Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Main Quest Is Around 35 Hours Long

The Official Nintendo Magazine has revealed that the main quest players will embark on during The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be around 35 hours long. However, you’ll spend a lot longer with the game if you aim to do some of the many side quests featured in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

“There are about 35 hours to be spent on Skyward Sword’s main quest along, and at least double that if you plan on dipping into the game’s plentiful side-quests, collecting all of the insects, upgrading all of the items, discovering the locations of the Goddess Cubes and exploring the world.”


    1. 35 hours just for the main quest is bigger than almost any other game. Keep in mind that this is only for the main quest, which does not include the sidequests, 100% completition, and the second playthrough.

  1. Some people don’t realize that these people play Zelda and Nario for a living. Someone new to the franchise or just not good at puzzles might take up to 50 hours on the main story. I for one used to just ride Epona for an hour sometimes on OoT. I’m sure the LoftWing won’t be different (although I definetly didn’t ride KoRL when I didn’t have to)

    1. A lot of people complained the puzzles in Zelda before. There’s also some news about the dungeons design (less puzzle) will be different this time. I wonder what’s different?

      1. maybe more epic fights, creep corridors, and stuff like in the shadow temple that scare the shit outta you? can only hope, because if they dont make up for those puzzles im gunna be po’d

    2. ya thats probably me on the first temple wondering how the hell to get that final small key. or just finding a certain room or something :p

  2. twilight princess had a well over 50 hour story but then this apparently will have more side quests, either way its going to be one heck of an amazing game

  3. well im going to speed run those 2 days, then im going back to skyrim. lol joking , i might spend a week just doing the freaking puzzles (IM SLOW).

    1. 47 TP hours for you is roughly, if we stick to the metric unit, about 63 SS hours. Honestly, TP took me around 30 hours or so.

  4. In other words, it’s too long. You’ll be bored of it before you finish it. I would rather have had a shorter game that came out two years when they said it would.

    1. Hahahahahah!! Next comidian! That was a good one! Ohhh man, whew! Hahaha… Ok lets be serious now.

      1. He’s right though. I know I can’t bring myself to play a game more than once if it’s got more then 30 hours of story in it.

        1. I had palyed OOT, Majoras Mask and Twilight Princess for at least 3 times each one and believe each time has been such a joy =)

        2. Who said you need to start over every time?
          I know I enjoyed finding tons of small islands and things, each with their own fun little thing on them in the wind waker and SS sounds like it’ll have such aspects plus more, in various ways, such as how it’s a bit more rpg like apparently and so on.

    2. Ok, there’s a choice to go through just the 35 hour main story as MENTIONED in the article or play through the OPTIONAL 65 hours. It’s amazing because I bet you would’nt complain about an RPG being more than 80 hours of play. I would rather have a long game than a something short. That would be a waste of $50-70 no thank you

  5. i finished TP in like 16 hrs.. including every side quest. hopefully, skyward is more of a challenge

    1. 100% complete in 16 hours on your first play through?
      Well as long as you enjoyed it all fully the same as anyone that took them time going through it, as that’s what counts in the end.

    2. It took you 16 hours for 100% blind? Did you play the song of double time or something? No wait, triple time.

  6. That already makes it longer than TP since I beat it in 36 hours the first playthrough with all heart containers and some sidequests. It’s funny that I see people getting mad because the game is “shorter than what Nintendo had claimed.” They simply said 50-100 hours of gameplay, which includes sidequests, boss rush, and the second playthrough. When Bethesta said Skyrim would have about 300 of gameplay, do you think they were referring to just the main quest? That includes everything. Even the article says SS’s total time can be doubled if you decided to do the sidequests. It would be even longer with the second playthrough considering you get to upgrade your stuff like the shield.

    1. Especially with a a Game+ mode! I beat Ocarina of Time over ten times, Majora’s Mask about 7 times, Twilight Princess about 3 times (the game on its own was pretty long). If I get to start a new game + like in Okami, then I’m all good.

  7. 35 hours is awesome! I’m sure it would take me much much more than that. TP took me 85 hours without completing everything :p it was my first Zelda game

      1. On my own. I used guides a little. I’m ashamed of that time though :p I’m replaying it right now hoping to get it in at least 20-25 minutes less :p

  8. 35 hours MAIN game, Twilight Princess was about 20 hours main quest and 40 hours if you 100% it. That’s like 70 or so hours if you 100% skyward sword if you do the math O_O

      1. Yeah, but why would we worry about the length of a game if we use strategy guides to find stuff? I mean, this is an “adventure” game after all.

  9. 35 Hours to beat the main quest with no UPGRADES, rapidly swing your wiimotes and DASHING all the time.
    I’m going for 80-100% completion

    1. Let’s hope you don’t dash all the time though; you’ll need some of that stamina for climbing, pushing blocks, crazy sword techniques, etc…

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