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Nintendo 3DS: Limited Edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS Heading To North America

An early Black Friday advert from Gamestop shows that the limited edition Zelda themed Nintendo 3DS which comes bundled with Ocarina of Time 3D will be heading to North America. The advert also shows that North America will be getting a Flame Red Nintendo 3DS which comes bundled with the fantastic Super Mario 3D Land.


        1. BUT I’LL END UP LOSING MY AMBASSADOR PROGRAM GAAAAAMES!! NOOOOOOOO…. But I want this so bad…. *so sad right now…*

        2. In australia? where would it be if you trade in your 3ds and pay $80 because when I asked he said i would have to pay 118 dollars.

  1. Will DEFINATLY be buying my 1st 3ds now since they are releasing the Legend of Zelda bundle here… Thank you Nintendo!

    1. My mother does not let me beacause she says there is nothing new to it. It’s just exactly the same 3ds but with a zelda print on it.

    1. Wow the lag on my dsiWow the lag on my dsixL is terribWow the lag on my dsiWow the lag on my dsixL is terribWow the lag on my dsiWow the lag on my dsixL is terribWow the lag on my dsiWow the lag on my dsixL is terrible

  2. So I guess the one that best buy has will be the same. Then again, I already have my blue 3DS (favorite color), and this will be limited and on black friday. I’m scared of those, actually.

    Btw, has anyone seen the new trailer for New Love Plus for the 3DS?


    It has interesting features, including augmented reality. The interesting part is that this games shows AR similar to that of the Vita, which was supposed to be the only one to do complex AR with its CPU and stuff.

    @2:36 you can see the girls sitting out on the street and there’s also a part where she sits on a sofa. Nintendo is said to be working with Konami to achieve this. The game also shows connection features similar to the Vita’s near feature where you can see who’s near and it also implements face recognition similar to Nintendogs + Cats where the girls will only recognize YOU as their boyfriends and greet others as friends only.

    My point is that if this game can do all of that, many more developers will try to play around with those features, which will paint a very bright future for the 3DS. Just watch the trailer to see those and many more features.

      1. It’s a popular dating sim in Japan. If you read the very last part of my comment, you would understand that the features in this game are worth watching simply because other developers might try to do something like that for their future releases. People thought that some of those features, like AR like that, were only possible on the Vita, yet this game proves them wrong. In fact, the 3D camera may help it even more at determining what has depth and what is flat as opposed to identifying shadows and dark textures.

        1. Wow, you’re right. That is pretty cool.

          Random side comment:
          One of those Japanese guys looks almost white. :S Wait, why are guys playing this game?!

  3. Will GameStop accept a broken DSLite for it I have $69 right now. I work for my high school’s school store.
    Well the DSlite stills work the holder on the rightside next to the power indicator is broken off. but the left still hold the top screen up. Will they accept it.

  4. Doesn’t anyone realize how much this sucks? It will probably come out on black friday and barely any of us will get one.

    1. I call my local gamestop in Wisconsin and they say its exclusive for black friday. I dont know whether this guy is BS-ing me or not. But strangely, Amazon doesnt have it listed, so you can decide for yourself. I definitely going to pick one up.

  5. Actually Best Buys’ Black Friday Ad has both of these in it for $179.99. Thats $20 cheaper than the gamestop price and that is confirmed as I have seen the official ad already.

  6. Well, I’ll have to look out for one! I’m selling mine to a friend (who i’m sure will gladly buy the extra Zelda copy from me) and was planning to get the Pink one had it come here. I think the fact that Mario is coming with Red instead of White is a good hint that these are the only new colors coming anytime soon. I don’t know how I feel about black, I didn’t like my boyfriend’s black one too much, but… meh, who knows. I like the gold accents on it. And I suppose it’s a special one, and I LOVE Zelda, and the art on it is pretty snazzy. What the hell, screw waiting for pink (which’ll probably come out a few weeks after I get this one).

    1. I don’t like the black one either but it’s freaking zelda motif!, like hell I’d buy any other color xD

  7. I’d rather pay $40 for OoT. I got it the other week when it was a 3DS and a free Rumble Blast. The associates didn’t even know about it

    1. Nope. You can trade in your DS Lite and pay $129.99 to get the 3DS. If you trade in the DSi XL, then you’ll only pay $99 for the 3DS.

  8. Does anybody know if I can trade in my DS Lite in Europe as well? I cannot possibly afford 200 Euros until next week, so it would be very convenient if they made that “trade your old system in”-deal.

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