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Nintendo Wii: Edge Magazine Awards The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 10/10

Revered gaming publication Edge magazine which is renowned for its harsh but realistic scores has awarded The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a perfect 10/10. Yesterday the Official Nintendo Magazine revealed that it had awarded The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 98%. Can’t wait to see how well the game does on Metacritic.

“A triumph.”
“How apt that this ultimate tale of hero-making should see Nintendo’s hardware become the console it was always meant to be.”

79 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Edge Magazine Awards The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 10/10”

      1. I pre-ordered mines last month too, I just can’t wait any longer! Pre-ordering isn’t enough!! xD It’s MY GAME AND I NEED IT NOW!!

  1. oh damn, this shit just got real. edge is tough. so if this got a 10, then it must be awesome. of course, we expected this didn’t we?

  2. Ah, it’ll do I suppose. :-) I’m seriously happy it’s getting positive reviews and hope it’s not getting any reviews that include “for a Wii game”.
    I’m curious, though, do these reviews mention the bundled controller or cd?

      1. Yeah, I know the review is for the game, but thought maybe a wee sidebar with comments on the cd and controller.

      1. Funny you should mention that. On the most recent episode of IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat, chief Nintendo editor Richard George (who will almost certainly review it) addressed that very point.

        “Anyone who says these graphics are bad is a moron…I’m not saying this game looks good ‘for a Wii game’…this game just looks good.”

        As for controls, don’t think the review will be pages bashing Wii Motion Plus. Here’s Audrey Drake on the matter in the same episode:

        “If you try to waggle through this adventure like you did in TP, you will get your butt kicked! You won’t make it out of Skyloft.”

        Though Rich can be a tough reviewer, it’s looking like this game will get at least a 9.5 if not a perfect 10 like Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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  4. I still think OoT is arguably still the king, but a 10 from them makes me wonder if they played the whole game through before rating it? The Wii’s last must-purchase title. Hopefully with the WiiU we won’t have to wait another 5 years before the next Zelda comes out.

    1. “I still think OoT is arguably still the king”

      That’s your opinion but to be completely fair, it’s only for nostalgia now and the fact that it made a huge impact as the first 3D Zelda. It’s already not the greatest Zelda game of all time anymore in all honesty but I hope SS will finally put that argument to rest 8/

    2. Dude, you’re never going to fully appreciate new Zelda games if you can’t even consider that one that hasn’t even been released yet will exceed OoT.

      It’s fine if your OoT is your favorite but it’s outright disrespectful to Nintendo to pretty much say they can’t top a game 2 console generations ago.

      Personally, I think it’s just plain stupid that Zelda fans can’t even say TP was better than OoT without practically getting accused of treason!!

      1. I hate to say it, but I agree with song of courage. It’s taken nintendo two decades to come up with something better than oot. If skyward sword manages to outdo that, then I will be HIGHLY impressed. Still, can’t wait.

        1. In all honestly, in terms of story, gameplay, and new innovations and twist on the Zelda formula, Wind Waker is the best Zelda game to date thus far. Period. Argue all you want but if we’re all being honest with ourselves and not hating on the graphics, which were very nice IMO, WW was definitely the most well done Zelda since OoT

    3. Well I reckon that SS is going to be better, but I see your point: The massive leap from 2d to 3d is huge so oot ‘is the king’ for making that leap. But anyways SS is going to kick ass, GOTY anyone?

  5. ha finally something that can put the xbox to shame. if this game turns out better then ocarina of time it will simply be the greatest game of all time, this will be a tall order considering just how good Oot, Majoras mask and twilight princess were but nintendo have triumphed again and again, the reviews seem to be all excellent, ive got the limited edition version preordered and i am so looking forward to playing it. the only other game im truly interested in at the moment other than this one is elder scrolls 5 skyrim. still i cant wait to compare this to Oot my all time favorite game.

    1. playstation and nintendo exclusive kill xbox exclusives (except for halo, that the only one that i love).and i too am excited about skyrim, i mean, look at my avatar lol.

  6. I literally had to run out of my office to stop myself from whooping in a crowed room!!! F’king hell yeah!! That’s what I’m talking about! Amazing! Was deciding whether to get this or Mario on day 1 (can’t afford both) looks like its Mario for Xmas now :D

  7. <—— That's one truly awesome avatar right there!


