Nintendo 3DS: Game Freak Considering Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Remakes For Nintendo 3DS

Junichi Masuda, one of the developers at Gamefreak who make the Pokemon games, has replied to a fans request on Twitter to remake Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

”Thanks for your thoughts. Ruby and Sapphire are important games to me. I will consider your request.”

Of course it’s by no means confirmation that we will get either title, but the fact that Masuda is actually considering it is well worth a mention. Lets hope we see both games on the Nintendo 3DS.


            1. Us true Pokemon Masters started at the beggining. Red, Yellow, and Blue. Ahhhh those we’re the good old days.

              1. I started with Red, Blue, and Yellow, but Ruby and Sapphire are my favorite Pokemon games.

              2. I was born 2000 so it would mean a lot if they made the old games for ds the exact same way for the pokemon party and bag also i consider myself a pokemon master because I’m the best at my school my friends ask me if i could train their pokemon but i say no because i need to train my pokemon

                1. im the best at my school also and id wish if they made the pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald again on the 3ds

                2. I’m a 2000 too and I doubt the remakes would be for the 3DS. I don’t think nintendo would split the 5th generation with 2 different systems. I played Emerald last year and didn’t even get through half of it before it crashed. And I had Sapphire and I didn’t really pay much attention to the story, but I gave it to my friend.

                  1. Theres no way theyd split B&W from the remakes. Itd be on the DS, like Diamond n Pearl were on DS as were HG/SS, and Ruby n Sapphire were on GB, as were Fr and Lg.

            1. wouldnt be the same games without the hoen starters! you cant change one of the original/essential parts of the games, it would ruin them! if you unhappy with the way the games are, dont play them !

              1. I’m on his side….. I never really used the starters. They’re much better pokemon. Now Kubutops, now there is a beast

                1. Kubutops was never made to be a starter.. how would they get a pokemon that is a fossil to be a starter? Also, changing the starters would mean making aa new game

              1. actually, if we are talking stat-wise, Infernape has higher stats than Blaziken. but what do I know?

        1. different starters = different game dumbass. the starters are a much needed aspect to the games. their gonna keep the same starters for the region so deal with it

    1. YES GOD PLEASE!!! This is the reason I would buy a 3ds, no joke. I felt that there wasn’t enough gameplay in Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald came out, but it didn’t live up to my dreams unfortunately. If they A) Put Battle Frontier in the games. B) Added new parts to the already large map of Hoenn And C) NEW CHARACTERS AND STORY ADDONS!!!!! I would buy both, with a 3ds as well as accessories and such. A new Earthbound or Mother game/remake would be nice too. Wouldn’t mind it at all. XD

    2. YES PLEASE IS RIGHT!!!! By far my favorite games (I mean the originals too) but RSE were the best, had the best map/storyline/pokes please!!! Like the others said I would cry of happiness. BW didnt appeal to me as much as DP, and even though the graphics were really cool, the DP storyline,etc. didn’t appeal to me as much as RSE did. so please consider it XD

      1. To be honest, I loved Pokemon Black and White. The story line was actually pretty amazing, if I might say so. But, OH. Sapphire, that was my first ‘real’ pokemon game. I was seriously in love with Pokemon at that point. c:

    3. HURRY UP i cannot wait till the release of ruby and sapphire cause they are my favourite generation!!!(please make it faster than next October… )
      P.S. Thumbs up POKEMON fans if u agree with me…. :)

    4. ruby and saphire were by far my two favorite pokemon games and i know alot of other people like it too. i mean who wouldn’t want it to be remade everything about it was great the new pokemon, the gyms, the towns and of course the challenges that lye within the game. Nintendo please remake pokemon ruby and saphire. But don’t just make it for the 3ds also make for a normal ds such as lite, xl all those because not everbody has a 3ds yet but you should still make it for the 3ds that would be great.

    5. YES!!! PLZ I was too young to Play Ruby and Sapphire plz! plz! I want to play the original games!

    1. Lego Pokemon remake Red, Blue and Yellow versions……. I like the way you think.

  1. Oh gosh, it’s happening already. I always wondered when they’d start remaking Gen. 3 games. In 10 years, they’ll have remade the Isshu games….

      1. I don’t see why everyone is obligated to use the English terms when those of us who are dedicated to Pokemon already memorized all of the Japanese ones.

        1. Why not use Japanese when speaking about everything Pokemon? For example it’s not Pokemon in Japanese is it? Where is your “dedication”?

