gaming publication IGN has created an infographic detailing the games that appear to be most wanted by its users. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be as much enthusiasm for Nintendo based titles such as Zelda Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land as there is for titles such as Batman Arkham City or Skyrim which are of course multiplatform.


      1. except it only shows what IGN subscribers want. I’m sure you’d make the same infographic on another website and you’d get different result.

        1. and especially what american suscribers want(no offense here). . i mean no dragon quest, no monster hunter and instead of that wwe (noone gives really a shit about wwe outside usa *still no offense*;) )

    1. dont read into it too much. ign most likely expects uncharted to be goty, and yet it is the same size as skyward sword. they pretty much made them bigger because they are the big, multiplatform releases of the time frame

      1. I don’t think he/she means they perform better as in are better games he means perform better as in sell better.

    1. If by “perform better” you mean “are the most anticipated” then you are correct. It only makes sense that games going to the most platforms would be more popular as they reach broader audiences.

  1. hmmm… it’s a shame that “everyone” sees Nintendo as the smaller gaming company with less market share, but really, the games that are on there for Nintendo will be amazing!!! it also hasn’t put on Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario since they havn’t got a release date (as far as I know) I dont plan on getting any of the other games other than the Nintendo ones :D

    1. then you’d be missing out on a couple of amazing games. dont get me wrong, skyward sword will probably be (to me at least) the best game EVER (TP is my fav so far in life), but if you become an exclusive fanboy you exclude a lot of great games. just be a fanboy for every system (except 360, ;P JK)

      1. I also don’t plan to get any of the games that aren’t for 3DS or Wii. It’s not fanboyism on every part. It just makes sense when I don’t have much time for gaming to only have 1 console and 1 handheld. My PC is at a ‘games of 200/8’ level of ability, so maybe I will play the others after when I get a new laptop (need something portable so desktop isn’t a choice for me for gaming PC).

        1. I advise you to play arkham asylum and possibly city. it is no doubt a brilliant set of games and honestly do deserve the big circle.
          Skyrim has a massive circle because of the impact that Oblivion had on the gaming industry.

          I wish zelda was more anticipated, but alas, it is not. People generally are not interested in epic tales, more into modern day slaughter.

  2. Well, Ninty is doing better than PS and Xbox in the exclusives department, and as much as there isn’t much hype for a new Mario Kart, it will definitely sell craploads. I mean, I’m not that pumped, because it’s just an ”upgrade” from the DS one, but I will buy and play the shit out of it. Multiplayer with friends here I come……
    I don’t understand though, how there can be more hype for Forza fucking Motorsports than MK7 and Kirby. Like what the fuck?

    1. MK7 is actually incredibly fun and has some neat innovations over MKDS and MK Wii. The 3D effect adds a lot, it’s very pretty, the flying and underwater sections help mix things up and the items have been re-balanced to be a lot less cheap. And it’s Retro Studios, which is enough on its own to warrant a buy.

      1. Lol very true wwe is huge….plus even If you don’t watch it doesn’t mean you won’t play the game…it’s a fun fighting game

            1. And the UK going by tours and ratings. Especially Mexico whose TV ratings for wrestling and soccer are huge. In Asia WWE does well on TV and okay with attendance outside of Japan (which is New Japan country). That’s mainly down to not enough “ambassador” wrestlers.

  3. I notice that Nintendo has the most exclusive games coming to us in the near future. Only the PC is tied with them. That is good.

    1. No. That just means it has the most, most wanted exclusive games, according to a survey on one website which only a portion of users on that one website would have answered.

  4. The Majora’s Mask 3D circle is too big to fit on the page. At least it is on my chart. My chart also has bigger circles for all of the Nintendo games. Silly IGN.

    1. true true!!!!!! MM 3D HAS TO COME OUT :DD Also, I havn’t even heard of half the other games on there and don’t care either

  5. The size of the Call of Duty circle makes me sad. Shooters peaked at the first Unreal Tournament and have been going downhill ever since. I really don’t get the appeal.

    1. Because real gamers have a taste in games and know about REAL games
      Not just an idea that has been eaten up pooped out and eaten up again.