  8. They also reviwed “Uncharted 3” but “Skyward Sword” is in the cover, which means… Suck it Sony fanboys! Nintendo > All the others!!

    1. Well, Zelda does come out once in a blue moon on consoles, so it’s no wonder it was chosen for the cover. Also, maybe SS got their highest score, so they’re showcasing that.

  9. I already see this game getting 9,5’s or higher and yet it won’t appear in the Spike tv bullshit game awards. I can’t wait for this gem, I build a new set up for the wii with my dad so playing this game with the motion plus would be even better ^_^

      1. Mario Galaxy got 10/10

        Only few games reach 10/10, I’m sure twilight princess reached 10/10 but SS is better when they review it however.

        I find 10/10 not really high enough, as a 10/10 game maybe better then a diffrent 10/10 game

  10. Ocarina of Time is still my favorite game of all time. I’m saying this because I still haven’t played Skyward Sword, so this could change. In fact, all the stuff they’ve shown so far is starting to get to me. There is a lot of the story that we don’t know about and all the cool stuff in the game. I’m happy for the score, but I’m getting the game anyways. Plus, I’m not going to read ANY reviews until I beat this game, which could take me a while since it releases in a time when we’re preparing for final exams.

  11. I have known Edge to be very harsh on Nintendo games and I have had somewhat of an irrational grudge against them for it, so to see something like this fills me with such bubbly goodness. Or maybe it’s the tears falling down my face. I don’t know. Who knows, maybe it’s just hype for the game, but if they really felt like hyping it, they could have just left it at a 9 or a 9.5 and be done with it. For it to be a 10, though…someone must really like that game. In the end, though, it seemed anyone who’s had hands-on with the game always liked it, so…. Edge, in a way, is like the American Famitsu.

  12. Notice how Uncharted 3 and Arkham City were also reviewed in that issue of Edge and LINK is the one on the cover.

    Good job Edge!!

  13. lol i can see IGN now:

    “9.0 overall

    presentation: its zelda your going to like it!

    graphics: not special

    sound: its zelda your going to like it!

    Gameplay: its zelda your going to like it!

    lasting appeal: its zelda your going to like it!”

    1. I refer you to my above comment, but I’ll also mention it here:

      Rich George, Executive Nintendo Editor (who will almost certainly review it), not only said “I’m not saying this game looks good ‘for a Wii game’…this game just looks good,” but he also called anyone who said the graphics are bad a moron.

      As for gameplay, Audrey Drake points out “you will get your butt kicked” if you try to waggle through the game. In fact she claims “You won’t even leave Skyloft.

      Not only are they fans of the challenge, but they also actually consider the game refreshing in its execution.

      You can hear more in their most recent episode of Nintendo Voice Chat.

  14. Ocarina of Time will always be an epic, legendary game. Given the number of times it has been released, I’d say it’s immortal.

    That said, what better title to take it’s place in the modern world other than Zelda?

    It’s OK for skyward sword to be better. I hope that it is and will keep an open mind. I’m ready to be blown away like I was all those years ago with OOT.

    Bring on Skyward Sword. I feel the magic of Zelda going next level.

  15. I’m honestly quite suprised Edge were so positive about this game, I expected they’d have criticised it quite a bit, especially from the reactions about it I’m seeing online. But I guess that makes me have high hopes Skyward Sword will be a fantastic game.

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  18. I have a question. If Ganondorf isn’t in the game then the Triforce of Power won’t be there either, right? Unless, of course, the Triforce doesn’t play a part in the game (or at least not the early part of the game)

    1. It is brought up in the opening of the game, and that covers a fact I find very interesting: There have been wars over the “golden power” before OoT.

      As long as the Triforce’s resting place isn’t disturbed, the first case of that occuring in OoT, it can exist in the story however Nintendo wants it to.

      Back on the opening, it’s also something to note that a single goddess is spoken of rather than 3. Is only one, Din I’d guess from the coloration, present in their reality? Has there been some combination of the 3 into one form we’ve never heard about? Or is this just a result of the story being a “legend,” like when Link was portrayed as his young self in the Wind Waker opening?

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