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Nintendo: Nintendo ‘Need To Change Their Strategy Drastically’

Nintendo has recorded a loss of 70.29 billion yen from the first half of the fiscal year ending September 30, 2011. Although it’s not as bad as the 100 billion yen that was previously predicted, it has left many doubting Nintendo’s current strategy going forward.

“I think they need to change their strategy drastically.”

“Now that people can do so much on their smartphones, will they want to buy a games machine?”

– Yuuki Sakurai, president of Fukoku Capital Management


112 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo ‘Need To Change Their Strategy Drastically’”

    1. yes rather shallow and pedantic…

      On a serious note, dude, the 3DS IS worth buying, maybe you should get your head out of your ass and you’d see that…. :)

    2. What’s that supposed to mean? Everything I buy from Nintendo is worth buying the first time! I mean, sure there are many “remakes” but that’s a good thing. If you owned a Playstation 1, and there was an amazing game for that game, and you want others to know about the game, but they don’t have a Playstation 1, and yours doesn’t work, how would you enjoy that game again? That’s why Nintendo does that, they allow other people to enjoy their previous games.

              1. Right except for the RPG games that take up at least 5 hours that are on smartphones. Also, the opinion of what a “gaming” machine is doesn’t matter. It’s what people will buy! The people commenting here don’t seem to understand that. I do disagree about calling smartphones gaming machines though, Go to Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony for that. But it’s ALL about what people are buying more of.

                  1. Actually, he’s right. In business, if you’re selling a product, you’re competing against EVERYONE else. Nintendo sells electronics and entertainment. In reality, they are competing against the gaming industry, the smartphone industry, the music industry, etc. Then there are people who can’t afford much of these things and have to spend their money on food, shelter and transportation, and that’s more money Nintendo doesn’t get. And remember: Microsoft and Sony are competing against all of these things, too, not just Nintendo. Think about it.

                1. HOLY CRAP! An rpg that takes up a whole 5 hours! That’s amazing! What have I been doing playing rpg’s like devil survivor overclocked for 40 hours on the 1st play through, with only knowing 1 of the many endings?

                  1. Hahaaha, yeah yeah yeah, I was trying to get at that all smartphone games aren’t the 5 minutes everybody says. Idk what system your game is for, but probably not an iPhone. That was my point. But the sarcasm was funny.

                    1. 5hrs is the entire phones battery life! So if you need to txt or call, remember that rpg and how much worse it was than every handheld zelda game ever created.

              2. I wish I could punch you for that retarded statement.
                First off, using the word “gay” to make something bad is ignorant and hurtful. Only kids and retarded people do that.
                Second, The iPhone sold more than some piece of crap YOU could ever sell.
                You’re being a biased blind fanboy, the worst of Nintendo’s follower base.

                Lastly, you think the iPhone is bad. Okay, but that’s only YOUR OPINION, NOT A FACT. Grow the fuck up.

    1. smart phone = jumped up phone with “angry birds” piece of crap game

      games machine = fallout 3, twilight princess, ocarina of time, super metroid, metroid prime 3 corruption, majoras mask, castlevania 4, contra… enough said

      1. It’s because of those reasons that I’m having this big rage against smartphones and those douchebags who buys them only to play videogames rather than buying a REAL CONSOLE. I mean, seriously, is Angry Birds really THAT better than a Legend of Zelda? Or Metal Gear? Or Modern Warfare? Honestly, Nintendo has good first party games, and the Wii itself was a huge sucess. I just don’t understand why the company is having such a big loss, only because thirdies support smartphones? It’s unbeliavable. I hope the Wii U can fix this problem. Speaking of which, is there any trailer of a Wii U game? I’m sick of reading news about people supportgin Wii U, but not showing any progress of that support!

  1. Another atatement of some person, that does not know that smartphones aren’t verything and can’t replace a dedicated game machine.
    Smartphone games are todays flash-games. Jeez

    1. I can play games and AR, music and more on my games console and what with a Iphone? shovelware angrybirds & cut the rope.

  2. “Now that people can do so much on their smartphones, will they want to buy a games machine?”

    I DON’T want to play shitty games on a (smart)phone. That’s not a gaming device, you morons.

  3. The fact that people still think that you can play a game that’s the same quality and length of a console game on a smartphone is laughable to me!

