Nintendo Wii: Zelda Skyward Sword Up For VGA Game Of The Year Award, Vote Now!

The VGA Game of the Year nominees have been announced and they include The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Batman: Arkham City, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3. The event takes place live on December 10th. Please make sure to vote!


    1. Hate to bust everyones balls but the title at the top of the voting site clearly states “VGA advisory council votes on winners” so it’s pretty much a lost cause. Our votes don’t matter. Lame.

  1. Everyone vote! That way we can kick Sony and Microsoft’s butts! Plus, Skyward Sword will be great!

    1. Haha, I know, right? I instinctively went to go click on the link to vote for Skyward Sword, then it hit me; the game won’t release for another 17 days (in the U.S.). I’ll wait until the 20th before I vote for it before actually playing it ;)

  2. Not to be a cynic, but why should some games get nominated if they’re not out yet? While Skyrim and Skyward Sword will both be surely be phenomenal, why should they get nominated if nobodies even played them yet?

    1. Not to mention some people already have played it and no doubt were the ones who pushed for the nomination. I’m talking about the journalists, of course.

  3. Can’t I vote for The Scrolls of Zelda: Skyrim Sword? :U
    Of course both still are yet to be released, so I’d need to play each to see which I want to vote–
    Forget it, voting for Zelda.

  4. Everybody vote for Skyward Sword! People will end up voting for Skyrim even though it isnt out yet so we might as well try to keep it even before the game comes out

    1. Take a look at it from this point of view: “In which game can you go take a shit?”


  5. That’s a f***ing shocker after how atrocious the VGAs were last year! Especially how they stuck the middle finger at Nintendo, especially by not nominating Super Mario Galaxy 2 for GOTY. I’d never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to watch the VGAs this year!

  6. I love how the “Game of the Year” are mostly games not out yet. That’s saying something about the games that came out earlier this year.

  7. I already voted Zelda even though it’s not out but who cares. I’ve enjoyed every zelda game made so far except the nasty Zelda CD

  8. I’m with all the people who are going to wait until every game on that list has been released. However, it’s looking very likely that my vote goes to SKYWARD SWORD!

    But seriously, I’m glad to see that every game on that list deserves to be there.

  9. That is a fairly strong list. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those other games won.

    Gotta wait to play of course, then I will vote.

  10. I voted Zelda.

    Arkham: Haven’t played, but don’t have the system
    Elder Scrolls: Would have been 3rd on my list (1st: Zelda, 2nd: Portal 2)
    Portal 2: Have it, but cannot run on my computer due to my computer not being strong enough….
    Uncharted: Why?

    Personally, I think that they should have waited until ALL games are out before conducting the poll. They don’t know if Skyrim will be the best game of all time!! Sure, it looks impressive, but they need to play the game before voting!! Wait ’til Christmas time!!

  11. That list is missing Dead Space 2. The quality and atmosphere of that game was measured in nintendo-ness in my opinion. A rare piece indeed…

    1. Yeah, that was an awesome game. However, I doubt it’s going to be a strong contender for any GotY awards. Without playing Skyward Sword, Dead Space 2 is my favorite game of the year. However, GotY are usually games that have little to no fault. DS 2 had some minor issues, but what really dragged it down was the multiplayer. Granted, i didn’t care for it, but it’s one of the main features of the game that affects the entire game. Can’t wait for the third one.

  12. I must admit that Arkham City is a good game. As for Skyward Sword, to get my vote on it I have to play the game first.

  13. Wow so many great games up this year.. and I own all but Zelda and skyrim at this current time. I did my vote good luck whomever wins its well deserved imho.

  14. That’s a surprise. I never thought they would actually put SS on there. Also, they didn’t choose the FPSs for that list, which is an improvement to previous VGAs. I’m already in love with Skyward Sword from the trailers, but just to be fair to the other games, I’ll play it first.

  15. im sorry i had to go with arkham city. i haven’t even PLAYED skyward sword. but i for sure played the hell out of arkham city. and what a game that is.

  16. I believe Portal 2 will be the winner. While I am a HUGE Zelda fanboy, I can’t deny that Portal brought some serious innovation to the industry and Portal 2 expanded on that immensely. Not to mention the fact that a ridiculous number of people skipped school, work, etc just to get their hands on the game.

  17. Sorry, I can’t choose between these. Portal 2 was amazing; Batman, Skyrim, and Zelda all look amazing. I can’t really judge for Uncharted 3, though.

  18. I just checked the website for this, and it seems people’s votes do not count. It’s just a medium to get attention. These votes will more or less tell the VGA Advisory Council what should be on top, but they are the ones who will provide the votes for the final decision, and they would have played all of these games by then. in fact, most critics have already played these games by now. I’m sure they also have finish these games and that’s how they came to the conclusion that these games should be on that list.

    I’m really happy they’re going away from the usual FPS crap that they pull every year. Now, if they can somehow put someone with actual knowledge of games as the host, then maybe this could be worth watching.

  19. I’m surprised they even mentioned Zelda but my guess as to why they added on the poll is cause it’s the 25th anniversary. Sure Mario’s 25th was last year BUT when it comes to games especially for Nintendo, Zelda is serious business. And I’m sure in recent years the ratings for the show might have dropped. So why don’t they change it up a bit and grab their attention.

    As for my vote I really want Zelda to win because no Nintendo game has won EVER!

    I’m kinda sad they didnt put Assassins Creed Revelations on there. Next to Zelda I’m excited for ACR.

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