Nintendo: Sony Is Apparently Working On A Blatant Smash Bros Clone For PlayStation 3

This sounds completely ridiculous but apparently Sony has been hard at work creating a Super Smash Bros clone for the PlayStation 3. The game, which has yet to receive an official title, will apparently bring together a host of characters from the PlayStation portfolio including Nathan Drake, Kratos and Sly Cooper amongst others.


      1. Sony has enough exclusives for this game is be similar to the original Smash Bros.
        They don’t have enough exclusives to match up with Melee or Brawl.

        As for Microsoft, they have many exclusives since they have the PC as well, and they also publish many games for the 360 that aren’t even made by first or second party devlopers.

        1. Microsoft has Halo & Conker as their main exclusives.

          but really…. if Microsoft decides to copy sony as always then Master Chief Vs Conker?

        2. Microsoft has nothing to do with PC gaming. That’s why PC gaming isn’t nearly as limited. The PS3 does have the exclusives to pull this off and Microsoft doesn’t.

        3. Microsoft has nothing to do with PC gaming. That’s why PC gaming isn’t nearly as limited. The PS3 does have the exclusives to pull this off and Microsoft doesn’t.

        4. Sony has plenty of exclusives. It’s not as though Melee or Brawl just used one star character from each Nintendo franchise. They used multiple characters from the same series, and there’s no reason Sony couldn’t do the same if they wanted. And many people didn’t think the original SSB could work either, and it managed to, even with all the different game play styles of the different series.

          And Nintendo wouldn’t have a leg to stand on for suing them. By that logic, Capcom could have sued Nintendo for ripping off the original Marvel vs. Capcom.

          1. Just how exactly did nintendo rip off marvel vs capcom? If anything they’re two different games with different play mechanics which I shouldn’t even have to tell you. That’s like saying sonic ripped off mario,and sony only has enough exclusives for one game unless they do what they’re best at and that’s whoring themselves to a bunch of third party companies while dumping out cash like the joker in the 89 batman movie. Oh and by the way,the first ssb damn sure as hell could’ve and did work since it was a brand new and original idea for a fighting game that came from nintendo. It’s basically taking your rage out on the nintendo characters that pissed you off over the years but you wouldn’t know that now would you.

      2. Kratos vs drake? WTF KRATOS WOULD RAPE ANY OTHER SONY CHARACTER! HES IMPOSSIBLY STRONG! Plus theyre such different genres that it qould be a train wreck! No art style could even acuratly depict those characters(Kratos,Drake,Sly) in one game! THIS GAME WILL FAIL. Calling the flop right now. This may be the biggest sign that sony directly copies nintendo, its true I mean holy shit this is the WORST idea for sony. EVER!

        1. Games like these don’t typically adhere to one art style. And just look at Smash Bros. Brawl. If Ganondorf can be beaten by Kirby, I see no reason why Drake can’t beat Kratos.

          1. Kirby has beaten things much stronger than him in his games, drake has too but with guns. And having played every god of war game(including both psp games), kratos would slaughter bare handed drake in seconds. Ive seen kratos kill cronos, thats enough to have me draw this conclusion. I still think this is a good idea, but hey, I don’t have to buy it.

        2. See your are wrong there in the sense that kratos is a faggot and the gameplay of all GoW games are sad hack and slash. Hell i would rather play Dynasty Warriors.

        3. They’ll have to do the same artwork like in KH2 with the pirates characters which will be out of place. And if it does release on the same day as super smash bros universe then yes it will fail because with each ssb game that comes out it gets better and better. Sony would have to pull something out their ass to even compete with nintendo since the new one is gonna be for 3ds and wii u. Also we already know sony directly copies nintendo right down to the very core but because people only see the name sony they turn their backs on nintendo which is one of the reasons why nintendo hates america. Fuck both of you sony and america,I could be playing mother 3 on the gba right now.

        Who want see Kratos cut Sack boy head off.
        Look at ModNation Racers vs Mario Kart Wii in sales and userbase
        sold less than 1 million 28 million and has a lot people online now.

      4. maybe but sony is stupid for just taking ideas from nintendo. they cant come up with their own ideas.

    1. Kratos, Drake, A MAG soldier, Snake, Sly, Sackboy, and possibly some multi-platform people like Ezio or Batman

      1. I’m guessing it’ll be more like a side-scrolling first person shooter combined with mortal kombat, if you ask me. Not even close to the extremely high bar set by Nintendo that is SSB. good try copying, though.

        1. True…

          I wish Sony thinks better and Nintendo sues Sony for copying like that.

          I want this story to end up being bull tomorrow to make my day better.

        2. LOL

          I just think the same thing, doing lot of FPS then making a side scrolling crossover fps fighting game, well…make sence for me

      2. Funny thing is, Nintendo has the rights to Solid Snake. Not Sony. Hence why he was in SSBB.

        And Batman?… lol really? Is this going to be like SSB? Or MK vs DC?

        I personally think this is just another attempt to feed off of other companies’ ideas, like they have been doing since just after the release of the PS3.

        1. Konami wanted Snake in the SSBB game but im sure Nintendo are not going to be happy.

          Sony is dead with exclusives with only Little big planet & Rachet & clank. Sony is going to end up ripping off MK vs DC now because they have no exclusives.

          MK vs DC + SSB = Sony’s rip off game.

          1. Your kidding me right? they have no exclusives? think you need to get your eyes taken off the Wii for a while.

      3. dont think kojima would betray nintendo by haveing snake on sonys “smash bros” he was on brawl first so it wouldent make sense

        1. Kojima and Miyamoto are apparently pretty close friends. Kojima let Miyamoto oversee twin snakes on the GCN. Sony doesn’t own komami as a first party anyways so you can see where is loyalty lies ultimately.