    1. actually in 6 years they’ll be redoing diamond and pearl not black and white. that will be another 9 years.

    1. Well, these remakes are certainly better than ports with the “HD” or “Remake” slapped on the names.

      1. Totally right. Pokemon remakes are on a different level but this consideration is not helping the 3DS notorious reputation of being a house for remakes which seems like an easy way out for game developers.

        If this remakes trend is going to go on for long then the 3DS will not be taken seriously as a platform. Thank god MK7 and mario3DSland the MH misleading 3G title are coming our way soon.

        Before I go more off topic, what happened to pokemon Grey?? The third game usually comes before the remakes. I doubt that R&S would see the light before 2013.

        What I want to see the most is a new Pokemon Snap! The 3DS is the perfect platform for it. Nintendo please make it happen and not a remake or a downloadable little game but a brand new game with a selection from the 650 pokedex _

        1. FireRed and LeafGreen came before Emerald, you know. Only Platinum came before HeartGold and SoulSilver, so there’s no set path.

          1. i always say the same thing, and that theres no proven way that well kno what game is next, but that was the only exception. yellow came out b4 g/s, crystal came b4 r/s, and platinum b4 b/w. but i really hope the next game is r/s remakes, as emerald is one of my favorite and the one i think i played the most.

            1. One cannot even consider Yellow and Crystal in any of the order of remakes since the games proceeding them (G/S, R/S) were not remakes but the next generation. The only games that could be taken into consideration for a pattern are Emerald and Platinum, and the two games have already demonstrated that there is no pattern.

          1. That’s correct, generation 5 will be the first to not have 3rd game in the main generation. That’s why Pokémon Grey was originally going to be made, but Junichi decided that they couldn’t improve on the story or the game. Mainly because the development was rushed and in a state where things can’t be changed, eg. the new Pokémon designs. And so yes… definately will be Ruby and Sapphire remakes FOR Nintendo 3DS. Since Nintendo 3DS will phase out the Nintendo DS generation.

        1. Beats the hell out of “Resident Evil 4 IN HD” bullcrap. And if that FFX HD remake doesn’t push the envelope, they’ll beat it too.

            1. No he’s saying that the remake was almost nothing, RE4 is a fantastic game, but I felt (maybe him too) like there was little in between time for people to demand a remake like the did for LoZOoT and Ruby and Sapphire right now. There also wasn’t too much to improve upon…except making it IN HD *emphasize the D*

        2. Actually, they did. They upgraded the way you play those games and updated the graphics while staying true to the original design. Something like that is not easy to accomplish.

          1. There’s only been 2 remakes so far, ppl are acting like there’s over 10 remakes. Not to mention gamefreak usually remakes pokemom games and improve them ANYWAY. It’s just getting to the point where I’m just not gonna comment anymore cuz soo many ppl always post some dumb stuff without thinking or researching.

    2. oh yeah its not like theyre making luigi’s mansin 2, kid icarus, mario kart 7, mario 3D land, or anything new like that

  2. PLEASE PLEASE Gen. 3 is easily my favorite, and these games will probably be the first 3DS Pokemon games if they do happen.

      1. I think he/she meant first main series game. Rumble Blast is a side game and Pokedex is an app-like thing.

  3. Obviously. They’ve been remaking two generations back(which, nowadays, is also the time it takes for the original carts to not be playable on the current hardware) ever since they could reach two generations back and find something.

    The releases are probably to flow like this…

    New generation
    Third version
    Remake two gens back
    New generation

    1. exactly i dont know why peopke are so excited ive seen this coming the minute i got my way through the true elite four in unova

      1. Everyone saw it coming, it’s just that this is the first reference to it by someone at Gamefreak (by Masuda no less)

      1. Not necessarily – FR/LG were released in ’04, only 6-7 years after the release of R/B/G. But it’s true for HG/SS, and if 3rd gen remakes are released next year, the pattern will continue.

        1. Only if they let us pay Pokemon Stadium on VC on Wii U and then let us pay Pokemon R/B/Y on 3DS E-shop and after that let us connect 3DS (R/B/Y) to Wii U (Stadium)

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes YES!
    The Hoenn games were my all time favorites, seeing them super updated would make me so happy.
    I would pre order this as soon as I could.

    1. that’s just because you don’t understand the sentimental value of reflecting on something old in new light!

