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Nintendo Wii U: Sega Developing A Brand New Sonic Game For Wii U Titled Sonic Dimensions?

Sega are apparently hard at work on a brand new Sonic game for Wii U which takes place directly after Generations and will be a spiritual successor to Sonic Colours. The game may not be a Wii U exclusive, but visually it will look similar to Sonic Generations while taking full advantage of the Wii U’s unique capabilities. Also Sega are reportedly working alongside Nintendo developers to create the new Sonic game.

116 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Sega Developing A Brand New Sonic Game For Wii U Titled Sonic Dimensions?”

  1. this article is confusing, are you talking about 2 sonic games? and is it a sequel to sonic generations or sonic colors? someone help me out here

    1. The story in this new Sonic game takes place after Sonic Generations but because Generations isn’t on Wii, they count that Sonic Colors was the latest and therefore the new Sonic game is the successor to Colors.

      1. Only the spiritual successor. That means that it will acknowledge Sonic Generations as happening. It’s not going to just say, Oh well it wasn’t on the same console so it never happened.

  2. Nice! But after I want Sonic Adventure 3 exclusively for Wii U. Then I want a fully-blown Mario & Sonic game. No more Olympics. The Mario & Sonic game could combine platforming and speed elements. There should be co-op, too!

    Hopefully Sonic Dimensions turns out really good!

    1. seriously. What would people expect out of an adventures 3? Don’t let nostalgia cloud your judgment. Unless all you want is JUST the name. The only thing I want out of adventures is the chao garden.

      1. Maybe they want legitament speed and exploration, and not just Sonic on s race track? I mean seriously Sonic is just running a 2D course from a 3D vantage point with so many invisible walls. Half the time your just shifting left or right on that course of just choosing to go higher lower or mid routes.

        1. The sonic parts in adventures are pretty much the same. the treasure hunt and the tails levels did not age well from 2. In fact both adventure games didn’t age well.

          1. I agree. The Sonic games have been good. People keep comparing them to SA2:B but that’s foolish. Adventure 2 was totally awesome but it’s done and now they need to respect the developers ideas. I don’t see anyone coming with anything else. Also I want the Chao Garden back too. x) If anything in my opinion they should make a Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 3D for the 3DS.

                1. About a new Mario and Sonic adventure game well I thought about this… Act one is Mario with full stages and exploration and doesn’t have time, as in Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy/Galaxy 2, neither the flagpole.
                  Act two would get the modern Sonic gameplay from Colors/Generations. (daytime stages gameplay from Unleashed) That’d be epic instead of olympic games.

                  1. Cool idea! But what I think would be great is if in some stages you played as both characters, switching between the two depending on the situation.

        1. LOL seriously? Because it does have a Chao Garden? I don’t class it as Sonic Adventure 3 either, but that’s your reasoning? :o

  3. I really hope as far as gameplay goes that the “colored” sonics are only temporary and optional, like the Wisps. As far as I’m concerned, Sonic Colors got it right: great gameplay from Sonic himself, with some variety thrown in by the optional Wisp.

    If it’s like that, I have high hopes. If you’re stuck as one of these odd Sonics for a long period of time, I’m not sure how this game is gonna play out (pun intended).

    1. Sonic Colors is two controlled-
      I like Sonic Unleashed day stage game play the best because it gives you the option of doing a drift or quick step but on Sonic Colors it tells you when you can do it*.
      *I don’t know much about Sonic Gen’ because I haven’t played it yet,
      so if the game play is similar to Sonic Unleashed then tell me = )

    1. NO! I only wan’t to play as sonic or a sonic clone type gameplay like shadow. Gameplay wise, colours is better than adventures

        1. It was good for its time. but colours, gameplay wise is much better. Its only nostalgia keeping me from not liking the game the last time I played it. They used the trail of thought that they used for adventure 2 for the games after it (and you know how that turned out) and the only one I liked was sonic heroes. like I said I liked it back then but adventures 3 is not needed

  4. If that is true, then that is a good example of third party support in which Nintendo is helping out a third party in making a game like this. Besides, I love Sonic Colors, and if this game is a spiritual successor to it, then I’m signed up. I agree that Sonic Adventure 3 should be made, but a spiritual successor to Sonic Colors is also great!

  5. parts of this doesn’t make sense
    “The game may not be a Wii U exclusive”,

    Then you say…
    “Sega are reportedly working alongside Nintendo developers to create the new Sonic game”.

    This just doesn’t make sense. If the last part was true its a nintendo exclusive unless that last part was talking about a completely different game?

    1. Nintendo needs to help developers to program for the Wii U because it’s a new system, with relatively new architecture. Programmers have all sorts of problems with new tech, and if no one is there to help them out it’ll cost too much/take too much work to develop for the system so they’ll just give up. That’s why Nintendo is helping developers; it doesn’t want them to give up and move on to cheaper to develop for systems with a (much, much) larger amount of users.

      1. No, the rumor paints it that they are helping with the game its self not just the controls. If that was the case it wouldn’t be multiplatform. If it was just helping to use the U pad then fine but it says they are helping with the game its self.