  4. Great. Now, some other wise cracker says that Nintendo should go into smartphone gaming. Investors have truly become way too greedy as they are only wanting short-term profits to make money a lot more quickly. Evidently, they are not listening to Iwata and they think that the company needs to change? Bunch of hypocrites these investors are, if you ask me.

  5. I think they must to change the way that see the games machines, the must to open the doors to a new wordl of enterteinment adding more possibilities at they machines with more features in the software and the hardware, in the other hand, their games are funniest to me.

  6. Funny thing is that in the same release notes from nintendo it said the 3ds has sold 6.68m units so far. In the same time frame the original ds sold less. Some people just like to hate on nintendo.

  7. Funny thing is, in the same release notes from nintendo says the 3ds has sold 6.68m units so far. That’s more then the original ds sold in the same time period of release. These people are ignorant and just like to hate on nintendo.

  8. Lately I am playing more games on my phone than handheld or console.

    Simply because I’ve exams in a month’s time. Only reason.

    Phone games are for those 5 mins where would otherwise not be doing anything productive anyway. At no time does phone games come higher than handheld or console, but solely in those places where I would have not been gaming at all.

  9. Not this again…. How many times do we have to say this? Nintendo is smart, they plan to keep making games ten years down the road,all these flash games don’t last a year and a half. Just watch… Angry Birds will fade come the ending of this year/next year. All this smart(stupid)phone stuff is getting ridiculous. Can someone answer a question for me? What happened to the Evo’s glasses free 3d phone? It was here during July… and it just faded…

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  11. I wish analysts would stop trolling the smartphone comparision, seeing as how phones are controller-less. I have SFIV on iPhone and its fun but virtually unplayable.

    It’s clear with PSVita’s demand too that phones aren’t sufficient for “proper” mobile gaming.

    The ONE and only thing Nintendo need to do is grab their balls & commit to online PROPERLY. With online VOIP, video chat etc, cloud profile & game saves etc, on ALL nintendo devices. That’s it. They’re doing everything else.

  12. I wish analysts would stop trolling the smartphone comparision, seeing as how phones are controller-less. I have SFIV on iPhone and its fun but virtually unplayable.

    It’s clear with PSVita’s demand too that phones aren’t sufficient for “proper” mobile gaming.

    The ONE and only thing Nintendo need to do is grab their balls & commit to online PROPERLY. With online VOIP, video chat etc, cloud profile & game saves etc, on ALL nintendo devices. That’s it. They’re doing everything else.

  13. You know how many games I have only phone? 1. And they’re Atari 2600 games. You know how many games I have for my Ds? DOZENS.
    and not to mention my gameboy and gameboy advanced library. Dedicated handhelds will never die.

  14. I use my ipod touch to play games more than my 3DS, because when i go out i don’t like taking my iPod my BlackBerry and 3DS, and when i’m at home i don’t see the point of playing my 3DS when i have all 3 console thats why i ain’t getting a Vita… but then again i do only have two 3DS games, OoT which i’ve 100% (no point playing it anymore) and SSFIV which i’m bored of now. I’ve been playing alot of Mario Kart Wii lately so maybe i’ll start playing Mario Kart 7 when it’s released, since it does have online… does it?

      1. love all the designs think there very witty and put a smile on my face, have to say the urban fish is one of my faeoiurtvs and anyone whos anyone should have these designs in there home keep them coming.

    1. First off, yes Mario Kart 7 does have online. That was confirmed.

      This sounds like my life just a few differences. I have an iPod touch, but I still carry my 3DS around for street pass tags. I only have OOT, besides my VC games and ambassador games. I’ve been playing my 3DS daily and need to charge it every night. But I’m in an ambassador game competition where I have a chance to win Skyward Sword, Mario 3D land or Mariokart 7. So I’ve been playing those games to death competing. I don’t have any desire for the Vita for it being uninteresting to me, and I don’t need another device.

  15. Hmm they might make alot of this money back this holiday season….I think the main reason for them loosing money (except for the currency thing) is lack of software…hopefully they learn from this.

    1. The lack of software would mean a drop in sales and less income. In this case, Nintendo is losing money. That money, aside from other reasons, is mostly being invested in the Wii U and its games. Building a new console costs billions of dollars no matter who the company is.

