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Nintendo Wii: Game Informer Awards The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 10/10

US gaming publication Game Informer has reviewed the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and awarded it a perfect 10/10/. This follows reviews from Edge and The Official Nintendo Magazine who awarded Link’s latest adventure 10/10 and 98% respectively.

91 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Game Informer Awards The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 10/10”

    1. YouTube guy? Gonna have to narrow that down there buddy because I know quite a few ignorant YouTube guys who’ve been talking shit about this game.

        1. I agree, People only buy games for graphics which is wrong. I play games that are for Gameplay and Plot.

          A hardcore sony fan would never touch a PS1 classic.

          1. thats right me 2 i dont give a shit about graphics i want only the gameplay! I love nintendo.I hate sony sucks(sony copys and i hate that)

  1. holy shit. if gameinformer (infamous for wii/nintendo hate) gave a Wii game a 10, then this is getting real.


    1. Gameinformer is actually usually pretty good on there ratings now ign on the other hand isn’t…gamespot is usually pretty harsh on alot of games.

  2. I do think I’d enjoy the game more if it wasn’t motion pluss controls, but from Trailers and Spoilers alone, the fact that it got 10/10 is understandable


      1. hey im no the only who says it…Shigeru Miyamoto aslo said it..and his whole staff… and they played it…………..but im going on what i have seen so far…

  4. Doesn’t matter how good this game is, which will be an outstanding amazing game, it will never top Ocarina of Time. Why? Because it’s a classic that will stay in our hearts forever.

        1. older people will say the same about link to the past, and i would say even older people think the original zelda is the best, but ive never met anyone who has said that.

          1. Under that thought, actually, this game may become to Ocarina of Time what Link to the Past is to the original Legend of Zelda and what Super Mario Galaxy is to Super Mario 64.

              1. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s a great one to have.

                But that’s the great thing about a series of classic games like this. Even when a successor tops it, that game still stands as a great title that could be easily recommended.

      1. im 27 ..grew up on all zelda titles…what you say is true….i think oot is the best TO DATE…but this will surpass oot… every aspect, im not closed minded so i know a classic when i see one

  5. hell yeah only good reviews but then again is zelda it obviously will get good reviews is the best videogame series ever

  6. then why the fook did GamesTM or something gave it a 90?!?! just to get internet hits or wut?!?! so f’ing annoying =S

    1. I think their scale is different, like they score on multiples of 10. Which means they’ll never give anything like a 7.5 or 9.2. I may be wrong on this though.

      1. IGN does 6.2 7.6 9.0 up to 10.0

        ONM does 95% 23% up to 100%

        Ngamer does 23/100 64/100 up to 100/100

        Nintendo Power does 5/10 2/10 up to 10/10

        Game Informer does 1/10 4/10 up to 10/10

        GamesTM does 7/10 1/10 and gave Zelda 9/10

        Game Pro does Stars up to 5

        1UP is confusing and they give it grades like A+ B-

        Gamesradar does 7.7 9.5 3.4 up to 10/10

        1. Have to correct you on one thing: IGN now grades on a .5 system. The days of 7.9 ended on August 3rd, 2010.

    2. who gives a fuck man, reviews aren’t worth shit… not that getting 10/10s doesn’t mean anything, it does helps sales but doesn’t determine whether you’ll enjoy the game or not… not everyone’s opinion is they same.

        1. The Boondock Saints were rated pretty low, But I definitely enjoyed that. But nonetheless I am indeed excited about the high scores Skyward Sword is already receiving.

    3. Like other people have said here, one number may mean another thing at another publication. Kind of like how one “Large” shirt might differ from another based on who made it.

      GamesTM goes by a whole-point scale, never using any point-whatever in their scores. Given the content of the review which mostly reads like a 10/10 review, it could be considered the equivalent of ONM’s 9.8. Also, reviewers and review sites can have different standards for what constitutes a 10. Some require perfection, while others simply want it to be a keystone entry into the industry we’ll call back on.

  7. I really need to get the rest of that $70 together to pay off my preorder. Kind of wish Halloween didn’t get in the way. Nah, that was fun too. :P

    1. ….I think you meant to say “hooray,” but you just processed the thought incorrectly and it came out like that.

    2. Automatic Sony/Xbox fanboy alerter: BEEP BEEP! SONY/XBOX FANBOY TROLL DETECTED! NAME BLAISE. POSTED 11/4/11 AT 8:27 PM GMT TIME!

          1. Oh, got you dude. :P They need to fix that about the internet. Might try adding “/sarcasm” next time, since the sarcasm punctuation mark isn’t freely available.

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  9. guess i have to put Zelda: SS in my buying list… i was expecting it still -____-.

    Zelda SS, Skyrim, BF3, Assasins Creed R, batman AC……

    itrs official, im going broke.

      1. Lucky you. Skyward Sword is the only game I’m getting for consoles this holiday (my ps3 broke). I am, however, getting 6 3DS games, and 7 anime series. Tow of them are kind of old (Romeo X Juliet and Sands of Destruction, but the others are new (Fairy Tail 1 and 2, Rosario + Vampire 1 and 2, Heaven’s Lost property). I’ve got the money for all of that already, so I just need to wait for those. I’ve actually been saving that money for some time.

          1. I’m currently saving up for Wii U and it’s games. I want Kid Icarus mostly next year. I’ve got 5 3DS games that i play, when the Wii U was annouced… i knew i needed to start saving up. The Wii U is going to cost and I want to get a LG Cinima 3D T450 for all the 3D stuff and better quality and bigger screen… It’s going to be difficult to get all that with no problems with money.


      2. Not really the economy but more of as Nintendo’s timing for release dates. It’s also the economy but fuck it (no pun intended). Oh I know what Sony and Nintendo should do. They should not sell anything for 11 months straight then sell everything at the same month and see who buys more of their games. If Ninty has more sales then their the ultimate company and Sony’s vice versa. Microsoft should go suck balls.

        1. most of the games i just said besides zelda:ss are third party, soo…. you sould like your starting a flamewar. and i agree MS can suck so testicles.

      1. Wrong! I already got Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, and Rumble Blast. And I’m getting: Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7. Plus I’m getting Assassin’s Creed: Revalations. AND not to mention that Kid Icarus Uprising, Paper Mario, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 are being released early next year.

          1. honestly, at first, no. i thought the story was gonna be just another zelda game. but then i see all these new videos and review and now im like, wow, i have to get this game. hope that answers your question

              1. i wasnt with the whole motion thing at first. i like my old controller with buttons and josticks. but considering how sophistiacted the motion-controls looked and worked in skyward sword, actually changed my mind a bit. either way i was still gonna buy it, [->huge zelda fan<-]

  10. If they liked the game better than OoT, then it would be hard for them to give it less than a 10, specially when a publication like EDGE gave it such a high score. And honestly, I just saw two japanese commercials, and the game has a lot more than we’ve seen in the trailers, it seems.

  11. I got chills when I read this, I can’t wait for this game. Each Zelda, in addition to amazing gameplay, has had one standout quality, it’s looking like SS is bringing together the best of everything.

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  13. GameInformers and Gametrailers reviews are the only ones i care about… yes GT is a bit harsh on nintendo, but they love zelda and mario.. so im still waiting on theirs.

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