      1. wtf terraria isnt a rip off of minecraft, at first i saw similarities but now that ive played more i see hardly any similarities at all

    1. They sell and score half of the original?
      Lol. Who says they will copy it? They will steal it and own it.
      Besides, even without SSBB, a gamer with half a brain would think of that before. This will happen eventually. If not for SSBB, Sony could have done this before so they won’t be called a rip-off. Oh well. *laughs*

  1. November fools…but in all seriousness

    Hopefully it’s not as bad as that Mario kart clone. I will play if it’s just as good.

    1. That mario kart clone is 10x better. I cant put it down and faitfully makes things on it every day. you wish nintendo had modnation racers, ill never like mario kart as much now.

      1. Oooo I can customize karts which ppl on that game go and make Nintendo characters and karts anyway so what’s the point

      2. I can win five races in Mario Kart before you get through the never ending loading screens and finally get to the start line of a race on Modnation Racers.

        1. Hahahahaha it’s funny because it’s true XD. I personally don’t have anything against Modnation Racers, but 10X? Seriously nothing will ever beat the true beast of karting games that is 64…even though they’re all great :D

          1. Never played it so i dont care for it. But seriously i like modnation way more then any mario kart. except the psp version thats for sure, that one sucks. ya i know people make nintendo characters but honestly people would do the same for sony characters if that was onWii or 360. point is you make what ever the hell u want but not on mario kart :P by the way it takes a lil while to load because because of the unique creations and they cant make it any faster now because they allways very. i wont mario kart for my wii cuz i got modnation, that game is still freaking $60 too.

  2. so its just been announced so far as a crossover fighting game?
    for a min I thought it was unwittingly trying to rip off the gameplay like stupid star wars force unleashed multiplayer

  3. THAT WOULD SUCK SO MUCH. they couldn’t have it on anything other than nintendo because of nintendo’s wide variety of different powers in characters, and sony just doesn’t have such loveable character such as link and mario

    1. kratos is so cute, dont you wanna cuddle it? and sony could definately think of enough different powers for each character to make it awesome

      1. Lol i would love to see sony thinking of how to work this!!!!!

        All they really got is Ratchet & Clank.

        1. and uncharted, and resistance, and killzone, and god of war, and infamous, and final fantasy versus and metal gear solid 4, and heavy rain, should I continue?

          1. sony don’t own final fantasy characters or metal gear. resistance and killzone have no iconic characters that would be great to play as

          2. Metal Gear is possible, but it might not happen because of SSBB, and Final Fantasy is Square Enix not Sony, I’m playing FF4 on my 3DS right now in fact. Heavy Rain? My favorite character is seeing holographic tanks right now.

          3. come on jio how can you forget about spyro and crash, ratchet and clank, ape escape, characters from twisted metal, hell even thatblob from locoroco

            and everyone dont give me that shit about unbalanced gameplay, if jiggly and pichu can beat ganon and mewto, thiscan work.

  4. Sounds interesting… they have enough exclusives to pull it off, I guess. I just seems strange given that they’re all characters from completely independent studios that happen to be owned by Sony. It’ll take a lot of cooperation between devs if this rumor is true.

  5. OK, let’s give Sony a fair chance. But first, two questions:

    1. Does the game play like Street Fighter (If it does it’s not a total rip off)?
    2. Does the game play EXACTLY like Smash Bros. (If it does, THAT’S a total rip off)?

    How many characters can the possibly put in the game, though?

    And what would they call it? Sony Uncharted Wars?!

  6. I can imagine Sony fanboys going absolutely crazy with excitement over something like this, while we Nintendo fans will know it’s just yet another example of Sony taking a Nintendo idea, putting an uninspired twist on it and either claim they came up with the idea first or claim they’re doing it better.

    However, as long as it doesn’t use the same Health Meter idea as Smash Bros I don’t really mind. Because then I WOULD be pissed.

  7. I’d play it just for Sly Cooper, but yeah it’s hyper lame that Sony just keeps copying Nintendo. The difference between the two companies is that Sony sees everything as a competition, whereas Nintendo is just doing what they like and being original.

      1. thats never gonna happen, segs was a gaming company (still is) but thats it. Sony is an electronic/sofware company (they have billions to back them up) .. unless sony decides to dump the Playstion period… their not going anywere.. so get use to copying bitching and complaining.

        1. Actually, Sony is also having issues with their other divisions. They’re having a hard time selling their TVs and if you thought Nintendo lost money the way they did, wait until Sony announces their loses for this quarter. They’ve been losing money all year long in all of their business divisions.


    get off your god damned high horses. If you want to base it on copying anything it’d be copying STREET FIGHTER. Not Smash Bros. -_- But its not a copy. Sony can make it and if it works, it works. I’m actually quite interested in this. I’d easily main Kratos. He’s a bad ass.

    1. Kratos vs. drake: kratos decapitates drake holding his head to zeus 3seconds flat.

      Kratos vs sly: disembowelment 4seconds in.

      If its not like smash bros. Id want it to play like soulcalibur instead of streetfighter. Im not even considering buying this anyway so idgaf.

  9. I’d look up to it if I cared enough about sony mascots, sly cooper instead of fox mcloud? Please…

    Still, if it turns out to be good enough I’d overlook that

  10. This – somehow – IS going to be interesting. Super Smash Bros is not unique in gameplay, i mean, there are few games with the same kind of fighting style. D.O.N. (Dragon Ball One Piece Naruto) is one of them -a complete disaster imo- and digimon rumble arena -pretty good when you warm up a little and play multiplayer- so is not the only game.

