Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Teases More New Wii Hardware Bundles And System Colours For Christmas

In the same press release Nintendo released to announce the blue Wii hardware bundle the company also hinted that they will be releasing other fun colours and bundles in the run-up to Christmas. Which colour would you like to see?

A number of other fun Wii bundles are also being announced this autumn, all offering great value. Watch this space!


    1. In all fairness, who doesn’t already have a Wii in their home with like 90ish million sold worldwide, I’m not surprised Nintendo are struggling to find new consumers.

      If everyone in the world had a Wii, then who would you sell one to?

        1. The DS is a portable, which can be bought by more than one person in a home. The PS2 had different designs. Not just colors but different designs overall. A lot of people bought the redesigns, which led to games not selling nowhere near the total number of sales.

    2. Yes… which is why they’re trying to make the Wii more lucrative. If your product is slouching in sales, you change it to be more appealing. Changing the DS’s colors always meant tens of thousands of more units sold. It’s a business strategy, and it’s a strategy that makes a lot of sense at this point given that the Wii U is on the horizon and less people are going to be interested in investing in older hardware.

  1. Theyre Trying To Scoop In A Lil Extra Cash To Hold Off Until Holiday Season,Huge 3ds Releases And Ofcourse The Wii U.
    Nintendo Has There Shit.
    Dont Worry:)
    Cause They Got 1 Exclusive That Pwns.
    Ghost Recon Online (GOTY!!!)

  2. Everyone that is getting a Wii already has one. So instead of musking more consoles, make some games already!

  3. I would prefer if they would release more colors when the console is initially released.. Having only one (Wii), or two (3DS) option at release is not really enough. I would’ve bought a black Wii and a red 3DS if it was avaialble at launch, but I don’t see why I should buy a new Wii now. For existing customers news like these are just sad.

    1. You could always look on Youtube on replacing shells. My DS Lite’s hinge is broken, and I looked up how to replace it and it’s pretty easy stuff. You could find something on how to replace your Wii’s, I’m not sure if they’ve found out (or want to find out) how to replace the 3DS’s shell…

  4. Instead of still trying to sell the Wii even more, they should invest the time and effort to try to sell more 3DS’. Plus, selling more Wii’s shouldn’t be that advantageous, people who don’t know about the WiiU yet and buy a Wii now (or in a few months) won’t probably buy a WiiU next year. That’s what I think, at least. Kinda a bad strategy of Nintendo, in my opinion.

    1. Not at all. Long time Wii owners may trade in their old consoles for a new color and potential Wii owners now have more reasons than ever to invest in a new console. The insanely low entry price is hardly a barrier and wouldn’t affect Wii U sales. They’re pushing brand recognition, which in the long haul is far more important than day one sales for Wii U.

      It should also be noted that all Wii software and the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck attachments are fully compatible with Wii U, so it’s not like people would be wasting their money on a newer Wii.

      And… I’m pretty sure they have a 3DS staff and a Wii staff, so saying Nintendo is losing its focus is misinformed.

      1. Well, I’m not interested in getting a new Wii just because of a different color, and I’m sure there are enough other people also thinking that way.
        That the Wii software + controller are compatible with the WiiU won’t bring the money people have invested in the old Wii back. And if I’d buy a WiiU, the main reasons for doing so would be the new controller and the new software. So I wouldn’t have any interest in using my old controllers + games. And even if, I’d just use my old Wii for them.
        And I don’t think that it does matter that there are 2 different staffs, aren’t they spending “whole Nintendo’s” money for the new things ? I’m not really sure about that, but I think they are (I could be wrong here, maybe could be misinformed indeed, as you said). Spending the money for different colors of the 3DS would be more effective I think, because there are more people who don’t own a 3DS yet plus the 3DS is more expensive than the Wii, so it would bring in more money.
        And I don’t think that the whole thing will affect just day-one-sales, maybe even the first months, could be exaggerated, but I do imagine that this could happen. And I think the sales are important a whole lot. And since they already reached a reaaally huge brand recognition, the sales could be more important to them by now indeed. Well, you don’t have to agree with me, I’m just sharing my opinion. You could be right aswell of course, and since we can’t foretell the future, the only thing we can do is wait and see (:

        1. It takes next to no money (relatively speaking) to change the color of plastic casing. And on that note, they are rapidly expanding the color selection for 3DS units. I think there’s 3 out currently and at least 5 more (including limited editions) confirmed. Nintendo has a budget and they allocate resources where they see fit. Point is, I don’t think it would take much at all to simply release the Wii in a different color, so you don’t have to worry about it consuming valuable money that could be spent elsewhere.

          And I understand that you aren’t interested in a new Wii now – I’m not either. I didn’t buy a Wii for two years hoping they’d release a new color, but eventually caved. That said, if I had the money I’d probably get a new colored Wii. My current one is a little beat up and I think having a cool black Wii would be awesome.

          I personally can’t see any negative consequences of this, but thanks for sharing your take. I just want my Wii U… preferably in a color other than white.

          1. Well, you’re right I guess, changing the color of the casing shouldn’t need that much money. And yea, I know about the new colors of the 3DS (some pretty nice ones btw). I think they should’ve done the same with the Wii too at the beginning instead of years later, like, giving the customers the option to choose between several colors from the start. Maybe I’d trade in my Wii for another color if it was free, but buying a new one is out of question I guess :p
            And different colors of the Wii U would be awesome, would love to see that.
            Oh, and I didn’t mean it in a negative way or something, it just doesn’t happen a lot not to get in an senseless argument with insults or something like that when just sharing one’s opinion, especially when it’s about videogames and stuff [:

  5. Come on Nintendo! Stop wasting your time and focus on the Wii U.

    You know we are not going to Buy Ubisoft Shovel-ware.

    1. ^ For this, Ubisoft does make some good games. But Ubisoft focus on shovelware when it comes for Wii.

  6. I think they should do a pink one and give some of the money to breast cancer research if they really want to sell more Wii’s this holiday season. That would sell some Wii’s. I also agree with the others that Nintendo needs to focus more on the 3DS & the WiiU and also have at least 3 colors or more to choose from at the launch of the WiiU next year.

  7. Nintendo is being smart, by throwing out new colors into the market now, they can challenge Microsoft’s “new” Xbox 360 in terms of sales.

  8. Your right, the wii doesnt sell anymore BECAUSE EVERYONE AND THERE MOMMA HAS ONE! sure as hell cant say that about ps3 or xbox 360.. so suck it! I am trading in my first gen for a new color!

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