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Nintendo Wii: Grab A Limited Edition Blue Wii Console For Under $100 At Walmart On Black Friday

Walmart has informed customers precisely which items are going to be discounted on Black Friday in the United States. Those of you looking to pick up a Wii to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword are in luck as you will be able to pick up a limited edition Blue Wii console for a mere $99.96. Not bad, not bad at all.

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Grab A Limited Edition Blue Wii Console For Under $100 At Walmart On Black Friday”

      1. It’s not as pretty as you may think. Black Friday is a hectic day for shoppers. I got to a gamestop once two years ago at 8:00 AM on actual Friday, and everything in the offers was gone! If you get to the store at the time they open, it’s like when the Wii came out and everyone was almost beating each other to get what they’re looking for. It’s really disturbing. I just hope anime gets cheaper on amazon and that’ll be my black friday.

          1. LOL, that just explains how beasts humans are, specially when it comes to get something for yourself cheaper. Lame for humanity.

            1. UMMM…NO THEY ARE NOT…Apparenlty they received no shippments to Walmarts in Eastern WASHINGTON!! Waited 2 hours…was told they would be bringing them out… then after 10PM we saw nothing..they finally told us they could not find them…Another location in Idaho where a friend was shopping said they did not know where they were at that location either… WTHeck!?

          2. I remember a few years ago, Best Buy was selling Gamecube bundles for only $100. With the bundles you got Mario Party 7, two controllers, a Gamecube (of course) and the GC Mic. It was a good Christmas that year :) But I plan on getting the WiiU instead of the Wii just because the WiiU is coming out within the year.

            1. We got this one last night along with the X box 360. With the X box we also recieved a $50 gift card which we used on the purchace of the Wii, So yea… We only paid $56.00 for the Wii. So far we like it, Probably like it ALOT better when we can actually put games on it to play lol

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