    Sony characters would be nice for a game. I would like to use kratos against drake in such a fashion xD

      1. It is really.

        But Nintendo started the side strolling style of games so its their unique originality. Nintendo started SSB and it was unique completly.

        Sony always rips off nintendo stuff but this is so bad. Hope soon this news is bull because i’m fed up of copycat Sony.

  11. I call this a desperation move. Sony don’t ever let your employees talk shit about Nintendo ever again when you shamelessly rip them off.

    1. And we will have nintendo drones singing the same tune except there’s will be that they were first. Why don’t we just enjoy the games instead of focusing on who’s company is better?

  12. Ooooh I hope they do :D I LOVE Smash Bros, probably one of my all time favourite series and I Love Sony exclusives. Btw I LOVE both Nintendo & Sony so I’m not a fanboy. I just think that there needs to be more Smash Bro type brawlers rather than typical 2D fighting games like Street Fight/Tekken etc. Also I would Love to see Drake face off against Kratos XD

  13. Tho I don’t like copycats, Sony copying SSB would be one of the few good Sony games.
    That is only if they make it good. But I doubt it. Sony doesn’t have as many known character as Nintendo does.

    I just hate the fact that even if it’s slightly below average Sony fanboys are going to trashtalk about SSB and say go their game is better. Oh well, let the kids have fun.

    1. Just to clarify, I LOVE the fighting style of SSB. Better than any other fighting game. I just say that it will be hard for Sony to pull it off. Beside the great fighting style, the character need to be “toonish”. Look at Nintendo’s character, now look at Sony’s. Now look back at Nintendo’s. What do you see? They just fit there perfectly.

      I would love it to be successful. As I said, I love the gameplay and more games with such gameplay are welcome.

      1. Eh, the characters not being toonish isn’t really a big deal…

        The reason?
        SSBB had Solid Snake, and the Smash Bros. series has had Samus all along…

        And the Metroid series is generally darker compared to other NIntendo series. (Although Zelda has some darker games too [Such as Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess for examples]

    1. Snake is a 3rd party character not owned by Sony.

      If Sony asks Konami to put Snake in Sonys SSB Ripoff, then I WILL BE MAD!!!!


  14. I love Sony and Nintendo, but you guys are making me laugh my ass off.

    Nintendo? Original?
    It’s not the 80’s/90’s anymore.

    And saying Sony doesn’t have enough characters? Compared to Nintendo?

    And you guys say that this game is going to have to have 3rd part support, Nintendo had to add third party characters to SSBB!
    (Sonic and Snake)

    Although, it makes me think if Snake is going to be in this game, and if he is, will he make an appearance in a future Smash Bros

    1. Yeah, cuz two fuckin characters =’s had to add 3rd party support to huh? Smash 4 will end the memory of this game in 3years. I like sony, but come the fuck on. Oh and smash bros has been out since what 98, 99? To say they arent innovative is flat out wrong. You probably haven’t heard of the wiiU so maybe you should look into to that and its INOVATIVE controller.

      1. Touch Screens have been done before. The DS had a touch screen before the Wii U!

        Plus, things like iPads/Pods have been around before the Wii U. And there has been touch screen technology before the DS.

      2. Please tell me what Nintendo has done that has been innovative in the last 10 years besides Pikmin.

        Go on, I’m listening.
        A new Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, etc. is not that innovative.
        Sure, the gameplay may vary, but using the same characters and general story over and over again isn’t innovation.

        Sony usually uses new IPs each gen.

        I love Sony and Nintendo, and I have played almost every Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, and main series Mario game.
        It’s just some of the comments here are astounding, saying how Sony copies everything from Nintendo, which is a flat out lie.
        And how Nintendo is innovative all the time while Sony is not.

        Motion controls, touch screens, 3D, and etc. have all been around before Nintendo implemented them into their consoles. Sony/MIcrosoft/SEGA weren’t innovative in those aspects either.

    2. “And saying Sony doesn’t have enough characters? Compared to Nintendo?

      I really don’t want to do this to you, but as you had to act that way…

      Nintendo uses Pokemon in SSB (did you even know this?), so they have hundreds of Pokemon to choose from, never mind all their characters from other series. Please explain how Kratos, Drake, Sackboy, Sly Cooper, the bald dude from infamous, and… erm… some cars from Gran Turismo can match the seemingly endless Pokemon alone.

      1. Kratos, Drake, Sackboy, Sly Cooper, Cole Mcgrath, the guy from Killzone, the guy from Resistance, A Sony exclusive FF character, and that’s all I can think about for now.

        And while it is true Nintendo has many pokemon to choose from, only a few are made into characters, there are only like 2-3 playable pokemon characters in each SSB game.

        1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sony can use more than 1 character from each game.

          SSB uses more than 1 character from each series. (Usually 2-3)
          So why does Sony have to be limited to 1 character from each game?

        2. Oh, and there is also Twisted Metal, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus, Demon Souls, Jak and Dexter, Warhawk/Starhawk, etc.

          Those are just a few more off the top of my head.

          1. Look, I’m not denying Sony have plenty of franchises to choose from, it was the implication that they have more than Nintendo that got me to respond.

            So as I’ve already pointed out Pokemon (btw, there’s nothing stopping Nintendo including every single Pokemon if they wanted to), do you also know how many characters there are in the Mario series? They could make Smash Bros simply from choosing characters in those games, and they wouldn’t even have to stretch to using standard Goombas or Koopas and the like.