  5. This confuses me I thought they were already developing them for the 3DS, oh well… I’m ecxited to see what they are developing right now :D

    1. We’ll be at least 1 year into gen 6 by the time they start going on about D/P remake so don’t worry, and besides it might not happen, they might just want to keep everything on the 3DS for now, for example, buy FR/LG off eshop, play DS cartridge of 2nd gen, 3DS 3rd gen, DS 4th gen and DS 5th gen, then hopefully 3DS 6th gen, so maybe, the 3DS’ll be able to play all gens eventually! :D (unless they release a brand new handheld in about 5 years time for 6th gen which is likely to happen, then again we got 4th and 5th gen on DS at start and end of the DS era)

    2. The only thing I want is to see Ruby and Sapphire on 3DS is this:
      I don’t like there is a battery in Ruby and Sapphire and when it’s empty the clock in the game stop.
      After that I like Ruby and Sapphire like it is.

      1. I remember getting the same error. At least the games rely on the system for time rather than the cartrige.

        1. Now it’s not a problem for me anymore after I have changed the battery but if they come to 3DS this problem never gonna happend again.

  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG DO IT!!!! :DDDD that would be amazing, and the first main PKMN game for 3DS!!!!!! ahhhhh!!

  7. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!! I would LOVE a remake, and a 3DS exclusive Pokemon game like Ruby and Sapphire remakes, Pokemon Gray, or a whole new generation, would be a significant boost for the system.

        1. i like black and white i thought it was pretty awesome! I’ve been playing these games since the december of 1996 when I was 10 years old and got my gameboy color along with pokemon red and yellow, later i stole my little sister’s blue version. And ever since then i have collected every single game and loved them all more and more. I’m frankly sick of everyone dogging on the games because i think that all of them are wonderful in their own right. Black and white are no exception. Keep up the good work gamefreak I love you forever and ever!!!! Please remake ruby and sapphire because I think Hoenn is pretty sweet and the third geration deserves a remake. Thanks,
          your devoted and loving fan J!!!!!!

  8. I don’t get how people are always assuming that GameFreak’s next Main Pokemon Game will be for the 3DS. He said NOTHING about it being for 3DS. He has stated that the reason Black and White were not 3DS games is that Pokemon is a game that everyone (3DS or not) should have a chance to play. I think that there will be a regular DS Hoenn Remake, compatible with the 3DS and every DS ever. I think that Gen 6 will start the main 3DS Pokemon Games.

    1. I hope. Plus, thatd split B/W from the remakes, so no trading, just migrating. Which would be stupid, because theyre the same generation.

  9. Of course they’re going to remake the games eventually, they’ve already done the first two gens so why wouldn’t they keep going with it? Not that I’m complaining because I absolutely love gen 3. =D

  10. I guess its a good thing. Gen 3 wasn’t my favorite pokemon games. The hoenn region and pokemon are my least favorite.

    1. Same here. Gen III is VERY overrated. They’re not worthy of a remake. A real Pokemon fan would know this.

      1. To me a real pokemon fan means loving the pokemon games.
        I had played all the pokemon rpg but none of the gen is my own favorite cause I don’t like rpg but I like (pocket) monsters.
        If talking about liking is really fun with the atmosphere of pokemon ranger series.

      2. a “real” pokemon fan appreciates every generation for what it gives. Take off your nostalgia goggles.



    sorry… got a little carried away there.

  13. YESS YESS its all about the yes
    heart gold was great and then on to the remakes of zelda hand held games

  14. Frank: ” Horatio, apparently the 3rd gen pokemon games are being considered to get the remake treatment. You excited?”
    Horatio: “Yes Frank, I am. I can’t wait to hoenn them both.”


  15. I honestly doubt this is going to happen…

    The only reason that FireRed/LeafGreen & HeartGold/SoulSilver were made was so you could get all of the Pokemon without any problems at the time. There are enough sources for Pokemon Black/White to collect all 649 Pokemon.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see this happen but I just have doubts that it will. Gray is destined to happen though, the question is… for DS or 3DS?

  16. OMG yessssss…….please do it please. Then after that do the YELLOW, RED, and BLUE. (those are my favorites, still got all three since released)

  17. As interesting as this sounds, I would rather them make the third game to B/W first.

    Big question as to wether it would be for DS or 3DS.

    1. B/W were horribly boring so grey wouldnt be much better. Thats why they should remake ruby and sapphire or just remake Emerald.