      1. Well the wiiu better be worth all the money there putting into it and they must have a couple good 1st party games at launch not nintendodogs and pilot wings resort. Pilotwings was a waste of 40 bucks it should of been much cheaper or bundled in the system. Also where is my 10 gba titles that I have been waiting on ? Oh well I’m really excited for ss, sm3dl and mk7….Hopefully 2012 is full of awesome games for 3ds and wiiu.

  16. So, Nintendo reports a lost and people will think it’s the end for them. They don’t even bother to check the situation at hand.

    Why do you think Nintendo is losing money if they’re still selling stuff at a profitable price? They make money out of all the things they do. They have 3DS projects in the works, yet they won’t get any sales money from any of that until they start selling them. In that sense, it’s their own fault. However, there is also the issue of a strong yen, which will affect a lot of Japanese companies that get most of their revenue from outside Japan.

    Now it’s the big one. They’ve been building an HD machine for a while now. You can’t expect the system to just appear in one final form and move on. The reason console makers don’t want to start a new gen is because it takes billions of dollars to make a new one (they have to go through many steps to get a final machine). That is aside from the games they have to make for that system, which would mean more resources, new game engines, etc. I think Iwata at some point confirmed that Nintendo is investing and working together with other companies for Wii U projects. Some of that can be reflected in the partnerships they have made with other companies for the 3DS. Yes, it’s shocking that partnerships aren’t free, isn’t it? Peopl ask for more free stuff, yet they don’t know the process it takes to get that.

    These people have all been waiting for something like this to happen to Nintendo so that they can sound smart by saying they were right and that they could control Nintendo’s way of doing things. They were eagerly anticipating Nintendo to announce a loss of 100 billion yen, yet they fell flat even at that. The reason they’re losing money is because in order to make a profit, they need to release those products, but the investment in R&D is not cheap for any company. They will continue to lose money until those projects. We’ve seen this before and we will see it again in the future.

    Btw, the 3DS is selling faster than the DS did and it’s getting more games at a faster rate than the DS ever did. But I guess Nintendo is always doomed no matter what.

    1. ur my idol , this totally make sense to me reasonable and u got ur facts right , thanks man , Nintendo is the reason i still love gaming btw im 26yrs

  17. Oh look, ANOTHER financial adviser who makes money off of other peoples’ suffering is saying that a big company needs to change their strategy.

    Nevermind that it’s the pre-holiday wasteland of releases, nevermind that Nintendo is between major hardware releases (yes, the 3DS is hardware, Nintendo’s only failure there is not differentiating it more from the DS.)

    It really bothers me to see advisers, analysts, and other people who are plainly jumping onto the latest fast-moving horse advising people to join them, when they’re going to jump off that same horse and onto the next one the minute it passes by.

  18. TBH, smartphones definately have to potential for full proper games, just look at infinity blade. It’s just that no one bothers because no one buys a smartphone for games, gnerally.

    1. Infinity Blade? Yeah, I see that type of gaming dominating/revolutionizing the gaming industry. What’s next? A infinity-blade type of Mass Effect game? Yeah, that would totally flesh out the story in it, wouldn’t it?

  19. i’ve been sayimg this for months. they do need to change their strategy.

    here’s where they can start: fuck the casuals. apple got them. move on, get back to the hardcore. go back to actually caring about the fans and what they want.

    i want my nintendo from the N64 and gamecube era back, i miss that.

    1. Totally THIS. Nintendo does need to change their strategy, but not the way analizers say (“forget the handhelds, phones already cover that”) but to get back to ther roots and focus 100% on hardcore games. Brawl, one Mario Kart, two Zeldas, two Metroids and two Marios for the whole generation is too little for us to be kept satisfied.

    2. This always make me laugh. The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was created and marketed as a toy. Nintendo has always been about family. My mother use to play Duck Hunt with me. So to say forget the casuals is a waste of breath. Nintendo has always looked to make games for everyone. Did you really that all NES games were “hardcore” games. That is the problem. People forget what Nintendo stand for. Family gaming or gaming for everyone. It has always been that way. So NO the strategy doesn’t need changing.

  20. It’s really due to the price drop and lack of software. As well as stupid investors that don’t know shit and only care about money.

  21. the reason smart phones sell is because its a darn phone. It has portable internet and can be easy to put games on there. Everyone wants them, but not always for the gaming aspect of it.