            Here they all are…

            Donkey Kong
            Diddy Kong
            Professor E. Gadd
            Bowser Jr
            Kammy Koopa
            King Boo
            The seven Koopalings/Koopa Kids
            Petey Piranha

            Then you have all the characters in the Zelda series, the rest of the Kong’s, Metroid, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Earthbound, Ice Climbers, Kid Icarus, etc, etc.

            Essentially, Nintendo could have a roster into the 1000s, Sony could not.

    3. lol sonic and snake were only in brawl because:
      1) nintendo owed sega for adding mario in the olympic games and they had to add sonic
      2) hideo kojima (the creator of MGS) loves the SSB series and asked nintendo if they could add snake.

      1. Replying to 1. I guess SEGA having 5+ Sonic games on the Wii (with 3-4 being exclusive to the Wii) isn’t paying them back?

      1. Jak & Daxter, sly cooper, crash bandicoot, and spyro. I’m pretty sure most of the skylanders from spyro would qualify in the game. But you can’t say all the pokemone would work for sbb, would magikarp, onix, paris, bellsprout, canivore, and a lot of others work for a great character? I surely wouldn’t want to play as them.

  15. Lol all the ZOMG SONY IS COPYING NINTENDO crap.

    It gets really stupid, really fast.

    If I remember correctly economic competition is between 2 or more SIMILAR items or services.

    OMG PS2 had online and now the wii does. Obviously Nintendo was copying off of Sony.

    ^ see sounds stupid.

    And by the looks of it the game will be like SF an actual fighting game.

    1. Its funny because the nintendo(snes) had internet connectivity first… Its not stupid, its people getting credit for things they weren’t oroginally responsible. A lot of people don’t even realize Christopher columbus wasn’t the European to discover America first, yet, we have a holiday in his name. These things only happen when people allow them to, and Its about time we start remember the people who’ve made accomplishments they deserve credit for.

      1. So the Wii also copied online from the SEGA Dreamcast?

        And Arcade Machines had buttons and joysticks, so all other game systems are rip offs of them!

        Atari had home video game consoles before Nintendo.
        I guess this means Nintendo copied Atari, right?

        Really, it sounds stupid now doesn’t it?

  16. I’m all for defending Nintendo blah blah blah. Get over it people, this isn’t the first Crossover fighting game that’s been done. Marvel Vs. Capcom, Capcom Vs. SNK, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the list is kinda endless. Stop being such a bunch of blatant fanboys and crying about it. Sure if the gameplay were identical, it’d be a rip off but I highly doubt it, it’s more likely to be like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat’s standard 2D health bar gameplay.

    1. these ppl acting like Nintendo are the first ones to make cross-overs, they protect ssb like its treasure, sigh fanboys -_______-

    2. You’re comparing merely through superficial means. Yeah, SSB is a crossover fighting game, but we know that’s where the common theme between this and something like MvC ends. All those crossover fighting games explored different ways to fight through their respective mediums, and really, SSB is really that different from the rest of them.

  17. although i highly doubt this game exists, it would be totally awesome, sony has a lot of great franchises to pick characters out of. god of war, twisted metal, uncharted, resistance, littlebigplanet, killzone, infamous, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, sly cooper, team ico games, socom, modnation racers, metal gear solid (if konamis nice enough), etc. throw in a couple of third parties like batman or assassins creed, and you got an amazing brawl. it all matters what style of game it is. i cant see something like mortal combat, imagine kratos vs sackboy, but if done right it could be awesome

    1. You can’t sue anyone for making a game that’s of the same genre as one you made. Quit being an idiot and THINK for once. You cannot copyright a genre. You cannot copyright an IDEA. You CAN copyright specific implementations of that idea. If Sony were using Nintendo’s artwork, music, first-party characters, or code without permission or license, then — and ONLY then — could Nintendo sue. If Sony makes the game entirely with their own art, music, code, characters, etc, then nobody can do a damn thing. That’d be like the guys from Minecraft suing the guys from Terraria just because they use similar ideas. That’s stupid. The artwork is different, the gameplay is different, the music is different, the game engine running the whole damn game is different, so there’s no possible charges here.

  18. out of all ssb clones, i like tales of vs. the japan release only thoug which sucks but it is a good game.

  19. I feel like sony copy’s nintendo ALOT lol when nintendo came out with 64 sony cam out with ps1 then nintendo made game cube and there comes ps2 then nintendo makes wii and theres ps3 also the playstation move acssesory is excactly like wii. also nintedo made gameboys and the first ds and then playstation made psp and now there is 3ds and they are going to come out with play station vita. It just seems to me that they copy each other and i heard that snoy used to be apart of nintendo but that may just be a rumor.

    1. The ps1 is the result of nintendo and sony working together for a bit, but plans feel apart and the ps1 was born. The rest of there tech is from evolving tech(ps2,ps3) or sony wanting a share of a market(handhelds)(casual/motion gaming). They don’t really “copy”, even if there products/ideas are influenced by another company.

  20. I would buy a PS3 if such a game existed in the future.

    And if it does, I hope Sony and Nintendo make a crossover fighting game; Nintendo vs. Sony!