  18. Sorry to dampen everyone, but that twitter really means very little. “I’ll consider that” is just a simple PR move to make people happy.
    Not to say it won’t happen and they aren’t considering it, but that tweet has very little substance towards such things.
    That said, I want a pokêmon game for my 3DS :( Prefferably a new one.

  19. I personally don’t want it for the 3DS. I’m quite content with how things are with 2D.


  20. This seems like another way to pad the 3DS library’s length. Anyone who uses the ol’ argument about how the quantity of games makes up for the real value should seriously take a second look.

  21. Get rid of pokemon musical bring back the battle pyramid . im still playing emerald just for the pyramid alone. battle pyramid, tower, and dome. I have yet to play musical at all its too fluffy, pokeathlone( not important enough for spell check) not even entertaining. now wandering around in the dark finding the exit and battling unseen foes. yeah you’ll get poisoned and like it.

  22. I never really was a fan of the 3rd Generation, I’m more of a 2nd Generation guy, but I’ll probably end up getting one [read: both] of them at launch. Man, Game Freak’s got me in a vice.

  23. Personally I’d love a pokemon yellow remake the most. but a sapphire remake would also be wonderful!

  24. a R/S remake is very tempting but for me i only liked a few pokemon fron the 3rd gen though the story concept was pretty cool ill most likely w8 an see what happens if its made or not

  25. The pokemon remakes aren’t just exactly the same with better graphics like OOT and starfox. They always look so much better than the original and add much more to the gameplay.

  26. What does it matter if it’s a remake or not, if you don’t like the game don’t buy it. Remakes also give people who didn’t have the older consoles a chance to play the best games that came out from that console. And I enjoyed Sapphire and will enjoy a remake just as much

  27. This is actually bad news in my opinion. Not because I don’t want a R/S remake (I would love one!), but because he is right now only considering it. This means Game Freak hasn’t even started development of it yet. And without a major Pokemon annoucement this year (not following the tradition of one per year, September in Japan, Spring everywhere else), this would mean that we would have to wait a minimum of 1/2 years for Grey or R/S remakes.

  28. This would be surprising, since R/S/E were no where near as popular as the first two gens, if I remember right. I’d certainly welcome it though as personally, it was my favourite for the main game and exploring.

    Plus, Torchic. ^.^ Blaziken is my favourite Fire type starter.

    1. srry i always pick the grass starters chickorita tutwig in Diamond then again in platnium Chickorita again then Snivy

    1. Yeah, and make it so you can only catch X amount of pokemon per region, just like Ash.
      Don’t get me wrong, I loved how close Yellow was to the show, but bringing it too close is an iffy idea imo.
      Personally, I would like to see Grey with all the other regions implemented in it. You know, kinda like how G/S/C had the Kanto Region in it after you defeated Claire.
      Just my two cents though.

  29. WHAT’S UP with the so MANY remakes Of the NinteNDo 3Ds!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111!11!11!!11 It should bE cAllEd the NinTenDo N643Ds!!!!!!!! ThE NinTEndO 3Ds…….. HoME of the REmAkeS1!!111!11!1!!111

    1. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire is not a N64 game it’s a GBA game. Pokemon always gets an enhance remake 10 years after original generation version.

    2. …You have an Operation Moonfall icon, I hope you’re being sarcastic ಠ_ಠ because if not you’re being hypocritical and giving Moonfall a bad name.

      I support remakes because they make easy money for Nintendo, and that money lets them make new games and new technology and will keep Nintendo going for many years. Majora’s Mask 3D, Ruby/Sapphire remakes, I’ll take them all. The more games, new or remade, that I can play on my 3DS, the better.

  30. ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
    ▒▒▒▒▓▒▒▓▒▒▒▒ WE NEED THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. better make completely new pokemon games, not remakes. for the first two generations it was cool because those games actually were classics in my opinion… and also i never really liked ruby and sapphire that much :/

  32. And cue the people whining about remakes. Even though every Pokemon generation has been remade up until Ruby and Sapphire and it has never prevented new games in the past.

    The Zelda peeps didn’t believe me either when I told them that remakes/rereleases don’t stop new games from coming out. Funny, because apparently when a remake and a new game come out in the same year, that’s sure proof that remakes are preventing new games.

    Can’t we find something more important that actually matters to complain about, instead of fussing and ruining people’s excitement about possibly getting a remake of a game they love?

