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Nintendo: Super Mario 3D Land ‘A Disappointment Only By Mario’s Own High Standards’

UK games publication GamesTM has reviewed both Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I haven’t been able to read the entirety of the Super Mario 3D Land review but GamesTM gave the game 8/10 and stated it’s “a disappointment only by Mario’s own high standards”. The magazine also gave The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 9/10 and claimed the game ‘plays the Wii out in style’.

101 thoughts on “Nintendo: Super Mario 3D Land ‘A Disappointment Only By Mario’s Own High Standards’”

  1. Well, it’s a bit depressing this game is currently the lowest rated 3D Mario platformer, but at least they say it’s still ‘good’ if not compared to past Mario games. Then again, maybe I’ll disagree with the media when I play the game, they were after all the same people who thought Super Mario Land 1 was actually a great game or better than its sequel, while I disagreed on both fronts.

    And with the controls compared to Mario 64 DS, I’m not too worried about that aspect of things.

        1. I think people who like Sunshine over Galaxy are letting nostalgia cloud their judgement. I like Sunshine but Galaxy level design is so much better. All of the levels in Sunshine are all based around an island/paradise theme. The stage in Galaxy 1 and especially 2 have a lot more variety. Plus I prefer not having F.L.U.D.D.

      1. I don’t agree. The visuals on Sunshine was absolutely stunning! Its my favorite Mario game (yes, it beats Mario Galaxy 100x over in my book).

        1. Interesting. I think the exact opposite. I thought Sunshine is the worst game of the Mario plat former franchise, and Mario Galaxy is easily 100x better than it (with Galaxy 2 at least 10x above the original). To each his own though (just my opinion)

    1. I can’t wait for IGN most! They have really put hate on nintendo recently, so would IGN say 5.5 because Sonys Vita is better?

    2. Gametrailer’s has better reviews than IGN and Gamespot imo. They go in depth and explain their reasons better.

      IGN’s reviews kinda suck. Kinda REALLY suck actually. They used to be alright like 6 years ago…

  2. Interesting… I expected Skyward Sword to score a little higher (9.5 – 10 range) but I didn’t expect Super Mario 3d land to score exceptionally well, just because there are other games that live higher above it (You know like OoT in the Legend of Zelda series)

    1. They only do whole numbers up to 10.

      So 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

      It’s strange with games doing it that way but Skyward should have 10/10.

      British game magazine game reviewers are quite strict with their reviewing compared to other countrys.

  3. I wouldn’t put it past these people because gaming publications in the UK are a bit more critical when it comes to their review style, and they tend to give games much lower scores than any other publication out there. I guarantee you that the reviews will be higher on other sites, and the game will still sell well.

  4. Remember when an ‘8’ was an amazing high score?
    Now it seems like people think that anything below a 9.5 isnt even worth playing.

      1. This is incredibly true, and I find that even I am biased when it comes to this. Back when I was new to gaming in the late 90’s, a 6 or a 7 was – to me – an outstanding score. 8’s were borderline perfect in my books. Now those numbers are synonymous with “mediocre” and “disappointing” rather than “good” or “average”. Perhaps I’m just more cynical now that I was then, but that hardly seems the case when so many games get an 8.5 or 9 nowadays — and I’d be remiss to imply that half of said games live up to these scores. (You can’t tell me Battlefield 3’s shit campaign can be saved by its multiplayer alone. For half a game, it should start at half a score.)

  5. is 8/10….bad? last time I checked that’s quite good, maybe GamesTM should get their heads out of their asses and see how retarded they sound :)

    1. 8/10 is pretty good. I usually don’t play games that are 7/10 (intentionally). But it’s so true, they make it seem like an 8/10 is horrid.

  6. Who fucking cares rates and shit , those who rate are not same as us! The game isnt bad or good until we play it . “Hurr a durr below its own standards” fuck them this looks great and i bet averybody wil enjoy it same as skyward sword.

    1. The high standard that Mario sets is Super Mario Galaxy 2. That would a very difficult standard to live up to, especially if the low development time of Mario 3DS was a factor, and if the game is not even as long as half of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

      1. No the high standard was the OG Super Mario Galaxy. Compared to the first game the second game took no time at all to beat

          1. yes i thought smg2 was actually much better and harder than smg. smg2 had better level design (not to say that smg did NOT have good level design) and it took much more effort to 100% smg2.

            1. I agree. One think to note, Galaxy is more an exploration type of game, Mario 3D land is more closely related to NSMB, so they are completely different kind of Mario games. So Galaxy (&2), Sunshine, 64, are intended to take dozens of hours of gameplay (to get every star), while NSMB is more casual and only take a dozen to a few dozen hours to do.

  7. Its the UK. Since when I have I ever cared for a review outside of the US. NEVER. SS got a 9? Yeah ill just 1 to both reviews.

        1. 2010? 3ds wasn’t even out then….I’m also pretty sure it’s not supposed to be big like sm64 or galaxy it’s more along the lines of new super Mario bros wii it’s a 3d Mario game yes but it’s made to play like a 2d Mario…’s still really early in the 3ds life so I’m sure we will most likely get a 3d Mario like 64 or galaxy

        2. I havent seen enough of the game itself to determine scale. It looks like a SMB3 and SM64 cross-breed. Not such an expansive world but a full 3d world. I feel as if it is soon, but not rushed.

  8. I don’t take review scores very seriously….ign gave uncharted 3 a perfect 10 saying it was the best action adventure gamethey ever and then g4 gave it a 4/5 saying the multiplayer was rushed and it wasn’t as exciting as uncharted 2….Point is one person wil play this game and find things to complain and another person will play it and think it’s absolutley amazing….l.a noire recieved lots of high review scores and the game almost put me to sleep.