        1. CoD is fun, but I wouldn’t label it “hardcore” gaming. Don’t get me started about “hardcore” and “casual” gamers, because these two labels have almost destroyed the gaming industry. I mean, what defines a hardcore or casual gamer? Is it the games you play? Oh, if you play Nintendo, you’re a casual gamer. If you play CoD you’re a hardcore gamer. I think what defines hardcore and casual gamers is the types of games/how you play the games/how you treat other gamers. I don’t see Animal Crossing as a hardcore gaming game. It’s based on real time, and you make your town better, you collect items to make your house better (probably a lot more fun if you have friends to play it with), I don’t see Mario as a casual gaming game either. That’s why (I think) Nintendo has put in the hint movies and super guides to lure casuals into those games. How you play the game? Online doesn’t count. If you play the game for three to four hours straight, I think you’ve earned the title of hardcore gamer. If you play the game in five minute increments, so you play for five minutes everyday, I would call that casual. Finally, and most importantly, is how you treat other gamers. Sure Sony and Nintendo fans are going to fight. (Not trying to cause a fight here) But they each bash each other for no reason. I’ve played Playstation, PSP, X-box and Kinetic, and yet I still choose Nintendo. I can argue all I want, and I can have back up, and just make it a personal prefence. But what I mean is I don’t go around saying: SONY SUCKS!!1!111!!!11!!1!!1 I do go out and say that Sony has ripped off a few ideas *coughcoughwiimoteandtouchscreeandprobably3deffectswithouth3dglassescoughcough* But in the end, hardcore and casual gamers are like labeling people as geeks and jocks. *sorry for getting off topic, I got started on hardcore and casual gamers… ^^;*

            1. Yeh! It’s not made to be realistic.

              It’s make arcade style, so made up and unrealistic perks ETC.

              BF3 was made more realistic, so BF3 for realism

              COD for Arcadeism.

      1. so real gamers dont play mario sunshine, galaxy, and galaxy 2 because they already have played mario 64? you now there are great fps besides the typical war fps.

          1. i call BS on that because unreal tornament wasnt even that great, only for multiplayer. your so wrong, fps got BETTER after unreal. have you ever heard of a GOTY game called half life? which came out 7 months AFTER unreal. theres other great fps too like fallout 3, bioshock, metroid prime, etc… you just happen to be thinking about the the typical war shooters (halo, cod, bf). and of course every new mario game gets increasily better, its supposed to be like that, but its still the same mario in every game. look im not looking for a flame war is that saying that fps has gone downhill since 1999 is so wrong.

            1. How is that Mario games are pretty much the same for every game? They ALWAYS add A LOT of new things while keeping it familiar, if you ask me, that’s a lot harder than making a new IP.

              1. yea just like every other sequel to a game. but that wasnt my point, my point was that not all fps are the same.

                1. Yeh! You can’t really compare COD to Rage!

                  I like some FPS’s and don’t like some.

                  There are two types of FPS’s, COD style or halo style.

  6. Oh look, there’s a My Nintendo News article in my Gmail inbox! Lets read it! “IGN…” oh crap…

        1. Skyward Sword will be amazing since it reminds me of Wind Waker only more mature, but Skyrim has graphics, gameplay, and it’s multiplatform. Graphics aren’t everything, but it’s the only game I know of where I can sneak into other peoples houses and piss them off by filling their house full of fruit.

            1. I said it, the gameplay is amazing. Haven’t you played Oblivion, or Fallout 3? Graphics are icing on the cake. I guess it’s just easy to hate what’s mainstream

              1. Criticizing Skyrim is like complaining that your solid gold watch has an uneven number of diamonds. It just doesn’t work.

                Honestly, I want skyrim so bad, as well as bf3 and COD7…

                1. Oblivion wasn’t really all that good it was slow and glitchy at least on the ps3 hopefully skyrim isn’t like that.

            2. i agree, but if the atmosphere of the game is bland and mediocre, most of the time i get bored with it. so in a way graphics do matter but is more about the visuals than the amount of details.

              1. Yep i sometimes care about graphics when console wars begin.

                I say Gameplay makes a game and not graphics because NES games rocked.

                But on the Wii U i care about controler and graphics for some resion as the graphics are higher then PS3/360

                1. But you do realize that that this is Nintendo, so they’re games will have gameplay and story too, so the graphics is just icing on the cake

                  1. Yeh! I’m about the 3rd partys with Wii U really.

                    Ghost recon online is PC only and being ported to wii u possibly because PS3/360 has not got the capabilitys or Ubisoft wants to do something cool.

                    Sega alredy said that the graphics are better on Wii U then PS3/360

                    1. but thats obvious, its a new console. its like saying the wii’s graphics are better than the PS2’s.

  7. You can see throught this chart just how IGN has no impartial thoughts: to make the Super Mario 3D Land has a smaller circle than FORZA MOTORSPORT 4 is ridiculous.
    Another interesting point: notice just how Nintendo exclusives dominates the two last months of 2011. They were always been doing that market strategy, and I guess it works really well…


    I can’t believe an FPS or online game won, can’t people give online and FPS’s a rest for a bit?

    1. Hell no.

      Skyward Sword isn’t too far in development.

      The other gaems are, and have had adverts and campaigns.

      plus y’know, not EVERYONE is a zelda fan.

      1. But how come everyone want Call of Duty, we are talking about a shooter game that haven’t changed in YEARS!

      2. Skyward Sword isn’t too far into development?! It’s already done! They just have to make enough copies for launch day and that’s about it…oh and packaging. I can guarantee the game will ads for it when it comes out.