  33. i dont like gen 4 or 5 pokemon and the remakes were done badly, took alot of the fun out of playing pokemon, go back to the old pokemon platforms and POKEMON cause the new pokemon are really really bad

  34. It all depends on the fans. If there is a huge demand for it. It will happen. The only reason Gold and Silver got remade was, because there was a huge demand for it. I would really love it if it’s going to happen! And I hope it is for the DS and not the 3DS.

  35. So many of us grew up with this game and many new people would definitely enjoy the ruby/ sapphire experience. I for one cherish the games and I think it would be a blessing if remakes were on the way… The game means a lot to me and rs remakes would fill us with the renewed joy of our childhood. Whatever system I’m buying both versions for sure!

  36. i hope its on ds. and they only remade firered and leafgreen cause without them, it was impossible to get mewtwo without hacks

  37. they should make remakes or better yet just one emerald remake where all generation pokemon come out and they could follow you like in pokemon hg and ss and better yet the battle is like pokemon b&w

  38. Well they brought back Dive in the 5th Gen, if that wasn’t a big clue, plus a way to obtain the soul dew. kinda left out there, possibility? Personally, it is more likely for them to do a Emerald remake, since it was the first pokemon game to have a cut scene in the game itself. Would give them a chance to fix the emerald glitches and the text error at the champion battle (Wallace said the wrong city in mine). Though that would present a problem for obtaining all pokemon in the generation.. Maybe they will remake the entire Generation, not just R/S

  39. i personally think that they’ll make pkmn gray with ALL 5 regions available(to travel). Then, they’ll move on to remakes. Need pkmn emerald, sapphire, and ruby remakes for 3DS. (P.S. I used my 3DS to write this.)

  40. I totally want a remake it will be the reason I buy a 3DS buuuut, I don’t want them to spoil the game or story D:

  41. They should also remake the kanto games, because sometimes i dont play the new ones and i boot up my gameboy to play the oldies. DO IT GAME FREAK!!!!!

  42. What I think is that if they do this they would make a buttload of money because almost everyone on this page was a fan of Ruby and Sapphire right, If whats his face made this he would make soooooooo much money because I think 90% of people who have played all the pokemon games favored r/s/e the most. If he makes lots of money he could take pokemon to a whole new level. ( Im talking wii versions people) So if this guy thought about it he could make billions of dollars off of these games. Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum werent remakes, but they were 3rd installments to the games. Why wasnt there a crystal remake? Because Nintendo was loosing money because they had to make new pokemon at least once. I also think they shouldnt make Grey because B/W were way too disapointing to me because it just ruins the whole game of pokemon. I know it had awesome graphics but the storyline was terrible. It had no point to it what so ever. It was too weird also. It was too much of a challenge to me because pokemon is supposed to be easy enough for little kids to be able to beat. It was too hard for me. R/S/E Remakes would rock. I just want them to wait a while to bring it up a notch. (3DS) Keep it on DS for one more generation because gameboy stayed for 3 generations and DS only got 2 generations so far. And Gamefreak, BTW No more gay outfits please. P.S. DIAL DOWN ON THE DRAGON LEGENDARIES! We already had enough dragon legendaries.

  43. I think Game Freak should make a Pokemon game where you get to go to all the regions in the Pokemon Universe not just one ( or two considering silver,gold,heart gold, and soul silver.) That way they wouldn’t have to keep coming out with new idea’s for Pokemon because a game in which you can go to all regions, I think that would make fan’s happier than if they made an new game or remake ( just my own thoughts.) But I could also see why they wouldn’t do that because of the level system in the games. I love all the Pokemon so far but I think they are slowly becoming less creative and just similar to older Pokemon just with a different look. Personally I think Game Freak should take a break from Pokemon for awhile so they can com up with more creative idea’s for the game and so they wouldn’t have to rush it. I think Game freak should make a new game or remake in the main series make it a bit longer than normal pokemon games and while fan’s enjoy that game they can take a break just to come up with better and more creative idea’s for the 6th generation of pokemon.

    1. That is a really good idea. They should make all the regions together, but with one exception: maybe have a completely new region, with NO new pokemon (If you saw the freaking Ice Cream Cone one :P) but a mesh of old ones, and go through there, and as the game goes on, the other regions get slowly more accesible, like start in _________, then go to Kanto/Johto, beat the region, go to Hoenn, beat the region, stay there for months, go to Sinnoh, and so on. Then maybe have a battle series against the originall player from each region and the rival, such as Red and Blue, Silver and Gold, Brendan and May. Then you are free to explore. It would limit the need for one every year, and give them time to actually come up with good pokemon, and get a good story out of it too.

