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Nintendo 3DS: New Resident Evil Revelations Demo Coming To Nintendo 3DS?

Yesterday we found out that Nintendo is planning to release downloadable demo’s on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Now it seems as though Capcom are in talks with Nintendo to provide a demo for the forthcoming Resident Evil: Revelations. Hopefully it will be a new demo, and not just the one previously bundled with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

“We’re in talks with Nintendo about that and I agree, I think that would help sales a lot. For that to happen we need to get permission to use a larger filesize than demos currently are allowed.”

– Christian Svensson, Capcom

10 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: New Resident Evil Revelations Demo Coming To Nintendo 3DS?”

    1. lol that is there usual agenda. Im still mad at what theve been doing, but honestly there the biggest 3rd party dev showing that much love to nintendo… so plz capcom go through with this (you know, if nintendo gives the ok)

  1. ya really hope this is a different demo, i played the re mercs one multiple times. cant wait for this game, my most anticipated

  2. I played the demo already and it certainly made me more excited for this game, I really hope is not cancelled so I can get another taste before the game is released.

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