          1. Not against sony. Talking about Sony/Xbox fans who sit on their couch and play Black ops all day.

            Some people have played gameplay time online on Black ops for over 40 days….
            My friend plays black ops a little often and only hitted 4 days.

    2. Dude, it’s a popularity chart.
      Go to ign, they said it’s based on hits and comments. Those FPS games are multiplats, they probably summed up the hits on all the sections(ps3, x360, pc, etc), so of course the white bubbles will be bigger. While Skyward sword is only located in the wii section/site and not everyone is into zelda.

  9. Excited for SM3DL, MK7, Skyward Sword and Dota 2. I’m also interested in Arkham City because I met the head guy of Rocksteady and he was a really cool chappie, and also Mass Effect 3, though I’ll probably buy it cheap six months after release.
    I care little about the shooty games and Skyrim, having seen all of them in person.

        1. yEH!

          Some people like mario but i personaly don’t

          I’m still a nintendo fan! :D don’t need to like mario to be a Nintendo fan :D

      1. I played Oblivion and Fallout 3 and never really got into either of them. What I saw of Skyrim (though I didn’t actually play it myself because the queue was huge and I could have been playing 3DS games) looked like more of the same. Open world RPGs are just not something that meshes wih my tastes, that’s all.

        No doubt that it’ll be a fantastic game to all those who do want to play it, though. Same to Battlefield 3. It’s just not my thing.

  10. There is a lot of hype for Nintendo games. The problem is that it doesn’t show on these kind of things since they’re mostly based on votes and stuff. Anyone remember what G4 did with the best franchise of all time. The Legend of Zelda was leading the way, and this was G4! Then again, this was a move to defend the series.

    It could also be that a lot of Nintendo fans just go to sites dedicated to Nintendo games like Zeldauniverse, nintendo3dsblog, and, of course, mynintendonews. That’s because throughout the years, all of the “main” websites have bashed Nintendo just to piss off fans so that they could get more hits. Remember the article IGN wrote about what Nintendo could learn from Skyrim for Zelda games? Look at them now, kissing Nintendo’s ass now that they’ve showed more of the game. It happened when the Wii was released; it happened with the DS and 3DS, and it will happen with Wii U. Nintendo is always “doomed” and fans are growing tired of that already. When i want info about Nintendo, I don’t care if it’s early or late, I just get it from Nintendo web sites. I also subscribed to David on his nintendo 3DS channel and kwing’s channel on youtube. I’m sick of all the others bashing on Nintendo and its fans all the time.

  11. I though it was commune knowledge that multi-platform titles are more anticipated that exclusive titles.

    Betman will be on PC, PS3 and Xbox. Obviously those 3 platforms have way more gamer than just Nintendo.
    But that doesn’t mean they are better than those exclusive titles.

    Also, this is just the ING subscribers.
    Make the same poll on another gaming site and you will see a big difference.

  12. Batman, assassins creed, MGS, skyrim, SS. The rest of the games might as well not be on the list. At least for me :)

    To each their own.

  13. Does this IGN article make me think that IGN fans are not REAL gamers? COD and Rage? COME ON WHYS SKYWARD SO LOW!?

    1. Skyward Sword will get it’s time. It’s just that those games are almost out now, so really, theres a bigger hype for them.

    2. Why do you all think skyward sword will sell so well? Not every one likes zelda to be honest. I don’t like zelda but I like just about every other nintendo game, not trying to start an argument or anything. Some of my friends call zelda a bit of a game for geeks

      1. Zelda is the most populer nin franchise after Mario.

        Zelda sold about 6 million copys of TP with Wii.

        People only care about COD and those sort of shooting games now.

        1. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anything but the fact that TP was a realises title for the Wii probs helped it’s sales. Doesn’t necessarily mean SS won’t sell as much though

    1. agree, how the hell is MW3 even a bit close to Skyrim? a typical arcade shooter vs a massive open world adventure..sigh -_-. SS should atleast have more votes than mw3 but considering all the cod drones in IGN, what are you gonna do right?

    2. i totally went “WTF?” when i saw mw3’s bubble as big as skyrim but then it said it was based on votes i went “of course it is…”

  14. We all know what IGN stands for. Though that is old, I just refuse to believe Nintendo products aren’t doing well on this list. Maybe I’m the ignorant one!

  15. Cuz you can’t spell ignorance without IGN, i don’t even want another Call of Duty, is the same shit no matter how much “new” weapons they add, with Black Ops was more than enough.

    1. Yeh! Weres kid icarus

      With no Kid icarus it means IGN is talking BS and Ignorant.

      You should know IGN somehow don’t like nintendo when they go indepth on nintendo and the voters read and think alike to IGN.

  16. haha, my absolute favorite games are small. Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Super Mario, Halo, Uncharted, and Final Fantasy XII 2

    1. Yeh! Some big games are not there to, Ghost Recon online PC version is not there.

      Not just that, my favs are small, Skyward sword, Kid icarus is not even there!

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