  44. Actually, a remake would be cool, but if it was on the Virtual Console, nobody would have to worry about 650 (I hate gen V so i dont care about the number) pokemon, and it would be the same as the GBA one, which may be better. Besides, Ruby is where I started, so I’d love to see it out again. I really hope they can fix the rooftop blowout thing though.

  45. Omg if they remade pokemon ruby and saphire for the 3ds they would be rich and so will nintendo because people would by a 3ds just to get that game.



  47. yes ruby was my first pokemongame except for stadium 1 but i saved up over 100 bucks to buy the gameboy advanced sp pack with ruby i would have to say best pokemon game i beat white in 3 days so ya if the remake this i wold buy it because it would last

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  51. I am so angry that Nintendo decided to put Pokemon rumble out for the 3DS instead of a new RPG w/ ocarina of time graphics. I sold my 3DS because of this.

    1. Any one who would sell a 3ds after purchase is completely nuts, I’m tweeting from mine right now, and i have to say the console gets better every day i use it. B.T.W. I would love a ruby remake!

  52. I actually just finished a schol report/chart predcting when the next games will come out…. I would LOVE a remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Probobly not for the 3DS, as that would be for the 6th Generation. And I agree that it is not likely that Grey will come out… Black and White is to good to improve! anyways, my this is the data my chart provided:

    The chart shown above represents that about 64% of the released Pokémon “Trainer” games are released in spring, therefore proving that it is more likely that the next Pokémon “Trainer” game will be released in spring. The likely release date for the “3rd Game” in the 5th Generation is around November 2012. The likely release date for the “Remake” of the 3rd Generation is in 2012 or 2013. Note that these estimates are purely based upon the release dates, not anything else. The predictions I provided are not very accurate, but are reasonable.

  53. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! please!PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE THE … GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE KYOGRE!!! AND THE COLER BLUE AND POKEMON PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! IM CRAZY ABOUT RSE THOSE GAMES RSE GOD COM ON ALL THE FANS p.s I WANT POKEMON GREY heheh please please please do you think im …CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ! MAKE THE Game il tell every one that it is not coming out to all the fans

  54. I hope they make the remakes! r/e/s were my favorite game boy games! I would stay up all night to play them and I’d take my system (sp) to school with me and play anytime I could get a chance. I recently got a 3ds and i love it. 3ds + Pokemon r/e/s = epic win


  56. Pokemon sapphire was my favorite pokèmon game please make a remake for dsi not 3ds keep it pOkemon on dsi

  57. Whoop, whoop! Ruby! I really hope the new games come out real soon, I love all the Pokemon games but Ruby is my all time favorite and always will be,!

  58. AND IT IS COMING OUT OK U F***ING BULLSHITS DONT U GET IT MY DAD WORKS THERE ITS 100% ITS COMING OUT FOR THE F***ING DS AND 3DS K!!!! so is pokemon grey but pokemon grey is only for the 3ds sorry for the nasty language im just so mad at those nagative coments (>_<)

  59. just it is coming out and why is EVERY ONE SOO LAZY TO JUST GET A F***ING LITTLE D*** HEADS LITTLE PISESE OFS*** AND IL TAKE A 3DS AND SHUVE IT UP YOUR A**es please just get a 3ds thats my point negitive people just make me SICK!!! im so sorry i feil so bad that i kalled u that i just dont like wen thay sai it is not comming out k im sorry seiriusly but im seireus obout the 3ds its actuly really FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK

  60. i really hope there put pokemon ruby and sapphire for as all ds console it want be far it there put it on only for 3ds please let it play on all ds console

  61. Wow! Ruby was my first Pokemon game, so I would love to see a remake of it! I thought that Pokemon B & W was good, but instead of Pokemon Gray, I would love to see an Emerald remake alongside Ruby & Sapphire remakes.
    I may have a dream about seeing “Pokemon Earth Ruby”, “Pokemon Aqua Sapphire” and “Pokemon Sky Emerald” in GAME tonight!