  9. !!!!! Nooooo!!!!!
    Whats nintendo doing!? I thought about the game buttt……Now Nintendo really needs to think about mario & its furure because mario is in ruins after bad crirical reception with its most recent games.

      1. Oh wait…..

        I ment about what happens after mario kart & land

        Really its not the end when something goes bad. Mario has had bad spinoffs recently like fortune street & Party 9.

        Mario Kart 7 should not go badly at all and should score at least 9/10

  10. An 8 isn’t bad, atleast it isn’t 6 or 5.5, I’m still getting this game (once I preorder it, lol), I know this game will be good, along with Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon Rumble Blast (Super Pokemon Rumble here), so I can see alot of People buying a 3DS, Christmas will be a good time for the 3DS to get stronger in sales, especially with 5 different colours here by that time. So it’s all looking bright.

  11. I don’t think this is a good thing. 8/10 is a fine score, don’t get me wrong, but right now the 3DS needs something more than simply fine to justify buying it.

    I suspected this would happen, watching the trailers gave me the impression that it was slightly clunky and slow. Hopefully the game is a bit more refined than it appeared.

    And on the other hand, Famitsu gave it a 38, and without shameless selling-out, so it might just be a case of overcriticism.

  12. I dont see how a 8/10 is bad and plus it seems to me that most people who rate games and systems have it out for the 3ds just because the 3d isnt as amazing as they thought it would be. When i was trying to purchase a 3ds i had to deal with a bunch of over dramatic gamers who were giving critical reviews on a system they hadnt even owned. The problem isnt that the game or game system isnt any good its just we hold gaming to too high of a standard and personally i’m a little disappointed that they give a game with great control, likability, and graphics a lower score than this plotless crap we get with every “new” FPS

  13. Maybe the game is not the innovative trendsetter that Mario Galaxy was but 8/10 is a solid score that will prove good enough to help sell the 3DS in the chrismas season. This is just the start of the 3DS and once developers get accustomed to the system I’m sure things will get even better, as long as we are not showered with 3Dremakes that is.

  14. I’m very happy with that. i’m asking for this game for christmas. More exited for MK7 though. Already pre-ordered that one

  15. Does anyone actually care about ratings these days? 8/10 is good but even if it was given a 1/10 rating, it wouldn’t matter because it is THEIR opinion.

    I played this last month and from the 4 levels I got to play, it was fantastic. The controls are a lot better than Mario 64 DS’ controls.

  16. Umm no lie… but what is so good abt mario? I grew up playing it but I never saw what was so awesome about it though…. Mario Kart was fun though :)

    1. Most games are pretty fun and simple, besides it was one of the first franchise in the industry, most people have pleyed them for ages, perhaehps its not awesome, but still its pretty fun.

  17. Sure it’s the same as saying Cars was a bad Pixar movie. Wasn’t as good as the likes of Toy Story but was still enjoyable, in my opinion. This is the same. Not a great Mario game is still better than the majority of games available.

  18. 8/10 is bad? While I kind of expected this game to get an 8 or 9, a 8/10 is not bad. I pretty much don’t care for reviews that much, anyways. One person’s thoughts is just an opinion (only when 10-20 are saying the same thing about a game, then I pay attention).

  19. I’ve heard a Game mag called Ngamer said a few months back saying it looks rushed and to simple.

    I agree with that, is that what GamesTM said also?

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  21. Guys first ignore the negative comments on this page also you did’nt read the rest of the reviw as my nintendo news only posts negatives and they said pretty positive things to say. Also look at sunchine it was great but critics hated it as this will get 9’s and 10’s from other companies just wait.

  22. i will still be getting both games. i played both at e3 and they were awesome. i am not much of a critic for video games, but i thoroughly enjoyed super mario 3D land (with the little time i had with it). i do use video game ratings as a guide for buying games, but not all the time. don’t be too disheartened if the game you’ve already been waiting for got a “low” rating.

    1. Same here but yeah I usually wait until every critic rates it, watch gameplay and then decide. an 8 isn’t bad and Famitsu gave it a 38/40 so right now its on my to buy list.

  23. i love it how sickr instigates and only happens to post the negatives points of a review if its a “bad” score so most of you retards blindly flame the ones reviewing it… (sarcasticaly) great journalism. lol

      1. hey im getting used to it already, all i said is i love it how his poor jurnalism makes more than half of these nintendo fanboys seem retarded, now i understand why we’re refered to as “wii-tards” lol

        1. I’ll agree some of the kids that comment on this blog do sound retarded sometimes lol but hey that’s any website you visit….I think sickr reports a hell of alot better than ign does sometimes though they never have a bad thing to say about Sony or microsoft only nintendo…. None of the companies are perfect but nintendo gets picked on the most when most of the time there games are some of the best in the industry.

  24. OMG it got an 8!! what’s the deal? every other series usually get 7 and 8 too besides its a handheld Mario’s power lies in consoles.

    1. Starfox assault got 7/10 of what i remember and it was still a brilliant game.

      So how is 8/10 going to end a great game forever?

  25. Fark this. The number one 3ds game right now is rayman 3d… How the heck did that happen? Anyways I expect 3d land to be amazing. If not then whatever, it’s a mario game. I just play for fun and entertainment, not for amazing graphics. And yet these sony fanboys think that mario’d look better if he was in cuba, dressed in camo, and holding a M16. Yeah cuz that’s what kids want these days… god what’ve we come to?

    1. Kids only want guns in games these days.

      Kids want mario to hold a AK-47

      Kids only play gun games.

      Sony fans/microfans complain saying Wiis for Kids

      Nintendo fans are mainly adults, because adults understand games and pefer something original without the samething over again.

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