Nintendo Wii: Potions, Lakes and Link’s Trusty Whip Revealed In Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo America has released another press releases detailing a few new additions to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which will launch exclusively for the Wii November 20th in North America and November 18th in Europe. Here’s the new details:

  • Lake Floria and the Parella Tribe: Later in his quest, Link must make his way to an as-yet-undiscovered section of the Faron Woods that is home to Lake Floria. The lake is inhabited by the squid-like Parella tribe, which makes its first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Even when revisiting past areas like Faron Woods, players will make new discoveries and, occasionally, find drastic changes to the environment that require them to explore these areas in entirely different ways.
  • Swimming: As one might expect, getting to and exploring Lake Floria requires Link to swim. The intuitive motion control of the Wii Remote Plus gives players a natural way to control Link as he swims across the lake’s surface or into its watery depths.
  • Insects and Potions: Throughout the game, Link travels back and forth between the surface and Skyloft. Players can collect bugs in the various areas they visit, and these insects can be used to infuse new ingredients into the variety of different potions available for purchase at the bazaar in Skyloft, giving the potions powerful new effects. Players can experiment with different potions and insects to find the concoctions that best meet their needs.
  • Fun Fun Island: Also new in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is Fun Fun Island, one of the small islands that float above the clouds near Link’s hometown. As the name suggests, there’s a lot of fun to be had there, but before Link can enjoy everything the island has to offer, he must find a way to fulfill the request of its lone inhabitant.
  • Whip: Players can use the Wii Remote Plus to lash Link’s whip at enemies and objects. The whip also can be used to grab items and is integral to solving certain puzzles. Link’s items can be selected in real time without pausing the game when he is on the ground, making it easier to switch between a sword and other items.


  1. Ah yes, that accursed lone survivor… they’re on every island worth being on, in games of all types… asking for some rare and useless item they’d rather sit and wait for another person to do than do it themselves (and get a workout in the process)… hate stems from my heart at the simple mention of that blasted race.

  2. As excited as I am for Skyward Sword, very excited in fact. I really don’t want to hear anymore details (I haven’t been reading them so far, but I glimpse the titles of the articles of course). It’s like when Nintendo announced all the details of Brawl before it was released… I can understand that they’re excited as we are, but I want most of it to be a surprise. At the same time I don’t want to un-subscribe from new articles on this site because they’re often informative and helpful.

    1. I simply see the headline and avoid even accessing the link. This one didn’t seem to have many spoilers in it. As of 10/1/11 I am not watching anymore footage for videos, and only looking at articles that seem like they won’t spoil any more game details. No need to unsubscribe, just watch the headline from Twitter or Facebook and just skip over the feed as if it’s a junk post.

    2. Lucky for me, what little detail I read of the news gets easily forgotten. That, plus the fact that reading about it is much different from actually playing it, and I can safely say that ignorance for the one month left truly is bliss.

  3. How are people going to pronounce Parella? I like how it sounds in Spanish. PAH-REH-YAH

    Although, I’m sure it’s meant to be PAH-REL-LUH

    1. that’s how you pronounce my last name although it’s spelled slightly different. Take out one L and change the A and BAM!!! my last name.

      1. To me, Parella sounds like Italian.

        Proounced as Ninty-lover said (with a Spanish ‘ll’), it would sound like “paella”, the famous Spanish dish. Although since this is English we’re talking about it’s not obviously going to sound like that.

    1. “gee, I don’t want to get the game spoiled, and instead of simply ignoring the link I will selfishly ask the people here to not posts the news at all, even if there’s some people that do wan’t to see it”

      Sounds like a good idea, yeah.

      1. Ok faggot, how do you know I’m being serious, how would you know that i’m talking about sickr. He has a duty to post new info. He’s not the one who made these videos. If you wanna see it so bad, good for you have a blast. Just because i said stop something does’nt mean it’s a serious attempt like a boycott. Too many trailers are always gonna be posted for an awesome game. Maybe I should clearly put SARCASTIC or NOT SERIOUS in parenthesis so dumb TARDS like you won’t comment trying to be a smart ass.

          1. Plus anyone can simply use the “lol jk” card on justification of not being able to actually hear the tone of one’s voice, so yeah.

                1. Yeah, your sarcasm from your bitchy whining as a result of trying to validate yourself totally got us. Never have I felt so outclassed. Good lord, I should go check myself before I wreck myself. Excuuuuse me.

  4. So Link can now use bugs to give his potions an added effect? Princess Agitha won’t be happy about this.

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