  22. Lol, Sony could easily pull this off!! You people aren’t thinking big! Crash bandicoot. His sister. Jak. Daxter. Paparapa. Spyro. Nathan drake. Kratos. Ratchet. Clank. Dr. Nefarious. Cortex. Captain qwark. Hell, maybe even sully, elana or Chloe! They could have a huge cast! Even maybe twisted metal characters! I mean, Nintendo pulled off captain falcon! And Capcom pulled off Chris red field and whesker so Sony can pull off characters like sev and whoever the leads of resistance are. And they could also easily pull a BRAWL, and add third party characters. Ezio and The characters from Tekken were in the new “long live play” Sony Conmercials so they could be put in the game too. If it happens it will be amazing! I’ve been looking forward to something like this for ages! It’s finally happening! OH AND SACBOY! He could be similar to Kirby in that switching costumes gives him new abilities. I just thought of that! ARGHH I hope this really happens! ^_^

  23. The only way I could see it possible/work is if they merge with another fighting game I.e mortal kombat? It ain’t guna be street fighter or tekken because they are more restricted and busy, however if it’s Sony Vs Mortal Kombat it might work….or they can make a more kiddie arcade game with a few characters…

  24. Also guys it’s confirmed news now…John bale suction like that…confirmed they are makIng a smash bros playstation game…check

  25. I’m not worried about Sony not having enough characters or Sony copying Nintendo, I’m worried about Sony having the RIGHT characters.

    There’s a lot of Sony franchises that are FPSs. How is that going to transition over to a fighter? They’d have to make it like Snake was in Brawl. I’m not so sure I’m down with that.

  26. If Sackboy ends up minicing characters like kirby in SSB. then you know Sony is just copying Nintendo completly and not coming up with their own ideas.

    Don’t let Sony see this but what about a mind control character to keep them origional, but that will be only one thing origional about the game ^_^

  27. I might give it a shot if there is a demo of it eventually. I mean it would seem kind of cool having Cole McGrath fight erm…uh…Crash Bandicoot? but seriously though, it might work it might not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  28. Don’t you guys think its hilarious that when a article about sony clearly copying nintendo, sonyfags come along trying to sound smart on how this is not copying when it clearly is. Saying stuff like “its not copying its using a different gaming engine” i bet they dont even know what that means they are just trying to sound smart.

    1. Pokemon is the most important part of SSB.

      Most of the characters are pokemon & pokeballs!

      What will Sony have? character pop ups from no where?

      1. Sega don’t make games…. Sega is a publisher who works with game developers.

        Sega owns Sonic but they dont make them, Sega owns a develuper called Sonic team who makes most of the sonic games.

        Sonic is not what makes Sega anymore….

        Sega really publishes violent games now like madworld O_O

    1. Yeh!! Let’s have Fox + Mario + Link on team Nintendo.

      Then Rachet + Crank + bandicoot on Team Sony

      Then Master Cheif + Conker + Marcus on team microsoft.

      Well… geuss what? Team nintendo will kick all the rivals **** because nintendo came up with it first and the characters know how to handle it!

      Microsoft copys Sony so microsoft will make their own version.

      1. so because nintendo came up with those character first, they win wow. i thought it was a fair fight lol.

      2. Ratchet and clank are like one first of all, so lets add Kratos to this mix and practicly kick shit of everyone :P

      3. Kirby just absorb sonny and microsoft char and win
        i just came with warioman that’s enough lol

  29. People, look up ‘smash bros. clone playstation 3’ and click the first thing that comes up. Then let’s see the Sony defenders come back and tell us they’re not ripping off Nintendo. >_>

    Normally, I’m not the kind of person to flame anyone, but this is getting ridiculous…

    1. Thats true.

      I’m sick of dumb ripoffs, why don’t sony use their creativity instead of ripping off a game?

      1. so your saying that Sony will never make a cross-over game because Nintendo already made one? something that fans bin wanting for a long time cant be made because Nintendo already made one? sorry man but you gotta be open-minded about things and cant think “nintendo is everything” all the time, you really sound like an ass, honestly. if your not gonna be effected in no way then whats the point on ranting about ripoffs, let sony be. im not a fanboy im just saying its unfair for other gamers not to have a game just because one company came with it first.

  30. You guys apparently never heard of “Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter” which was released 1997 for arcades, one of the best cross overs in fighting games. SSB was released in January 21, 1999 so it WASN’T the first one. before you Nintendo fans start accusing Sony of copying or being “un-innovative”, you have to first get some facts straight.

    And as for you Sickr, I am kinda getting tired of going to this website looking for good news and all i see is FLAMEWARS.

    “This sounds completely ridiculous but apparently Sony has been hard at work… ” sigh.

    If Sony wants to make a cross-over fighting game, LET THEM! its not gonna hurt SSB in any type of way. it gets annoying when the only comeback Nintendo fan has is “well Sony isn’t innovative”. while some of it is true (move), Nintendo fans don’t actually take there time to see the innovative stuff Sony has made over the years, just the ones Nintendo make. let me end my comment with a quote.

    “If the individual is to be happy in the contemporary order, he must be open-minded with respect to new values and new arrangements.” – Thomas Cochrane.

    1. SSB Is a nintendo game crossover not company crossovers.

      & Marvel vs capcom is compleatly diffrent to SSB…. compare that there Fighters but DON’T compare marvel vs capcom & SSB.

    2. you are one of those sony fagboys that comes to a nintendo site to flame and defend sony (which allways copies from nintendo) saying things that have nothing to do with this. also if you are tired of Sickr why are you still on his site?.
      also “marvel superheroes vs street fighter” is a company crossover game so is irelevant comparing it to SSB which is a crossover of nintendo 1st party characters. what sony is doing here is a ripoff because they are also going to use they’re 1st party characters (which by the way arent many and arent as famous as nintendo characters) also even if this game is made it wont last a chance against SSB4.

      1. Sigh….

        -Of course I’m defending Sony, you ppl are saying ignorant fanboyish stuff that are just lies to make yourself feel better.