        1. The controller isn’t the problem; it’s the system’s entire architecture. It’s like writing in a new programming language; anyone with experience with that knows how difficult it is. The Wii U isn’t that difficult to develop for; however, hardware configurations come up with weird bugs that can’t be expected. Even though two systems can have similar architectures, bug fixing can be incredibly taxing and sometimes impossible, if the developer doesn’t have experience with the console before hand. That’s where Nintendo comes in.

          On a similar note, I remember when Sony was trying to port PS1 games onto the PS3 (they did eventually). They said that porting PS1 games came up with incredibly weird bugs; the game would run smoothly, then all of a sudden the screen would flip, or the character would do random actions. They said it took months to port games. Similarly, when Nintendo ported the NES games for the 3D Classics line, there were a ton of unexpected bugs. They said that it would have literally been easier to develop the game from scratch than it was to port it, but by the time they realized that it was too late.

          1. First of all a whole nintendo team isn’t required for something like that.
            Secondly your not getting it. They are involved in making the game its self not maintenance. They are applying ideas to the actual game. This is a collaboration. Thus it can’t be multiplatform

            1. This is a rumor too so it’s not true.

              And that’s not “maintenance.” Games in the past had one or two Nintendo personnel work with them on the game whenever a new Nintendo console comes out. Even if it’s multiplatform.

              Do you finally understand?

              1. dude I do understand where your coming from but understand me. Read the source article and you’ll see where I’m coming from. you can’t really pic and choose with these statements.

        2. You’re forgetting all the details. They said “relatively easy.” As in, much easier than the PS3 when it came out. That’s still very difficult; it’s just “relatively” easier than the terrifyingly-difficult-to-port-for PS3.

          And that was 2-3 weeks for a simple port of an unfinished game that was riddled with bugs. There’s a reason the game is still in development you know… even the 360/PS3 versions aren’t finished yet.

          1. the people who made darksiders 2 had the programming done for the U pad in 5 mins. They emphasise how easy it is to work with the console when it comes to programing

    1. No it doesn’t. It just means Nintendo wants to make the development process easier for developers, because it’s a new system and even Nintendo doesn’t know all the issues with programming for it; however, they DO know a lot more than any other developer.

      1. before they said its very easy to develop for. just porting a game from PC is easy. developers have already stated this before so the only reason they are helping with is because it is an exclusive. it only took the darksiders 2 developer to port their game to Wii U in just one too two weeks.

        usually any game Nintendo helps with is exclusive as they will partly/fully pay for it

        1. You’re forgetting all the details. They said “relatively easy.” As in, much easier than the PS3 when it came out. That’s still very difficult; it’s just “relatively” easier than the terrifyingly-difficult-to-port-for PS3.

          And that was 2-3 weeks for a simple port of an unfinished game that was riddled with bugs. There’s a reason the game is still in development you know… even the 360/PS3 versions aren’t finished yet.

    2. No. It means Nintendo is helping them with the Wii U version to take full advantage of the features and to help them out where needed. They’re not touching Xbox 360 and/or PS3 versions (if any).

  6. This is just a rumor… it hasn’t been confirmed yet. I generally don’t care about the wording of articles like these, but no where in the article does it talk about it being a rumor… yet the source clearly says so.

    1. How about both? It’s not like they can only make one game at a time… look at SEGA’s support for the 3DS! 3 upcoming, original games for the system, and one remake; all high-quality titles!

      1. yea your right, but im talking about the wiiu. they should keep the conduit franchise to see how it goes on the wiiu. and for vanquish…well i just love that games so a sequel would be awesome. its not that i hate sonic ( sonic adventure and sonic heroes were my favorites) is that i dont want to see these spinoffs like the werewolf one or sonic color, i just want a straight-foward epic sonic game.

        1. Werewolf and Colors are not spinoffs, they are officially canon games and are not any different from adventure or heroes, sure the adventure and heroes games didnt have extreme transformations but the differences are not very visible other than that

            1. here is a little proof. have you seen the graphics of resident evil the mercenaries 3d and revelations? those have similar graphics to re5 you cant get that type of graphics on the wii. also many 3rd party developers including capcom and EA have both stated that the 3ds is far more stronger than wii and if pushed a little it can imitate ps3/360 graphics. have you seen MGS3 naked sample? that proves how good its graphics can be. again the wii cant.

              1. so your saying because both re5 and re:r look “pretty” the wii cant run it lol. your your basing your opinion off of picture quality, but i said specifics. yes resident evil revelation looks similar to re5 but 3ds has to use WAY more power than that of the PS3/360, barely squeezing out 30 or less FPS . reason why capcom havent made a new RE game (port or not) on the wii is because their wont be many people to bye it on wii, and comparing re:r to re4-wii is not a fair fight, is it? Capcom and EA or any other Dev saying that the 3ds was more powerfull than the wii was just a bunch of BS to calm down graphics whores and fanboys. MGS3 on 3ds looks better than the Ps2 version, but does it look better than lets say SMG2 or Zelda:SS? i think not. although thats not a fair comparison. there was no MGS game on Wii so i had to bring those up. look, im not saying the 3ds is weak, it’s close, but you cant compare it to a console, even the wii. (vita excluded)

          1. Technically, the Wii is a pretty strong system. The only problem it had was the GPU which could not display what the CPU was capable of. The Wii’s CPU can push more polygons and textures than the 3DS if they were using the same resolutions. However, the 3DS has a GPU that can handle what the CPU can do, and because the resolutions on the 3DS are smaller, they can push more more detail that can be easily hidden away. 3DS’s GPU also allows for more complex tools such as AA, shading, etc that were not possible on the Wii, so game engines like Capcom’s MT Framework can run on the system.

