Nintendo 3DS: This Is Nintendo’s Official Slide Pad Packaging For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Japan has revealed the stand-alone packaging for the controversial slide pad attachment. The Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad will be available to purchase separately on December 10th for ¥1,500, which is roughly twenty dollars. There’s still no word on how much it will retail for in the West.


      1. Agreed. I believe eventually Nintendo will release a reworked 3DS at some point, but I’m thinking even that one wont have the 2nd stick built into it. If it becomes really successful, then maybe they’ll build it in, but if not, then they’ll probably release a modified add-on, specifically for the new 3DS. Sounds crazy I know, but for some reason this is what I think…

    1. Well, six months from now would be roughly a whole year after the original 3DS was released. I think they didn’t want to have this, but they were pushed by third party developers. Now they can say that there is no excuse not to develop for the 3DS with this thing, though this will be optional.

      1. I seriously am thinking they will port Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3 for the 3DS, maybe other gamecube games as well. It would make sense, even if they didn’t want to add it on, best to take advantage of it.

    2. I agree, the DS, then the DS Lite, then the DSi, then DSi Excel, then 3DS, Nintendo make a slight improvement on the DS console almost every year

    3. LOL i never thought my post would trigger this many response. i agree with you all. maybe it is more economical to buy this if you have the 3DS already. good thing no one replied like freaks here though. ive posted this comment on other news article sites and they bashed me with Freaky immature responses. (maybe because they cant accept that they bought a new 3DS and the concept of another 3DS remodel well……result is mad mode) but this is typical of nintendo, i mean releasing handheld consoles without the improvements the players think should be there (with the DSLite then to satisfy some players who thought a camera would be a good add, DSi [the camera]came, then players want a larger screen, DSi XL[larger] comes along). i think the part where if a remodel would occur, will they include this 2nd analog stick? its possible.. i mean why would they remodel in the first place only not to include this? (if they didnt, dumb move i guess because with the coming of the PSVITA i am 75% sure that they will include this if a remodel will be out) and i think that it will because the 3DS is a RUSHED console. but the innovation still is GOOD ENOUGH.

  1. This kind of reminds me of Sony packaging. I think its the red.

    None the less as ugly as the extra slide pad is the packaging looks nice.

    1. U have to think how Nintendo works, they have to many languages to wory about to just call it whatever. Its the same reason Revolution got changed to Wii way back when, Revolution is cool in English but in other places…not so much.

      1. wii sounds like yes if french.

        customer: can I have a yes?
        customer: you know the new nintendo yes.
        staff: Ohh the yes!
        customer: Yes!

        nope. It would sound stupid in most languages, but I can’t complain.

        1. puis-je avoir un oui? is french for “can i have a yes”, i think they would understand wii as in game console especially if u get it in an electronics store, french people arnt idiots.

          1. K, how about Kid Icarus Uprising? That’s got shooter elements, and for left-handers like me, the control scheme it’s got right now would be almost impossible to play with, having to control the circle pad and the touch screen at the same time

  2. I do think that the second Circle pad will be worked into a later version of the 3DS. It certainly adds to the system just like the Wii Motion Plus did to the Wii Remote and eventually those two fused to become the Wii Mote Plus.

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