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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announces Ice White Nintendo 3DS Bundle With Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo UK has announced that the Ice White Nintendo 3DS will be coming to Europe on December 2nd and will be bundled with Super Mario 3D Land. You’ll also be able to purchase the Ice White Nintendo 3DS separately if Super Mario 3D Land isn’t your thing.

64 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announces Ice White Nintendo 3DS Bundle With Super Mario 3D Land”

    1. What the hell are you talking about? So you didn’t know at launch that they will release bundles/redesigns/… in the future? This is beyond stupidity.

      1. I’m not Oliver but I would like to answer that. Yes I don’t know. I don’t know they will redesign this early. I also don’t know that they will cut the price by 1/3 just about 1 week after I bought my 3DS (priced 300 Euro here, central Europe), and as compensation gave me 20 crappy games (sorry old gamers) which I don’t like.

        1. “I don’t know they will redesign this early.”

          They won’t.

          “I also don’t know that they will cut the price by 1/3 just about 1 week after I bought my 3DS.”

          That’s only your fault. They announced that 14 or even more days before price cut.

          “priced 300 Euro here, central Europe”

          If you payed 300€ for a 3DS, then you were robbed, your fault again. 250€ was the price everywhere in Europe. I’m from there too.

      2. I don’t think that you read my whole comment. At the end of the comment I said that I learned my lesson. You problably just wanted some attention and feel good about your low self esteem. Go play with your toys now, but only if mommy says so, okay?

    2. Same here. First they drop the price by 1/3 and now releasing 3DS in white which I really want. I hate this kind of business practice.

      I bet next year they will release the lite version.

      1. Well nintendo gave me 20 free games im getting the next 10 next month.

        I got the 3DS at launch to get it as soon as.

      2. “and now releasing 3DS in white which I really want. I hate this kind of business practice.”

        What’s wrong with you people, seriously? They ALWAYS do that. Are you from yesterday? Wii was white at the beginning and we got black, red, … later. Same with DS, Game Boy, … And you know that before you buy a console. You don’t like the colors? OK, don’t buy it and wait/hope for your favorite one in the future. That’s it.

        1. They changed Wii’s color after years, not months. I’m not complaining abou the colors, I love my Aqua Blue 3DS. You and many other visitors from this site take things way to seriously. I think you spend the whole day in front of your computer just waiting to sound witty, educated and again boost your low self esteem. Hetrs gonna hate.

    3. So, you want them to release bundles of these systems when the games are not done? Everyone who buys a system at launch, ANY system, knows that they’re taking a risk. Whether you make use of that system or not in that period time is up to you. The color I really wanted was the aqua blue; I got it at launch and I’ve been using it since then. I have a greater appeal for games, so it’s not hard for me to justify the $250 I spent on it.

      Let’s see people complain about Nintendo when they release the Wii U mid 2012 and then they have a bundle by the holiday season. It would be the same. Sony and MS release a bundle for their system really often, too.

      1. In regards to wanting them to release bundles before the games are done, they should have been done. It’s called a launch title and the 3ds just didn’t have any good ones.

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  2. So many colours! This will definatley help with sales of the system, but I’m happy with my black 3DS and my 20 free games :)

    1. handhelds and home consoles are different. The best you’ll get is a white and a black one. The black one didn’t even appear until very late in the cycle of the Wii’s life.

      1. yes and thats why i waited till about a year ago to get the wii, i trusted nintendo again with the 3ds, i wont be making that mistske again, i understand that its my fault for being an early adopter, but its also nintendo’s fault i feel like this, hell, A LOT of gamers feel this way. and if it keeps up most of the “loyal” fans nintendo had as early adopters for the 3ds will end up waiting with everyone else who did, and the 3ds fiasco will start all ovrr again.

        1. Yeah because Sony and MS “loyal” fans left them after the PS3 got cheaper and the 360 finally got the HDMI port later on. Everything has a risk when it comes to consumers and their preferred brand regardless of who it is.

          1. i never mentioned sony or MS, and they can afford to fuck up, the have billions to back up their mistakes, nintendo is a gaming company, their economic intake is from hardware and software, if the keep losing from hardware sales what makes you think theyll profit enough to keep taking risk on new ideas in the future? i love nintendo, my favorite games are the oracle games, so if nintendo dies ill probably stop playing, but as muxh as i loce them, i cant keep throwing money away. 15 free games that i already played and passed arent worth the loss i took.

            ps: your name reminds me of that episode of american dad “roger, mcfreely’ lol

            1. Nintendo didnt fuck up at all, you just expected them to not maker new colors. What is this your first handheld from hem?