    Is this what gaming is? No

    Is Nintendo doomed? No

    The games are time wasters, people serious about gaming know where to go. As long as there is a demand for quality gaming from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are good to go. Yes Nintendo took a hit, yes Nintendo is taking losses. Nintendo learns from their mistakes and will recover from this. This only makes the Wii U launch critical and Nintendo is doing everything in their power to make sure it launches on time with a solid launch line up.

    I read an article a few weeks back stating that within a decade, that console gaming will be gone. I was like WTF? It stated reasons for the portability of phones, and also stating ‘home consoles’ will be “built-in” into TVs. Doubt it, gaming isn’t going anywhere.

  22. I am really, really getting sick of the ‘smartphone is killing gaming’ meme. It’s bad enough that this stupid crap has been around even in the DS and Wii days, and worse that so many otherwise intelligent people seem to have been tricked into believing it.

    No, if anything’s been hurting Nintendo recently it’s a lack of good games. Perhaps some hardware decisions people have generally been wary of. But people love to blame everything but content quality for their failures.

  23. 1 million $40 games sold = 40 million $1 games sold. I don’t see how smartphones will destroy gaming when most games on smartphones don’t sell nearly that much. Even angry birds which has been downloaded 100+ million times is even worth mentioning since its free on the android market and therefore not selling at all, unless you want to talk in game ads which we all know how much they add to the gaming experience.

  24. yes people will want to buy a game machine, my smartphone broke from a 2 foot drop, my xbox took a 5 foot fall and the only thing that happened was a burnt ring in my phantasy star universe. i never dropped my wii, but my ds lite was fine and i dropped that many times, and i never dropeed my 3ds and i hope that i never do.

  25. also, in school if i take out an ipod/smartphone in school it gets taken away, but with the gameboy micro (it is a lot smaller that an ipod and has buttons) i can pull it out after a test and easily slide it in my sleeve for a minute, the ipod is a rectangle and if i do that, there is a rectangle in my sleeve (i can only do this in fall/winter when sleeves are being worn and i have chicken legs/arms so it stickes out) the micro is very slim and long but thicker but that can be hidden easily until i get a moment to throw it in my pocket

  26. If serious games start being developed for smart then maybe he could say that. I play fruit ninja on my phone for 20min at a time, i can play superscribblenauts for hrs on my 3d. I would consider phone gaming causal gaming, how often do people look into ios games? Who waits for a midnight lauch of a game like angrybirds? Who watches for andriod market games release dates? These arent games, no one is a dedicated phone gamer(other than people who’ve never played any game system) so idk why this guy would say that.

  27. Phone games can’t compete with the quality, length and production value of console titles. Anyone who considers Droid users as ‘gamers’ doesn’t grasp what makes a gamer a gamer and what makes a true video game more than something you can play in 2-minute intervals by aiming animals with slingshots.

  28. This argument has been destroyed all ready. I admit, some smartphone games are fun, but they don’t do gaming better as a whole.

  29. The only people who believe that Smart Phones will replace gaming systems are people who don’t play on gaming systems.

  30. Just release the pokemon. You all know it will sell in the millions boosting sales of not only software but of hardware as well.

  31. I’m sorry, but due to the way it looks, Nintendis failing. It looks like soon, it may be the end for Nintendo. Then, our world will be filled with iPhone gamers and CoD androids. :(

  32. I’m not one of those people that think that smart phones will outdo dedicated gaming devices, but games like Zenonia are beast! I’m so happy Gamevil put it on the 3DS eShop. It’s so much better with buttons.

  33. What I mean is, see, Nintendo is losing money. People in America, are addictied to those damn FPS’s. To me, its like the reason why there was no Xenoblade. One day, Nintendo will become a 3rd party developer, like Sega. It’s like saying the Wii U is like the Dreamcast. It’s, unfortunaly, true. I do like Nintendo, for games like EarthBound, but Nintendo is getting dropped out of the VG Market, like Sega did with their 2 last consoles, the Saturn and Dreamcast, and when XBOX 720 and PS4 gets released, Nintendo may fail……like Sega in 2001.

  34. *sigh* This again.

    Sure the majority of people would rather have one multipurpose device, but gaming-centric devices (despite statistics like this) have too much of a following to be called a dead, outdated idea.

    It’s been said before: Smartphones in their current form can’t successfully provide the most premium experiences seen on dedicated handhelds. Even if future models do provide real competition, short-burst games available at a low price do the best on phones anyway. It’s a highly profitable field that can coexist with the rest of the industry, but the industry shouldn’t become it.

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