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Nintendo Wii U: Brand New Assassins Creed Game Coming In 2012

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed to investors that the company is hard at work creating a brand new Assassins Creed game which is due out in 2012. We already know that Ubisoft are working on an Assassins Creed title for the Wii U so Assassins Creed 3 or whatever its official name is will most likely be the one we get.

“I have the pleasure to announce today that there will be another full-fledged Assassin’s Creed title next year. It will be another major release and we will be communicating more about it in the coming months.”

33 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Brand New Assassins Creed Game Coming In 2012”

  1. However it sucks that there’s a new AC every year, Brotherhood sucked badly and now Revelations is showing to be good from the trailers but Brotherhood did the same thing, hope it’s AC3 because they said that they were already developing for some time.

      1. The whole plot line in AC makes me mad! I loved 2, but the end was awful! I mean it really, realllly sucked! Im playing brotherhood right now and its pretty fun. I just kind of feel that AC has all that open space, but nothing to do. Pretty much everything in brotherhood other than the main story is hunting down shit and sending assassins on missions; nothing else. I want to have fun in the wiiU version, no civilian kill limit, a friggin companion animal, SIDE MISSIONS! Jesus all that wasted space in Brotherhood is a shame :/

  2. I love Assassin’s Creed and all, but I wish they’d take a break for a year. I don’t want it to get stale too quickly.

  3. I never played the Assassin’s Creed games. Never got around to them. But I wouldn’t mind another Prince of Persia game. They don’t last long but they’re fun while they last.

  4. Dang…. I was hoping this would be an exclusive, but by the sounds of this, it’ll be multiplat.
    Ah well, atleast the U version will be the best, for obvious reasons that I shouldn’t even have to explain.

  5. Not quite. Ubisoft said a new AC was planned for Wii U, but not long ago, they also confirmed that a new AC was in the works and that it would conclude Edsmon’s story. I bet that’s the AC that will come to Wii U, but it’ll be a multiplat.

  6. …FIRST!!!

    Just kidding. Can’t wait for AC! And no, I don’t mean Assassin’s Creed, I mean Animal Crossing.

    Kidding again!

  7. Oh yeah? Like when they fucked us in the end with the Assassins’s Creed for 3DS?
    If you actually do it, you will earn some respect Ubisoft, if no, well, not a big surprise, continue with your shitty casual games (Except for the Rabbids).

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