        -I stated that the move wasn’t innovative, which is a Sony product. you stating it again makes you look like a dumb ass.

        – i said I’m here to read news “I am kinda getting tired of going to this website looking for good news and all i see is FLAMEWARS…” READ.

        – a cross-over is a cross-over no mater what.

        -so your saying ones Nintendo makes a cross over game, they get a patent that doesn’t allow other company’s to make first-party cross over?

        -of course Sony’s first party characters aren’t as famous as Nintendo’s , Sony try’s new IP’s every year with wide variety of genres (from a kart racer like modnation to a 3th-person shooter like uncharted). Nintendo milk’s the same cow every generation, and every generation they get more famous.

        -look, some people actually DON’T like Nintendo games, weird right? same goes vice versa, so saying Nintendo first-party are better than Sony’s is based on PERSONAL PREFERENCES.

        -SSB4 is coming out for WiiU, the Sony cross-over is coming for PS3, your comparing a new-gen game to a this-gen game, unfair comparison.

        try to READ next time.

        1. tell’m, you could tell that guy didnt even read your comment. you said there was no point on argueing and that it doesnt matter if sony makes a cross-over game. this guy came out of no were assuming you was a fanboy, i swear the nerves of some people.

          and i love your Cochrane, talks about open mind, something people here DON’T HAVE,

  31. It’s most likely going to end up being like your generic fighter, but with Sony exclusive characters. Somehow I don’t see it happening like with Nintendo and the Smash Bros.

  32. Its fucking hilarious when Sonyfags are always saying “Oh you nintendo fanboys always saying that sony copies nintendo” look you and i both know this is copying there is no way you can possibly defent sony in this stop trying to sound smart and accept defeat. Sonyfags in there eyes its funny that were angry for sony copying nintendo. What would you sonyfags do when you make something innovative and some fag comes along and steals your idea i am 100% sure youd be pissed so you get it now this is why we are mad at this ripp-off and if you dont your just an idiot.

  33. Eh really? I don’t think there’s enough first party characters to really pull this off.
    Most of thier first party franchises ips like crash have been retired for the last generation.
    It’ll end up like crash racing. Zzz

  34. Isn’t it more of a genre then a game? Its kinda like accusing cod of ripping off halo because it did the epic fps first. I would be happy if every system had their own system exclusive fighting game using their exclusives. And yes every system has enough exclusives to pull it off.

    1. Exactly, but the people on this website is full of idiots who can’t like any other company that’s not Nintendo. So Sony is getting hate for copying Super Smash Bros? It’s not ripping off the game, it’s a genre and they have a right to make a game if they want. Also, people keep saying “Sony always copies!” but they never give any examples.

      1. Ok, I see where you’re coming from, but you can’t get mad that people favor Nintendo on a website called lol. Stop trying, pal.

      2. Dude we are giving you millions of examples. its just that you Sonyfags are ignorant and all you have to say is that we fanboys are always saying that sony copies nintendo when it is clear that they are and if you can’t see that then you Sonyfags are idiots.
        And why are you getting mad at people who are defending nintendo on a website called MyNintendoNews just another way of saying that Sonyfags are ignorant idiots.

        1. Really?I go on this site because I gave like nintendo AND Sony. I mean, you are just so ignorant. You only proved my argument. You always say Sony copies nintendo but never give examples

  35. Sony has enough characters to do this, but can they pull it off? Last time they tried to make a Pokemon clone, we got Invizimals. When they decided on a Nintendogs clone, we got a game where you were supposed to wash a creepy monkey. There have also been some Smash Bros clones, yet the one that comes close to even be consider a good clone was TMNT Smash Up, and that was done using the Smash Bros engine and using people who had worked on SSBB. The bad example would be that 3DS game where you use Cartoon Network characters; seriously, they destroyed my cartoon network childhood with that game.

    Smash Bros games were designed to be fun from the start, so they build from that and adjust the characters according to that principle. Sony characters, like Kratos, are not on the same boat. Making the game less gory would “tarnish” the view of those characters. At the same time, making the game too bloody would affect other characters, such as Sly Cooper and Sack Boy, and it would make the game look more like Mostal Kombat. We already have something in the middle in the form of Street Fighter, Tekken, and Soul Calibur. Also, the types of characters they have may not work properly in a more traditional style = Kratos vs Sack Boy.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for them to pull this off, but their characters are very inconsistent to each other, so it’s going to be hard for them.

    1. This I agree with completely. Sony does have a lot of exclusives and I guess they could scrape the barrel and maybe buy a few non-exclusive characters if they wanted a roster as big as SSBB (which was ridiculous, BTW).

      And to those of you who say that Kirby and Zelda are two genres extremely far removed from each other, they’re not really. Zelda has never been a gory game, the violence has never been the focus and it’s always had some form of humour in it. While LoZ can be dark, more often than not it is lighthearted, so the point of Kirby not meshing well with Zelda is a moot point.

  36. Don’t see this happening
    1.Sony has a lot of excluves characters but how will they balance out.

    2.It will be hard to make.

    haver other reasons but I’m tired……….

  37. I think that this could work pretty well. Sony has a lot of good exclusive characters and it would be cool to see them all in a game together. it is pretty lame though since they are obviously copying smash bros, still, if they make this ill probably get it

    1. Hopefully they’d take some cues from Smash Bros. but still make it their own you know. If it’s TOO much like smash bros. it will fail.

  38. Sony = Sly, Bentley, Murray, Kratos, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Nathan Drake, Sully, Helghast, Logan (Syphon Filter), Cole (infamous), Sackboy, Chick from Heavenly Sword, Chimera, Twisted Metal guys…….. and a bunch more.