    1. Heck yes! i came up with names: earth ruby and sea sapphire. maybe they can get the battles to look like pokedex 3d. :)

  62. Hm…that would be nice. Having the beat pokemon game in 3D. hm…..I would love that. But they just made pokemon black and white. Why not make all the versions in 3D. That would be alot better than just one game. =^w^=

  63. And plus, my friend from Okinawa, Japan said that there will be a release of a pokemon game this year. He told me that it will be different from any kinds of pokemon games but at least there will be one. He also said that Pokemon Grey only has a little chance of success in 3D wise but Ruby and Sapphire will be in 3D and 2D. Both on same card. But, he said if Grey were to happen, Ruby and Sapphire won’t come out till 2013. >:U

  64. Actually, it is a pattern. It was R/B/Y, G/S/C, then LG/FR, then R/S/E. Then it went to D/P/PL to HG/SS then to B/W. So if you got the pattern, the next game will be Grey, then it will be the remake of Sapphire and Ruby. Notice that there is no remake of Crystal or Yellow. So, in that case, there will be no Emerald. To see that Ruby and Sapphire ,might be real, click here~

    1. Or the gameboy(advance) could have yellow come in remastered with leaf green/ fire red to the DS/DSi/3DS as Electric Yellow

  65. I would love to see the 3rd gen games remade but I hope that they are compatible with the DS lite. I don’t have alot of money and I definatly won’t be buying a 3DS any time soon. And this is really the only reason I would even bother with a 3DS. It doesn’t seem worth the money to get an entirly new gameing system for one game.

  66. Just Let Gamefreak Make and POKEMON GAME that THAT has The Every region of this period…..
    from KANTO region – JOHTO region – HOENN region – SINNOH region – UNOVA region – to next one…
    that sound a plan..
    rather the waiting the remake of every region..

    ang the platform is :::

    3DS or DS would do ..

  67. if they do remake them, they better not be just on the 3DS, no way in hell am i chipping out 165$ just to play one game and not even use the 3d seeing as how i do not wish to have a massive headache 3 seconds into turning on the power

  68. oh ya ruby all over again and just to ask has anyone seen some of that real good porn out there of the characters from white and black that stuff is the bomb

  69. this sucks it should be one for 3ds and on for ds jeeeez -.- they should really come out with pokemon titanium!!

  70. YES PLEASE. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were great games but were phased out when the DS came out. To see these games remade with better graphics and 3D would be awesome. I would buy a 3DS as soon as the games have a release date

  71. i need this game if they some how make this game befor 2012 befor my older brother leaves to collage that would be a blast i wolud like the names buring ruby and frozen safire :) you here me game freak listing to my whinniy beg please……………………….wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  72. I think Gamefreak should remaster all the gameboy/ gameboy advance Pokemon games so that they can be played on the 3DS, DSi, and DS.

      1. Maybe on eshop it will $20.00 i would appreciate that and gamefreak would not need to load on to a cartridge what will lead to 50% more buyer’s

  73. Well one everyone should get a chance to play every pokemon game if they want if they don’t want to play it well that’s fine,but what about people who origionally played R/S/Y in 1995-1997 Gen IV – V ruined all pokemon it was all fun when they’re were only 151, if they added more pokemon they would had to create atleast about 20 per Gen. It wouldn’t be fair to other people who would like a chance to play the original game.

  74. I personaly belive that gen IV-V r the best so far, especialy with black and white 2 coming out this fall. I would love to see a gen III remake, but only if they continue the trend from hg/ss and add newer gen pokemon to them

  75. I would love to see GF remake ruby and sapphire. Those games were the games to launch my Pokemon obsession. Sure I had red and blue but I didn’t really understand the concept of Pokemon until ruby and sappire came out. I do wish they would add some extra post game content because truthfully ruby and sapphire had a disappointing post game. They should most definitely add the battle frontier and other post game items that emerald had. But, they need to stay true to the whole kyogre limited to sapphire and groudon limited to ruby with rayquaza available after beating the elite four. Alas, these are my opinions and you guys might disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  76. A guy at target accidentally charged me for 1 3ds when I bought 2. I got 500 dollars worth of gaming systems for $250! Score! I would love life if Nintendo made a remake of sapphire and ruby.

  77. Gjuhfzjszgjsxrxsdg/sgxfcggfggghweggfhejhgv jrhdgsjhsrxcsxdfcxsjrfjvgdfjgbjjjstjjyhjkkrkdrjxjtghjgjdjgjskrjdrjtjkrfdkjkjdtytjfdiuiikudtyhtrc

  78. Yes but for normal DS, stop complaining cause you have no 3DS games, the 3DS ones can’t be played on normal DS or DSi but the normal games can. GET OVER IT it’s pretty much 3D anyway.