            The one example I can give you is how Capcom test RE 5 on the Wii and it couldn’t handle the title screen of the game. Then, when they got the 3DS dev kits, they tested that system using RE5 and they were able to run it. Granted, I think they only ran the game in 2D mode, which gives the system a boost in power since 3D can take a big chunk of ist performance. Wii games are locked at 480p, but when you run them on PC emulators, you can see that the games look brilliant. The drawback was the GPU that could not deliver the fidelity of the CPU and the lack of other effects.

          2. The 3DS is less powerful then the Wii in processing power. 3DS has 512MHZ and the Wii has 720MHZ, but due to better tech less processing power is required to make more processes.

            The graphics are equivalent in the consoles but doubt the 3DS will have graphics better then Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii.

            Even the graphics of Star fox Assault on GC was around the same. Star fox assault had graphics better then most GC games of its time. many Developers never really bothered getting the Wii to get amazing graphics so many gamecube games had better graphics then Wii. The Gamecube has a less powerful Processor then the 3DS. the GC has 489MHZ while the 3DS has 512MHZ.

      1. thats what i mean you piece of idiot the next game must be wii u exclusive because its more powerfull than current gen consoles and because the ps3 and 360 got the better version of generations

    1. It has to Wii U exclusives why Nintendo developers are helping and why would they release on PS360 or 720 if Nintendo is aiding them.

      1. It could be that the Wii U version might have exclusive content/gameplay that will not be used for the other system if it’s indeed a multiplat game. It would be a good way for them to promote their system without paying crazy amounts of money for game exclusives.

  7. This may correlate to what Iwata said about working with other companies to produce games. It may actually help since that way, they can work on what to do with the controller instead of just using it for maps.

  8. This would make sense as to why the wii isnt getting generations. If the colors team is work with nintendo, they could have recieved a dev kit fairly early. Skipping generations for the wii would ONLY make sense if thia rumor was true. Im just going to say this rumor is very likey to be true.

    1. Last I heard I thought they said Generations wouldn’t get a Wii version because it was not HD and that’s the only reason in fact I heard they were even working on the Wii before they started “all reimagined levels IN HD” campaining

      1. They easily could just say that, but why start a wii version of the game not to finish it? Colors sold well, its not like generations wouldn’t have. It just all seems iffy, especially since they decided to continue with the 3ds version. Thats want makes this sound more likely to me.

    1. True. I like how you’re being realistic. And I’m not being sarcastic. Colors was barely above average in terms of quality.

      1. If the Adventures series are considered the best 3D Sonic games then I couldn’t disagree more. Having recently tried them I have no nostalgia filter for them. They’re barely average, no even that is being too nice on them. The Chao Garden was only redeemable quality of those games. Colors was actually fun to play.

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  11. Sonic Heroes was definitely the game I would consider to be “Sonic Adventure 3” even though it doesn’t have that title. I’ve always wished they would make a sequel to Sonic Heroes though…..

  12. This title might have a slight possibility of being on the 3DS, most likely. The Wii U and 3DS are both advanced editions of the Wii and DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL. So the Wii U and 3DS are like a pair, just like with the original Wii and DS. I used to have a DS Lite, but it was stolen.

    Still, it’s a perfect match, if you catch my drift. And Sonic Colors was on both the Wii and DS, so with Sonic Dimensions as a sequel, it wouldn’t be complete without a portable edit.

    For this next one, sorry to go off topic but, when is the next Metroid game? I love that series, and we, the fans, have been waiting for a Metroid game that will take place after Metroid Fusion.

  13. You guys have been doing jack-squat to make me hate you. Now you’re working with Nintendo? You guys just want our money, don’t you? So you know what, SEGA? Just shut up and take my money! (reference from a show) (insert awesome face here)

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  15. Take all my money, SEGA. JUST FRIKIN TAKE IT! (i live for sonic games, all except the educational ones and sonic ’06.)

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  17. And for everyone complaining about “Sonic Adventure 3”, according to SEGA, “Sonic the Hedgehog” (2006) is the spiritual sequel to “Sonic Adventure 2”, in fact, the working title was “Adventure 3”. Think about it, it’s more similar to the Adventure-series than any other Sonic-games, including “Sonic Heroes”. And no, I’m not someone who was pleased with “Sonic 2006”, that game was awfull, but don’t blame the developers. “Sonic the Hedgehog” was fucked when SEGA all the sudden told the study that they had to finnish the game half a year prior to when they were supposed to have the final demo done. They had no control, it was rushed. I believe they had to due to copyrights and such…

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