Nintendo: Zelda 2012 Concerts To Feature Stunning Four-Part Symphony

Jeron Moore, producer of the Legend Of Zelda concerts, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert World Tour will feature a stunning four part symphony.

“We’re absolutely happy. As a celebration of Zelda’s 25 years, the show is designed to delight fans old and new. Of course, it’s difficult to cover everything when you consider the scope and magnitude of the Zelda franchise. Kondo-san and his team have written a lot of great music!”

“Fortunately, the 25th Anniversary Symphony concerts are only the beginning. Fans have a lot to look forward to between these commemorative shows and the upcoming world tour in 2012, which will include a full length four-movement symphony. Two of these movements will debut at the upcoming concerts in October – but you’ll have to come back next year to hear the rest!”


    1. Why do you feel the need to post such an inane and meaningless comment, wasting time and space?

  1. I know they’re going to be in Los Angeles later this month, but does anyone know when? I’m gonna be in San Fran on the 18, and would love to go.

  2. This is totally off topic, and I really hope this doesn’t get taken the wrong way… lol… but why are all the pictures on this blog almost never directly related to the story? 95% of the time, it’s a picture of some random toy/figurine from the game the story’s covering. Even the banner at the top is a picture of some random Zelda figures rather than a legitimate logo…

    Again, I hope this isn’t taken offensively xD I just think it’s odd. The stories and coverage are fantastic. I just feel like the pics are… somewhat unprofessional. lol >_o

    1. I think it’s just part of sickr’s style. He posts Nintendo or game related figures to complement certain articles. I think it’s rather intuitive and pretty cool.

    2. Personally, I hate the website banner pic. He could have found something better than that. But, that’s just me.

  3. Let’s just say these concerts will be succesfull and next year there will also be Metroid symphony’s? And they better have one in The Netherlands ^^

  4. I hope they will come close to central america, if they come at least to panama i can go, i really don’t want to miss such event like this =(

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