  79. I think that they should continue doing remakes of the older games, but they should not allow trade from the newer generations. Too much trading and the game gets extremely cluttered and it becomes a near impossible task (unless you have a couple hundred hours on hand) to “catch ’em all”. Personally, I enjoyed the games much more when I wasn’t going after too many pokemon. This is one of the reasons that I really enjoyed the ruby/sapphire/emerald series. Most of the people that are really going to be lining up to get a revised edition of r/s/e are going to want to see familiar pokemon and quests, with some awesome graphical additions. Not too many are going to want to have to catch the entire new series of pokemon– many of which people that played the game would whole-heartedly detest. My main point for the remake, if it does end up happening, would be to limit the number of pokemon allowed in, cancel trade with some of the newer generations, and keep those awesome newer graphics coming.



  80. I would shed tears that sing “Chocolate Rain”, which shed tears singing the Pokemon Title Screen theme. :D

  81. There should be a new pokemon game where you get to travel in all 5 regions and include the orange islands :D
    everything in one game ^_^
    that would be the best pokemon game of all time and hopefully you get to choose what trainer from red & green to black & white 2

    1. should be great if there’s nothing in the game from black and white i hate that games totally messed up

    1. I didn’t particularly care for Black and White but if they released the remakes of ruby and sapphire I’d definatley splash out on a 3DS just for the experience!

  82. it’d be awesome but I don’t think they will do it because pkmn black + white is coming out soon it would be odd to have a game this old be newer than a recent 1 even if they did do it it wont be for a couple of years

  83. Cant they just make like a ruby and sapphire remake and call it Purple or somthing!? So we only have to buy one game and you can catch Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. Also they should remake it on the Wii U with all new 3d graphics and everything!….it would sell like hotcakes…

  84. I’d love Ruby and Sapphire remakes! The names would be : Magma Ruby and Aqua Sapphire. At least I want that… I just wish that if they did make remakes that would also have a Emerald remake. :)

  85. they would never remake the 3 version they didn’t do it with first and second generation. So i think they would do it whit this generation. Maybe they will remake ruby and sapphire but i dont think so

  86. If anything they should redo pokemon yellow! Best game alive to me, and I am sure many other’s would agree. If they ever remake it I can pretty much for sure see no reason for great funds to the company.

  87. though I would die for a saphire and ruby remake, instead of selfish and nostalgic wouldn’t it be better to make a Pokemon game like pokemon Colleseum again? the 3DS is capeable of it, (just look at the 3D Pokedex, thats a big hint in where they are planning to be going next)

  88. You could keep all the starters make hoenn i bit bigger with city’s like castelia keep the older game character’s make a new region to play in after elite four and maybe a rival can join you on the journey for the story. A new ruby sapphire and emerald would be awesome the new features could make a new city or island and a town on it! Similar to castelia city plus nintendo would get lot’s of money (from me for example on the 3ds please!) and on the island you can take trainer’s on your journey after beating them in the world championship from black 2. Example ash ketchum could come! (obviosly hardest to beat) you might spot some new gym leaders out and about maybe an airport in fortress city! The new gym leader’s have level 70 pokemon one could be rebbeca a flying user and maybe a gym lounge for every gym leader to use like ones from unova or kanto and so on

  89. If it does come out i am paying $60.99! It will be the best game ever that game freak has ever made and after this i will not need to buy another game i will buy both versions! No matter what it takes!

  90. I am getting it in us version it is more than worth it to buy it in 2013 when ruby and sapphire remakes come out

  91. And can the translation speed up a bit? You could make a online website for all to use for people that either know japanese or can hack roms so there will be a smaller period of time for everyone to buy it like english spanish and portuguese translations (french will be good for learning) and you can slightly increase the price with the extra features

  92. I would buy a remake of sapphire but can you add both teams in the ruby and sapphire remakes? Like team magma and team aqua in each one maybe even a new boss? And in the emerald remake add the two teams into one?

  93. I will try to buy most of the pokemon games to help game freak work on new games! Whatever it takes i am up for it (mostly remakes though)!

  94. How about if you beat a gym the leader can follow you on your journey but up to 3 and liza and tate count as one gym leader! I would be very happy with that! :)

    1. To help you in incounters with team aqua and magma and maybe gym battles if you let them train their pokemon on routes and they will help in gym battles!

  95. Pokemon Ruby and sapphire are this two of the best Pokemon games out there. Considering them and the red and green(or blue) for being remade for the ds would be awesome.