    They could do it.

    1. Sure, they have a big enough lineup, but can you imagine SackBoy vs. Kratos/Drake? That just doesn’t seem right. At least Nintendo can have core games like Zelda and Metroid while keeping it kid-friendly. That’s why no one thought twice about Link vs. Kirby.

  39. Sony doesn’t have enough diversity to do this… guy with gun… VS other guy with gun… VS guy with gun… VS girl with sword… VS guy with gun… VS … ect

  40. this is yet another thing sony copied from nintendo and nintendo still hasnt sued them! are they waiting for enough crimes to put sony out of buisness for good or possibly buy them? only time will tell.

    1. How did they copy it? They are making a game of the crossover genre, the guy only said “like super smash bros” because it’s the best example of a fighting crossover game. If your logic works, nintendo should sue Marvel and Capcom for making Marvel VS Capcom. Nope!

  41. Well, first of all, Super Smash Bros isn’t a trademarked genre of game. It’s a platform side-scrolling fighter. I doubt Sony is working on something that’s terribly like Smash Bros. That game does have a few specific things it brought to the table that no other game has. But Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion is more of a rip-off than anything Sony has announced.

    Honestly though, I wish people would just be nicer in general. Sony has their ideas, Nintendo has theirs, and Microsoft theirs. They all pretty much take each other’s ideas. None of them are really all that original. And a lot of games are just similar ideas to others. I don’t see a game with Sony characters working quite like Smash Bros personally, Kratos would just not fit in with Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper. I mean, really? I’m curious where this rumor started. It just doesn’t sound right.

  42. Hey guys, STOP ATTACKING SONY JUST FOR AN IDEA. I used to think that I was a Nintendo fanboy, but when looking at some comments I’ve realized that I’m not.
    The problem here, is that we still don’t know anything about this game to call it a rip off. You may say that they’re getting their characters from their exclusives and all, but isn’t that what a crossover game does? If you think that this another copy from Sony, then you should remember that Nintendo didn’t invent crossover fighting games.
    I don’t like Sony, I’m totally pro-Nintendo, but when I see that Sony is attacked by some rumor I think that it’s not fair.
    I know Sony has copied Nintendo in certain things and will continue to copy them (saying that they’re going to put glassless-free 3D to the successor of the Vita if the 3DS does well, anyone?), but you can’t say that for making a game from a game genre that already exists…

    1. The fighting genre is nice and all, but from what has been said, this game will make use of items that will give the edge to characters or may hinder them. Look up the story. I know there are other games like that, but if we look back at the trend, they had Crash Racers in the past; now it’s Mod Racers. Sony can make games like GT5, but those other two games look awfully similar to Mario Kart. They attempted to get a hold of the Pokemon market with Invizimals for the PSP. Then, they made that Nintendogs clone, Eyepet.

      They have the right to create all the games they want, but it’s hard to argue where they’re coming from and what kind of market they want to get a hold of. They made fun of Nintendo with the Wii, yet they released their own motion-based controller and didn’t even attempt to hid it. People criticize Nintendo for their weird peripherals, like the GB Camera, but what about other companies like the PSP Camera?

      That’s the rage of fans. Nintendo gets the short end of the stick for trying different stuff, yet it’s the competition that gets the thumbs up. If you remember, the entire gaming media laughed at Nintendo when they first showed the Vitality Sensor, yet Sony is apparently working on one of its own, but they seem to like that? How does that even make sense?

        It’s sad how Nintendo is underappreciated by the media (like the dude from IGN that said that the real competition for the Vita will be tablets and smartphones >:/ ),

        1. Nintendo isn’t under appreciated.

          The reason the 3DS isn’t that appreciated right now is because of what happened to it. It had a bad launch and won’t really start getting better until the end of this year.

          The 3DS was $250 at launch (the same price at the Vita at launch.)
          The vita is more powerful than the 3DS.

          Plus, do you guys think it was a good idea for Nintendo to announce this 2nd slide-pad add on? It should have been in the 3DS since the beginning imo. And then there is the whole 3DS Shop thing where 3rd party developers couldn’t give things away for free. (I’m not sure if Nintendo has fixed this or not.) Nintendo still region locks their systems as well. This wouldn’t be a problem if NoA localized games the fans have been asking for.

          1. I’m pretty sure the second circle pad was requested by third party developers. Nintendo has a good record of working with just one analog stick and the touch screen in the DS gen.

            As for the free things, are you talking about games or what? If it’s games, like those in smartphones, you should know the only reason they can give those away for free is because of ads. People who consider themselves more intense gamers, gamers who really enjoy playing video games like Mario, Zelda, GoW, Assassin’s Creed, etc, do not really like ads in their games. Maybe if it was hidden in some way like a burger shop in a GTA game, but they don’t like pop up ads on their games. Those are not present in any of the consoles. Nintendo also supports small developers, but they don’t support those who make an app of someone pissing on a toilet that you show to your friends. They support people who want to pursuit a career in video games.

            1. No, not ads.
              I’m talking about how I remember reading an article about there being a sequel to a game on the 3DS and that the (3rd-party) developers had this save transfer thing that they wanted to put on the 3DS shop for free, but there was no way to do it thanks to Nintendo. So they had to charge $2-3 for something that they wanted to give away for free.