  3. Ah fuck you nintendo! stopping ripping off north america! I wont both of those stuff but no you dont bring it to Noth america… Bastards… >=/

    1. not only that imagine how I feel here where there’s no club Nintendo here in mex. I already had enough coins to get a elite reward and what did I get? Nothing

      1. I dont do any of that stuff in the first place but that dose suck. it seems they are giving europe all of the attention now.

  4. Take me now nintendo take me!!!! That white color rocks and now I hate my old blue one why they didn’t release more colors on launch WHYYYY????

  5. Nintendo, y u no green? :(

    seriously though, like, I’m not super annoyed about it, and I can understand bundles, but a selection of only 2 colours at launch was a little ridiculous

  6. Im honestly not getting “Super Mario 3D Land” .
    Its not really focused on npc’s and especially exploration like in “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario 64”. Its definitively a fun game but games like these have low replay-ability since their is nothing to explore.

  7. Please stop complaining about the 3ds price drop and not getting your favorite color. Did console color ever enhance a gaming experience? no not at all. Nintendo is given you people 10 awesome GBA games plus 10 awesome-ish NES games. so please be quiet.

    1. Rather than giving us 10 games people have played and dont really care for, and 10 gba games pretty much everyone willing to buy a 3ds already have, how about 1 or 2 3ds games? They are not sellling those games anymore so they can just throw them around everywere. People feel cheated and dont want to be cheated again. Think about what everyone else thinks rather then yourself.

      1. Well, I agree with noname. The 3DS has so much software already installed in it, along with a bunch of free stuff on the eShop. If you got the 3DS a launch (like me) you get the 20 MORE free games. That’s a LOT of stuff to do. So really, it’d be your fault for hating the 3DS that much, and thinking that it has so little to offer. Just remember, this system has only been out for 6 months. Don’t act as if the system is already done, and that there is nothing coming in the future. “Oh, no! I got a 3DS, and there’s only like, 7 games already on the system, and 3 more free downloads on the eShop! What’s this? Oh, now I got 10 free games and there’s still 10 more coming?! Man! I regret getting MY 3DS!” That’s just an assanine moral to live by. And by the way, why don’t you go buy yourself a tampon, you bitch. Good day.

    2. Lets your bying a new car you get there and you find the car you want but with some crazy pink and green colors and beside it theres the same car a little bit more expensive but with a cool metalic finish. I guess you’re going with the crazy pink and green cause the driving experience will be the same right? People like to have things not just because they are good but also because they like it. And lets say I already have almost everyone of those 10 awesome gba games they are giving away, can’t I have the right to be upset cause they sold me a system that wasn’t prepared to be launched?

  8. Can I just say this to everyone? Unless your 3DS is pink, it doesn’t matter what kind of color the finish is. Let’s not criticise Nintendo just because we’re angry that the plastic is now in a different color. I’ve had my 3DS since day 1, and I’m glad that I get 20 free games. Why? ‘Cause they’re frickin’ free!!

  9. Meh, seems weird to have a white 3DS bundled with the game, I thought the default console colour going with Mario games was red, like the red Wii with that New Super Mario Bros Wii bundle. Seems weird how this 3DS has no real stylings to promote Mario 3D Land either.

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  11. Has anyone else see the flaws in the first model it needed a immediate redesign but… was a little early oh well :/

  12. Why the f**k is everyone bsing about it anyway I mean what are you going to do about it. it is what it is and mario 3d land looks like a good game so Even if you get the bundle it doesnt matter what the color is it could be flipping puke brown with red pokadots!

  13. *sigh* still no sign of an American release………. totally want. The new update came out that allows the system transfer between 3DS’s so I can ditch this crappy black 3DS who’s D-Pad is beyond F’d up. Can’t play the ambassador games because the D-Pad for some odd reason is saying it’s being pressed down on the right. Nintendo said some liquid got under the metal piece under the button or something. idk, I didn’t get any liquids near the device around the time it started and certainly not before because I was playing Mario Kart DS until the battery died. oh well, Nintendo was going to charge me 101$ (repair + tax + shipping) to fix it and I said hell no I’ll just wait for the white 3DS and sell this PoS to my friend to deal with.

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