  43. i think sony might make it,but i also think the idea seems completely should stick to making T.V.s for people to play their Wiis and Xboxes on.I personaly have always loved Nintendo,sony not so much.its gaming products never interested me.if i had to choose between the Wii,PS3,or the 360,i’d choose the 360, mean the PS3 is cool i guess,but we shouldnt hate on it because of some shitty game.all 3 companies have great products.some are better than isnt copying,their just trying to make a game with similar gameplay as SSB.i wouldnt expect anything good from it though.if it fails,move on.dont point and laugh if sony falls,just ignore it and move on.besides,if you dont like sony or the thought of this game,dont buy it and STFU.its just a need to make a giant blog about whether sony copies or guys should delete all this shit and have some pie.

    1. If I had to choose, I’d have a PS3 and a Wii. A PS3 for the exclusives because they are better than microsoft’s, and since almost every game for xbox comes to PS3 same thing. Only exclusive xbox has is Halo and Gears of War. and a Wii for their exclusives, don’t see why you would choose a 360 over a PS3.

  44. Well, since so many people are saying Sony copies Nintendo on everything, and how Nintendo is innovative and Sony is never innovative, then let me say this:

    PS1 used discs before the Gamecube. – So the Gamecube copied the PS1!
    PS2 can play DVDs – That’s innovation right?
    PS3 has Blu-ray – That’s innovation, right?
    PS3 has 3D- I guess the 3DS copied that!
    PS2 had Eye Cam – So the Wii having motion controls is copied too!
    PS1 had a controller with 2 joysticks before Gamecube – I guess the Gamecube copied the PS1 again!
    PS3 controllers have sixaxis motion – That’s innovation, right?
    PS2 had online – That’s innovation, right?

    Genesis had 16-bit before the SNES – So Nintendo copied SEGA!

    Some arcade games had side-scrolling – So Nintendo copied that, right?!

    Other fighting games have had crossovers before… – So Nintendo copied them, right?!

    Seriously, that’s what you guys who say “Sony copies Nintendo all the time!” and “Sony isn’t innovative, but Nintendo is always innovative” sound like if you guys where fanboys of those respective things.
    It sounds stupid and annoying doesn’t it?

    That’s just my thoughts on the matter btw.

    1. It sounds stupid and annoying when the examples used aren’t actually true, and when people say that the Move is a clear copy of the Wii remote, then that is blatantly true to even the blind, yet you still get people reacting with silly lists like you just have.

      Some of those examples you use are correct, but as is usually the case, some of them are wrong as well.

      Ignoring the rather silly examples that were simply advances in technology (like the 16 bit one)…

      The NES had 3D (Virtual Boy says hi as well), Motion Controls, and it even had a modem enabling online connection. This was all well before Sony even contemplated entering into the market.

      The PS1 was originally a CD add-on for the SNES, so saying that Sony used discs first is a little disingenuous.

      If you’re going to try and make people look silly, make sure your examples are actually correct.

    2. Nintendo started 3D gaming first!!!!!!!

      nintendo made a glasses free gba but it was to expensive and nintendo made their first 3D game back in 1986… so sony copied them.

    3. Those were really stupid comparisons.

      “Genesis had 16-bit before the SNES – So Nintendo copied SEGA!

      Some arcade games had side-scrolling – So Nintendo copied that, right?!”

      Those two examples are really sad on your part.

      I just want to comment on the DVD thing. Sony is a electronics company. They simply found a way to promote their other products using gaming. They tried to sell 3D TV with the help of the PS3, but they have failed so hard that it’s causing them a lot of trouble right now.

      Btw, the gamecube does NOT have two sticks; it has only one and a C stick. It’s not really the same and Nintendo has a long reputation of working with just one stick. The ones on the Wii U are not sticks either, so that shows how little you know about actual tech.

      Nintendo had motion controls in the NES. They also had a camera on the GB. They created the analog stick (the from from Atari was actually a stick sitting on top of a D-pad, so it’s not an analog stick).

      Also, remember the failed Virtual Boy? Yeah, pretty interesting history, wouldn’t you agree?

      PS2 had online? The gamecube had online too! Wait, isn’t that copying Sony then? Well, look up the Satellaview and get informed kid.

      The sixaxis is nothing more than a failed attempt to compete with Nintendo. They had motion controls in the GB and in the NES.

      And about your comment on the first CD machine, I guess Sony is copying nintendo with the card format on the Vita, right?

      They had shoulder buttons first and they introduced the rumble feature.

      You need to get informed about gaming history if you even want to try to make a logical argument on this matter. And the disorganization I made was because of me being tired right now, so good luck with that.

      1. Yes, what I stated were things I had no idea about. Just like how all the people saying “Sony is never innovative and always copies Nintendo!” say.

        They think Nintendo creates everything and that everyone copies off of them.

        Some PS3/360 fanboy could go around saying that the Wii U is copying Sony/MS because of HD!

        It sounds silly, doesn’t it?

  45. This was bound to happen eventually. Sony doesn’t have any new ideas so they copy something that Nintendo has already done successfully. So what’s new?

    1. So gravity daze(vita) isn’t new, show me one game that Nintendo has that is just like that with all that gravity stuff

  46. So the game doesn’t have an official title yet and no gameplay has been shown…

    The only major similarities are items and that it is a crossover, right?
    How is this a huge rip off of Nintendo?

    Oh, and some people don’t even think that SSBB is a fighting game, since it resembles a beat em up and a platformer in some ways as well.

    1. If you read the articles on this you would know why people are calling this a rip off. The description of the game reeks of Smash Bros.

      1. I guess that every game that has guns, is an FPS, and you run around is a rip off of another game.

        I’m just saying wait for gameplay to be revealed before deciding things like this.

        For example, Mario and Sonic are both platformers, but other than that they are not very similar.

  47. Guys, just remember what happened the last time someone tried to rip off super smash…

    *forceunleashed2 cough cough*

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